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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1956978-0-670-00004-3Malcolm CowleyExile's Return
1967978-0-670-00014-2Rumer GoddenAn Episode of Sparrows
1957978-0-670-00019-7Graham GreeneThe Quiet American
1958978-0-670-00033-3John SteinbeckThe Grapes of Wrath [A Viking Compass Book]
1959978-0-670-00047-0Jack KerouacOn the Road
1961978-0-670-00099-9Stefan ZweigThe Royal Game
1964978-0-670-00157-6Arthur MillerThe Crucible
  ''978-0-670-00161-3Ken KeseyOne Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
1966978-0-670-00197-2Wallace StegnerWolf Willow
1969978-0-670-00273-3Rexford Guy TugwellThe Brains Trust (Viking Compass)
1971978-0-670-00319-8Jack KerouacThe Dharma Bums
  ''978-0-670-00323-5Roberto AssagioliPsychosynthesis: A Manual of Principles and Techniques (A Collection of Basic Writings) (An Esalen Book)
1972978-0-670-00340-2Stanley CavellThe World Viewed
  ''978-0-670-00343-3Rene GroussetConqueror of the World: The Life of Chingis (Genghis) Khan
1973978-0-670-00374-7Thomas PynchonGravity's Rainbow
  ''978-0-670-00376-1Leonard CohenThe Energy of Slaves: Poems
1975978-0-670-00584-0David SchulbergThe Disenchanted
1974978-0-670-00620-5Bruce BuchenholzDoctor in the Zoo
2008978-0-670-01082-0Marjetta GeerlingFancy White Trash
2010978-0-670-01083-7Don Freeman · Roy FreemanOne More Acorn
2010978-0-670-01084-4Sally WarnerHappily Ever Emma
2008978-0-670-01085-1Patricia McKissackThe Home-Run King (Scraps of Time)
  ''978-0-670-01088-2Sarah DessenLock and Key
  ''978-0-670-01090-5Kelly LinkPretty Monsters: Stories
2009978-0-670-01091-2Yona Zeldis McDonoughThe Doll Shop Downstairs
  ''978-0-670-01092-9J.C. PhillippsWink: The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed
2008978-0-670-01093-6Anna DewdneyLlama Llama Plush
2009978-0-670-01095-0Kerry Madden-LunsfordHarper Lee (Up Close)
2008978-0-670-01098-1Jonathan LondonFroggy Goes to Camp
2010978-0-670-01107-0Paul VolponiRikers High
2008978-0-670-01108-7Katharine HolabirdAngelina Star of the Show (Angelina Ballerina)
2009978-0-670-01110-0Laurie Halse AndersonWintergirls
  ''978-0-670-01113-1Dori ChaconasCork and Fuzz: Finders Keepers
2010978-0-670-01114-8Kathleen KrullKubla Khan: The Emperor of Everything
2008978-0-670-01117-9Katharine HolabirdAngelina Ballerina 25th Anniversary Edition
2009978-0-670-01119-3Liza KetchumNewsgirl
2009978-0-670-01124-7Judith St. GeorgeThe Duel: The Parallel Lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
  ''978-0-670-01127-8Don FreemanHappy Hanukkah, Corduroy
2012978-0-670-01128-5Madeleine GeorgeThe Difference Between You and Me
2009978-0-670-01130-8Susane ColasantiWaiting for You
  ''978-0-670-01132-2Lita JudgeYellowstone Moran: Painting the American West
2012978-0-670-01135-3Elizabeth HandRadiant Days
2009978-0-670-01137-7Ezra Jack KeatsRegards to the Man in the Moon
2008978-0-670-01138-4Jon ScieszkaKnucklehead: Tall Tales and Almost True Stories of Growing up Scieszka
2010978-0-670-01140-7S. J. ForeRead to Tiger
  ''978-0-670-01141-4Rosemary WellsMax and Ruby's Bedtime Book
2008978-0-670-01144-5Jon ScieszkaGuys Write for Guys Read: Boys' Favorite Authors Write About Being Boys
2010978-0-670-01145-2Ellen Datlow · Terri Windling · Charles VessThe Beastly Bride: Tales of the Animal People
  ''978-0-670-01146-9Susane ColasantiSomething Like Fate
2010978-0-670-01153-7Jennifer HubbardThe Secret Year
2009978-0-670-01156-8Andrew ChaikinMission Control, This Is Apollo: The Story of the First Voyages to the Moon
2010978-0-670-01157-5Kathryn LaskyAshes
  ''978-0-670-01160-5Anna DewdneyRoly Poly Pangolin
  ''978-0-670-01161-2   ''Llama Llama Holiday Drama
  ''978-0-670-01162-9Sharon RobinsonJackie's Gift
2009978-0-670-01163-6David A. AdlerCam Jansen: Cam Jansen and the Sports Day Mysteries: A Super Special
  ''978-0-670-01167-4Rosemary WellsPeekaboo (Baby Max and Ruby)
2009978-0-670-01168-1Rosemary WellsShopping (Baby Max and Ruby)
  ''978-0-670-01170-4Natalie RussellMoon Rabbit
  ''978-0-670-01172-8Rosemary WellsLove (Baby Max and Ruby)
  ''978-0-670-01173-5   ''Counting Peas (Baby Max and Ruby)
  ''978-0-670-01176-6Jonathan LondonFroggy's Best Babysitter
2009978-0-670-01178-0Sharon ShinnGateway
  ''978-0-670-01183-4Amy EfawAfter
2010978-0-670-01187-2Tanya Lee StoneThe Good, the Bad, and the Barbie: A Doll's History and Her Impact on Us
2009978-0-670-01189-6Elizabeth PartridgeMarching for Freedom: Walk Together Children and Don't You Grow Weary
2010978-0-670-01190-2Natasha FriendFor Keeps
  ''978-0-670-01191-9Charles De LintThe Painted Boy
2011978-0-670-01192-6J.C. PhillippsWink: the Ninja Who Wanted to Nap
2009978-0-670-01194-0Sarah DessenAlong for the Ride
2011978-0-670-01196-4Nnedi OkoraforAkata Witch
2010978-0-670-01200-8Dori ChaconasThe Babysitters (Cork and Fuzz)
2011978-0-670-01201-5Susan RunholtThe Adventure at Simba Hill (A Kari and Lucas Mystery)
2010978-0-670-01203-9Ken WatanabeNo Problem: An Easy Guide to Getting What You Want
2011978-0-670-01204-6Philana Marie BolesGlitz
2010978-0-670-01205-3Mike KnudsonRaymond and Graham: Bases Loaded
  ''978-0-670-01206-0Mike KnudsonRaymond and Graham: Cool Campers
2009978-0-670-01208-4Bill Keller · Jill Abramson · New York TimesObama: The Historic Journey: Young Reader's Edition
2014978-0-670-01209-1Laurie Halse AndersonThe Impossible Knife of Memory
2010978-0-670-01212-1Elizabeth HandIllyria
  ''978-0-670-01213-8Katharine HolabirdAngelina and the Royal Wedding (Angelina Ballerina)
2011978-0-670-01214-5Paul VolponiCrossing Lines
2011978-0-670-01216-9Jonathan StrahanLife on Mars: Tales from the New Frontier
  ''978-0-670-01217-6Don Freeman · B.G. HennessyCorduroy Gets a Pet
  ''978-0-670-01218-3Conor KostickEdda
2010978-0-670-01220-6Hiromi GotoHalf World
2011978-0-670-01221-3Jonathan LondonFroggy Goes to Hawaii
  ''978-0-670-01222-0   ''Froggy Builds a Tree House
  ''978-0-670-01224-4Susane ColasantiSo Much Closer
2012978-0-670-01225-1   ''Keep Holding On
2011978-0-670-01226-8Laura LjungkvistFollow the Line to School
2011978-0-670-01228-2John Bemelmans MarcianoMadeline at the White House
2010978-0-670-01230-5Don FreemanCorduroy's Tiny Treasury
2011978-0-670-01232-9Anna DewdneyLlama Llama Home with Mama
2012978-0-670-01233-6Anna DewdneyLlama Llama Time to Share
2010978-0-670-01234-3Natalie RussellBrown Rabbit in the City
  ''978-0-670-01238-1Greg FoleyI Miss You Mouse
2012978-0-670-01239-8Greg FoleyMake a Wish Bear
2011978-0-670-01243-5Barry DenenbergTitanic Sinks!: Experience the Titanic's Doomed Voyage in this Unique Presentation of Fact andFi ction
2010978-0-670-01245-9Esther FriesnerThreads and Flames
2009978-0-670-01248-0Al GoreOur Choice: How We Can Solve the Climate Crisis (Young Reader Edition)
2011978-0-670-01251-0Jessie Nelson · Karen Leigh HopkinsLabracadabra
2010978-0-670-01254-1Ken WatanabeNo Problem: An Easy Guide to Getting What You Want
2013978-0-670-01259-6David A. AdlerYoung Cam Jansen and the Goldfish Mystery
2012978-0-670-01264-0Paul VolponiThe Final Four
2011978-0-670-01267-1Katherine BattersbySquish Rabbit
  ''978-0-670-01270-1Ezra Jack KeatsThe Snowy Day: 50th Anniversary Edition
2012978-0-670-01271-8Bob BalabanBoy or Beast (Creature from the 7th Grade)
2010978-0-670-01277-0Garrison KeillorCat, You Better Come Home
2011978-0-670-01278-7Beth BernobichFox and Phoenix (Long City, Book 1)
  ''978-0-670-01281-7Dori ChaconasThe Swimming Lesson (Cork and Fuzz)
  ''978-0-670-01282-4Joan BauerClose to Famous
2011978-0-670-01283-1Nina Kiriki HoffmanMeeting (Magic Next Door)
2012978-0-670-01289-3Joan BauerAlmost Home
2011978-0-670-01293-0Deborah FreedmanBlue Chicken
  ''978-0-670-01294-7Sarah DessenWhat Happened to Goodbye
  ''978-0-670-01295-4Divya SrinivasanLittle Owl's Night
2012978-0-670-01296-1Elizabeth GeorgeThe Edge of Nowhere
2011978-0-670-01310-4Wendy Cheyette LewisonTwo is for Twins
  ''978-0-670-01311-1Don FreemanCorduroy: Giant Board Book
2012978-0-670-01313-5Gianna MarinoMeet Me at the Moon
  ''978-0-670-01314-2Gianna MarinoToo Tall Houses
2014978-0-670-01315-9   ''Following Papa's Song
2011978-0-670-01319-7Stasia Ward KehoeAudition
2011978-0-670-01323-4Munro LeafThe Story of Ferdinand: 75th Anniversary Edition
2012978-0-670-01326-5Anna DewdneyLlama Llama Wakey-Wake
  ''978-0-670-01327-2   ''Llama Llama Nighty-Night
  ''978-0-670-01328-9   ''Llama Llama Zippity-Zoom
  ''978-0-670-01329-6   ''Llama Llama Hoppity-Hop
2011978-0-670-01333-3Sarah DessenWhat Happened to Goodbye
2012978-0-670-01390-6Jennifer HubbardTry Not to Breathe
  ''978-0-670-01394-4S. J. ForeRead To Tiger
2013978-0-670-01395-1Anna DewdneyLlama Llama and the Bully Goat
2015978-0-670-01396-8Anna DewdneyLlama Llama Gram and Grandpa
2013978-0-670-01402-6Dan Bar-elNot Your Typical Dragon
2012978-0-670-01403-3M.H. HerlongBuddy
2011978-0-670-01404-0Astrid LindgrenPippi Longstocking
2012978-0-670-01407-1Ludwig BemelmansMadeline
  ''978-0-670-01409-5David CovellRat & Roach Friends to the End
2014978-0-670-01428-6Jonathan LondonFroggy Gets a Doggy
2013978-0-670-01430-9Molly IdleTea Rex
2012978-0-670-01438-5Patrice KindlKeeping the Castle
2013978-0-670-01464-4Rafe EsquithReal Talk for Real Teachers: Advice for Teachers from Rookies to Veterans: "No Retreat, No Surrender!"
2014978-0-670-01466-8Douglas Stone · Sheila HeenThanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well
  ''978-0-670-01471-2Herbie Hancock · Lisa DickeyHerbie Hancock: Possibilities
  ''978-0-670-01474-3Paul TrynkaBrian Jones: The Making of the Rolling Stones
2015978-0-670-01487-3David J. LindenTouch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind
2013978-0-670-01489-7John Le CarreA Delicate Truth
1960978-0-670-01501-6Robert H. BakerWhen the Stars Come Out
2015978-0-670-01526-9Mitchell L. GaynorThe Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet and Lifestyle
  ''978-0-670-01533-7Joseph LeDouxAnxious: Using the Brain to Understand and Treat Fear and Anxiety
2014978-0-670-01534-4Caroline L. ArnoldSmall Move, Big Change: Using Microresolutions to Transform Your Life Permanently
2014978-0-670-01553-5Stasia Ward KehoeThe Sound of Letting Go
2016978-0-670-01556-6Daniel ShapiroNegotiating the Nonnegotiable: How to Resolve Your Most Emotionally Charged Conflicts
2014978-0-670-01564-1Paolo GiordanoThe Human Body
2016978-0-670-01566-5Jill JonnesUrban Forests: A Natural History of Trees and People in the American Cityscape
2014978-0-670-01567-2Lev GrossmanThe Magician's Land: A Novel (Magicians Trilogy)
2016978-0-670-01571-9Eli SandersWhile the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent into Madness
2013978-0-670-01578-8Craig JohnsonSpirit of Steamboat: A Walt Longmire Story
  ''978-0-670-01579-5Divya SrinivasanLittle Owl's Night
  ''978-0-670-01585-6Elizabeth GilbertThe signature of all things.
2014978-0-670-01596-2David Boies · Theodore B. OlsonRedeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality
2013978-0-670-01648-8Anna DewdneyLlama Llama's Little Library
2014978-0-670-01650-1Divya SrinivasanLittle Owl's Day
2015978-0-670-01652-5Greg PizzoliTricky Vic: The Impossibly True Story of the Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower
2014978-0-670-01655-6Penelope LivelyDancing Fish and Ammonites: A Memoir
2015978-0-670-01657-0Blaine HardenThe Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Tyrant Who Created North Korea and The Young Lieutenant Who Stole His Way to Freedom
  ''978-0-670-01669-3Saul BellowThere Is Simply Too Much to Think About: Collected Nonfiction
  ''978-0-670-01671-6Ken Robinson · Lou AronicaCreative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education
2014978-0-670-01674-7Katharine HolabirdAngelina Ballerina
2015978-0-670-01676-1Jacob RubinThe Poser: A Novel
2014978-0-670-01678-5Sally GreenHalf Bad (The Half Bad Trilogy)
2014978-0-670-01680-8Heather GreeneWhiskey Distilled: A Populist Guide to the Water of Life
2015978-0-670-01683-9Reid MitenbulerBourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America’s Whiskey
2014978-0-670-01690-7John SteinbeckThe Grapes of Wrath: 75th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-0-670-01692-1Lan CaoThe Lotus and the Storm: A Novel
2017978-0-670-01694-5Bethany BartonGive Bees a Chance
2016978-0-670-01695-2Dava SobelThe Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars
1971978-0-670-01807-9Arthur MillerThe Crucible;: Text and Criticism (The Viking critical library)
1973978-0-670-01809-3Ken KeseyOne Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (The Viking critical library)
2007978-0-670-01820-8John W. DeanBroken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches
2008978-0-670-01821-5Geraldine BrooksPeople of the Book
2007978-0-670-01822-2Kathleen FlinnThe Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry: Love, Laughter, and Tears at the World's Most Famous Cooking School
  ''978-0-670-01823-9Marcus RedikerThe Slave Ship: A Human History
  ''978-0-670-01824-6John SteinbeckThe Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights
  ''978-0-670-01825-3Jan KaronHome to Holly Springs
2007978-0-670-01826-0Mark KurzemThe Mascot: Unraveling the Mystery of My Jewish Father's Nazi Boyhood
  ''978-0-670-01827-7Stewart O'NanLast Night at the Lobster
  ''978-0-670-01828-4Sarah GristwoodElizabeth & Leicester: Power, Passion, Politics
  ''978-0-670-01829-1Brian KellowEthel Merman: A Life
  ''978-0-670-01830-7John MortimerRumpole Misbehaves: A Novel (Rumpole Novels)
2008978-0-670-01831-4Cynthia SaltzmanOld Masters, New World: America's Raid on Europe's Great Pictures
2007978-0-670-01832-1Norman DaviesNo Simple Victory: World War II in Europe, 1939-1945
2007978-0-670-01833-8Stacy A. CorderyAlice: Alice Roosevelt Longworth, from White House Princess to Washington Power Broker
  ''978-0-670-01834-5Frank LawlisMending the Broken Bond: The 90-Day Answer to Developing a Loving Relationship with Your Child