Pinnacle Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-523-00008-4Don PendletonMiami Massacre: The Executioner #4
1971978-0-523-00058-9John F. TrimbleThe Group Sex Scene
1973978-0-523-00158-6Marshall GoldbergThe Karamanov Equations
  ''978-0-523-00181-4Iris BrentSwinger's Diary
1969978-0-523-00201-9Jeffrey LordThe Bronze Axe (1) Richard Blade
1973978-0-523-00203-3Jeffrey LordJewel of Tharn (Blade Series #3)
1974978-0-523-00285-9Glenn B. InfieldBig Week!
  ''978-0-523-00292-7Aaron StellAngel of Satan
  ''978-0-523-00303-0Warren Murphy · Richard SapirJudgment Day (The Destroyer, No. 14)
  ''978-0-523-00316-0Gerard de VilliersMalko versus the CIA (Malko series)
1974978-0-523-00331-3Richard Sapir · Warren MurphyMurder Ward: The Destroyer #15
  ''978-0-523-00373-3Warren Sapir Richard · MurphyThe Destroyer #13: Acid Rock
  ''978-0-523-00380-1Ward DamioUrge to Kill
1977978-0-523-00384-9C. S. ForesterHornblower and the Atropos (The Hornblower Saga, #4) (4)
1974978-0-523-00394-8Linda Lovelace · Carl WallinThe intimate diary of Linda Lovelace
1970978-0-523-00404-4Don PendletonThe Executioner: Miami Massacre
1973978-0-523-00415-0   ''The Executioner #15: Panic in Philly
1974978-0-523-00417-4Gilbert RalstonDakota #3: Cat Trap
  ''978-0-523-00423-5James G.Crash
1975978-0-523-00459-4Harry ReemsHere Comes Harry Reems!
  ''978-0-523-00544-7Hunter AdamsThe She-Beast (The Man From Planet X, #1)
1975978-0-523-00549-2Martin CaidinThe tigers are burning
1977978-0-523-00552-2Jim PetersonSicilian Slaughter (The Executioner #16)
1975978-0-523-00570-6Ann WhitefieldComplete and unexpurgated The Joy of Swinging, A Gourmet's Guide to Group Sex
  ''978-0-523-00581-2Robert LoryDracula's Disciple (The Dracula Horror Series #8)
  ''978-0-523-00584-3Frederick H ChristianHang Angel (Angel, 6)
  ''978-0-523-00585-0August DerlethThe Casebook of Solar Pons (Solar Pons, No 4)
1974978-0-523-00620-8Hugh PentecostThe Creeping Hours
1975978-0-523-00633-8Ronald MartinettiThe James Dean story
  ''978-0-523-00640-6Richard Sapir · Warren MurphyHoly Terror (The Destroyer, No. 19)
1975978-0-523-00650-5August DerlethThe Return of Solar Pons (Solar Pons, 6)
  ''978-0-523-00661-1Iris Brent · (Iris Bancroft)My Love is Free
  ''978-0-523-00695-6Vincent StarrettThe Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
  ''978-0-523-00708-3Richard Sapir · Warren MurphyAssassins Play-Off (The Destroyer, No. 20)
  ''978-0-523-00780-9Jeffrey LordThe Crystal Seas (Richard Blade, Heroic Fantasy Series, No. 16)
1976978-0-523-00805-9Richard Sapir · Warren MurphyBrain Drain (The Destroyer, No. 22)
1976978-0-523-00855-4Jeffrey LordLooters of Tharn: Richard Blade Series #19
  ''978-0-523-00879-0Richard Sapir · Warren MurphyKing's Curse (The Destroyer, No. 24)
  ''978-0-523-00881-3Jeffrey LordBlade # 20: Guardians of the Coral Throne
  ''978-0-523-00908-7Harold LambCyrus the Great
  ''978-0-523-00910-0Don pendletonWar Against the Mafia (The Executioner #1)
1976978-0-523-00982-7Graham MastertonThe Manitou
  ''978-0-523-00985-8A. L. Eisenhauer · Robin Moore · Robert J. FloodThe Flying Carpetbagger
1975978-0-523-24057-2Ann WhitefieldThe Joy of Swinging: A Gourmet's Guide to Group Sex
1977978-0-523-40027-3Don PendletonExecutioner's War Book
  ''978-0-523-40111-9Jeffrey LordThe Torian Pearls: Richard Blade Series # 25
  ''978-0-523-40148-5R. A. LaffertyApocalypses
  ''978-0-523-40153-9Warren Murphy · Richard SapirThe Head Men (The Destroyer, No. 31)
1977978-0-523-40162-1Edwin P. HoytThe Lonely Ships
1979978-0-523-40184-3Philip Jose FarmerJesus on Mars
1978978-0-523-40227-7Harold LambSuleiman the Magnificent
  ''978-0-523-40246-8Ward MooreCaduceus Wild
1969978-0-523-40299-4Don PendletonWar Against the Mafia - The #1 Executioner
1978978-0-523-40325-0Rosemary ChurchillDaughter of Henry VIII
1979978-0-523-40446-2Graham MastertonRevenge of the Manitou
  ''978-0-523-40447-9Robert BlochStrange Eons
1978978-0-523-40450-9David ShearCloning
  ''978-0-523-40518-6Marie DeJourletStorm Over Windhaven
1974978-0-523-40544-5George G. GilmanRebels and Assassins Die Hard (Steele)
1979978-0-523-40611-4Terrance DicksRevenge of the Cybermen (Doctor Who #5)
  ''978-0-523-40620-6Cecil Scott ForesterPlain Murder
1979978-0-523-40623-7Patrick AganThe decline and fall of the love goddesses
  ''978-0-523-40638-1Terrance Dicks · David MannDoctor Who and the Talons of Weng-Chiang
  ''978-0-523-40640-4Philip HinchcliffeDoctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora #8
  ''978-0-523-40656-5Basil CopperSecret Files of Solar Pons #10
1980978-0-523-40657-2Basil Copper · August DerlethThe Uncollected Cases of Solar Pons (The Adventures of Solar Pons, No. 11)
  ''978-0-523-40671-8Edwin HoytMerrill's Marauders
1981978-0-523-40719-7Warren MurphySpoils of War (The Destroyer, No. 45)
1981978-0-523-40720-3Warren MurphyNext of Kin (The Destroyer, No. 46)
1980978-0-523-40722-7Marie de JourletTrials of Windhaven (Windhaven Saga, 6)
  ''978-0-523-40723-4Marie de JourletDefenders of Windhaven
1973978-0-523-40774-6Jeffrey LordThe Bronze Axe (The Richard Blade Series, Book 1)
1981978-0-523-41170-5Arthur MillerFinal Edition
1980978-0-523-41177-4Bronte Woodard & Allan CarrCan't Stop The Music
1981978-0-523-41187-3John T. LescroartSunburn
  ''978-0-523-41209-2Jeffrey LordThe Lords of the Crimson River (Blade)
1983978-0-523-41210-8   ''Return to Kaldak (Blade)
1984978-0-523-41211-5   ''Warriors of Latan (Blade Series, No. 37)
1967978-0-523-41338-9Mort WalkerBeetle Bailey Potato Fancakes!
1980978-0-523-41409-6Ron RenauldFade to Black
  ''978-0-523-41464-5Marie de JourletStorm Over Windhaven
1981978-0-523-41481-2Andre NortonForerunner
  ''978-0-523-41482-9fred saberhagenThe Water of Thought
1981978-0-523-41493-5Jack SmithJack Smith's L.A.
  ''978-0-523-41546-8Frederick ChristianFrank Angel: Ride Out to Vengeance
1982978-0-523-41557-4Warren MurphyDying Space (The Destroyer)
  ''978-0-523-41558-1Warren Murphy · Richard SapirProfit Motive (Destroyer Supernovel Series)
  ''978-0-523-41559-8   ''Skin Deep (The Destroyer #49)
  ''978-0-523-41560-4Warren MurphyKilling Time (The Destroyer, No. 50)
1983978-0-523-41561-1Warren MurphyShock Value (The Destroyer, No. 51)
  ''978-0-523-41562-8Warren Murphy · Richard SapirFool's Gold (The Destroyer, No. 52)
  ''978-0-523-41563-5Warren MurphyTime Trial (The Destroyer, No. 53)
  ''978-0-523-41564-2   ''Last Drop
1984978-0-523-41565-9Warren Murphy · Richard SapirMaster's Challenge (The Destroyer, No. 55)
  ''978-0-523-41567-3Warren MurphyDate with Death
1984978-0-523-41568-0Warren MurphyTotal Recall (The Destroyer #58)
1982978-0-523-41646-5Symon JadeReturn from the Dead (Starship Orpheus Series)
1983978-0-523-41647-2   ''Cosmic Carnage (Starship Orpheus Series)
1982978-0-523-41683-0Stevie SmithNovel on Yellow Paper
  ''978-0-523-41685-4Stevie. SmithOver the Frontier
  ''978-0-523-41701-1Marilyn EzzellMystery at Hollowhearth House
1981978-0-523-41714-1Don PendletonDeath Squad
1982978-0-523-41729-5Donald Shepherd · Robert F. SlatzerBing Crosby: The Hollow Man
  ''978-0-523-41741-7Marilyn EzzellSecret of Clovercrest Castle
  ''978-0-523-41744-8   ''Phantom of Featherford Falls
1982978-0-523-41787-5Norman Winski · Albert Pyun · Tom Karnowski · John StuckmeyerThe Sword and the Sorcerer: A Novel
1983978-0-523-41932-9Peter ScottA Feast of Vultures
1982978-0-523-41956-5Patricia Campbell HearstEvery Secret Thing
1979978-0-523-41973-2Terrance DicksDoctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks
  ''978-0-523-41986-2   ''Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks
1982978-0-523-42019-6Elyne MitchellThe Man from Snowy River
1984978-0-523-42027-1Lewis PerdueThe Tesla Bequest
  ''978-0-523-42101-8Justin ScottA Pride of Royals
  ''978-0-523-42148-3William [cover art by Enric] DelliganTime Nor Tide
1983978-0-523-42164-3Donald Shepherd · Robert F. SlatzerBing Crosby: The Hollow Man
  ''978-0-523-42170-4Glen A. LarsonKnight Rider
1991978-0-523-42175-9S.T. HaymonRitual Murder
1984978-0-523-42181-0Glen A. Larson · Roger HillKnight Rider #2: Trust Doesn't Rust
1984978-0-523-42182-7Glen A. LarsonHearts of Stone (Knight Rider)
  ''978-0-523-42186-5Loren D. EstlemanThe Midnight Man (The Amos Walker Series #3)
  ''978-0-523-42210-7Robert H. GollmarEdward Gein
  ''978-0-523-42211-4Michael WeinerDr. Weiner's High Fiber Counter
  ''978-0-523-42234-3Mark BegoMichael!
1984978-0-523-42237-4A. C. Crispin · Kenneth Johnson · Brian Taggert · Peggy Goldman · Lillian Weezer · Craig Faustus Buck · Diane Frolov · Harry LongstreetV
  ''978-0-523-42259-6Howard Weinstein · A. C. CrispinV: East Coast Crisis
1985978-0-523-42368-5Ray GartonDarklings
1984978-0-523-42401-9Allen L. WoldThe Pursuit of Diana (V, Book 3)
1985978-0-523-42429-3George W. ProctorV: The Chicago Conversion
  ''978-0-523-42430-9Tim SullivanV: The Florida Project
  ''978-0-523-42431-6David B. GivensLove Signals
  ''978-0-523-42439-2Howard WeinsteinV: Prisoners and Pawns
1985978-0-523-42441-5Somtow SucharitkulV: The Alien Swordmaster
  ''978-0-523-42466-8Allen L. WoldV: The Crivit Experiment
  ''978-0-523-42467-5Tim SullivanV: The New England Resistance
  ''978-0-523-42469-9A. C. Crispin · Deborah A. MarshallV: Death Tide
  ''978-0-523-42470-5George ProctorV: The Texas Run
1985978-0-523-42510-8Frank ThomasSherlock Holmes and the Golden Bird
  ''978-0-523-42557-3Frank SpieringLizzie
  ''978-0-523-42669-3Jason FrostInvasion U.S.A.
1988978-0-523-48055-8Alan RyanThe Kill
1983978-0-523-48058-9Andre NortonThe Prince Commands (A Tor Book)
1982978-0-523-48059-6Andre Norton · Enid CushingCaroline
1983978-0-523-48075-6Max EhrlichShaitan
  ''978-0-523-48076-3Charles L. GrantNightmare Seasons
1981978-0-523-48500-3Andre NortonForerunner
  ''978-0-523-48502-7Poul Anderson · James Baen · Vincent DiFateThe Psychotechnic League
1981978-0-523-48503-4Keith LaumerThe Breaking Earth
  ''978-0-523-48504-1Philip José FarmerFather to the Stars
  ''978-0-523-48507-2Poul AndersonWinners
1982978-0-523-48508-9Philip Jose FarmerThe Other Log of Phileas Fogg
1981978-0-523-48510-2Sandra MiesalGuardians of time
  ''978-0-523-48515-7Poul AndersonFANTASY
  ''978-0-523-48516-4Fred SaberhagenEarth Descended
1991978-0-523-48517-1Poul AndersonExplorations
1981978-0-523-48518-8C. M. KornbluthNot This August
1981978-0-523-48520-1Fred SaberhagenThe Berserker Wars
1982978-0-523-48522-5Philip Jose FarmerStations of the Nightmare
1988978-0-523-48526-3Jessica Amanda SalmonsonThe Swordswoman
1982978-0-523-48527-0Poul AndersonCold Victory
  ''978-0-523-48531-7Barney Cohen · Jim BaenThe Taking of Satcon Station
  ''978-0-523-48533-1Poul AndersonStarship
1981978-0-523-48534-8Philip Jose FarmerThe Cache
1982978-0-523-48535-5Philip Jose FarmerGreatheart Silver
  ''978-0-523-48536-2Fred SaberhagenDominion
  ''978-0-523-48537-9Gordon R. DicksonSleepwalkers' World
  ''978-0-523-48542-3Larry Niven · Steven BarnesThe Descent of Anansi
1992978-0-523-48545-4Paul Anderson · Poul AndersonMaurai & Kith
1982978-0-523-48550-8Poul AndersonThe Gods Laughed
1983978-0-523-48552-2David DrakeDragon Lord: The Defender
1987978-0-523-48553-9Poul AndersonNew America
1986978-0-523-48555-3J.E. Pournelle · John F. CarrThere Will Be War
1983978-0-523-48560-7Fred SaberhagenFirst Book of Swords: The Defender
  ''978-0-523-48561-4Poul AndersonTwilight World
1988978-0-523-48566-9Charles SheffieldThe McAndrew Chronicles
1989978-0-523-48568-3Fred SaberhagenA Century of Progress
1984978-0-523-48572-0Poul AndersonConflict
1983978-0-523-48576-8Gordon DicksonMan From Earth
1983978-0-523-48582-9Poul AndersonThe Long Night
  ''978-0-523-48583-6Ben BovaThe Winds of Altair (Tor Science Fiction, 31)
  ''978-0-523-48584-3John Maddox RobertsCestus Dei
  ''978-0-523-48585-0Andre NortonMoon Called
1981978-0-523-48596-6Poul AndersonThe Psychotechnic League