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2002978-0-522-85017-8Alan BarcanRadical Students: The Old Left at Sydney University
2003978-0-522-85019-2Mimi ColliganCanvas Documentaries: Panoramic Entertainments in Nineteenth-Century Australia and New Zealand
2002978-0-522-85020-8Hilary du CrosMuch More than Stones & Bones: Australian Archaeology in the Late Twentieth Century
  ''978-0-522-85021-5Paul Horne · Rudolf de Boer · Denis CrawfordInsects and Diseases of Australian Potato Crops
  ''978-0-522-85022-2Robert ReynoldsFrom Camp to Queer: Remaking the Australian Homosexual
2001978-0-522-85023-9Susan SolomonColdest March
2003978-0-522-85024-6David GoldsworthyFacing North: A Century of Australian Engagement with Asia
  ''978-0-522-85026-0Erik EklundSteel Town: The Making and Breaking of Port Kembla (Port Kembla and the Industrial Age)
2002978-0-522-85028-4David GoldsworthyLosing the Blanket: Australia and the End of Britain's Empire
2003978-0-522-85029-1Jan BassettThe Facing Island: A Personal History
  ''978-0-522-85030-7David Evans · Paul GrubaHow to Write a Better Thesis
2002978-0-522-85031-4Owen ParnabyAustralia's First Rotary Club: A History of the Rotary Club of Melbourne
2003978-0-522-85032-1Helen Verity HewittPatrick White, Painter Manqué: Painters, Paintings, and Their Influence on His Writing
2003978-0-522-85033-8Tony SweeneyMalaria Frontline: Australian Army Research During World War II
  ''978-0-522-85034-5Deborah Gare · Geoffrey Bolton · Stuart Macintyre · Tom StannageThe Fuss That Never Ended: The Life and Work of Geoffrey Blainey
2002978-0-522-85035-2Amanda Sinclair · Valerie WilsonNew Faces of Leadership
2003978-0-522-85036-9Brigid HainsThe Ice and the Inland: Mawson, Flynn, and the Myth of the Frontier
  ''978-0-522-85037-6Gillian ForwoodLina Bryans: Rare Modern 1909–2000
  ''978-0-522-85038-3Gordon MillsRetail Pricing Strategies & Market Power
2004978-0-522-85040-6Peter Edwards · David GoldsworthyFacing North, Volume II: 1970s to 2000 (Facing North series)
2002978-0-522-85041-3Paul Horne · Rudolf de Boer · Denis CrawfordA Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of Australian Potato Crops
2004978-0-522-85042-0John WilliamsThe Australian Constitution: Annotated Source Documents 1880-1901
2003978-0-522-85043-7Marsden HordernKing of the Australian Coast: The Work of Phillip Parker King in the Mermaid and Bathurst 1817-1822
  ''978-0-522-85044-4   ''Mariners Are Warned!: John Lort Stokes and <I>H. M. S. Beagle</I> in Australia 1837-1843
2003978-0-522-85045-1Philip AyresOwen Dixon: A Biography (Miegunyah Volumes)
  ''978-0-522-85046-8Peter ChapmanHistorical Records of Australia: Series III, Vol VIII
  ''978-0-522-85047-5Joan Beaumont · David Lowe · Christopher Waters · Garry WoodardMinisters, Mandarins and Diplomats: Australian Foreign Policy Making, 1941–1969
  ''978-0-522-85048-2Richard Teese · John PoleselUndemocratic Schooling: Equity and Quality in Mass Secondary Education in Australia
2002978-0-522-85049-9Michael O'Keefe · Tony CoadyTerrorism and Justice: Moral Argument in a Threatened World
2003978-0-522-85050-5Alan FrostThe Global Reach of Empire: Britain's Maritime Expansion in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, 1764-1814 (Miegunyah Press Second Series)
  ''978-0-522-85051-2R. J. W. Selleck'Shop': The University of Melbourne, 1850–1939
2004978-0-522-85052-9Harriet EdquistHarold Desbrowe-Annear: A Life in Architecture
2003978-0-522-85053-6Tim BonyhadyThe Colonial Earth
2003978-0-522-85054-3George Kearney · Mark Creamer · Ann Goyne · Ric MarshallMilitary Stress and Performance: The Australian Defence Force Experience
  ''978-0-522-85055-0Christine Trimingham JackGrowing Good Catholic Girls: Education and Convent Life in Australia
  ''978-0-522-85056-7Kevin BrophyExplorations in Creative Writing
  ''978-0-522-85057-4Joy Damousi · Robert ReynoldsHistory on the Couch: Essays in History and Psychoanalysis
  ''978-0-522-85058-1Stuart Macintyre · Richard SelleckA Short History of the University of Melbourne
2003978-0-522-85059-8Philip Goad · George TibbitsArchitecture on Campus: A Guide to the Buildings of the University of Melbourne and Its Colleges
2004978-0-522-85060-4Ian Clarke · Helen LeeName That Flower: Identification of Flowering Plants
  ''978-0-522-85061-1Peter YuleCarlton: A History
2003978-0-522-85062-8Michael LiffmanA Tradition of Giving: Seventy-Five Years of Myer Family Philanthropy
2004978-0-522-85063-5Donald ThomsonDonald Thomson in Arnhem Land
2003978-0-522-85064-2A. G. L. ShawA History of Port Phillip District: Victoria Before Separation
  ''978-0-522-85065-9Weston BateLucky City: The First Generation at Ballarat 1851–1901
  ''978-0-522-85066-6Patricia Clancy · Jeanne AllenThe French Consul's Wife: Memoirs of Celeste de Chabrillan in Gold-Rush Australia
  ''978-0-522-85067-3Ray ParkinRay Parkin's Wartime Trilogy: Out of the Smoke; Into the Smother; The Sword and the Blossom
2003978-0-522-85068-0Chris McAuliffe · Peter YuleTreasures: Highlights of the Cultural Collections of the University of Melbourne
  ''978-0-522-85069-7Michele GrossmanBlacklines: Contemporary Critical Writing by Indigenous Australians
2004978-0-522-85070-3Mark McKenna · Wayne HudsonAustralian Republicanism: A Reader
  ''978-0-522-85071-0Clare WrightBeyond the Ladies' Lounge: Australian Women Publicans
  ''978-0-522-85072-7Martin ThomasThe Artificial Horizon: Reading a Colonised Landscape
  ''978-0-522-85073-4Ian Morrison · Michael CathcartA New City (Land Boom Melbourne in the Photographs of Charles Bristow Walker)
2004978-0-522-85074-1Sandy ToussaintCrossing Boundaries: Cultural, Legal, Historical and Practice Issues in Native Title
2005978-0-522-85075-8Kirsten McKenzieScandal in the Colonies
2003978-0-522-85076-5Alan MayneHill End: A Historic Australian Goldfields Landscape
2004978-0-522-85077-2Colin HoldenLionel Lindsay in Spain
  ''978-0-522-85078-9Philip AyresMawson: A Life
  ''978-0-522-85079-6John PoynterMr. Felton's Bequests
2003978-0-522-85082-6Marian SawerThe Ethical State?: Social Liberalism in Australia
2005978-0-522-85084-0Ann GalballyCharles Conder: The Last Bohemian
  ''978-0-522-85086-4Paul FoxClearings: Six Colonial Gardeners and Their Landscapes
2004978-0-522-85087-1Robin Gerster · Peter PierceOn the Warpath: An Anthology of Australian Military Travel
  ''978-0-522-85088-8Kerry WhiteAustralian Children's Books: Volume 3, 1989–2000 (Australian Children's Books series)
2005978-0-522-85089-5Nanette MantleHorse & Rider in Australian Legend: A Cultural History
2004978-0-522-85090-1Ann MillarThe Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate: Volume 2, 1929-1962 (Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate series)
2003978-0-522-85091-8Stuart MacIntyreThe History Wars
2004978-0-522-85092-5John SlaterThrough Artists' Eyes: Australian Suburbs and Their Cities 1919-1945
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2005978-0-522-85095-6Ross HumphreysTrikojus: A Scientist for Interesting Times
2004978-0-522-85096-3David TeatherConsortia: International Networking Alliances of Universities
2005978-0-522-85097-0Caroline JordanPicturesque Pursuits: Colonial Women Artists & the Amateur Tradition
2004978-0-522-85098-7James CurranThe Power of Speech: Australian Prime Ministers Defining the National Image
2005978-0-522-85099-4Betty ChurcherThe Art of War
978-0-522-85100-7The Photographs of Baldwin Spencer
2004978-0-522-85101-4Jeanette HoornHilda Rix Nicholas and Elsie Rix's Moroccan Idyll: Art and Orientalism
2007978-0-522-85102-1Timothy L. H. & Saunders, Cheryl 9Editors) McCormackSir Ninian Stephen: A Tribute
2005978-0-522-85103-8Katie Holmes · Sue Martin · Kylie MirmohamadiGreen Pens
2005978-0-522-85104-5Eileen ChaninDegenerates and Perverts: The 1939 Herald Exhibition of Modern Art
978-0-522-85105-2Mythform Making Nearamnew
2004978-0-522-85106-9Marcia LangtonHonour Among Nations?: Treaties and Agreements with Indigenous People
2005978-0-522-85107-6Claire HookerIrresistible Forces: Australian Women in Science
  ''978-0-522-85108-3Chris WilliamsOld Land, New Landscapes: A Story of Farmers, Conservation, and the Landcare Movement
2004978-0-522-85109-0John MortonNative Tribes, Imperial Scribes: History, Ethnography and the Postcolonialist Critique of Spencer and Gillen
2006978-0-522-85110-6Geoffrey Bardon · James BardonPapunya-A Place Made After the Story: The Beginnings of the Western Desert Painting Movement
2005978-0-522-85111-3Julia ChurchPer L'australia: The Story of Italian Migration
  ''978-0-522-85112-0David CarterThe Ideas Market: An Alternative Take on Australia's Intellectual Life
  ''978-0-522-85113-7Colin NettelbeckDancing with de Beauvoir: Jazz and the French
2009978-0-522-85114-4Bain AttwoodPossession: Batman's Treaty and the Matter of History
2007978-0-522-85115-1Katie Holmes · Sue Martin · Kylie MirmohamadiReading the Garden
2006978-0-522-85116-8Tony Coady · Michael O'KeefeRighteous Violence: The Ethics and Politics of Military Intervention (Ethics in Public Life)
2007978-0-522-85117-5Gustav NossalDiversity and Discovery
2005978-0-522-85118-2Pamela BoneUp We Grew: Stories of Australian Childhoods
  ''978-0-522-85119-9Barry HillEnduring Rip: A History of Queenscliffe
2006978-0-522-85121-2Peter DohertyThe beginner's guide to winning the Nobel Prize: a life in science
2004978-0-522-85122-9Andrew McCannMarcus Clarke's Bohemia: Literature And Modernity In Colonial Melbourne
2005978-0-522-85123-6Graeme DavisonThe Rise and Fall of Marvellous Melbourne
2004978-0-522-85124-3Paul CarterMaterial Thinking
2004978-0-522-85125-0Philip Goad · Rowan Wilken · Julie WillisAustralian Modern: The Architecture of Stephenson & Turner
  ''978-0-522-85126-7Marcus BowlesRelearning to E-learn: Strategies for Electronic Learning and Knowledge (Academic Monographs)
2005978-0-522-85127-4Richard AitkenGardenesque: A Celebration of Australian Gardening
2004978-0-522-85128-1Stuart Macintyre · Anna ClarkThe History Wars
2005978-0-522-85129-8Paul CollinsGod's New Man
2004978-0-522-85131-1Brenda NiallMartin Boyd
2005978-0-522-85133-5Alan DaviesAn Eye for Photography: The Camera in Australia
2007978-0-522-85134-2Robert LeeThe Railways of Victoria 1854-2004: 150th Anniversary
2004978-0-522-85136-6Jean & Woolf, Cecil (eds) MoorcroftAuthors Take Sides: Iraq and the Gulf War
2005978-0-522-85137-3Maggie MacKellarCore of My Heart, My Country
2004978-0-522-85138-0Gore VidalInventing a Nation: Washington, Adams, Jefferson
2005978-0-522-85139-7Stuart MacintyreThe Historian's Conscience: Australian Historians on the Ethics of History
2004978-0-522-85140-3Andrew Lachlan McCannMarcus Clarke's Bohemia: Literature and Modernity in Colonial Melbourne
  ''978-0-522-85141-0Peter · Steketee, Mike DawkinsReforming Australia
  ''978-0-522-85142-7Garry WoodardAsian Alternatives: Australia's Vietnam Decision and Lessons About Going to War (Academic Monographs)
  ''978-0-522-85144-1Thinking in Four Dimensions: Creativity and Cognition in Contemporary Dance
2005978-0-522-85145-8Catherine Stevens · Robin Grove · Shirley McKechnieThinking In Four Dimensions
2005978-0-522-85146-5Joshua Gans · Stephen KingFinishing the Job: Real-World Policy Solutions in Health, Housing, Education and Transport
  ''978-0-522-85147-2Tim Lane · Nick RichardsonFrom the Jaws of Defeat: Amazing Comebacks and Inspiring Capitulations
  ''978-0-522-85149-6Amanda SinclairDoing Leadership Differently: Gender, Power, and Sexuality in a Changing Business Culture
  ''978-0-522-85153-3Fay AndersonAn Historian's Life
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2005978-0-522-85157-1Helen MacDonaldHuman Remains: Episodes in Human Dissection
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2004978-0-522-85160-1Edward DuykerCitizen Labillardiere
  ''978-0-522-85161-8Barry HillThe Enduring Rip: a History of Queenscliffe
2005978-0-522-85163-2Edward WoodwardOne Brief Interval: A Memoir By Sir Edward Woodward
2006978-0-522-85165-6Marsden HordernA Merciful Journey: Recollections of a World War II Patrol Boat Man
2005978-0-522-85166-3Julia HornePursuit of Wonder, The: How Australia's Landscape Was Explored, Nature Discovered and Tourism Unleased
2007978-0-522-85167-0Ann StephenOn Looking at Looking: The Art & Politics of Ian Burn
2006978-0-522-85168-7Murray Walding · Nick VukovicPlastered: The Poster Art of Australian Popular Music
2005978-0-522-85170-0Don EdgarThe War Over Work: The Future of Work and Family
2006978-0-522-85171-7Gina LennoxForged by War: Australians in Combat and Back Home
2005978-0-522-85172-4Barbara CreedPhallic Panic
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2007978-0-522-85174-8Stuart Macintyre · Sean ScalmerWhat If?: Australian History as It Might Have Been
  ''978-0-522-85175-5Andrew Metcalfe · Ann GameTeachers Who Change Lives
2006978-0-522-85176-2John Hyde PageThe education of a young liberal
2005978-0-522-85177-9Maria TumarkinTraumascapes: The Power and Fate of Places Transformed by Tragedy
2008978-0-522-85178-6Harriet EdquistPioneers of Modernism: Arts and Crafts Architects of Australia
2005978-0-522-85180-9Philomena MurrayAustralia and the European Superpower: Engaging with the European Union
2007978-0-522-85182-3Patrick McCaugheyVoyage and Landfall: The Art of Jan Senbergs
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2007978-0-522-85184-7Muriel PorterThe New Puritans: The Rise of Fundamentalism in the Anglican Church
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978-0-522-85216-5Truth Of The Matter
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978-0-522-85218-9Empires, Ruins And Networks
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978-0-522-85223-3No Time to Lose: The Wellbeing of Australia's Children
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2006978-0-522-85244-8roger-benjamin-guy-brett-juan-davilaJuan Davilla
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2007978-0-522-85249-3Sylvia LawsonThe Archibald Paradox: A Strange Case of Authorship
2006978-0-522-85250-9Marilyn LakeMemory, Monuments And Museums - The Past And The Present
2006978-0-522-85251-6Helen CaldicottNuclear Power is Not the Answer to Global Warming or Anything Else
2007978-0-522-85252-3Peter YuleIan Potter: Financier, Philanthropist and Patron of the Arts
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2007978-0-522-85257-8Justin ClemensHow Philosophy Can Ruin Your Life