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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-553-27574-2John KnowlesPeace Breaks Out
1984978-0-553-27578-0Francine PascalSecrets (Sweet Valley High #2)
1979978-0-553-27580-3Lewis ThomasThe Lives of a Cell
1986978-0-553-27582-7James R. McDonoughPlatoon Leader
1992978-0-553-27585-8Robert CraisThe Monkey's Raincoat (Elvis Cole)
1984978-0-553-27586-5Hermann HesseNarcissus and Goldmund
1988978-0-553-27596-4Francine PascalOut of Reach (Sweet Valley High, No.50)
  ''978-0-553-27597-1Tom WolfeThe Bonfire of the Vanities
  ''978-0-553-27600-8Margaret Weis · Tracy HickmanDarksword Adventures: The Complete Guide to Venturing in the Enchanted Realm of Thimhallan (A Bantam Spectra Book)
1989978-0-553-27601-5Maury TerryThe Ultimate Evil
1988978-0-553-27605-3David ReedSave the Hostages!
1990978-0-553-27606-0Rex StoutDeath of a Doxy (Nero Wolfe)
1988978-0-553-27607-7Sheila RadleyWho Saw Him Die?
  ''978-0-553-27608-4Carolyn HartHoneymoon with Murder (Death on Demand Mysteries, No. 4)
1989978-0-553-27609-1Judith TarrA Wind in Cairo
  ''978-0-553-27610-7Dave WolvertonOn My Way to Paradise
1988978-0-553-27611-4Harry HarrisonThe Stainless Steel Rat Wants You! (Stainless Steel Rat, Book 3)
1988978-0-553-27612-1Harry HarrisonThe Stainless Steel Rat for President
  ''978-0-553-27613-8Tipper GoreRaising PG Kids in an X Rated Society
  ''978-0-553-27616-9Kenneth RobesonDOC SAVAGE OMNIBUS 7
1991978-0-553-27618-3Michael PalmerSide Effects: A Novel
1985978-0-553-27619-0Richard GardnerThe Boys and Girls Book About Divorce: For Children and Their Divorced Parents--The Essential Book
1988978-0-553-27628-2George R.R. MartinAces Abroad (Wild Cards, Book 4)
1982978-0-553-27629-9Louis L'AmourFair Blows the Wind: A Novel (Talon and Chantry)
1984978-0-553-27632-9Clive CusslerPacific Vortex (Dirk Pitt Adventure)
1988978-0-553-27633-6John Skipp · Craig SpectorDead Lines
1989978-0-553-27635-0Deborah GrabienFIRE QUEEN
  ''978-0-553-27636-7Norman ZollingerPassage to Quivira
  ''978-0-553-27640-4Bruce CovilleThe Dark Abyss (The Dungeon, Volume 2)
1989978-0-553-27645-9Liza CodyHead Case
1984978-0-553-27653-4Kenneth FlintThe Riders of the Sidhe (Sidhe Legends)
1987978-0-553-27667-1Martin KatahnThe Rotation Diet
1984978-0-553-27668-8Francine PascalWrong Kind of Girl (Sweet Valley High #10)
  ''978-0-553-27669-5Kate WilliamPlaying with Fire (Sweet Valley High, No 3)
1986978-0-553-27670-1Francine Pascal · Kate WilliamHostage! (Sweet Valley High, No 26)
1984978-0-553-27672-5Francine PascalDear Sister (Sweet Valley High #7)
1983978-0-553-27673-2Frederick ForsythNo Comebacks
1984978-0-553-27674-9Louis L'AmourThe Daybreakers: A Novel (The Sacketts)
1970978-0-553-27675-6   ''Galloway (The Sacketts)
1984978-0-553-27676-3   ''Lando: The Sacketts: A Novel
  ''978-0-553-27677-0   ''The Lonely Men: The Sacketts: A Novel
  ''978-0-553-27678-7   ''Lonely on the Mountain: A Novel (Sacketts)
1975978-0-553-27679-4Louis L'AmourThe Man from the Broken Hills: A Novel (Talon and Chantry)
1985978-0-553-27680-0   ''Mojave Crossing (Sacketts, No. 9)
1966978-0-553-27681-7   ''Mustang Man (Sacketts, No. 13)
1984978-0-553-27682-4   ''Ride the Dark Trail: The Sacketts: A Novel
2010978-0-553-27683-1   ''Ride the River: The Sacketts: A Novel
1981978-0-553-27684-8Louis L'AmourSackett (The Sacketts, No 4)
1985978-0-553-27685-5   ''The Sackett Brand (The Sacketts #10)
1984978-0-553-27686-2   ''Sackett's Land: A Novel
1982978-0-553-27687-9   ''The Sky-Liners: The Sacketts
1984978-0-553-27688-6   ''To the Far Blue Mountains (The Sacketts)
1984978-0-553-27689-3Louis L'AmourTreasure Mountain: A Novel (The Sacketts)
  ''978-0-553-27690-9   ''The Warrior's Path: The Sacketts: A Novel
1987978-0-553-27692-3Francine PascalOn The Edge (Sweet Valley High, No.40)
1989978-0-553-27699-2Og MandinoThe Greatest Salesman in the World, Part 2: The End of the Story
  ''978-0-553-27700-5Harry HarrisonReturn To Eden
  ''978-0-553-27703-6Dana Fuller RossOKLAHOMA! (Wagon's West)
  ''978-0-553-27713-5Elmer KeltonThe Man Who Rode Midnight
1989978-0-553-27717-3Douglas HillBlade of the Poisoner
1988978-0-553-27723-4Marian BabsonMurder On A Mystery Tour
  ''978-0-553-27724-1Bill CosbyTime Flies
  ''978-0-553-27728-9Grace CatalanoRiver Phoenix: Hero & Heartthrob
  ''978-0-553-27733-3Rex StoutMurder by the Book (The Rex Stout Library)
1984978-0-553-27737-1Alvin TofflerFuture Shock
1986978-0-553-27739-5Louis L'AmourJubal Sackett: The Sacketts: A Novel
1982978-0-553-27740-1Clive CusslerNight Probe!
1983978-0-553-27742-5Og MandinoThe Christ Commission: Will One Man Discover Proof That Every Christian in the World Is Wrong?
  ''978-0-553-27745-6Milton CraneFifty Great Short Stories (Bantam Classics)
1986978-0-553-27746-3Iris Rainer DartBeaches
1981978-0-553-27747-0Robert M. PirsigZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values
1983978-0-553-27748-7Richard HittlemanRichard Hittleman's Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan
1983978-0-553-27749-4William StyronSophie's Choice
1986978-0-553-27751-7John P. Trowbridge · Morton WalkerThe Yeast Syndrome: How to Help Your Doctor Identify & Treat the Real Cause of Your Yeast-Related Illness
1982978-0-553-27752-4Eden GrayThe Complete Guide to the Tarot: Determine Your Destiny! Predict Your Own Future!
1985978-0-553-27753-1Ray BradburyDandelion Wine: A Novel (Grand Master Editions)
1983978-0-553-27754-8Amy VanderbiltAmy Vanderbilt's Everyday Etiquette: Revised and Updated
1984978-0-553-27755-5Francine PascalWhen Love Dies (Sweet Valley High #12)
1983978-0-553-27757-9Og MandinoThe Greatest Salesman in the World
1989978-0-553-27763-0Ian McDonaldOut on Blue Six
  ''978-0-553-27764-7Dan SimmonsPhases of Gravity
  ''978-0-553-27765-4David GerroldA Day for Damnation (War Against the Chtorr, Book 2)
  ''978-0-553-27768-5Paul ZindelAmazing and Death Defying Diary of Eugene Dingman
1985978-0-553-27772-2Dorothy SimpsonNight She Died, The
1986978-0-553-27773-9Dorothy SimpsonLast Seen Alive
1989978-0-553-27775-3Kenneth H. CooperControlling Cholesterol: Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper's Preventative Medicine Program
1995978-0-553-27776-0Rex StoutIn the Best Families (Crime Line)
  ''978-0-553-27780-7   ''The Golden Spiders (Nero Wolfe)
1988978-0-553-27781-4Richard LupoffThe Comic Book Killer (Hobart Lindsey / Marvia Plum mystery series)
1989978-0-553-27782-1David GerroldA Matter for Men (War Against the Chtorr)
1989978-0-553-27783-8Raymond E. FeistFaerie Tale
1984978-0-553-27787-6Leon UrisThe Angry Hills
  ''978-0-553-27788-3Farley MowatThe Boat Who Wouldn't Float
1989978-0-553-27793-7Ron LucianoRemembrance of Swings Past
  ''978-0-553-27794-4Dorothy CannellThe Widows Club (Ellie Haskell)
1992978-0-553-27800-2Robert LudlumThe Icarus Agenda
1989978-0-553-27802-6Elizabeth GeorgeA Great Deliverance
  ''978-0-553-27805-7Lee Iacocca · Sonny KleinfieldTalking Straight
  ''978-0-553-27811-8Erich SegalDoctors: A Novel
1989978-0-553-27813-2Raymond MoodyThe Light Beyond
  ''978-0-553-27816-3Robert GoldsboroughThe Bloodied Ivy (Nero Wolfe)
1992978-0-553-27819-4Rex StoutFer-de-Lance (Nero Wolfe)
1986978-0-553-27820-0John HeiderThe Tao of Leadership: Leadership Strategies for a New Age
1984978-0-553-27822-4Ray BradburyThe Martian Chronicles (The Grand Master Editions)
1983978-0-553-27824-8John SteinbeckOf Mice and Men
1984978-0-553-27825-5Og MandinoThe Greatest Success in the World
1997978-0-553-27827-9Walter LordA Night to Remember
1982978-0-553-27829-3Vincent BugliosiHelter Skelter
1976978-0-553-27832-3Sheldon B. KoppIf You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him! The Pilgrimage of Psychotherapy Patients
1982978-0-553-27833-0Eugene T. GendlinFocusing
1983978-0-553-27837-8Nathaniel BrandenWhat Love Asks of Us
1989978-0-553-27839-2Isaac AsimovPrelude to Foundation (Foundation, Book 1)
  ''978-0-553-27841-5Donald Clayton PorterSeneca Warrior (White Indian, Book 17)
  ''978-0-553-27844-6David GerroldA Rage for Revenge (War Against the Chtorr, Book 3)
  ''978-0-553-27845-3Gregory BenfordAlternate Empires (What Might Have Been, Vol. 1)
1989978-0-553-27846-0Janny WurtsSorcerer's Legacy
  ''978-0-553-27849-1Rex StoutPlot It Yourself
  ''978-0-553-27854-5Edward PackardMutiny in Space (Choose Your Own Adventure, No 90)
1997978-0-553-27859-0Nora RobertsSweet Revenge: A Novel
1989978-0-553-27861-3Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage Omnibus #8 - The Mental Monster, The Pink Lady, Weird Valley and Trouble on Parade
  ''978-0-553-27863-7Louis L'AmourBorden Chantry: A Novel (Talon and Chantry)
  ''978-0-553-27864-4   ''The High Graders: A Novel
1984978-0-553-27867-5Nathaniel BrandenThe Disowned Self
1986978-0-553-27869-9Chogyam TrungpaShambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior: A Guide to Enlightened Living from the Founder of the Naropa Institute
1985978-0-553-27873-6Sam ReiflerI Ching: A New Interpretation for Modern Times
1997978-0-553-27874-3David BrinThe Postman
1984978-0-553-27879-8Penelope RussianoffWhy Do I Think I am Nothing Without a Man?
1985978-0-553-27882-8Linda GoodmanLinda Goodman's Sun Signs
1984978-0-553-27883-5Pat FrankAlas, Babylon
1983978-0-553-27886-6Rita Mae BrownRubyfruit Jungle
1983978-0-553-27887-3Rita Mae BrownSix of One
1987978-0-553-27888-0   ''High Hearts
1989978-0-553-27900-9Ernest SpencerWelcome to Vietnam, Macho Man
  ''978-0-553-27903-0David ZindellNeverness
  ''978-0-553-27911-5Sheila GordonWaiting for the Rain
  ''978-0-553-27913-9Edward PackardYou Are a Superstar (Choose Your Own Adventure #91)
  ''978-0-553-27926-9Norris McWhirterGUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS, 1989 (Guinness World Records)
1984978-0-553-27928-3Farley MowatThe Dog Who Wouldn't Be
1985978-0-553-27930-6Jerzy KosinskiBeing There
1984978-0-553-27932-0Sondra Marshak · Myrna CulbreathThe Fate of the Phoenix (Star Trek)
2000978-0-553-27933-7Sondra Marshak · Myrna CulbreathStar Trek The New Voyages 2 (Star Trek)
1989978-0-553-27935-1David HandlerThe Man Who Lived By Night
1983978-0-553-27937-5Maya AngelouI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
1987978-0-553-27938-2Robert GoldsboroughMurder in E Minor
1984978-0-553-27939-9Francine PascalDeceptions (Sweet Valley High #14)
1985978-0-553-27940-5Francine PascalPromises (Sweet Valley High #15)
  ''978-0-553-27941-2   ''Too Good to be True (Sweet Valley High #11)
  ''978-0-553-27942-9Harry HarrisonA Stainless Steel Rat Is Born
1983978-0-553-27943-6Werner KellerThe Bible as History
1984978-0-553-27947-4Robert C. MelziThe Bantam New College Italian & English Dictionary
1989978-0-553-27955-9Sue GraftonE Is for Evidence (Kinsey Millhone Mysteries)
  ''978-0-553-27958-0Charles De LintThe Valley of Thunder (Dungeon #3)
  ''978-0-553-27960-3Robert LudlumThe Matlock Paper
1989978-0-553-27961-0James DevereuxWAKE ISLAND
  ''978-0-553-27968-9Jay LeiboldReturn of the Ninja (Choose Your Own Adventure, No 92)
  ''978-0-553-27970-2Francine PascalLost At Sea (SVH #56)
1995978-0-553-27971-9David BrinThe Uplift War (The Uplift Saga, Book 3)
1983978-0-553-27972-6Og MandinoThe Greatest Miracle in the World
1997978-0-553-27983-2Ronald FieveMoodswing: Dr. Fieve on Depression: The Eminent Psychiatrist Who Pioneered the Use of Lithium in America Reveals a Revolutionary New Way to Prevent Depression
1989978-0-553-27984-9Kathy TyersCrystal Witness
  ''978-0-553-27985-6Harry HomewoodSilent Sea
1987978-0-553-27991-7Sue GraftonA Is for Alibi (A Kinsey Millhone Mystery)
1983978-0-553-27993-1Louis L'AmourShowdown at Yellow Butte: A Novel
1989978-0-553-27998-6John Skipp · Craig SpectorBook of the Dead
  ''978-0-553-27999-3Peter DanielsonThe Exodus (Children of the Lion, Book 10)
1989978-0-553-28000-5Kenneth RobesonDoc Savage Omnibus, No. 9: Murders / Birds of Death / The Wee Ones / Terror Takes 7
  ''978-0-553-28007-4Lurlene McDanielGoodbye Doesn't Mean Forever (A Bantam Starfire Book)
  ''978-0-553-28008-1Lurlene McDanielToo Young to Die
  ''978-0-553-28009-8Bill Hampton · LuAnn HamptonCaptive! (Choose Your Own Adventure, No 93)
  ''978-0-553-28010-4Francine PascalDEADLY SUMMER (Sweet Valley High Super Thrillers)
1989978-0-553-28014-2Judith KrantzTill We Meet Again: A Novel
  ''978-0-553-28020-3Joe R. LansdaleCold in July
1997978-0-553-28031-9Louis L'AmourTo Tame a Land: A Novel
1983978-0-553-28032-6Ray BradburySomething Wicked This Way Comes
1992978-0-553-28033-3O. Carl Simonton · James Creighton · Stephanie Matthews Simonton · Stephanie Matthews · James L. CreightonGetting Well Again: The Bestselling Classic About the Simontons' Revolutionary Lifesaving Self- Awareness Techniques
1986978-0-553-28034-0Sue GraftonB Is for Burglar
  ''978-0-553-28035-7Louis L'AmourThe Trail to Crazy Man: Stories
1987978-0-553-28036-4Sue GraftonC Is for Corpse (Kinsey Millhone Mysteries)
  ''978-0-553-28037-1Susan Forward · Joan TorresMen Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them: When Loving Hurts And You Don't Know Why
1997978-0-553-28038-8Og MandinoThe Greatest Secret in the World
1985978-0-553-28040-1Louis L'AmourThe Walking Drum: A Novel
  ''978-0-553-28041-8John KnowlesA Separate Peace
1987978-0-553-28042-5Louis L'AmourLast of the Breed: A Novel
1989978-0-553-28046-3L.M. MontgomeryMagic for Marigold (L.M. Montgomery Books)
1989978-0-553-28047-0L.M. MontgomeryPat Of Silverbush
  ''978-0-553-28048-7L. M. MontgomeryMistress Pat
  ''978-0-553-28049-4L.M. MontgomeryJane of Lantern Hill
  ''978-0-553-28050-0   ''A Tangled Web
  ''978-0-553-28051-7   ''The Blue Castle
1989978-0-553-28057-9Albert GoldmanLives of John Lennon, The
  ''978-0-553-28058-6Isabel AllendeEva Luna
  ''978-0-553-28059-3Allan EckertTwilight of Empire
  ''978-0-553-28063-0Robert LudlumThe Rhinemann Exchange
1993978-0-553-28064-7Sheri S. TepperThe Gate to Women's Country: A Novel
1989978-0-553-28065-4Peter Morwood · Diane DuaneKeeper of the City (Guardians of the Three, Vol 2)
1991978-0-553-28072-2Antonia FraserCool Repentance
1984978-0-553-28081-4Louis L'AmourDown the Long Hills: A Novel
  ''978-0-553-28082-1   ''Radigan: A Novel
1982978-0-553-28083-8Louis L'AmourFallon: A Novel
  ''978-0-553-28084-5   ''The Quick and the Dead: A Novel