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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-533-00363-1Peter VlcÌŒkoIn the Shadow of Tyranny
  ''978-0-533-00529-1Charles RoddaAmerican Tales
1972978-0-533-00592-5Charles Andrew WilloughbyThe guerrilla resistance movement in the Philippines: 1941-1945
1973978-0-533-00620-5Mother Superior M. Raphaela Simonis OSBDeo Gratias Et Mariae: Thanks Be to God and Mary
1975978-0-533-00801-8Bruce BriggsThe station wagon, its saga and development
1974978-0-533-01017-2Donald W RobertsonMind's eye of Richard Buckminster Fuller
  ''978-0-533-01161-2Neta Snook SouthernI taught Amelia to fly
  ''978-0-533-01336-4David G MahanA physics guide for students and teachers of X-ray technology
1976978-0-533-02130-7John T DwyerCondemned to the mines: The life of Eugene O'Connell, 1815-1891, pioneer bishop of Northern California and Nevada
  ''978-0-533-02333-2Maurice RossLouis XVI, America's forgotten founding father, with a survey of the Franco-American alliance of the Revolutionary period
1978978-0-533-02882-5Rosemary W TrottmanThe history of Zephyrhills, 1821-1921
1977978-0-533-02987-7Ralph DawsonWas there a resurrection?: The challenge to reason and belief
1978978-0-533-03120-7Paul BullockJerry Voorhis, The Idealist as Politician
1978978-0-533-03147-4Sadguru Sant KeshavadasThe purpose of life
  ''978-0-533-03379-9Albert VoglLife and Death of Therese Neumann, Mystic and Stigmatist
  ''978-0-533-03801-5Bill TalbitzerToo much blood
1979978-0-533-04062-9Lewis Nathan HolmThe American home: A guide for parents
  ''978-0-533-04142-8Ahmad ShafaatGospel According to Islam
1978978-0-533-04181-7John StojkoLetters to God's eye: The Voynich manuscript for the first time deciphered and translated into English
1982978-0-533-04655-3Veronica De OsaSinan, the Turkish Michelangelo: A biographical novel
1983978-0-533-05271-4Stan SeersUFOs, the case for scientific myopia
  ''978-0-533-05373-5Homer Garner BarnettQualitative Science
978-0-533-05440-4Picasso's Guernica: Images Within Images
1982978-0-533-05441-1James L. ClarkOperation Swordfish
1983978-0-533-05443-5Vici ChampionYet Forty Days
1992978-0-533-05445-9Dolores W. HinesForgiveness Undenied
1983978-0-533-05447-3Leonard M SalterFrom chaos to community: The road ahead
1983978-0-533-05449-7James Richard BestA view from Bethel: A history of New Bethel Baptist Association of Texas, 1852-1980
  ''978-0-533-05705-4Joan Yuhas McGowanWaiting: The hopes and frustrations of a childless couple
1985978-0-533-05818-1William MaslandThrough the Back Doors of the World in a Ship That Had Wings
1984978-0-533-05942-3Richard TrumbullResearch & Its Management: A Perspective & Critique
1985978-0-533-06136-5Meier M. ReschkeHugo Zuckermann: A Great Jewish Leader
  ''978-0-533-06202-7Khoren K DavidsonOdyssey of an Armenian of Zeitoun
1984978-0-533-06203-4George Elliott SweetShake-speare, the mystery
1985978-0-533-06205-8Veronica BoyleMind of Her Own
  ''978-0-533-06207-2Ethel F. BullSpirit of the Santee
  ''978-0-533-06208-9Teymoor TajeriDiary of a mad Iranian: The unappreciated genius
1984978-0-533-06209-6Madan BiriaBest of Both Worlds Career and Marriage
1984978-0-533-06452-6New Voices in American Poetry, 1984
1985978-0-533-06636-0A. C. AllesAssassination of a Prime Minister
1986978-0-533-06918-7Beverly Ann WhiteDeath Is a Place
1987978-0-533-07048-0Elsa M. GloverScience and Religion
978-0-533-07087-9Priscilla KlepserHere There and Everywhere Edition
1988978-0-533-07096-1Lieutenant Colonel Eugene M. WittAttack! The Arnaville Bridgehead: The Battle of Arnaville, France, European Theater of Operations, World War II: A Study in Small Unit Combat Command and Action
1987978-0-533-07157-9Scott RostonNightmare in Israel
  ''978-0-533-07227-9From assistant fetish priest to archbishop: Studies in honour of Archbishop Dery
  ''978-0-533-07240-8Anne ComteWind Blew from the West
1988978-0-533-07623-9Ellen CorbyPebble of Gibraltar: An Autobiography
1990978-0-533-08161-5Jean MorganCaty and Me
1989978-0-533-08400-5Nancy VenableSing a Sad Song
  ''978-0-533-08499-9Vittore BocchettaSinister
1991978-0-533-08687-0Vittore BocchettaEye of the Eagle
  ''978-0-533-09130-0Eleanor Marshall-WhiteWomen: Catalysts for Change: Interpretive Biographies of Shirley St. Hill Chisholm, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Nancy Landon Kassebaum
1991978-0-533-09135-5R. D. RuckerEros and the Sexual Revolution
1994978-0-533-09424-0Ramendra NathThe Ethical Philosophy of Bertrand Russell
1992978-0-533-09542-1Carlos Alberto SalvatoreDoctore Salvatore: An Autobiography
  ''978-0-533-09595-7Abul Maali, Ph.D. SyedThe Twin Era of Pakistan: Democracy and Dictatorship
  ''978-0-533-10098-9Fran De AquinoGravitational-Electromagnetic Field Theory
1993978-0-533-10343-0Alden G. ZimmerThe World's Most Complete Auto Troubleshooting Guide
1992978-0-533-10368-3Harold Camping1994?
1993978-0-533-10414-7Lawrence M. SiegelA Guide to Natural Orgasm for Women and Men
  ''978-0-533-10439-0Edward R. BrownCold Summer
  ''978-0-533-10544-1Mike GribbleTen Go In: A Novel
1994978-0-533-10560-1Frank WinslowThe Man from Somerset: A Historical Novel
1994978-0-533-10616-5Kathryn AllenRetaliation in Kind
  ''978-0-533-10620-2I. F. WhiteJody
  ''978-0-533-10683-7Joan MathewsMindy Mouse and the A-Frame House
  ''978-0-533-10707-0John D. FassettNew Deal Justice: The Life of Stanley Reed of Kentucky
1993978-0-533-10766-7Cecil MahurinA Public Rebuttal to Rush Limbaugh
1994978-0-533-10873-2Ann Bromfield · Don JuanFrom Pimp Stick to Pulpit-It's Magic: The Life Story of Don "Magic" Juan
1995978-0-533-10888-6Gary J. McCantsCan We As Black Men and Women Really Trust Each Other?
1993978-0-533-10932-6Harold CampingAre You Ready?
2001978-0-533-11038-4Michael StraussTimeshare Condominiums for the Beginner
1995978-0-533-11237-1Ronald D SteinbachThe Fashionable Ear: A History of Ear-Piercing Trends for Men and Women
  ''978-0-533-11243-2Shawn MurphyBecoming a Real Estate Professional
1995978-0-533-11259-3George J. SkapskiTract on Panot
1996978-0-533-11310-1Patti Alsop Bell · Debbie LeonardThrough the Cracks: Horrendous Child Abuse and Murder
1995978-0-533-11433-7Laura PooleStatistical Concepts: A Basic Foundation for Social Science Research
1996978-0-533-11557-0Michael J. LeeJoy in the Heart of Jesus: How to Live a Life of Joy
1999978-0-533-11715-4Will LeeCobalt
1996978-0-533-11818-2Martin L. FlemingInside the Washington Post
  ''978-0-533-11858-8Joseph L. KleinPolice Career: An Endless Challenge
1997978-0-533-11972-1Aimee BrattGlamour and Turbulence: I Remember Pan Am, 1966-91
  ''978-0-533-11982-0Jim Capers · Ron YermanLead, Follow, or Get the Hell Out of the Way!
1998978-0-533-12013-0Jacqueline Van MaarsenMy Friend Anne Frank
  ''978-0-533-12195-3Samuel AdameYour Window Looking South: Enjoyable - Knowledgeable - Entertaining: The Truth About The Mexican People
  ''978-0-533-12512-8Mercedes GrafQuarantine: The Story of Typhoid Mary
1998978-0-533-12590-6Kjell I. LiljebladProbability Theory for Industrial Engineers
  ''978-0-533-12591-3Woodie SallisThe Varnished Truth
  ''978-0-533-12592-0Kay Marie BaniCalled to Duty: The Christian Nurse's Resource Book
  ''978-0-533-12593-7Robert L. DarrowAtlantic City Kitty
  ''978-0-533-12594-4Genevieve Wysinki MajkaKazimiera and Jan
1998978-0-533-12595-1Peggy Burrell WellsR and R in Europe
  ''978-0-533-12596-8Grady FarleyRaw Rice
978-0-533-12598-2Inspirational Poems of Yesterday and Today
1998978-0-533-12599-9Fletcher McGheeBermuda Triangle Subdued
  ''978-0-533-12628-6Val NadinBreaking the Blue Line
1999978-0-533-12657-6Robert F Kantin · Robert F. KantinStrategic Proposals: Closing the Big Deal
  ''978-0-533-12704-7Mary Helene · Musick Burke · Mary Helene Musick BurkeFew Precious Memories
  ''978-0-533-12760-3Lorraine CopelandDeeds of Darkness: A Novel
2005978-0-533-12793-1Guyla W. StuartThe Magic Camera
1999978-0-533-12915-7Marshall ThompsonHayti Police
2000978-0-533-12977-5Theo GrutterDancing With Mosquitoes
2000978-0-533-13030-6Irene FrancesThe Moments
  ''978-0-533-13159-4Milton F. Heller Jr.The Presidents' Doctor: An Insider's View of Three First Families
  ''978-0-533-13197-6George FriedmanLetters to My Grand
  ''978-0-533-13302-4James J. Obrien · James J. O'BrienStill, Deep Water
  ''978-0-533-13407-6Tracy LeeExtremities
2001978-0-533-13471-7Donna L. Burton · Margo Fleisher Bond · Arthur J., Sr CoxCross-Training for Dual Disorders
2001978-0-533-13504-2Julie MarieSpirit Within: Poems
2000978-0-533-13531-8Naftali KadmonToponymy: The Lore, Laws and Language of Geographical Names
2001978-0-533-13533-2James R. CookThe Chemistry and Characteristics of Explosive Materials
  ''978-0-533-13619-3Brent W., M.D. BostThe Hurried Woman Syndrome: Healing for the 50 Million Women Who Suffer
  ''978-0-533-13752-7Anthony RhodesAn Argument for God
2002978-0-533-13787-9Randolph JacksonBlack People in the Bible
2001978-0-533-13841-8Tamara FieldThe Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI) Guidebook/Cookbook
2002978-0-533-13924-8Betty WallaceMiracles for You Today! and the Five Effects on How to Keep Your Miracle
  ''978-0-533-13956-9Paul WessonThe Interstellar Undertakers
  ''978-0-533-14054-1Cheryl PetersonA Foster Child Comes to Stay With Josie and Brooke
2005978-0-533-14141-8Johnny GregoryIt Was Snappy on Christmas
2002978-0-533-14179-1Nikole UrbanBreena
2002978-0-533-14185-2Hans D. BaumannThe Ideal Enterprise: Managing by the Law of the Sphere
  ''978-0-533-14263-7Ian MordantThe Symmetries of September 11
2003978-0-533-14305-4Frank Javier Garcia BerumenBrown Celluloid: Latino/A Film Icons and Images in the Hollywood Film Industry
  ''978-0-533-14333-7Jean KimbroughShort Stories
  ''978-0-533-14356-6William M NolanGrowing Up as a Trappist Monk
  ''978-0-533-14438-9Rodney Randolph FrazierBroken Swords: The Lives, Times, and Deaths of Eight Former Confederate Generals Murdered After the Smoke of Battle Had Cleared
2003978-0-533-14497-6Gloria MillerFading Voices and Haunting Memories: From the World War II Era
2004978-0-533-14577-5Charles PattersonMiscellaneous: An Artist's Notebook
  ''978-0-533-14588-1Bill CurlottPeace Corps: The Toughest Job They'll Ever Mismanage
2005978-0-533-14601-7Francois LatortueHaiti(ex-St.-Domingue) and Louisiana: Their Past Relationships and the True Reasons for the Selling of the Vast Territory
2004978-0-533-14632-1Paul S. WessonCosmic Dreams
  ''978-0-533-14684-0Pat Patterson Ma MaHydrogen Fuel Cells: Independent Power Sources for the Future
  ''978-0-533-14685-7John H. WyattInnervisions: A Book of Poems
2003978-0-533-14687-1David VincentRoofing Guide: Installing 3-Tab Shingles
2004978-0-533-14693-2Dan Wood · Ann McCormackLetters to Lucy
2005978-0-533-14774-8Milton, Ph.D. Simmons · Jeremy, Ph.D. TurnerGod And Man Through Time And Space: A Faith-Based Critique on Religion's Unending War with Science
2004978-0-533-14807-3Marvin O RiddickEstablishing a Board of Christian Education Within a Local Christian Church: A Model Plan Providing Guidance
2005978-0-533-14832-5Virginia P. GrantSweet Journey: An Autobiography of Virginia P. Grant
  ''978-0-533-14847-9Patrick A. BarkerPhysics in a Single Equation
2004978-0-533-14850-9Floyd BrownThe Last Horseman
2012978-0-533-14853-0Evelyn C. WalshThe Time Clock Zodiac
2005978-0-533-14856-1Joseph Trevor O'ConnorRediscover Yourself by Understanding God: Learn About Ricarm - The Divine Healing Process
2004978-0-533-14870-7Vitali IankoThe Promise at the Sea: Armenian Genocide
2005978-0-533-14879-0Karl W AbtA Few Who Made a Difference: The World War II Teams of the Military Intelligence Service
2005978-0-533-14907-0David M. Schreiber · Monte WilsonThe Superior Customer Service Revolution: Plus The Sixteen Keys For Success
  ''978-0-533-14929-2T. Ray A.Geek Philosophy
  ''978-0-533-14942-1M.D. Donald C. AustinPrejudice and Pride
2006978-0-533-14954-4Lynn E LisarelliPrairie Storm
2005978-0-533-14965-0Herbert D. FisherPhilippine Diary
  ''978-0-533-14974-2Edward M. Stack · Francois, duc de La RochefoucauldLa Rochefoucauld Maxims: A New English Translation
  ''978-0-533-15000-7Maria Victoria Herrera De FernandezAll Because of a Mouse
2005978-0-533-15001-4Pamela W-C McCoolNames in a Medieval Women's Web
  ''978-0-533-15002-1James H NelsonA God for the Twenty-First Century: A Personal Quest
  ''978-0-533-15013-7E. Allan RiveraThe Almighty
  ''978-0-533-15016-8Salvador S. ManzurBlack Dog of Clearmountain
  ''978-0-533-15017-5Edythe G. DeanOver the Top And Back: They Answered Their Country's Call
2005978-0-533-15019-9Jason E. PearlCharlie- the Sailboat
  ''978-0-533-15022-9Calvin C. McRaeOne Person - Navy Man, Business Man, Retired Man????
  ''978-0-533-15029-8Hilary L. HengenWorthy Thoughts ~ Worthy Verses
  ''978-0-533-15032-8Albert A. Di FioreThe Other Side of Destiny: A Science Fiction Novel
  ''978-0-533-15050-2Jesse M. ArzateThoughts Pressed Between Pages
2005978-0-533-15062-5Grady FoxRetirement: Bliss or the Pits
2007978-0-533-15067-0Lou Ann (Morant) MorrisDesire and Love of Various Poetry
2005978-0-533-15071-7Stanley W RaffaThe Hungry and Sick: Notes on My 196 Days in the E.T.O.
  ''978-0-533-15095-3Shirley M. SebreeThe Lost Jewels of Grayhorse: A Legacy Lost And Found
  ''978-0-533-15104-2Anne R. SeimsThe Little Guitar
  ''978-0-533-15109-7Jean W. MaggsEmotions
  ''978-0-533-15124-0Robert N. WilliamsThe Beale Papers: Lost Legacy
2005978-0-533-15132-5Ana P. Hermina B. Weber · B. WeberSilky Emotions
2006978-0-533-15152-3Devin Mark HubertDrafoon: The Legend of the Fog
  ''978-0-533-15159-2Margaret Y ChampionPeru and the Peruvians in the Twentieth Century: Politics and Prospects
  ''978-0-533-15160-8Christopher PascaleManson
2005978-0-533-15162-2Ann ZwemerJust a Moment!: Daily Reflections for Thinkers
  ''978-0-533-15169-1Harold CampingTime Has an End: A Biblical History of the World 11,013 B.C. - 2011 A.D.
2006978-0-533-15176-9Dale BrandtA Pool Player's Journey
2005978-0-533-15177-6Mary S. Allen79, And Holding
2006978-0-533-15190-5Leslie Ray BryantLast Train from Lubumbashi
  ''978-0-533-15195-0James VillanuevaThe Visage of Terrorism: The Hounds of Hell
2005978-0-533-15199-8Annemarie Struwe CroninEscape from East Berlin: An American Tale
2006978-0-533-15221-6Margot Grant EvansMy Grandpa Has Parkinson's
2006978-0-533-15322-0John L. StollerParenting Other People's Children: Understanding and Repairing Reactive Attachment Disorder
  ''978-0-533-15328-2Christopher D McCraneSuper Strength Super Fast; Fun Faster Jump Higher: Eight-Week Exercise Guides for Sprinting, Jumping, and Developing Super Strength Through Explosive Weightlifting
  ''978-0-533-15339-8A Carlson WhalenMother Earth and the Gene Machines: What on Earth Is Wrong and What We Can Do about It
  ''978-0-533-15366-4Walter H AdamsThe Way It Was!
2007978-0-533-15408-1Frank ScobboMy Mother Came from Nusco: Memoirs of Frank Scobbo
2008978-0-533-15415-9John SanbrookIn My Father's Time
2010978-0-533-15471-5Bintang Hanson-ForeroWho, What, When, Where, How, Why?: Conversation and Composition Topics for the ESL Classroom
2007978-0-533-15557-6Daniel A GoorThe Genius of C. Walton Lillehei and the True History of Open Heart Surgery
  ''978-0-533-15637-5Dick PollardHorses for Courses: Adventures in Thoroughbred Racehorse Ownership
2008978-0-533-15653-5Roman KentCourage Was My Only Option: The Autobiography of Roman Kent
2007978-0-533-15698-6Linda Reynolds · Joy GoodaleButterflies Don't Sting: A Murder Mystery
2008978-0-533-15821-8A J KitnerLove, His Way
2008978-0-533-15830-0Janet L Runcie Esq.Black Swans: The Crime of Boys
  ''978-0-533-15852-2Paul A HarrisDiary From The Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina
  ''978-0-533-15870-6Frank J HildnerBehind the Lead Apron: Thirty-Six Years Performing Cardiac Catheterization
2009978-0-533-15929-1Chanda ChhayThe Cambodian Royal Chronicle
  ''978-0-533-16039-6Gerald P FitzgeraldSeat of Power
  ''978-0-533-16052-5Marvin WoodsCuster's Arikara Indian Interpreter: Frederick Francis Gerard
2009978-0-533-16079-2Gene Hirshhorn LePereLittle Man in a Big Hurry: The Life of Joseph H. Hirshhorn, Uranium King and Art Collector
  ''978-0-533-16101-0Gerald R PattersonA Guide's Tale
  ''978-0-533-16117-1Arnold P AbbottFrom Aches to Ecstasy: A Primer on the Best Sex Ever for Those Over 50, Plus Valuable Information for Lonely People of Any Age!
2010978-0-533-16150-8Edward SwansonAnother One for the Crowning Act of God's Grace
  ''978-0-533-16218-5H. Richard NeffBible Stories for Adults: (Old Testament)
2009978-0-533-16229-1Sandy BranninArteo
2010978-0-533-16241-3Leon JuarrosBalance of Assignment
  ''978-0-533-16278-9Nancy GrahamOne Woman's War
2011978-0-533-16346-5Richard LaDoyt PinkertonSo You Want to Go to College!
2010978-0-533-16380-9John Birges Jr. · Nina J. ArnoldBombing Harvey
2010978-0-533-16390-8George C. NuttallD.B. Cooper Case Exposed: J. Edgar Hoover Cover Up?
2012978-0-533-16415-8Juan M. BraceteDrops of Remembrance
  ''978-0-533-16459-2Jack A. BennettFiremen Games
  ''978-0-533-16505-6Lou PharaoA Dying Breed
2004978-0-533-26963-1Carson McCullers · Carson MacCullersThe heart is a lonely hunter