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1969978-0-580-05446-4British Standards InstitutionMethods of testing raw rubber and unvulcanized compounded rubber. Part 6: Determination of limiting viscosity number of raw rubbers; [metric units] (BS 1673)
  ''978-0-580-05447-1British Standards InstitutionMethods of test for printing inks (resistance of prints to various physical and chemical agents): [metric units] (BS 4321: 1969/British Standards Institution)
  ''978-0-580-05448-8   ''Methods for establishing the performance of prestressing anchorages for post-tensioned construction: [metric units] (BS 4447)
  ''978-0-580-05449-5   ''Specification for hospital cupboards (wall-fixing) for poisons and dangerous drugs (BS 2881)
1970978-0-580-06200-1   ''Methods of testing plastics
  ''978-0-580-06201-8   ''Specification for metal cans for processed 35mm motion picture film: [metric units] (B. S. 4615)
1970978-0-580-06202-5British Standards InstitutionRecommendations for the use of detergents in the dairying industry (B. S. 2756)
1970978-0-580-06203-2British Standards InstitutionSpecification for grading and sizing of softwood flooring: [metric units] (B. S. 1297)
  ''978-0-580-06205-6   ''Rules for the preparation of detail specifications for transmitter tubes of assessed quality (up to 1 kW anode dissipation): [metric units] (BS9011. 1970)
  ''978-0-580-06206-3   ''Rules for the preparation of detail specifications for integrated circuits of assessed quality. TTL digital gate circuits, general application category: [metric units] (BS9401. 1970)
1971978-0-580-06207-0   ''Methods of sampling and cutting specimens for physical tests on textile floor coverings: [metric units] (BS4664. 1971)
  ''978-0-580-06208-7   ''Specification for clockwork parking meters; [metric units] (BS 4684. 1971)
1971978-0-580-06209-4British Standards InstitutionSpecification for precast concrete flags (BS368. 1971)
1972978-0-580-07087-7   ''Specification for catering container dimensions (BS 4874. 1972)
1974978-0-580-08036-4   ''A standard for standards (BS. Part 2. 1974)
978-0-580-12718-2BSIBSI Code of Practice: Glazing for Buildings: BS 6262
978-0-580-13385-5Stationery OfficeBs2573: Part 1: 1983: Rules for the Design of Cranes: Specification for Classification, Stress Calculations and Design Criteria for Structures
978-0-580-14461-5BS 5649: Part 7: Method for Verification of Structural Design by Calculation: 1985
1999978-0-580-15075-3BS 4994: 1987: Design and Construction of Vessels and Tanks in Reinforced Concrete
2006978-0-580-17293-9BS 5449 1990: Forced Circulation Hot Water Central Heating Systems
978-0-580-17692-0Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes
1990978-0-580-17867-2Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes BS 1377 1990
1994978-0-580-22909-1BSiBS EN 60094-7:1994
2006978-0-580-23439-2BS En ISO 9001
1999978-0-580-29976-6Ergonomic Requirements: BS En 9241-4 Part 4
2002978-0-580-33172-5Stationery Office · Ivor MacfarlaneIT Service Management: Self Assessment Workbook PD0015
2008978-0-580-33202-9British Standards InstitutionBs5306 Part 3
2000978-0-580-35713-8BSiBS EN 250:2000
2002978-0-580-39007-4David BestEffective Records Management: A management guide to the value of BS ISO 15489-1 Pt.1
  ''978-0-580-39436-2BSiBS EN ISO 7787-4:2002
2001978-0-580-39507-9British Standards InstituteBS En 13402: 2001 Size Designation of Clothes: Primary and Secondary Dimensions
1999978-0-580-40376-7BS 5839 - 2002 Fire Detection
2002978-0-580-41108-3Derek Irving · S. HillGuide to the Implementation and Auditing of BS7799 Controls
  ''978-0-580-41109-0Ted Humphreys & Angelica PlateGuide on the selection of controls
2003978-0-580-42440-3BSIUniversal Decimal Classification. Abridged Edition (PD 1000:2003) Ring bound
  ''978-0-580-42774-9Alan ShipmanLegal admissibiity & evidential weight of information stored electronically: And Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically
2008978-0-580-42865-4British Standards InstitutionBS 5306-3:2003 Fire Extinguishing Installations and Equipment on Premises: Code of Practice for the Inspection and Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers
2004978-0-580-44016-8Colin ToddThe Design of Fire Detection Installations for Dwellings. A Guide to BS 5839-6 (second edition)
  ''978-0-580-44097-7David Smith · Geoff Hunt · Clive GreenManaging Safety the Systems Way: Implementing OHSAS 18001 Using BS 8800
2004978-0-580-44098-4British Standards InstitutionOHS Standards and Guidance - Boxed Set
2005978-0-580-44346-6BSIQMS Presentation Set (Achieving Registration - boxed set)
978-0-580-44437-1Data Protection: Essential Facts at your fingertips: Essential Facts at Your Fingertips
2006978-0-580-44639-9Dugmore · JAchieving ISO/IEC 20000 - Enabling change
  ''978-0-580-44640-5Dugmore · JAchieving ISO/IEC 20000 - Keeping the service going
  ''978-0-580-44641-2   ''Achieving ISO/IEC 20000 - Capacity management
  ''978-0-580-44642-9   ''Achieving ISO/IEC 20000 - Integrated Service Management
2005978-0-580-45158-4BsiElectrical Plugs and Wiring and World Electricity Supplies
  ''978-0-580-45406-6BSI British StandardsBS EN ISO 14001 Environmental management systems. Requirements with guidance for use. A5 Laminated edition
2005978-0-580-45678-7Shipman · A & Howes · PCode of practice for legal admissibility and evidential weight of linking electronic identity to documents
  ''978-0-580-45871-2David Smith · Clive GreenManaging the Environment the 14001 Way
  ''978-0-580-46002-9Ted Humphreys · Angelika PlateGuidelines on requirements and preparations for ISMS certification based on ISO/IEC 27001
978-0-580-46003-6Are you ready for an ISMS audit based on ISO/IEC 27001?
2007978-0-580-46405-8David Smith · Christina Palmer · Rob PolitowskiManaging Food Safety the 22000 Way
2005978-0-580-46418-8British Standards InstitutionBS 5837 :2005 Trees in Relation to Construction Guidelines: Recommendations
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  ''978-0-580-47459-0Jenny Dugmore · Shirley LacyAchieving ISO/IEC 20000 - Why People matter
  ''978-0-580-47460-6Dugmore · JAchieving ISO/IEC 20000 - Making Metrics Work
2005978-0-580-47529-0BS ISO/IEC 20000-1: 2005 Information Technology: Service Management Specification: Pt. 1
2006978-0-580-47626-6Colin S ToddThe Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems.
2006978-0-580-47755-3C. J. WattsA Guide to Emergency Lighting
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2007978-0-580-50346-7David HillsonThe Risk Management Universe. A guided tour
  ''978-0-580-50899-8Michael HenshawProtection Against Lightning. A UK guide to the practical application of BS EN 62305:2006
  ''978-0-580-50938-4BSIBS OHSAS 18001 Laminated Pocketbook
2007978-0-580-50952-0John SharpThe Route Map to Business Continuity Management: Meeting the requirements of BS 25999
2008978-0-580-50953-7Crisis SolutionsExercising for Excellence: Delivering Successful Business Continuity Management Exercises
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2010978-0-580-60745-5Ted HumphreysInformation Security Risk Management. Handbook for ISO/IEC 27001
2014978-0-580-62010-2BSIBS PD IEC/TS 62548:2013 Photovoltaic (PV) arrays. Design requirements
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2008978-0-580-63098-9Colin S ToddThe Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems. A Guide to BS 5839-1
2010978-0-580-63941-8BSIUse of Dementia Care Mapping for improved person-centred care in a care provider organization -- Guide (PAS 800:2010)
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2009978-0-580-67515-7John GloverRisk Management of Machinery and Work Equipment
978-0-580-67561-4Data Protection Pocket Guide. Essential Facts at Your Fingertips (Second Edition)
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2012978-0-580-70871-8BSiBS EN 61010-2-032:2012
  ''978-0-580-70873-2   ''BS EN ISO 13632:2012
2013978-0-580-70874-9   ''BS ISO 1629:2013
  ''978-0-580-70875-6   ''BS ISO 3324-1:2013
2012978-0-580-70879-4   ''BS ISO 15174:2012
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2010978-0-580-71023-0The ISO 9000 Standards Collection: Quality Management Systems
978-0-580-74341-2The Route Map to Business Continuity Management. Meeting the Requirements of ISO 22301
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2015978-0-580-89211-0Peter Howes · Alan ShipmanEvidential Weight and Legal Admissability of Electronic Information - Collection