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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1968978-0-575-00059-9Olof JohannessonGreat Computer: A Vision
1932978-0-575-00069-8A. J. CroninThree Loves
1968978-0-575-00078-0Michael InnesAppleby at Allington (Gollancz detection)
  ''978-0-575-00125-1Kenneth GilesDeath among the stars
1957978-0-575-00135-0Giovanni GuareschiDon Camillo and the Devil
1963978-0-575-00149-7John Le CarreThe Spy Who Came in from the Cold
1949978-0-575-00169-5Walter PistonCounterpoint
1962978-0-575-00176-3Elizabeth George SpeareBronze Bow
1966978-0-575-00215-9Denis MatthewsIn Pursuit of Music
1969978-0-575-00219-7Michael InnesFamily Affair
  ''978-0-575-00234-0Max HastingsAmerica, 1968: The Fire This Time
1930978-0-575-00261-6Rudolph BesierThe Barretts of Wimpole Street
1968978-0-575-00265-4Archibald Joseph CroninThe Spanish Gardener
1969978-0-575-00266-1Christopher DerrickReader's Report: On the Writing of Novels
  ''978-0-575-00268-5Sydney AngloMachiavelli: A Dissection
  ''978-0-575-00275-3Alexander CordellSong of the Earth
1962978-0-575-00293-7AS NeillSummerhill. A Radical Approach To Education
1970978-0-575-00376-7Molly LefebureCumberland Heritage
1979978-0-575-00387-3J. KrishnamurtiThe Only Revolution
1970978-0-575-00407-8Giovanni GuareschiDon Camillo Meets Hell's Angels
1964978-0-575-00418-4Harold C. SchonbergGreat Pianists
1954978-0-575-00420-7Darrell HuffHow to Lie with Statistics
1970978-0-575-00473-3Ida HaendelWoman with Violin
1945978-0-575-00479-5Archibald Joseph CroninThe Green Years
1970978-0-575-00482-5Max HastingsUlster 1969: The fight for civil rights in Northern Ireland
1970978-0-575-00514-3A.S. Neill · Michael ForemanThe Last Man Alive: a story for children from the age of seven to seventy
1961978-0-575-00541-9Arthur C. ClarkeFall of Moondust
1970978-0-575-00543-3Tom PaceAfternoon of a Loser
  ''978-0-575-00544-0Tom PaceAfternoon of a Loser
  ''978-0-575-00571-6Celia FremlinDon't Go to Sleep in the Dark
  ''978-0-575-00586-0John LewisLeft Book Club: An Historical Record
  ''978-0-575-00589-1Dennis GrayRope Boy
1971978-0-575-00607-2Gwyneth JonesKairos
1953978-0-575-00618-8A. J. CroninBeyond This Place
1979978-0-575-00635-5J. KrishnamurtiUrgency of Change
1971978-0-575-00672-0Poul AndersonTau Zero (Gollancz SF)
1970978-0-575-00708-6Kenneth Brill · Ruth ThomasChildren in Homes
2015978-0-575-00758-1Ursula K. Le GuinCity Of Illusions (GOLLANCZ S.F.)
1966978-0-575-00904-2Bruce CattonNever Call Retreat
1958978-0-575-00922-6A. J. CroninNorthern Light
1963978-0-575-00946-2Edna FerberKind of Magic
1975978-0-575-00973-8Sylvia LundThe Golden Treasury of Stories for Boys & Girls
1964978-0-575-01035-2Ludovic KennedyTrial of Stephen Ward
1962978-0-575-01054-3John C. LillyMan and Dolphin
1957978-0-575-01258-5Colin WilsonReligion and the Rebel
1962978-0-575-01259-2Colin WilsonStrength to Dream: Literature and the Imagination
1972978-0-575-01355-1   ''New Pathways in Psychology - Maslow & the Post-Freudian Revolution: Maslow and the Post-Freudian Revolution
1971978-0-575-01358-2Tom PateyOne Man's Mountains
1972978-0-575-01385-8Ursula K. Le GuinThe Lathe of Heaven (Gollancz S.F.)
1972978-0-575-01442-8Richard MiddletonPop Music and the Blues: A Study of the Relationship and Its Significance
  ''978-0-575-01444-2Joan AikenDied on a Rainy Sunday
  ''978-0-575-01449-7Nicolas FreelingThe Second Freeling Omnibus (Double-Barrel; King of the Rainy Country; The Dresden Green)
  ''978-0-575-01472-5Leo SchradeMonteverdi: Creator of Modern Music
1973978-0-575-01508-1John BranfieldSugar Mouse
1972978-0-575-01571-5Arthur C. ClarkeOf Time and Stars: The Worlds of Arthur C.Clarke
1973978-0-575-01586-9Larry NivenInconstant Moon ([Gollancz SF])
  ''978-0-575-01597-5Gene WolfeFifth Head of Cerberus
1972978-0-575-01598-2Daphne du MaurierRule Britannia
1973978-0-575-01603-3Ursula K. Le GuinFarthest Shore
1933978-0-575-01607-1A. J. CroninGrand Canary
1973978-0-575-01608-8Robert C. O'BrienThe Silver Crown
1973978-0-575-01631-6Nina BawdenCarrie's War
  ''978-0-575-01636-1C.H. RolphKingsley: Life, Letters and Diaries of Kingsley Martin
  ''978-0-575-01640-8Eric HefferClass Struggle in Parliament: Socialist View of Industrial Relations
1974978-0-575-01672-9Henry-Louis de La GrangeGustav Mahler: Volume 1.
1973978-0-575-01687-3Ian WatsonThe Embedding ([Gollancz SF])
1974978-0-575-01704-7Rupert Bruce-MitfordAspects of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology: Sutton Hoo and Other Discoveries
1973978-0-575-01709-2Lester B. PearsonMemoirs: 1897-1948 v. 1
1974978-0-575-01719-1Irene GladwinThe Sheriff: The Man and his Office
1973978-0-575-01721-4Siegfried SassoonSiegfried Sassoon: Poet's Pilgrimage
  ''978-0-575-01726-9Michael G. ConeyMirror Image ([Gollancz SF])
1974978-0-575-01731-3Molly LefebureSamuel Taylor Coleridge: A Bondage of Opium
  ''978-0-575-01764-1Robert SilverbergRecalled to Life
1974978-0-575-01797-9Celia FremlinBy Horror Haunted
1973978-0-575-01807-5Alasdair MacleanFrom the Wilderness
1974978-0-575-01821-1James McClureGooseberry Fool ([Gollancz thriller])
  ''978-0-575-01823-5Lester B. PearsonMemoirs: 1948-57 v. 2
  ''978-0-575-01831-0Colin WilsonBook of Booze
1976978-0-575-01840-2Peter Hunter BlairNorthumbria in the Days of Bede
1974978-0-575-01841-9Merle MillerPlain Speaking: Conversations with Harry S. Truman
1975978-0-575-01871-6Salman RushdieGrimus
1974978-0-575-01890-7Robert C. O'BrienZ. for Zachariah
1975978-0-575-01895-2Isaac AsimovTales of the Black Widowers
  ''978-0-575-01922-5Robert PlayerLet's Talk of Graves, of Worms and Epitaphs ([Gollancz thriller])
  ''978-0-575-01928-7J. KrishnamurtiThe Beginnings of Learning
1975978-0-575-01938-6Ian WatsonJonah Kit ([Gollancz SF])
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  ''978-0-575-01983-6Charles LoganShipwreck ([Gollancz SF])
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1975978-0-575-02000-9Peter HainingThe Fantastic Pulps
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1979978-0-575-02074-0Peter DickinsonThe Blue Hawk
1976978-0-575-02080-1Louise FitzhughNobody's Family is Going to Change
1977978-0-575-02135-8Jean GimpelMedieval Machine: Industrial Revolution of the Middle Ages
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1976978-0-575-02181-5Daphne Du MaurierEchoes from the Macabre: Selected Stories
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  ''978-0-575-02196-9A. J CroninLady with carnations
  ''978-0-575-02201-0Roy HattersleyGoodbye to Yorkshire
1976978-0-575-02206-5Frederik PohlMan Plus ([Gollancz SF])
1977978-0-575-02218-8Ian WatsonMartian Inca ([Gollancz SF])
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  ''978-0-575-02235-5Molly LefebureCumbrian Discovery
  ''978-0-575-02247-8Angela CarterPassion of New Eve ([Gollancz fantasy & macabre])
  ''978-0-575-02271-3Isaac AsimovMore Tales of the Black Widowers ([Gollancz detection])
1977978-0-575-02279-9Charles PerraultThe Fairy Tales
  ''978-0-575-02325-3J. KrishnamurtiTruth and Actuality
  ''978-0-575-02336-9Ian WatsonAlien Embassy ([Gollancz SF])
  ''978-0-575-02386-4Mary GentleA Hawk in Silver
  ''978-0-575-02388-8Charles Wilfred Scott-GilesThe Wimsey Family: A Fragmentary History Compiled from Correspondence with Dorothy L. Sayers
1978978-0-575-02412-0A. J. CroninGracie Lindsay
1978978-0-575-02415-1Dorothy L. SayersThree Great Lord Peter Novels: "Strong Poison", "Murder Must Advertise" and "Nine Tailors"
  ''978-0-575-02420-5Nina BawdenRebel on a Rock
1979978-0-575-02436-6Hans MoldenhauerAnton von Webern: A Chronicle of His Life and Work
1978978-0-575-02445-8Arkady Strugatsky · Boris StrugatskyRoadside Picnic ([Gollancz SF])
1979978-0-575-02447-2Sheila HodgesGollancz: The Story of a Publishing House, 1928-78
1978978-0-575-02470-0Cecelia HollandValley of the Kings
  ''978-0-575-02474-8Ian WatsonMiracle Visitors ([Gollancz SF])
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1979978-0-575-02503-5Peter DickinsonTulku
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1978978-0-575-02534-9John IrvingThe World According To Garp
1978978-0-575-02538-7Walter Piston · Mark DeVotoHarmony
  ''978-0-575-02545-5Arkady Strugatsky · Boris StrugatskyPrisoners of Power [Gollancz SF]
1979978-0-575-02547-9Thomas M. DischOn Wings of Song ([Gollancz fantasy])
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  ''978-0-575-02606-3Anthony PriceTomorrow's Ghost
1986978-0-575-02634-6Terence Reese · Roger TrezelThose Extra Chances in Bridge (Master Bridge Series)
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1979978-0-575-02663-6Douglas HillGalactic Warlord (Last legionary)
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1980978-0-575-02690-2Daphne BennettQueen Victoria's Children
1979978-0-575-02695-7Nina BawdenThe Robbers
  ''978-0-575-02708-4Christopher Riche EvansThe Mighty Micro: Impact of the Computer Revolution
1981978-0-575-02728-2James BrabazonDorothy L.Sayers
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1980978-0-575-02761-9Ursula K. Le GuinMalafrena
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1980978-0-575-02791-6Larry NivenRingworld Engineers
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1994978-0-575-02845-6Daphne du MaurierThe Rendezvous and Other Stories
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1980978-0-575-02917-0Douglas HillDay of the Starwind
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1981978-0-575-02927-9Ian Watson · Michael BishopUnder Heaven's Bridge
1980978-0-575-02933-0Giovanni GuareschiThe World of Don Camillo (Omnibus volume comprising The Little World of Don Camillo, Don Camillo and the Prodigal Son, Don Camillo's Dilemma, Don Camillo and the Devil and Comrade Don Camillo
1981978-0-575-02968-2Ian Graham WilsonMind Out of Time: Reincarnation Investigated
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  ''978-0-575-03229-3Ursula K. Le GuinCompass Rose