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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-576-03121-9F. M. SavinaHistoire des Miao
  ''978-0-576-03125-7W. EtonSurvey of the Turkish Empire, in Which are Considered Its Government, the State of the Provinces, the Causes of the Decline of Turkey and the British Commerce with Turkey
  ''978-0-576-03152-3W.S. DesaiHistory of the British Residency in Burma, 1826-40
1971978-0-576-03260-5Austin Henry LayardEarly Adventures in Persia, Susiana and Babylonia
  ''978-0-576-03322-0John C. WoodJourney to the Source of the River Oxus
1985978-0-576-05010-4Hugh MellerLondon Cemeteries: An Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer
1967978-0-576-11607-7James RichardsonNew Malagasy-English Dictionary
1970978-0-576-11622-0E. FootGalla-English, English-Galla Dictionary
1971978-0-576-12103-3P.Francois GarasseDoctrine Curieuse des Beaux Esprits de Ce Temps ou Pretendus Tels
  ''978-0-576-12108-8Astolphe de CustineRussia in 1839
1973978-0-576-14102-4D.W. Cruickshank · J.E. VareyCalderon comedias Primera parte 1636 QCL II (2)
1992978-0-576-14108-6D.W. Cruickshank · J.E. VareyComedias of Calderon: Tercera parte de comedias (Madrid 1664) (known as Excelmo) (8)
1968978-0-576-15378-2Francesco SansovinoVenetia citta nobilissima (Venice, 1663)
1972978-0-576-15383-6Robert WoodRuins of Palmyra, Otherwise Tedmor in the Desart
1973978-0-576-15559-5CATALOGUEDrawings Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects: Special Collections: Inigo Jones & John Webb: Catalogue
1973978-0-576-15562-5CATALOGUEDrawings Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects: Special Collections: Colen Campbell: Catalogue
1970978-0-576-19312-2William StukeleyItinerarium Curiosum: An Account of the Antiquities and Remarkable Curiosities in Nature and Art, Observed in Travels Through Great Britain
978-0-576-19995-7Henry PetrieMonumenta Historica Britannica, or Materials for the History of Britain from the Earliest Period
1971978-0-576-28226-0Eduard HanslickConcerte, Componisten und Virtuosen
  ''978-0-576-28227-7Eduard HanslickGeschichte des Concertwesens
1972978-0-576-28229-1Thomas De Sancta MariaLibro Llamado Arte de Taner Fantasia
1968978-0-576-29206-1Frederick TempleThe Relations Between Religion and Science: Eight Lectures Preached Before the University of Oxford in the Year 1884
  ''978-0-576-29209-2Richard Holt HuttonAspects of Religious and Scientific Thought
1971978-0-576-29947-3Charles LyellLife, Letters and Journals
1972978-0-576-72240-7Joannes BalbusCatholicon
1970978-0-576-78513-6Henry WhartonAnglia Sacra: v. 1
1972978-0-576-80125-6Isaac AbravanelOpera Minora
1971978-0-576-80154-6J. RabbinowitzMishnah Megillah
  ''978-0-576-99192-6Eusebius RenaudotLiturgiarum Orientalium Collectio
1967978-0-576-99216-9D. E. SharpFranciscan Philosophy at Oxford in the Thirteenth Century (British Society of Franciscan Studies)