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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-0-682-40153-1Dorothea ManuschUnicorn
1985978-0-682-40239-2Elizabeth F. WeidnerAlong the Shore
1986978-0-682-40289-7Marjorie LawrenceApple Bloom
1987978-0-682-40333-7C. W. KilpatrickNaval Night Battles of the Solomons (An Exposition-banner book)
1971978-0-682-46994-4Donald Edson GatesElmer Gates and the art of mind-using
1970978-0-682-47125-1Estelle FlotaMemory Garden
1972978-0-682-47444-3Thomas WhaleyConsignments to El Dorado: A Record of the Voyage of the Sutton by Thomas Whaley (Exposition-Banner Book)
  ''978-0-682-47447-4Dick StrippelAmelia Earhart; The Myth and the Reality ... (An Exposition-banner book)
1980978-0-682-47518-1Shinichi SuzukiNurtured By Love: A New Approach to Education
1973978-0-682-47659-1Joseph KesselringMy life, love, and limericks;: An autobiography in verse (An Exposition-banner book)
  ''978-0-682-47673-7Joseph KesselringMother of that wisdom;: A historical play in two acts (An Exposition-banner book)
  ''978-0-682-47786-4Paul Harrison SilfenThe volkisch ideology and the roots of Nazism;: The early writings of Arthur Moeller van den Bruck (An Exposition-university book)
1975978-0-682-47821-2Thomas J. CoxDamned Englishman: A Study of Erskine Childers (An Exposition-university book)
1974978-0-682-47851-9Harold H WolfInside baseball (An Exposition-banner book)
  ''978-0-682-47941-7Elizabeth Noble ShorThe fossil feud between E. D. Cope and O. C. Marsh (An Exposition-university book)
1974978-0-682-48087-1Albert Roy Davis · Jr, Walter C. RawlsMagnetism and its Effects on the Living System (An Exposition-University Book)
  ''978-0-682-48115-1Lois T HendersonThe holy experiment: A novel about the Harmonist Society
1975978-0-682-48144-1Frank H. NetterFad Diets Can Be Deadly: The Safe, Sure Way to Weight Loss and Good Nutrition (An Exposition-Banner Book)
1977978-0-682-48883-9E. Gordon. BainbridgeThe Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome (An Exposition-Banner Book)
1978978-0-682-48983-6Katherine Traver BarkleyThe Ambulance: The Story of Emergency Transportation of Sick and Wounded Through the Centuries
  ''978-0-682-49124-2Sherman Clifton ByrdThe Transplant: The Biography of 135-Year-Old Charlie Smith, a Former Slave
1979978-0-682-49196-9Julius RodmanThe Kahuna Sorcerers of Hawaii, Past and Present: With a Glossary of Ancient Religious Terms and the Books of the Hawaiian Royal Dead (An Exposition-banner book)
  ''978-0-682-49264-5Donald A. TinglePhases and Faces of the Moon: A Critical Evaluation of the Unification Church and Its Principles
  ''978-0-682-49308-6Martha KelleyA Big Man and Other Stories
1979978-0-682-49309-3Liane CarreraAnna Held and Flo Ziegfeld
1981978-0-682-49702-2Archibald PuttPutts Law and the Successful Technocrat
1983978-0-682-49930-9Shinichi SuzukiNurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education
  ''978-0-682-49948-4Ram SwarupUnderstanding Islam through Hadis: Religious Faith or Fanaticism?

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