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1977978-0-668-00571-5Arco Editorial BoardApprentice, Mechanical Trades: The Complete Study Guide for Scoring High (Arco Civil Service Test Tutor)
1983978-0-668-01140-2Bobby LoweMas Oyama's Karate
978-0-668-01291-1Pearl StoneClipping and Grooming Your Poodle: Step by Step
1966978-0-668-01501-1Anton. GeesinkMy Championship Judo
1967978-0-668-01536-3Don. TaxayAn Illustrated History of U.S. Commemorative Coinage
1976978-0-668-01695-7BIRDSALLB 24 Liberator
1969978-0-668-01811-1M. Horace HayesPoints of the Horse: A Treatise on the Conformation, Movements, Breeds, and Evolution of the Horse
1968978-0-668-01842-5Graham GauldJim Clark; portrait of a great driver
1970978-0-668-01932-3Charles W LinartHow to increase your height,
1969978-0-668-02070-1Christopher F. ShoresFighters over the Desert: The Air Battles in the Western Desert, June 1940 to December 1942
1968978-0-668-02093-0Richard WardNorth American P-51D Mustang in USAAF-USAF service (Arco-Aircam aviation series, no. 1)
  ''978-0-668-02095-4Richard WardRepublic P-47 Thunderbolt (Arco-Aircam aviation series, no. 2)
1969978-0-668-02101-2   ''North American P-51B/C Mustang in USAAF service (Arco-Aircam aviation series, no. 5)
  ''978-0-668-02105-0Christopher F. ShoresCurtiss P-40D-N Warhawk in USAAF- French and Foreign Service (Arco-Aircam Aviation Series, No. 7)
1970978-0-668-02113-5Richard Ward · Ernest R. McDowellLockheed P-38 Lightning in USAAF-French-Italian-Chinese Nationalist service
1969978-0-668-02115-9Richard WardConsolidated B-24D-M Liberator in USAAF-RAF-RAAF-MLD-IAF-CzechAF & CNAF service, PB4Y-1/2 Privateer in USN-USMC-Aeronavale & CNAF service (Arco-Aircam aviation series, no. 11)
1970978-0-668-02193-7Lyle Kenyon EngelMario Andretti: the man who can win any kind of race,
  ''978-0-668-02296-5Richard WardBoeing B-17B-H Flying Fortress: In USAAF-USAF-USN-USMC-USCG-RAF-French-Danish-Portugue se-IDF/AF-Dominican & Brazilian AF service (Arco-Aircam aviation series, no. 17)
1971978-0-668-02298-9Richard M BueschelMitsubishi A6M1/2/-2N Zero-Sen in Imperial Japanese Naval Air Service (Arco-Aircam aviation series, v. 1, no. 18)
  ''978-0-668-02307-8Martin WindrowLuftwaffe colour schemes and markings 1935-45 (Arco-Aircam aviation series, no. 25 and 26)
1971978-0-668-02309-2Richard WardAerobatic teams 1950-1970 (Arco-Aircam aviation series, no. 29)
  ''978-0-668-02312-2   ''North American B-25A/J Mitchell in USAAF-USMC-RAF-Free French-NEIAF-Kon. Marine & foreign service (Arco-Aircam aviation series, no. 32)
  ''978-0-668-02314-6Richard Ward · Gordon C. DaviesVought F4U-1/7 Corsair in USMC-USN-FAA-Aeronavale & foreign service
  ''978-0-668-02322-1Zdenek TitzCzechoslovakian Air Force, 1918-1970 (Arco-aircam aviation series, no. 30)
  ''978-0-668-02396-2Richard Melvin LucasCommon and Uncommon Uses of Herbs for Healthful Living
1976978-0-668-02499-0George HoremisNursing Comprehensive Examination Review (Arco professional career examination series)
1971978-0-668-02506-5P. St. John Turner · Heinz J. NowarraJunkers: An Aircraft Album No. 3
1971978-0-668-02509-6E. H. H ArchibaldThe metal fighting ship in the Royal Navy, 1860-1970,
1972978-0-668-02645-1P. KeresGrandmaster of Chess: The Complete Games of Paul Keres
1973978-0-668-02699-4Derek N JamesHawker (An Aircraft album)
  ''978-0-668-02754-0Nelson C. NyeComplete Book of the Quarter Horse
  ''978-0-668-02777-9Margaret Cabell. SelfThe Horseman's Encyclopedia.
1972978-0-668-02824-0Edward Samuel MontgomeryThe Thoroughbred
1973978-0-668-02908-7MOBIUSTrading with China
  ''978-0-668-02953-7Sylvia GrovesThe History of Needlework Tools and Accessories
  ''978-0-668-02964-3Brian MathewDwarf bulbs
1973978-0-668-03304-6Karl E LudvigsenThe world's most powerful road racing cars
  ''978-0-668-03318-3Gordon SwanboroughNorth American (An Aircraft album, no. 6)
1974978-0-668-03342-8Patrick J DoyleHow to travel the world and stay healthy (An Arc book)
  ''978-0-668-03356-5G. PondCivilization Past and Present
1980978-0-668-03479-1united states federal aviation administrationPilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
1976978-0-668-03493-7S ReshevskyGreat Chess Upsets
1975978-0-668-03505-7Peter. ChamberlainAnti-Tank Weapons
  ''978-0-668-03652-8K. A. MerrickLuftwaffe Colors, Vol. 1, 1935-40
  ''978-0-668-03682-5Severyn Roman KuleszaModern riding,
1977978-0-668-03778-5Burton Yost BerryOut of the past: The Istanbul Grand Bazaar
1975978-0-668-03820-1Peter / Gander, Terry ChamberlainLIGHT AND MEDIUM FIELD ARTILLERY
1976978-0-668-03826-3Will DexterThe Riddle of Chung Ling Soo
1976978-0-668-03898-0Peter ChamberlainHeavy Artillery#(World War II Fact Files)
  ''978-0-668-03912-3Robert W. GruenhagenMustang: The story of the P-51 fighter (Revised Edition)
  ''978-0-668-03933-8Jack TannenHow to identify and collect American first editions: A guide book
  ''978-0-668-03967-3Hector F WhiteheadCairn terriers (An Arco-Foyles handbook)
  ''978-0-668-04009-9James Warner MorrisonEngineer-in-training examination: EIT (Arco professional career examination series)
1978978-0-668-04017-4K. J. LeeDifferential diagnosis, otolaryngology (Arco diagnosis series)
1976978-0-668-04037-2H. T. LentonGerman Warships of the Second World War
1977978-0-668-04042-6Frank GarciaHow to detect crooked gambling: Marked cards and loaded dice
1977978-0-668-04051-8M. J. HardyThe de Havilland Mosquito - Arco Aircraft Classic No. 3
  ''978-0-668-04164-5David BrownAircraft carriers (World War 2 fact files)
  ''978-0-668-04178-2Philip BamboroughTreasures of Islam
  ''978-0-668-04184-3Dorie KruszBuilding Miniature Houses and Furniture
  ''978-0-668-04236-9Chester BarnesAdvanced table tennis techniques: How the world's top players win
1984978-0-668-04291-8W.J.K. DaviesGerman Army Handbook: 1939-1945
1978978-0-668-04325-0William BermanHow to dissect: Exploring with probe and scalpel
1978978-0-668-04331-1William BermanHow To Dissect: Exploring with Probe and Scalpel
1977978-0-668-04332-8Carol GreenStable management explained (A Horseman's handbook)
  ''978-0-668-04348-9Nikolaus. KrivinyiWorld Military Aviation: Aircraft, Air Forces, Weaponry, and Insignia
1980978-0-668-04431-8Lynda BloomFitting and Showing the Halter Horse
1978978-0-668-04479-0Andrew MolloArmy Uniforms of World War I: European and United States Armies and Aviation Services
  ''978-0-668-04494-3Paul Grafstein · Otto B. SchwarzPictorial Handbook of Technical Devices
1980978-0-668-04539-1Miriam KasinThe Age of Enlightenment Cookbook
1978978-0-668-04565-0Peter ChamberlainEncyclopedia of German tanks of World War Two: A complete illustrated directory of German battle tanks, armoured cars, self-propelled guns and semi-tracked vehicles, 1933-1945
1979978-0-668-04597-1Walter A. MuscianoCorsair Aces: The Bent-Wing Bird over The Pacific
1984978-0-668-04687-9Alistair Fraser · Katie ThearSmall Farmer's Guide to Raising Livestock and Poultry
1978978-0-668-04688-6William Green · Gordon SwanboroughU.S. Army Air Force Fighters, Part 2 (WWII Aircraft Fact Files)
  ''978-0-668-04698-5Viktor KorchnoĭKorchnoi's 400 best games
  ''978-0-668-04721-0Arpad E EloThe Rating Of Chess Players, Past & Present
1979978-0-668-04754-8Lyle Kenyon EngelMario Andretti: World Driving Champion
1981978-0-668-04765-4Anthony SwiatekThe Encyclopedia of United States Silver & Gold Commemorative Coins 1892 to 1954
1984978-0-668-04768-5Jeffrey L. Ethell · Garry L. FryEscort to Berlin: The 4th Fighter Group in World War II
1979978-0-668-04819-4David Reuben TurnerFood Service Supervisor: School Lunch Manager
1976978-0-668-04823-1Mary E. HazzardMedical-Surgical Nursing Review (Arco nursing review series)
1981978-0-668-04830-9Donald H KaginPrivate gold coins and patterns of the United States
1980978-0-668-04884-2Robert GruenhagenMustang: The Story of the P-51 Fighter
1982978-0-668-04887-3Walter A. MuscianoMesserschmitt Aces
1980978-0-668-04940-5Brian L. Davis · Pierre TurnerGerman Uniforms of the Third Reich: 1933-1945
1980978-0-668-04964-1Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide to Modern Fighters and Attack Aircraft (A Salamander book)
  ''978-0-668-04965-8Ray Bonds · Christopher F. FossAn Illustrated Guide to Modern Tanks and Fighting Vehicles (A Salamander book)
1981978-0-668-04998-6Tony MeiselA Manual of Singlehanded Sailing
1980978-0-668-05093-7Bill GunstonIllustrated Guide to German, Italian and Japanese Fighters of World War II
  ''978-0-668-05094-4   ''Illustrated Guide to Bombers of World War 2
1982978-0-668-05109-5Sam KohlBoarding Kennel Management
1981978-0-668-05113-2Paul FrèrePorsche racing cars of the 70s
  ''978-0-668-05132-3Irwin BazelonKnowing the score: Notes on film music
  ''978-0-668-05161-3Ernest UdetAce of the Iron Cross
1981978-0-668-05163-7Ernst UdetAce of the Iron Cross (Air combat classics)
  ''978-0-668-05228-3Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide to Allied Fighters of World War II
  ''978-0-668-05242-9Jonathan SpeelmanAnalysing the Endgame
1983978-0-668-05304-4Nelson C. NyeGreat Moments in Quarter Racing History
1982978-0-668-05308-2Ed NahaThe films of Roger Corman: Brilliance on a budget
1981978-0-668-05344-0Ray BondsAn Illustrated Guide to Weapons of the Modern Soviet Ground Forces
1982978-0-668-05345-7Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide to Military Helicopters
  ''978-0-668-05406-5Hy HammerCarpenter: Complete Study Guide to Pass High on Your Civil Service Test
  ''978-0-668-05443-0Barbara Erdsneker · Brigitte SaundersMathematics Workbook for Act
1986978-0-668-05444-7Norman HollynFilm Editing Room Handbook (Arco Film Series)
1983978-0-668-05446-1Edith H BabinTOEFL, Test of English as a foreign language
1982978-0-668-05447-8David WebsterBody Building: An Illustrated History
1982978-0-668-05449-2George MichaelThe basic book of antiques
  ''978-0-668-05495-9David MillerAn Illustrated Guide to Modern Submarines: The Undersea Weapons That Rule the Oceans Today
  ''978-0-668-05496-6Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide to the Modern Soviet Air Force
  ''978-0-668-05504-8John JordanAn Illustrated Guide to the Modern Soviet Navy
  ''978-0-668-05505-5John JordanAn Illustrated Guide to the Modern U.S. Navy: The World's Most Advanced Naval Power
1987978-0-668-05506-2Bill GunstonIllustrated Guide to the Israeli Air Force
1983978-0-668-05523-9ArcoSenior Clerical SE (Arco Civil Service Test Tutor)
1983978-0-668-05614-4ArcoSpec Officr Bridge (Arco Civil Service Test Tutor)
1984978-0-668-05619-9Hy HammerProbation Officer Parole Officer (Arco civil service test tutor)
  ''978-0-668-05670-0Brigid PeppinBook Illustrators of the Twentieth Century
1983978-0-668-05675-5Morris BramsonMathematics: Subject Test/Advanced (Graduate Record Examination)
1984978-0-668-05765-3HAMMERState trooper (Arco civil service test tutor)
1985978-0-668-05768-4Hy HammerCivil Service Administrative Tests
1983978-0-668-05797-4David FriederAlgebra Simplified and Self-Taught
  ''978-0-668-05802-5Denis JenkinsonPorsche, past & present
  ''978-0-668-05805-6Bruce QuarrieHitler's Samurai: The Waffen-SS in action
  ''978-0-668-05822-3Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide to Modern Airborne Missiles
1983978-0-668-05824-7John JordanAn Illustrated Guide to Modern Naval Aviation and Aircraft Carriers
1984978-0-668-05825-4Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide to Spy Planes and Electronic Warfare Aircraft
  ''978-0-668-05869-8Charles De KunffyDressage Questions Answered
1985978-0-668-05871-1Robert AndriuoloFirefighter, F.D (Arco civil service test tutor)
1983978-0-668-05902-2Mike GethingF-15 Eagle Modern Fighting Aircraft
  ''978-0-668-05903-9Doug RichardsonF-16 Fighting Falcon (Modern fighting aircraft)
  ''978-0-668-05904-6GunstonF-111 (Modern Fighting Aircraft, Vol. 3)
1984978-0-668-05909-1Walter James Miller · Elizabeth Morse-CluleyHow to Write Book Reports: Analyzing and Evaluating Fiction, Drama, Poetry, and Non-Fiction
  ''978-0-668-05954-1Bruce PinkardCreative Techniques in Nude Photography
1984978-0-668-05965-7Charles De KunffyCreative Horsemanship
1985978-0-668-05973-2Peter Rawcliffe · Ruth RolphThe Gluten-Free Diet Book: A Guide to Glutensensitive Enteropathy, Dermatitis Herpetriformis, and Gluten-Free Cookery (Positive Health Guide)
1984978-0-668-06003-5Lothar BoschenThe Porsche book: A definitive illustrated history
1986978-0-668-06025-7Don GearyThe Reloader's Bible: The Complete Guide to Making Ammunition at Home
1984978-0-668-06065-3Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide to Future Fighters and Combat Aircraft (Illustrated Guides Series)
  ''978-0-668-06066-0David MillerIllustrated Guide to the Modern U. S. Army
  ''978-0-668-06067-7   ''Illustrated Guide to Modern Sub Hunters
  ''978-0-668-06068-4Doug RichardsonF-4 Phantom II (Modern Fighting Aircraft)
  ''978-0-668-06070-7Bill SweetmanA-10 Thunderbolt II (Modern fighting aircraft)
1984978-0-668-06071-4Mike SpickF/A-18 Hornet (Modern Fighting Aircraft)
  ''978-0-668-06116-2Wilhelm MuselerRiding Logic
  ''978-0-668-06146-9Julian MacNamaraPorsche 944 (High performance series)
  ''978-0-668-06187-2Arco PublishingCivil Service Tests for Basic Skills Jobs (Arco Civil Service Test Tutor)
1985978-0-668-06200-8Hanne WellendorphCreative Patchwork
  ''978-0-668-06201-5Bernard FitzsimonsU.S. Air Force
1984978-0-668-06202-2Christopher CampbellAir warfare: The fourth generation
1984978-0-668-06203-9Michael WenyonUnderstanding Holography
1985978-0-668-06204-6Gotthard Berger · Erich TylinekMonkeys and Apes
  ''978-0-668-06205-3Eve P. SteinbergYou As a Law Enforcement Officer: Career Opportunities for a Secure Future
  ''978-0-668-06206-0David EshelElite Fighting Units
  ''978-0-668-06208-4David EshelIsraeli Armed Forces in Action
1984978-0-668-06209-1Science now
1985978-0-668-06259-6Katherine Ammann · Karl AmmannCheetah
  ''978-0-668-06268-8Nathalie CraigKnit Toys
1984978-0-668-06271-8RodwellThe Joy of Bridge
1985978-0-668-06282-4Gerald S. BinksBest in Show: Breeding and Exhibiting Budgerigars
1986978-0-668-06324-1Judy RichterThe Longeing Book (Arco Equestrian Book)
1985978-0-668-06346-3Stanley StewartFlying the Big Jets: All You Wanted to Know About the Jumbos but Couldn't Find a Pilot to Ask
1985978-0-668-06406-4SpickMODERN FIGHTING AIRCRAFT SERIES #8: F-14 TOMCAT
  ''978-0-668-06423-1Max CutmoreThe Pocket Watch Handbook
  ''978-0-668-06433-0Jack RubinHarness Racing's Winning Secrets
1986978-0-668-06461-3Joseph MurrellsMillion Selling Records from the 1900s to the 1980s: An Illustrated Directory
1985978-0-668-06463-7Frederick StephensFighting Knives: An Illustrated Guide to Fighting Knives and Military Survival Weapons of the World
1986978-0-668-06484-2John W CrumAdvanced placement examination in American history
1985978-0-668-06497-2Douglas RichardsonAn Illustrated Guide to the Techniques and Equipment of Electronic Warfare (Illustrated Guides Series)
1986978-0-668-06523-8Nigel FlynnThe Strategy of Combat (War Today East Versus West)
1985978-0-668-06545-0Lucy ReesThe Horse's Mind
1987978-0-668-06596-2William Bennett CassidyHow to Get into U.S. Service Academies (Arco Military Test Tutor)