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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1957978-0-685-01259-8Sven A. JensenWilliam Somerset Maugham: Some Aspects of the Man and His Work
1980978-0-685-01405-9Alex HaleyRoots/Teachers Guide
2009978-0-685-01759-3Robert Editorial Staff · Alain ReyLe Petit Robert des noms propres: Dictionnaire illustre (French Edition)
1974978-0-685-03984-7George E. MattsonUechi-ryu Karate Do
1981978-0-685-04177-2Kendrick FrazierParanormal Borderlands of Science (Science and the Paranormal Series)
978-0-685-04188-8Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology, Set
1965978-0-685-05084-2William K. WimsattHateful Contraries: Studies in Literature and Criticism
1982978-0-685-05444-4John R. HinrichsControlling Absenteeism and Turnover (Work in America Institute Studies in Productivity, Volume 17)
978-0-685-05446-8Job Strategies for Urban Youth: Sixteen Pilot Programs for Action
1993978-0-685-05466-6Anne FrankAnne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
1982978-0-685-05636-3Richard RoutleyExploring Meinong's Jungle and Beyond
1946978-0-685-08809-8J. H. AllenJudah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright
1984978-0-685-08870-8Maxime RodinsonCult, Ghetto, and State: The Persistence of the Jewish Question
1969978-0-685-09575-1Thomas G. MasarykMaking of a State: Memories and Observations 1914-1918
1985978-0-685-10494-1Randall JarrellThe Animal Family
1965978-0-685-10999-1Jean RacineAndromaque (French Edition)
1999978-0-685-11014-0Louis BescherelleLa Conjugaison 12000 Verbes (Bescherelle 1)
1968978-0-685-11020-1MoliereL'Avare: The Miser (Bilingual Edition - French and English) (French Edition) (English and French Edition)
2001978-0-685-11092-8J. K. RowlingHarry Potter und der Feuerkelch (German edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
1962978-0-685-11126-0Edmond RostandCyrano de Bergerac (in French) (French Edition)
1990978-0-685-11145-1Rene DescartesDiscours de la Methode (French Edition)
1964978-0-685-11153-6MoliereL'Ecole des Femmes (French Edition)
2003978-0-685-11217-5Ian FlemingJames Bond 007: Volume 2, Goldfinger, Bons baisers de Paris, Opration Tonnerre, Motel 007 ou l'espion qui m'aimait, On ne vit que deux fois, L'homme ... voeux de la Jamaique (French Edition)
1963978-0-685-11227-4Jean GiraudouxLA Guerre de Troie N'Aura Pas Lieu (French Edition)
2001978-0-685-11228-1J.K. RowlingHarry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban (German Audio CD 11 Compact Discs) Edition of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"
1951978-0-685-11234-2Albert CamusL'Homme Revolte (French Edition)
1960978-0-685-11259-5Andre GideIsabelle: Roman (No.144)
2013978-0-685-11276-2Peter MarivauxLe Jeu de L'Amour et du Hasard
1985978-0-685-11310-3Georges SimenonMaigret Chez le Ministre
1994978-0-685-11312-7Georges SimenonMaigret et lA Jeune Morte (French) (French Edition)
1985978-0-685-11322-6   ''Maigret et l'Homme du Banc (French Edition)
2000978-0-685-11324-0   ''Maigret et Son Mort
1985978-0-685-11326-4   ''Maigret S'Amuse
2017978-0-685-11373-8Michelin Editorial StaffMichelin Green Sightseeing Travel Guide to Francia (France) Spanish Language Edition (Spanish Edition)
1990978-0-685-11397-4Victor HugoLes Miserables, Volume 1 (in French) (French Edition)
1999978-0-685-11402-5William ShakespeareHamlet (Bilingual edition in French and English)
  ''978-0-685-11433-9Henry De MontherlantOeuvre Romanesque Set 8 vols
2002978-0-685-11496-4Georges SimenonMaigret et l'Indicateur
2000978-0-685-11550-3J.R.R. TolkienRetorno del Rey (Senor de los Anillos, 3)
1967978-0-685-11957-0Robert J. OneillGerman Army and the Nazi Party, 1933-1939
978-0-685-14352-0Damnation Game
1992978-0-685-14824-2Ernest NewmanThe Life of Richard Wagner
1986978-0-685-14859-4Wolfgang J. ZuckermannThe Modern Harpsichord: Twentieth Century Instruments and Their Makers
1969978-0-685-14864-8John CageNotations
1986978-0-685-14915-7James EllroySilent Terror
1978978-0-685-22002-3Hidetaka Nishiyama · Richard C. BrownKarate
1979978-0-685-22015-3Napoleon HillThe Law of Success
1984978-0-685-22168-6T. Lobsang RampaBeyond the Tenth
1963978-0-685-22812-8Ruth LittlePainting China for Pleasure and Profit
1960978-0-685-23328-3Bertold SpulerMuslim World: Age of the Caliphs
1987978-0-685-23430-3Rene GoscinnyAsterix Chez les Bretons (French Edition)
1981978-0-685-23432-7Rene GoscinnyAsterix Legionnaire (French edition of Asterix the Legionary)
1953978-0-685-23891-2Marcel PagnolMarius (in French) (French Edition)
1961978-0-685-23927-8Francoise SaganBonjour Tristesse (in French) (French Edition)
2017978-0-685-23930-8Francoise SaganAimez Vous Brahms? (French Edition)
1971978-0-685-25238-3M. L. Jumsai ManichUnderstanding Thai Buddhism
1963978-0-685-26683-0William H. JordyHenry Adams: Scientific Historian
1989978-0-685-26838-4A. A. HodgeThe Atonement
1990978-0-685-27703-4George CatlinThe Works of George Catlin
  ''978-0-685-27798-0Stephen CraneThe Works of Stephen Crane
2005978-0-685-28427-8Rene GoscinnyAsterix: Le Ciel Lui Tombe sur la Tete (French edition of "The Sky is Falling")
2017978-0-685-28435-3Laurent De BrunhoffHistoire de Babar
2006978-0-685-28452-0J. K. RowlingHarry Potter a l'Ecole des Sorciers (French "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone") 2 Audio MP3 compact discs (French Edition)
1983978-0-685-28566-4William M. PrescottHistory of the Conquest of Mexico & History of the Conquest of Peru.
1989978-0-685-29989-0Brenda Phillips · Peter Benford · Vera K. AldenMy Path to Truth
1990978-0-685-32964-1Timothy Garton AshWitness: The Uses of Adversity: Essays on the Fate of Central Europe
1999978-0-685-34020-2HoepffnerOeuvres de Guillaume de Machaut Dits et Poemes Allegoriques Set 3 tomes
2017978-0-685-34038-7Choderlos De LaclosLes Liaisons Dangereuses
1965978-0-685-34040-0Alain Rene Le SageHistoire de Gil Blas de Santillane (Classiques Garnier) / 2 Volumes
1980978-0-685-34186-5Marguerite de NavarreL'Heptameron (French Edition)
1999978-0-685-34208-4Pierre CorneilleL'Illusion Comique
  ''978-0-685-34227-5Jean De La BruyereLes Caracteres (CLassiques Garnier)
2003978-0-685-34231-2Frederic BeigbederWindows on the World (in French)
1991978-0-685-34238-1MoliereLe Tartuffe
1950978-0-685-34242-8   ''Would Be Invaldi Le Malade Imaginaire
2017978-0-685-34260-2Alfred JarryTout Ubu
1993978-0-685-34899-4Gustave FlaubertMadame Bovary (in French) (French Edition)
1999978-0-685-34961-8Jean PommierLa\Jeunesse Clericale d'Ernest Reman Saint Sulpice
1989978-0-685-34999-1George SandLA Petite Fadette (French Edition)
1994978-0-685-36253-2Cecil Roth · Geoffrey WigoderEncyclopedia Judaica (16 Volume Set)
1982978-0-685-36485-7Joseph MacDonaldComplete Theory of the Scots Highland Bagpipe (Folklore Series)
1994978-0-685-36593-9Pierre Teilhard De ChardinJe M'Explique
2003978-0-685-36680-6DelamareFrench to English and English to French Dictionary of Medical Terms: Dictionnaire Francais Anglais et Anglais Francais des Terms Techniques de Medecine
1987978-0-685-36700-1Monique LeonPrononciation du Francais Standard
2007978-0-685-36702-5Code CivilCode Civil (French Edition)
1989978-0-685-37010-0Marcel PagnolLA Gloire De Mon Pere
1992978-0-685-37012-4PagnolLe Temps des Secrets (French Edition)
2001978-0-685-37046-9John GrishamL'Affaire Pelican (French edition of the Pelican Brief)
1987978-0-685-37079-7StarrRomain Rolland One Against All / a Biography
1991978-0-685-37560-0Ihor KamenetskyThe Tragedy of Vinnytsia: Materials on Stalin's Policy of Extermination in Ukraine/1936-1938
1990978-0-685-38899-0Arthur C. ClarkeThe Ghost From the Grand Banks
1970978-0-685-39070-2Richard J. DeloritIllustrated Taxonomy Manual of Weed Seeds
1993978-0-685-39253-9Guy & Williamson, Joan St ClairManaging the One Person Library
1990978-0-685-40616-8M. KendigAlfred Korzybski: Collected Writings 1920 1950
1972978-0-685-41894-9Anton Szandor La VeySatanic Bible
1965978-0-685-42642-5Emily PostEmily Post's Etiquette
2012978-0-685-43237-2Maria MontessoriMontessori Method
1986978-0-685-43317-1L. Frank Baum · W. W. Denslow · Michael Patrick HearnThe Critical Heritage Edition of the Wizard of Oz
1980978-0-685-45125-0Bernard LeachExhibition of the Art of Bernard Leach: His Masterpieces Loaned by British Museums and Collectors
2013978-0-685-45464-0Mary JohnstonHagar
1990978-0-685-45487-9Hershel ShanksEarly Israel
1969978-0-685-45827-3Carlos BakerHemingway: a Life Story----*signed*
1989978-0-685-45903-4Percival Davis & Dean KeynyonOf Pandas and People, The Central Question of Biological Origins
1968978-0-685-47121-0Louisa May AlcottLittle Women or Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy (Centennial Edition)
1982978-0-685-47385-6Vernon H. CrowStorm in the Mountains: Thomas' Confederate Legion of Cherokee Indians and Mountaineers
1991978-0-685-49848-4Michael BradleyIceman Inheritance: Prehistoric Sources of Western Mans Racism, Sexism and Aggression
1992978-0-685-50889-3Albert "Ab" Taylor · Albert Taylor · Donald C. CooperFundamentals of Mantracking: The Step-by-Step Method
1940978-0-685-51338-5Karel CapekKrakatit
1974978-0-685-51414-6J N GalenaSex in Groups
1991978-0-685-52911-9Sandra and Campbell, Suzan D' EmilioVisions & Visionaries The Art and Artists of the Santa Fe Railway
1992978-0-685-52957-7Hilary KingsleyEastenders Handbook
2008978-0-685-54628-4Second Annual National Elderly Explanatory Directory of Services
1992978-0-685-55184-4Phyllis A. BalchPrescription for Cooking: Designer Diets for the Healing Force Within
1970978-0-685-57226-9Doyle C. FitzpatrickThe King Strang Story: A Vindication of James J. Strang, the Beaver Island Mormon King
1988978-0-685-59028-7Scott TurowPresumed Innocent
1989978-0-685-59477-3Bernard & De Vree, Freddy MarcadeAndy Warhol
1980978-0-685-59836-8Jonathan M. PurverHandling Criminal Appeals/With Supplement
1978978-0-685-61130-2Henry ChristmanTin Horns and Calico, a Decisive Episode in the Emergence of Democracy
2017978-0-685-64752-3Michelin StaffMichelin Map No. 527 Provence, Alpes, French Riviera, Cote d'Azur (France): Scale 1:200,000 (French Edition)
1970978-0-685-65289-3Mae WestGoodness Had Nothing to Do With It
1991978-0-685-65619-8Dante Alighieri · Charles S. SingletonThe Divine Comedy I II & III: Inferno Purgatorio & Paradiso Set
2008978-0-685-66129-1Michelin Editorial StaffMichelin Green Sightseeing Guide to Pays baltes (Baltic Countries): Estonie, Lettonie, Lituanie (in French) (French Edition)
2000978-0-685-66290-8Frank Lyman Beebe · Harold Melvin WebsterNorth American Falconry & Hunting Hawks
978-0-685-66704-0Advances in Fingerprint Technology
1976978-0-685-67046-0W.S. Merwin · Roberto JuarrozVertical Poems (Tr from Spanish)
1960978-0-685-67279-2Harvey E. KlehrCommunist Cadre: The Social Background of the American Communist Party
1988978-0-685-69435-0John L. WeinbergFederal Bail Detention
1993978-0-685-70099-0Mark H. GoldbergGoing Bananas: One Hundred Years of American Fruit Ships in the Caribbean (AMERICAN MERCHANT MARINE HISTORY SERIES)
1976978-0-685-70119-5Denis JuddEclipse of Kings: European Monarchies in the Twentieth Century
978-0-685-70334-2The Orange Book: The Meditation Techniques of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
2008978-0-685-72040-0First Annual Directory of Programs for Gifted Children
1993978-0-685-72194-0William F. FoxRegimental Losses in the Civil War
1983978-0-685-72337-1T. V. GoodappleGerman Helmets 1933-1945: A Collector's Guide
1990978-0-685-73320-2Jean RacinePhedre (in French) (French Edition)
1992978-0-685-74304-1Napoleon HillLaw of Success
1976978-0-685-74571-7Gardner F. FoxKyrik and the Lost Queen
1971978-0-685-79056-4Douglas WoolfYa & John-Juan
1973978-0-685-79570-5William Henley · Cyril WoodcockUniversal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers
1989978-0-685-81408-6Patria Cruz de SalgadoGuia Completa para hacer Collares y otros Adornos de Semillas
1977978-0-685-87356-4Peter A. MunchSociology of Tristan Da Cunha: Results of the Norwegian Scientific Expedition to Tristan Da Cunha, 1937-1938
1979978-0-685-88808-7George H. SteinmetzThe Royal Arch: Its Hidden Meaning
1977978-0-685-91303-1T. Lobsang RampaTwilight

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