Franklin Watts

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2013978-0-531-27100-1Fiona MacDonaldYou Wouldn't Want to Be a Medieval Knight!: Armor You'd Rather Not Wear
2011978-0-531-27176-6Melanie Davis JonesField Day (Rookie Ready to Learn: Out and About: In My Community)
2013978-0-531-27674-7Josh GregoryThe Hunt for Bin Laden (Cornerstones of Freedom (Paperback))
  ''978-0-531-28209-0Josh GregoryThe Hunt for Bin Laden: Operation Neptune Spear (Cornerstones of Freedom: Third Series)
2012978-0-531-28270-0Susan H. GrayGeology (A True Book: Earth Science)
2011978-0-531-28456-8Mari SchuhMagnetism (Blastoff! Readers Level 4: First Science)
  ''978-0-531-28460-5Kay ManolisTemperature (Blastoff! Readers Level 4: First Science)
  ''978-0-531-28995-2Peter BenoitThe Hindenburg Disaster (A True Book: Disasters)
  ''978-0-531-28996-9   ''The Titanic Disaster (A True Book: Disasters)
2012978-0-531-29289-1Rebecca OlienMap Keys (Rookie Read-About Geography: Map Skills)
2011978-0-531-29308-9Kevin Cunningham · Peter BenoitThe Wampanoag (A True Book: American Indians)
2011978-0-531-29309-6Emily J. Dolbear · Peter BenoitThe Timucua (True Books)
1997978-0-531-30000-8Neil Phillip · Neil PhilipThe Adventures Of Odysseus
  ''978-0-531-30001-5Rory S Lerman · Rory S. LermanCharlie's Checklist
  ''978-0-531-30002-2Laurence Pringle · Bob MarstallAn Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly
  ''978-0-531-30005-3Marguerite W. DavolBatwings and the Curtain of Night
  ''978-0-531-30008-4Brian FlocaFrightful Story Of Harry Walfi
1997978-0-531-30017-6Wolf ErlbruchMrs. Meyer the Bird
1998978-0-531-30023-7Angela JohnsonSongs Of Faith
1997978-0-531-30035-0Debbie HarterWalking Through the Jungle
1998978-0-531-30043-5Sonia LevitinBoom Town
1997978-0-531-30045-9Salley MavorYou and Me: Poems of Friendship
  ''978-0-531-30051-0Cynthia RylantSilver Packages: An Appalachian Christmas Story
  ''978-0-531-30054-1Agnes VerbovenDucks Like To Swim
  ''978-0-531-30057-2Chris RaschkaMysterious Thelonious
1998978-0-531-30076-3Mick InkpenNothing
  ''978-0-531-30099-2Dick King-SmithAnimal Stories Eight Stories about Babe and other Animals
1998978-0-531-30100-5Michael Ratnett · June GouldingDracula Steps Out
2000978-0-531-30105-0Marie BradbyMomma, Where Are You From?
1998978-0-531-30108-1Paul GobleIktomi And The Coyote (Venture-Health & the Human Body)
  ''978-0-531-30111-1Chris RaschkaArlene Sardine
  ''978-0-531-30113-5Marvet Adram Sha'Ban · Galit Fink · Litsa BoudalikaIf You Could Be My Friend: Letters of Mervet Akram Sha'Ban and Galit Fink (Venture-Health & the Human Body)
  ''978-0-531-30118-0Theresa TomlinsonChild of the May
2002978-0-531-30129-6Frances Cony · Iain SmythOld Macdonald Had A Farm
1999978-0-531-30131-9Lisa LawstonCan You Hop?
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1999978-0-531-30135-7C. Drew LammProg Frince: A Mixed-Up Tale
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  ''978-0-531-30141-8Ralph Fletcher · Krudop Fletcher/lyonRelatively Speaking: Poems About Family
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  ''978-0-531-30148-7Laurence AnholtStone Girl, Bone Girl: The Story of Mary Anning
1999978-0-531-30151-7James MayhewKatie Meets The Impressionists
  ''978-0-531-30155-5Becky BloomWolf!
  ''978-0-531-30177-7James MayhewKatie And The Mona Lisa
  ''978-0-531-30183-8Penny DannThe Secret Fairy Party Book: Or How To Have Your Own Secret Fairy Party
  ''978-0-531-30200-2Paul GobleIktomi Loses His Eyes: A Plains Indian Story
2000978-0-531-30204-0Harriet Ziefert · SaafTrain Song
2000978-0-531-30256-9Shelley Rotner · Rotner/calcagnino · Stephen CalcagninoThe Body Book The
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