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978-0-542-01394-2Gas-solid interface reactions of metals and metal oxides
978-0-542-03492-3An exploration of the relationship between a process-driven design for church ministry and church growth
978-0-542-05996-4A quantitative study of chemically modified metallic surfaces for use in surgical implants
978-0-542-07307-6Noncoherent image denoising
978-0-542-08037-1X chromosome studies of Parkinson's disease and HapReg: A weighted regression program for family-based haplotype association studies
978-0-542-10031-4The role of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3) in the proliferation and differentiation of L6 myogenic cells and porcine embryonic myogenic cells (PEMC)
978-0-542-10074-1Optical waveguide devices based on fiber Sagnac interferometers and photonic crystals
978-0-542-11334-5Molecular and cellular mechanisms of left-right asymmetric organ morphogenesis
978-0-542-13404-3Leaving a gang: An exploratory study of reasons for voluntarily leaving a gang
978-0-542-13473-9Unified synthesis techniques for high performance FPGA designs
978-0-542-13634-4Recovery of traditional varieties of tomato and pepper: Characterisation and genetic improvement (Spanish text)
978-0-542-14995-5The catharsis of the student-actor of process drama and the role of the Stanislavski Method
978-0-542-15387-7Maya coffee farmers and the fair trade commodity chain (Guatemala)
978-0-542-15698-4A landscape perspective on the Oldowan from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
978-0-542-16196-4Essays in corporate finance and institutional trading
2006978-0-542-16339-5Gang, DongDevelopment of novel synthetic methods utilizing group III and IV reagents -- Dissertation
978-0-542-17057-7Virginia's superintendents' perceptions regarding graduation support services for class of 2004
2006978-0-542-18302-7Gang HuUsing the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae as a model system to study the role of gene duplication, divergence and expression in adapting to pathogenicity
978-0-542-18633-2Groundtruth generation and document image degradation
978-0-542-19198-5Zhao, GangThe three-dimensional multi-domain pseudospectral time-domain method for electromagnetic modeling
978-0-542-19493-1Polymagnets: Hierarchical micromagnetic structures in ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
978-0-542-20206-3Cold warrior coterie: Senate Democrats and presidential foreign policy, 1953--1973 (Richard Russell, Georgia, John Stennis, Mississippi, Henry M. Jackson, ... Missouri, George Smathers, Florida)
978-0-542-20209-4Reactivation of tumor suppressor p16INK4a
978-0-542-20759-4Depression in gay and lesbian adults: An exploration of demographic and vulnerability factors
978-0-542-21702-9The profit rate in the Turkish economy: 1968--2000
978-0-542-22522-2Beyond recognition: A feminist-pragmatist account of esthetic moral agency
2006978-0-542-22960-2Barbara J., SilverYouth gangs, schools, and conflict resolution -- Dissertation
  ''978-0-542-22986-2John W. HartmannCounter-intuitive behavior in locally optimal solar sail escape trajectories
978-0-542-23210-7Guide RNAs in RNA editing
978-0-542-23744-7Functional polyelectrolyte nanofibers by electrospinning
978-0-542-24205-2Inference for semiparametric time-varying covariate effect relative risk regression models
2006978-0-542-25007-1Gang, LiLocally Doptimal designs for nonlinear models with minimal number of support points -- Dissertation
978-0-542-25603-5The effects of a culture-based social skills program on the prosocial behaviour of elementary school boys and girls
978-0-542-28471-7Gang GongAirfare, competition, and spatial structure new evidence in the United States airline deregulation
978-0-542-28571-4Essays on managerial incentives and performance measurement
978-0-542-31538-1'Glimmer' for chamber orchestra and audience (Original composition)
978-0-542-31688-3DNA monolayers: Preparation and electrochemical characterization
978-0-542-31773-6Mycorrhizal influence on belowground carbon cycling
978-0-542-32007-1Dong, Gang · Scott T. ActonDetection of rolling leukocytes from intravital microscopy images
978-0-542-32133-7Conformational and functional study of diphtheria toxin T domain
2006978-0-542-32776-6Ralph Michael, LucasTeachers\' perceptions on the efficacy of curriculum mapping as a tool for planning and curriculum alignment -- Dissertation
  ''978-0-542-33917-2Felicia R., DoswellImproving network performance and document dissemination by enhancing cache consistency on the Web using proxy and server negotiation -- Dissertation
978-0-542-34435-0Understanding and theology according to St. Gregory of Nyssa
978-0-542-34453-4The design and implementation of an asynchronous network on a chip
2006978-0-542-35544-8Amy R., TuttleParents\' experiences in child protective services: Analysis of a dialogical group process -- Dissertation