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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-678-00015-1Richard EhrenbergCapital and Finance in the Age of the Renaissance Ent (Reprints of economic classics)
1974978-0-678-00020-5Joseph Alois SchumpeterImperialism and Social Classes
1971978-0-678-00031-1Frank Hyneman KnightRisk, Uncertainty and Profit
1991978-0-678-00098-4Wesley C. MitchellMaking and Using of Index Numbers
1987978-0-678-00168-4Clement JuglarA Brief History of Panics and Their Periodical Occurrence in the United States (Reprints of Economic Classics) (English and French Edition)
1966978-0-678-00200-1Wesley C. MitchellGold, Prices, & Wages Under the Greenback Standard (Library of Money & Banking History)
1969978-0-678-00234-6Welsey C. MitchellTypes of Economic Theory: From Mercantilism to Institutionalism
1967978-0-678-00290-2George Wharton EdwardsEvolution of Finance Capitalism
1968978-0-678-00346-6LeslieLand Systems and Industrial Economy of Ireland England and Continental Countries
1989978-0-678-00398-5Henry HiggsPhysiocrats: Six Lectures on the French Economists of the Eighteenth Century (Reprints of Economic Classics)
1969978-0-678-00507-1John W. GrahamConscription and Conscience: A History 1916-1919
1924978-0-678-00510-1Allan NevinsThe American States During and After the Revolution, 1775-1789
1969978-0-678-00531-6Martin Van BurenThe Autobiography of Martin Van Buren (Reprints of Economic Classics)
  ''978-0-678-00540-8Joseph DorfmanThe Economic Mind in American Civilization: Volumes Four and Five 1918-1933
  ''978-0-678-00544-6Charles Milner AtkinsonJeremy Bentham; his life and work (Reprints of economic classics)
1910978-0-678-00791-4James H. StarkLoyalists of Massachusetts and the Other Side of the American Revolution
1998978-0-678-00852-2Walter BagehotEconomic Studies. (Reprints of economic classics)
1972978-0-678-00883-6Charles WelshA bookseller of the last century;: Being some account of the life of John Newbery and of the books he published with a notice of the later Newberys (The English book trade)
  ''978-0-678-00901-7Mary WollstonecraftThoughts on the education of daughters,: With reflections on female conduct in the more important duties of life, (Reprints of economic classics)
1973978-0-678-00956-7Percy Wells Bidwell · John I. FalconerHistory of Agriculture in the Northern United States 1620-1860 (Library of Early American Business & Industry)
1976978-0-678-01035-8Hiram Martin ChittendenThe American fur trade of the Far West;: A history of pioneer trading posts & early fur companies of the Missouri Valley & Rocky Mountains & of the ... of early American business & industry)
1990978-0-678-01462-2Trygve HaavelmoA Study in the Theory of Economic Evolution (Reprints in Economic Classics)
1959978-0-678-02755-4Reinhold NiebuhrThe Structure of Nations and Empires: A Study of the Recurring Patterns and Problems of the Political Order in Relation to the Unique Problems of th
1958978-0-678-02756-1Reinhold NiebuhrPious and Secular America
1953978-0-678-02757-8   ''Christian Realism and Political Problems (Scribner reprint editions)
1981978-0-678-02831-5Douglas Southall FreemanGeorge Washington: A Biography: Victory With the Help of France
1949978-0-678-03166-7Harold J. LaskiLiberty in the Modern State
1969978-0-678-04533-6Ernst LevyPauli sententiae,: A palingenesia of the opening titles as a specimen of research in west Roman vulgar law
1971978-0-678-04538-1Augustine BirrellSeven lectures on the law and history of copyright in books
978-0-678-04539-8Melville Madison BigelowPlacita Anglo-Normannica: Law Cases from William I to Richard I, Preserved in Historical Records
1969978-0-678-05098-9W CunninghamAlien immigrants to England (Reprints of economic classics)
  ''978-0-678-05100-9Verney LovettA history of the Indian nationalist movement (Reprints of economic classics)
1969978-0-678-05540-3Robert Eugene CarlsonThe Liverpool & Manchester Railway project, 1821-1831
1978978-0-678-05545-8William PittGeneral View of the Agriculture of the County of Worcester
1970978-0-678-05671-4William FalconerFalconer's marine dictionary (1780);: A reprint
1954978-0-678-06028-5Leon WalrasElements of Pure Economics
1973978-0-678-06791-8Donald ReadPeterloo: the "massacre" and its background
1972978-0-678-07016-1Geoffrey MaynardEconomic Development and the Price Level (Reprints of Economic Classics)
1964978-0-678-08028-3John Paul FrankJustice Daniel Dissenting 1784-1860