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1995978-0-644-34847-8Trevor BatrouneyKurdish Immigration and Settlement in Australia
  ''978-0-644-34860-7Industrial Relations Regulations (Official Consolidations)
1994978-0-644-34932-1Administrative Review CouncilEnvironmental decisions and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal: Report to the Minister for Justice (Reports)
  ''978-0-644-34940-6Report relating to the further development of HMAS Stirling, Garden Island, WA (Parliamentary papers no. 99, of 1994)
  ''978-0-644-34978-9Peter DonovanChanging the Guard: A History of the Australian Protection Service
1997978-0-644-35020-4Bob CrowderThe Wonders of the Weather
1993978-0-644-35066-2E. Tursan D'EspaignetTrends in Australian mortality: Diseases of the circulatory system, 1950-1991 (Mortality series)
1994978-0-644-35072-3Colin MathersHealth differentials among adult Australians aged 25-64 years (Health monitoring series)
  ''978-0-644-35076-1AustraliaReport relating to the construction of an Australian Embassy complex in Hanoi, Socialist Republic of Vietnam: (fifth report of 1994) (Parliamentary ... Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
1994978-0-644-35083-9Mark Cooper-StanburyHospital utilisation and costs study, 1991-92 (Health services series)
  ''978-0-644-35086-0David McDonald · Rhonda Moore · Jennifer Norberry · Grant Wardlaw · Nicola BallendenLegislative options for cannabis in Australia (Monograph series)
1997978-0-644-35093-8Pamela, LAFFAN, Judith, MILES, Glenn et al.Subsistence to Supermarket: Food and Agricultural Transformation in South-East Asia
1994978-0-644-35156-0The implications of Australian defence exports (Parliamentary paper)
  ''978-0-644-35174-4Council for Aboriginal ReconciliationWalking Together: The First Steps
1997978-0-644-35175-1Robert Dessaix · Margaret TraversA Practical Handbook of Russian Aspect
1994978-0-644-35179-9Australian Government Publishing ServiceThe Cost of Work-Related Injury and Disease
1995978-0-644-35193-5AnonymousLocal Greening Plans: A guide for vegetation and biodiversity management
1997978-0-644-35211-6Accommodation Businesses (Managing the Small Business Series)
  ''978-0-644-35229-1Attorney GeneralCustoms Act 1901 (Official Consolidations)
  ''978-0-644-35230-7John BennettHighest Traditions: The History of No. 2 Squadron, Raaf
1997978-0-644-35251-2Attorney GeneralCustoms Regulations (Official Consolidations)
  ''978-0-644-35252-9Family Law Regulations: In Force Under the Family Law Act 1975 (Official Consolidations)
  ''978-0-644-35293-2Sources of Finance for Small Business (Managing the Small Business Series)
1995978-0-644-35329-8Mosques and Muslim Settlement in Australia
1994978-0-644-35331-1Chris A. & STIMSON, Robert J.Regional Population Growth in Australia: Nature, Impacts and Implications.
  ''978-0-644-35368-7School education statistics in the Asia-Pacific region
  ''978-0-644-35371-7Education And Training. Higher Education Division Staff Department Of EmploymentThe Modern Vice-Chancellor: Proceedings of a National Conference Initiated by the Centre for Continuing Education, the Australian National University, Wollongong NSW, 20-21 April 1994
1994978-0-644-35383-0AustraliaAustralia's participation in peacekeeping (Parliamentary paper / the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
1997978-0-644-35384-7Computers for Small Business (Managing the Small Business Series)
1994978-0-644-35396-0Mortality surveillance, Australia, 1981-1992 (Mortality surveillance series)
  ''978-0-644-35442-4AnonymousJUSTICE UNDER SCRUTINY. Report of the Inquiry into the Implementations by Governments of the Recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.
1997978-0-644-35452-3Australia's Constitution (Australia's Facts Series)
  ''978-0-644-35545-2David DayContraband and Controversy: The Customs History of Australia from 1901
  ''978-0-644-35725-8Wolf MayerImages in Stone: A Guide to the Building Stones of Parliament House
  ''978-0-644-35735-7Attorney GeneralIndustrial Relations Regulations
1995978-0-644-35779-1Martin BellInternal migration in Australia, 1986-1991: The labour force
1995978-0-644-35780-7C. A MaherInternal migration in Australia 1986-1991: Residential mobility and urban development
  ''978-0-644-35781-4Maryon AllbrookThe General Langfitt story: Polish refugees recount their experiences of exile, dispersal, and resettlement
1996978-0-644-35788-3Bilimoria PurushottamaThe Hindus and Sikhs in Australia
1995978-0-644-35789-0W. D RubinsteinJudaism in Australia (Religious community profiles)
1996978-0-644-35790-6Bentley Peter & Hughes Philip JThe Uniting Church in Australia
  ''978-0-644-35791-3Philip J HughesThe Baptists in Australia (Religious community profiles)
  ''978-0-644-35805-7Robert E DixonThe Catholics in Australia
1995978-0-644-35809-5Andrew BeerAtlas of the Australian people: South Australia, 1991 census
  ''978-0-644-35821-7W J Hudson · W WayAustralia and the Postwar World Documents
978-0-644-35846-0Managing Vertebrate Pests: Feral Goats
1996978-0-644-35847-7D. Choquenot · J. McIlroy · T. KornManaging Vertebrate Pests: Feral Pigs
1997978-0-644-36035-7Attorney GeneralCrimes Act 1914
1996978-0-644-36056-2Patrick MacKerrasMedicine: A Guide for Prospective Students
1998978-0-644-36085-2Milton James LewisThorns on the rose: The history of sexually transmitted diseases in Australia in international perspective
1996978-0-644-36096-8Equality, diversity and excellence: Advancing the national higher education equity framework
1997978-0-644-36105-7Attorney GeneralDisability Discrimination Act 1992
1997978-0-644-36117-0Vee SpakNow That Your Job Has Gone
1996978-0-644-36118-7P. W. Newton · M. BellPopulation Shift: Mobility and Change in Australia
  ''978-0-644-36248-1Rogelia & Nada Mickovska-Damcvska & Anita Echevarria PE-PUAWe're Just Like Other Kids. Street Frequenting Youth of Non English Spreaking Background
  ''978-0-644-36263-4Geology of the western Musgrave Block, central Australia, with particular reference to the mafic-ultramafic Giles Complex (Bulletin)
  ''978-0-644-36276-4Family Law Act 1975: As at 11 June 1996
1997978-0-644-36973-2AustraliaHealth on line: Report into health information management and telemedicine
  ''978-0-644-38281-6   ''Report on Norfolk Island, 1997
1998978-0-644-38318-9Kathleen RalstonPhillip Law: The Antarctic exploration years, 1954-66
1997978-0-644-38326-4Franco. PAPANDREACultural Regulaton of Australian Television Programs.
1998978-0-644-39129-0The Auditor-GeneralCosting of Services: Audit Report No. 21
1997978-0-644-39764-3Documents on Australian Foreign Policy: The Australia-Japan Agreement on Commerce 1957
1995978-0-644-42587-2Migration Act, 1958 (Official Consolidations)
1997978-0-644-42589-6Attorney GeneralBroadcasting Services Act 1992 (Official Consolidations)
1994978-0-644-42647-3AustraliaA review of Australia's efforts to promote and protect human rights
1997978-0-644-42663-3George SternChoosing Your Mark: A Guide to Good Expression and Punctuation
1994978-0-644-42677-0Penelope ZabarChild abuse and neglect: Reporting and investigation procedures in Australia, 1994 (Child welfare series)
1997978-0-644-42702-9Raaf Public Relations SectionWings for Warriors: A Photographic History of the Australian Flying Corps and the Royal Australian Air Force
1994978-0-644-42723-4Peter R.A. GrayNGALIWURRA/NUNGALI (FITZROY POSTORAL LEASE) LAND CLAIM No.137. VICTORIA RIVER (BED AND BANKS) LAND CLAIM No.140. Report no. 47. Report and Recommendations of the Aboriginal Land Commissioner, Mr Justice Gray, to the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs and to the Administrator of the Northern Territory.
1994978-0-644-42748-7Colin MathersHealth differentials among older Australians (Health monitoring series)
  ''978-0-644-42765-4The people's say: Elections in Australia
1995978-0-644-42769-2Food Service Hygiene and Cleaning
1997978-0-644-42792-0Raaf Historical SectionIntroduction, Bases, Supporting Organizations (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
  ''978-0-644-42793-7   ''Units of the Royal Australian Air Force (10 Volume Set: A Concise History
  ''978-0-644-42794-4   ''Fighter Units (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
  ''978-0-644-42795-1   ''Bomber Units (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
1997978-0-644-42796-8Raaf Historical SectionMaritime and Transport Units (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
1997978-0-644-42797-5Raaf Historical SectionRadar Units (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
  ''978-0-644-42798-2   ''Logistics Units (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
  ''978-0-644-42799-9   ''Maintenance Units (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
  ''978-0-644-42800-2   ''Training Units (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
  ''978-0-644-42801-9   ''Chiefs, of the Air Staff, Aircraft, Bibliography (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
1997978-0-644-42802-6Raaf Historical SectionAncillary Units (Units of the Royal Australian Air Force: a Concise History)
  ''978-0-644-42803-3Alan StephensGoing Solo: The Royal Australian Air Force, 1946-1971
  ''978-0-644-42804-0Raaf Public Relations Section · Raaf Central Photographic EstablishmentCanvas to Carbon Fibre: A Selection of Fine Paintings Depicting the History of the Australian Flying Corps and the Royal Australian Air Force
  ''978-0-644-42880-4Attorney GeneralTrade Practices Act 1974 (Official Consolidations)
1997978-0-644-42885-9Attorney GeneralIncome Tax Assessment Act 1936 (4 Volume Set (OFFICIAL CONSOLIDATIONS)
1995978-0-644-42886-6From Darwin to Brisbane: Proceedings of a workshop on aboriginal health statistics, Brisbane, June 1993
  ''978-0-644-42907-8Kuldeep BhatiaAn overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: Present status and future trends: an information paper
1997978-0-644-42910-8Attorney GeneralBankruptcy Act 1966 (Official Consolidations)
1995978-0-644-42920-7Staff of Bureau of Industry EconomicsTelecommunications 1995: International Performance Indicators (Research Report 6
1997978-0-644-43004-3Small Business and the Law (Managing the Small Business Series)
  ''978-0-644-43018-0Commonwealth Evidence Law
1995978-0-644-43019-7Attorney GeneralFreedom of Information Act 1982 (Official Consolidations)
  ''978-0-644-43061-6The economic role of cities: Australia in the global economy
1997978-0-644-43084-5Attorney GeneralPrivacy Act 1988 (Official Consolidations)
1995978-0-644-43085-2AustraliaTaxing relaxing: Report on the inquiry into the impact of Australia's taxation regime on the tourism industry (Parliamentary paper / the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
  ''978-0-644-43118-7Energy technology transfer needs and capabilities, 1995: Research, development, and technology transfer theme APEC members
1997978-0-644-43124-8Simon DombergerThe Contracting Casebook: Competitive Tendering in Action
1995978-0-644-43125-5Enterprising Nation: Renewing Australia's Managers To Meet the Challenges of the Asia-Pacific Century
1995978-0-644-43150-7Anne, Et Al WakefieldAustralian flags
2009978-0-644-43157-6Glen Saunders · Brian Coman · Jack Kinnear · Mike BraysherManaging Vertebrate Pests: Foxes [Australia]
1995978-0-644-43164-4Anne-Marie WatersRisk factors for cardiovascular disease: A summary of Australian data (Cardiovascular disease series)
  ''978-0-644-43174-3Penelope ZabarAdoptions Australia, 1993-94 (Child welfare series)
  ''978-0-644-43178-1Ross ClareIncome distribution in Australia: Recent trends and research (Commission paper / Economic Planning Advisory Commission)
  ''978-0-644-43201-6AustraliaReport on the Australian Secret Intelligence Service
1997978-0-644-43223-8Exporting (Managing the Small Business Series)
1995978-0-644-43356-3Peter McInnesAssistive devices for people with disabilities
1996978-0-644-44639-6AustraliaA continuing focus on accountability: Review of Auditor-General's reports, 1993-94 and 1994-95 (Report / the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, Joint Committee of Public Accounts)
  ''978-0-644-44689-1   ''Truancy and exclusion from school: Report of the inquiry into truancy and exclusion of children and young people from school (Parliamentary paper / the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
1997978-0-644-45138-3National Executives of Small Business AgenciesRiding Your Brainwave: Marketing for Inventors and Innovators (Managing the Small Business Series)
1995978-0-644-45183-3International Links in Higher Education Research (Commissioned Report No. 37)
1995978-0-644-45184-0National Multicultural Advisory CouncilMulticultural Australia: The Next Steps Towards and Beyond 2000, Voulme 2: Review of Progress in Implementing the 1989 National Agenda for Multicultural Australia
978-0-644-45190-1The regional change and Australian security papers
1995978-0-644-45195-6AustraliaReport of the inquiry into the workforce of the future (Parliamentary paper / the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
1997978-0-644-45215-1Sue Halden Brown · Sandra Pearson-AdamsYour Career in Coaching: Study Guide for Efa/Ncas - Level 1 (G) Accreditation
1995978-0-644-45247-2Geology of the Bunger Hills-Denman Glacier region, East Antarctica (Bulletin)
  ''978-0-644-45259-5AustraliaInquiry into the proposal to drain and restore Lake Pedder (Parliamentary paper / Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
  ''978-0-644-45266-3Sandra KippImmigration and Australia's language resources
  ''978-0-644-45339-4AustraliaRadio and television broadcasting of parliamentary proceedings (Parliamentary paper / Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
  ''978-0-644-45352-3   ''A focus on accountability: Review of Auditor-General's reports, 1992-93
1997978-0-644-45419-3Attorney GeneralActs Interpretation Act 1901
1995978-0-644-45458-2Maggie BradyGiving Away the Grog: Aboriginal Accounts of Drinking and Not Drinking
1997978-0-644-45463-6Attorney GeneralVeterans' Entitlements Act 1986
1997978-0-644-45508-4Taxation (Managing the Small Business Series)
1995978-0-644-45533-6J HalliganProfiles of government in Asia: Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pillipines, Singapore, Thailand
1997978-0-644-45552-7Attorney GeneralSuperannuation Act 1990
1996978-0-644-45570-1Graeme Gibson · Meg BishopFor a Common Cause: Case Studies in Communities and Environmental Change
1995978-0-644-45599-2Disease costs of tuberculosis and syphilis in Australia: A discussion paper
  ''978-0-644-45610-4Ken BlackCommonwealth/State Disability Agreement: National minimum data set, report on the 1994 full-scale pilot test
  ''978-0-644-45620-3Australian GovernmentA Matter Of Honour - The Report Of The Review Of Australian Honours and Awards (December 1995)
1998978-0-644-45624-1AustraliaVeterans' Entitlements Act 1986: Reprinted as in force on 31 January 1998 (includes amendments up to Act no. 202 of 1997)
  ''978-0-644-45625-8   ''Radiocommunications Act 1992: Reprinted as in force 31 January 1998 (includes amendments up to Act no. 145 of 1997)
1996978-0-644-45682-1Alan StephensHigh fliers: Leaders of the Royal Australian Air Force
  ''978-0-644-45903-7Janet PennyIntermarriage: A study of migration and integration
1996978-0-644-45906-8Enid AdamThe Buddhists in Australia (Religious community profiles)
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  ''978-0-644-45914-3Robert E. DixonThe Catholics in Australia
978-0-644-45950-1Philip DorlingAustralia and Indonesias Independence 1948
1997978-0-644-46002-6Shirley and Stavely, Ralph Hardy-RixTrue blue: stories of bravery from Victoria Police
  ''978-0-644-46004-0Colleen and Eury, janet S. WoolleyArresting women: a history of women in the Victoria Police
1998978-0-644-46008-8Gary PreslandFor God's Sake Send the Trackers... A history of Queensland trackers and Victoria Police
1997978-0-644-46024-8Attorney GeneralMigration Act 1958
  ''978-0-644-46268-6Ron FlavelSeeking to Improve Your Business: A Guide for Owner-Managers and Business Advisers (Managing the Small Business Series)
1996978-0-644-46276-1Patricia MunroAustralia In Brief 1996
1997978-0-644-46277-8George SternSpot on: Correspondence and Report Writing With Guidelines on Plain English
1996978-0-644-46309-6Mathematical sciences: Adding to Australia
1997978-0-644-46450-5Understanding Costs in Small Business (Trimpac Series)
1996978-0-644-46497-0The changing Australian labour market (Commission paper / Economic Planning Advisory Commission)
1997978-0-644-46524-3Attorney GeneralSocial Security Act 1991
1997978-0-644-47201-2Commonwealth of AustraliaQuestions & Answers on the Commonwealth Parliament (Q & A)
1996978-0-644-47292-0Pregnant Futures Research TeamPregnant Futures
  ''978-0-644-47382-8Attourney Generals DepartmentVeterans Entitlements Act 1986
  ''978-0-644-47422-1William FosterImmigration and the Australian Economy. Second edition
1997978-0-644-47500-6Peter MortonFire across the desert: Woomera and the Anglo-Australian Joint Project 1946 - 1980.
  ''978-0-644-47533-4Peace Operations: Tackling the Military Legal and Policy Challenges
1996978-0-644-47543-3R.A. HigginsReport of the National Task Force on Imported Fish and Fish Products: A Report Into the Implications Arising From Aquatic Animal Imports
1997978-0-644-47548-8Attorney General's DepartmentWorkplace Relations Act 1996 - Incorporating All Amendments Made By Legislation to 20 January 1997 Reprint No. 3
  ''978-0-644-47612-6A Portrait of Australian Business: Results of the 1995 Business Longitudinal Survey
1996978-0-644-48227-1AustraliaGuarding the independence of the Auditor-General (Report / Joint Committee of Public Accounts)
1996978-0-644-48242-4AustraliaManaging Australia's world heritage (Parliamentary paper / Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
1997978-0-644-49588-2Dr Liz. YOUNGMinor Parties...Major Players? the Senate, the Minor Parties and the 1993 Budget.
  ''978-0-644-50252-8AustraliaAspects of youth suicide: Summary report of a seminar (Parliamentary paper / The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
  ''978-0-644-50258-0   ''Finding a balance towards fair trading in Australia: Report (Parliamentary paper / the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
1986978-0-644-50348-8Land rehabilitation and reforestation, Ethiopia: A review of Australian assistance, October 1985
978-0-644-50451-5Sunshine and Shade in Australasia (Bulletin)
978-0-644-50456-0Plant Indumentum: A Handbook Of Terminology
1988978-0-644-50512-3Oodgeroo NoonuccalThe rainbow serpent
1989978-0-644-50531-4Heinar StreimannCatalogue of mosses of Australia and its external territories (Australian flora and fauna series)
1997978-0-644-50761-5AustraliaTorres Strait Islanders: A new deal: a report on greater autonomy for Torres Strait Islanders (Parliamentary paper / the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
1997978-0-644-50766-0AustraliaWorking holiday makers: More than tourists (Parliamentary paper, 0727-4181 ; no 166 of 1997)
  ''978-0-644-50788-2   ''Youth employment: A working solution (Parlimentary paper / Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia)
1991978-0-644-51600-6ZHONG GUO GU DOU XUE HUI BIANancient capital of China Research (Set 2 Volumes) Volume 18
1998978-0-644-51814-7Documents in Foreign Policy: Vol XIV
  ''978-0-644-51914-4AustraliaAustralia and ASEAN: Managing change
  ''978-0-644-52475-9Judi MoylanMaintaining our commitment to women: Statement by the Honourable Judi Moylan M.P., Minister for the Status of Women, 12 May 1998
  ''978-0-644-52828-3AnonymousReport of the Constitutional Convention, Old Parliament House, 2-13 February 1998, Volumes 1 & 2