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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1962978-0-520-00005-6Frank E. AdcockThe Greek and Macedonian Art of War
1957978-0-520-00035-3Rudolf ArnheimFilm as Art
1962978-0-520-00072-8Edward K. BallsEarly Uses of California Plants (California Natural History Guides)
1967978-0-520-00091-9André BazinWhat is Cinema? Vol. 1
  ''978-0-520-00092-6Andre BazinWhat Is Cinema? (Vol 1)
1954978-0-520-00111-4Irving BernsteinArbitration of Wages
1965978-0-520-00145-9Joan V. BondurantConquest of Violence: the Gandhian Philosophy of Conflict
  ''978-0-520-00156-5J. Donald BowenBeginning Tagalog: A Course for Speakers of English
1987978-0-520-00186-2Augustine of Hippo
1968978-0-520-00192-3Kenneth BurkeLanguage As Symbolic Action: Essays on Life, Literature, and Method
  ''978-0-520-00196-1Kenneth BurkeCounter-Statement
2004978-0-520-00201-2ButlerCorrespondence Of
1968978-0-520-00219-7Yuen Ren ChaoA Grammar of Spoken Chinese
1952978-0-520-00223-4François-René de ChateaubriandAtala / Rene
1966978-0-520-00299-9E. Yale DawsonCacti of California (California Natural History Guides)
  ''978-0-520-00300-2Elmer Yale DawsonSeashore Plants of Southern California (California Natural History Guides)
1962978-0-520-00327-9E. R. DoddsThe Greeks and the Irrational (Sather Classical Lectures)
1964978-0-520-00348-4David C. DouglasWilliam the Conqueror
1967978-0-520-00350-7David C. DouglasWilliam the Conqueror: The Norman Impact Upon England (English Monarchs Series)
1968978-0-520-00405-4Roxana S. FerrisNative Shrubs of the San Francisco Bay Region (California Natural History Guides)
1962978-0-520-00450-4Galileo GalileiDialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, Ptolemaic and Copernican, Second Revised edition
1969978-0-520-00459-7Clifford GeertzAgricultural Involution: The Processes of Ecological Change in Indonesia
1962978-0-520-00469-6Harold GilliamWeather of the San Francisco Bay Region (California Natural History Guides)
1962978-0-520-00544-0Joel W. HedgpethIntroduction to Seashore Life of the San Francisco Bay Region and the Coast of Northern California (California Natural Hitsory Guides)
1967978-0-520-00560-0Mark TwainMark Twain's Letters to His Publishers, 1867-94 (Centre for Editions of American Authors)
  ''978-0-520-00574-7Richard G. HovannisianArmenia on the Road to Independence, 1918
1970978-0-520-00578-5John Thomas HowellMarin Flora: Manual of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of Marin County, California
1967978-0-520-00595-2Robert Bruce InverarityArt of the Northwest Coast Indians, Second edition (Library Reprint S)
1962978-0-520-00620-1John E. JordanDe Quincey to Wordsworth: Biography of a Relationship
1960978-0-520-00637-9Thomas H. Kearney · Robert H. PeeblesArizona Flora, Second edition
1968978-0-520-00653-9Paul Klee · Felix KleeThe Diaries of Paul Klee, 1898-1918
1966978-0-520-00668-3Alfred L. KroeberNative Tribes Map
1947978-0-520-00669-0A. L. KroeberConfigurations of Culture Growth
1964978-0-520-00675-1Theodora KroeberIshi in Two Worlds: A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America
1963978-0-520-00676-8Theodora KroeberThe Inland Whale: Nine Stories Retold from California Indian Legends
1950978-0-520-00827-4Francois E. MatthesThe Incomparable Valley: A Geologic Interpretation of the Yosemite
1951978-0-520-00847-2Howard E. McMinnAn Illustrated Manual of California Shrubs
1970978-0-520-00897-7Philip A. / Keck, David D. MunzA California Flora
1966978-0-520-00928-8Isaac NewtonPrincipia: Vol. 1 The Motion of Bodies
  ''978-0-520-00929-5Isaac NewtonPrincipia: Vol. II: The System of the World
1968978-0-520-00945-5Romola NijinskyThe Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky
1952978-0-520-00946-2Ada B. NisbetDickens and Ellen Ternan
1942978-0-520-00994-3Stephen C. PepperWorld Hypotheses: A Study in Evidence
1962978-0-520-01027-7Ricardo PozasJuan the Chamula
1961978-0-520-01055-0Hans ReichenbachThe Rise of Scientific Philosophy
1965978-0-520-01062-8A. ReyesMexico in a Nutshell and Other Essays
1961978-0-520-01070-3Rainer Maria RilkeSelected Poems of Rilke
1974978-0-520-01080-2Hans Rogger · Eugen WeberEuropean Right: A Historical Profile
1958978-0-520-01117-5Mary Barnard · Dudley FittsSappho: A New Translation
1972978-0-520-01130-4J. J. ScarisbrickHenry VIII (English Monarchs Series)
1962978-0-520-01176-2Lesley Byrd SimpsonThe Poem of the Cid (Cal 10)
1958978-0-520-01177-9Fernando De RojasThe Celestina: A Fifteenth-Century Spanish Novel in Dialogue (No. Cal 26)
1960978-0-520-01180-9Lesley Byrd SimpsonMany Mexicos
1967978-0-520-01204-2William Bedell StanfordThe Sound of Greek: Studies in the Greek Theory and Practice of Euphony (Sather Classical Lectures)
1964978-0-520-01231-8Jean I. YoungProse Edda of Snorri Sturluson
  ''978-0-520-01232-5Snorri SturlusonThe Prose Edda: Tales from Norse Mythology
1969978-0-520-01253-0Prakash TandonPunjabi Century, 1857-1947
1961978-0-520-01257-8Lily Ross TaylorParty Politics in the Age of Cæsar (Sather Classical Lectures)
  ''978-0-520-01298-1Paul VerlaineSelected Poems of Paul Verlaine, Bilingual edition
1974978-0-520-01317-9Ian WattThe Rise of the Novel
1959978-0-520-01318-6Ian WattThe Rise of the Novel: Studies in Defoe, Richardson and Fielding
1966978-0-520-01334-6Lynn Townsend WhiteThe Transformation of the Roman World: Gibbon's Problem After Two Centuries
1966978-0-520-01354-4Ludwig WittgensteinWittgenstein Lectures and Conversations on Aesthetics, Psychology, and Religious Belief
1970978-0-520-01395-7Sergei I. RudenkoFrozen Tombs of Siberia: The Pazyryk Burials of Iron-Age Horsemen
  ''978-0-520-01411-4Peter BrownAugustine of Hippo: A Biography
2010978-0-520-01418-3Dorothy Swaine Thomas · Nishimoto RichardThe Spoilage
1982978-0-520-01450-3Peter Selz · Herschel B. ChippTheories of Modern Art
1969978-0-520-01490-9Job KuijtThe Biology of Parasitic Flowering Plants
  ''978-0-520-01544-9Kenneth BurkeA Grammar of Motives
  ''978-0-520-01546-3   ''A Rhetoric of Motives
1970978-0-520-01547-0Edouard ManetDrawings (Study in the History of Art)
1965978-0-520-01551-7Francis P. FarquharHistory of the Sierra Nevada
1970978-0-520-01563-0Daniel HeartzPierre Attaingnant, Royal Printer of Music: A Historical Study and Bibliographical Catalogue
  ''978-0-520-01564-7J. K AndersonMilitary theory and practice in the age of Xenophon
1970978-0-520-01573-9Jerald A. CombsThe Jay Treaty: Political Battleground of the Founding Fathers
1969978-0-520-01574-6Erwin G. GuddeCalifornia Place Names; The Origin and Etymology of Current Geographical Names.
1970978-0-520-01576-0Samuel PepysThe Diary of Samuel Pepys, Vol. 2: 1661
  ''978-0-520-01577-7Samuel PepysThe Diary of Samuel Pepys, Vol. 3: 1662
1973978-0-520-01596-8Otto J. Maenchen-HelfenThe World of the Huns: Studies in Their History and Culture
1971978-0-520-01597-5Speros VryonisThe decline of medieval Hellenism in Asia Minor: And the process of Islamization from the eleventh through the fifteenth century (Publications of the ... Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA, 4)
1992978-0-520-01598-2Theodora KroeberAlfred Kroeber a Personal Configuration
1970978-0-520-01608-8Helen CaldwellMachado De Assis; The Brazilian Master and His Novels.
  ''978-0-520-01610-1Kenneth BurkeThe Rhetoric of Religion
1971978-0-520-01612-5Walter MichelWyndham Lewis: paintings and drawings
  ''978-0-520-01628-6Erik J. JorpesJac Berzelius: His Life and Work
1970978-0-520-01635-4Ludwig WittgensteinZettel (English and German Edition)
  ''978-0-520-01637-8Leonard PittThe Decline of the Californios: A Social History of the Spanish-Speaking Californians, 1846-1890
1970978-0-520-01660-6Marc BlochFrench Rural History: An Essay on Its Basic Characteristics
  ''978-0-520-01663-7Robert F. HooverThe Vascular Plants of San Luis Obispo County, California
  ''978-0-520-01671-2Frank BarlowEdward the Confessor
  ''978-0-520-01679-8Eric Walter WhiteBenjamin Britten: His life and operas
  ''978-0-520-01711-5Robert MarshallAlaska Wilderness: Exploring the Central Brooks Range, Second edition
1970978-0-520-01719-1Alfred RossiMinneapolis Rehearsals: Tyrone Guthrie Directs Hamlet
1972978-0-520-01727-6Ramon Perez De AyalaHoneymoon, Bittermoon (English and Spanish Edition)
1973978-0-520-01728-3William DermanSerfs Peasants and Socialists
  ''978-0-520-01731-3Peter L. EisenbergSugar Industry in Pernambuco 1840-1910: Modernization Without Change
1972978-0-520-01733-7Donald GarnelRise of Teamster Power in the West
1970978-0-520-01744-3Charles WilsonQueen Elizabeth and the revolt of the Netherlands
2010978-0-520-01752-8Harold Z. SchiffrinSun Yat-Sen and the Origins of the Chinese Revolution
1970978-0-520-01754-2Richard HofstadterThe Idea of a Party System (Jefferson Memorial Lecture Series)
1972978-0-520-01776-4Paul SchachterTagalog reference grammar
1971978-0-520-01780-1A. M LysaghtJoseph Banks in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1766;: His diary, manuscripts, and collections
1970978-0-520-01783-2R H ParryThe English Civil War and After, 1642-1658
1971978-0-520-01807-5Richard G. FoxKin, Clan, Raja and Rule: State-hinterland Relations in Preindustrial India
  ''978-0-520-01810-5Peter WalsheThe Rise of African Nationalism in South Africa: The African National Congress, 1912 1952 ([Perspectives on Southern Africa)
  ''978-0-520-01813-6David G MarrVietnamese Anticolonialism 1885-1925
  ''978-0-520-01822-8Geoffrey HunterMetalogic: An introduction to the metatheory of standard first order logic
1972978-0-520-01842-6David N LorenzenThe Kāpālikas and Kālāmukhas;: Two lost Śaivite sects
1971978-0-520-01853-2Ross RussellJazz Style in Kansas City and the South West
1971978-0-520-01857-0Samuel PepysThe Diary of Samuel Pepys, Vol. 4: 1663
  ''978-0-520-01858-7   ''The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Vol. 5: 1664
1972978-0-520-01859-4   ''The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Vol. 6: 1665
  ''978-0-520-01864-8Georges SadoulDictionary of film
  ''978-0-520-01871-6Rudolf ArnheimVisual Thinking
1976978-0-520-01876-1David MortonThe Traditional Music of Thailand
1974978-0-520-01886-0John DugardSouth West Africa Namibia Dispute: Documents and Scholarly Writings on the Controversy Between South Africa and the United Nations (Perspectives on southern Africa)
1972978-0-520-01895-2David G. MandelbaumSociety in India: Volume 2: Change and Continuity
  ''978-0-520-01908-9Robert E. LernerHeresy of the Free Spirit in the Later Middle Ages
1973978-0-520-01951-5Martin P. NilssonMycenaean Origin of Greek Mythology (Sather Classical Lectures)
1973978-0-520-01963-8Robert M. CarmackQuichean Civilization; The Ethnohistoric, Ethnographic, and Archaeological Sources,
1971978-0-520-01984-3Richard G. HovannisianThe Republic of Armenia, Vol. I: The First Year, 1918-1919 (Near Eastern Center, UCLA)
1972978-0-520-01985-0Edward J. KealeyRoger of Salisbury Viceroy of England
  ''978-0-520-01986-7Nikki R. KeddieSayyid Jamal Ad-Din Al-Afghani: A Political Biography
1974978-0-520-02005-4Norman B. TindaleAboriginal Tribes of Australia: Their Terrain, Environmental Controls, Distribution, Limits and Proper Names
1972978-0-520-02023-8R. Harris SmithOSS: The Secret History of America's First Central Intelligence Agency
  ''978-0-520-02027-6Nikki R. KeddieScholars, Saints and Sufis: Muslim Religious Institutions Since 1500
  ''978-0-520-02029-0Ellen WoodMind and Politics an Approach to the Meaning of Liberal and Socialist
  ''978-0-520-02031-3Robert F. Heizer · M. A. WhippleThe California Indians: A Source Book
1971978-0-520-02034-4André BazinWhat is Cinema?: Vol. II (v. 2)
1972978-0-520-02039-9Mark TwainMark Twain's Fables of Man (Mark Twain Papers)
1973978-0-520-02041-2Albert RoseGoverning Metropolitan Toronto: A Social and Political Analysis ([Lane studies in regional government])
1974978-0-520-02044-3Georges Dum-EzilGods of the Ancient Northmen (UCLA Center for the Study of Comparative Folklore and Mythology. Publications, 3) (English and French Edition)
1972978-0-520-02045-0Robert PoisFriedrich Meinecke and German Politics in the Twentieth Century
1971978-0-520-02048-1Charles HighamFilms of Orson Welles
1989978-0-520-02049-8Daniel BiebuyckThe Mwindo Epic from the Banyanga (Zaire)
1972978-0-520-02051-1Mel ScottAmerican City Planning Since 1890
1971978-0-520-02056-6S. M. LipsetAgrarian Socialism: Cooperative Commonwealth Federation in Saskatchewan: A Study in Political Sociology
1973978-0-520-02085-6Daniel BiebuyckLega Culture: Art, Initiation and Moral Philosophy Among a Central African People
1976978-0-520-02096-2Samuel PepysThe Diary of Samuel Pepys, Vol. 9: 1668-1669
1983978-0-520-02098-6   ''The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Vol. 11: Index
1971978-0-520-02100-6Ezra F. VogelJapan's New Middle Class: The Salary Man and His Family in a Tokyo Suburb, Second edition
1975978-0-520-02113-6S. F. Light · Ralph I. Smith · James T. CarltonLight's Manual: Intertidal Invertebrates of the Central California Coast: S. F. Light's Laboratory and Field Text in Invertebrate Zoology, Fourth printing, corrected and updated
1973978-0-520-02119-8Robert M. Lloyd · Richard S. MitchellA Flora of the White Mountains, California and Nevada
1974978-0-520-02146-4Philip A. MunzA Flora of Southern California
1972978-0-520-02154-9Chie NakaneJapanese Society (Center for Japanese Studies, UC Berkeley)
1972978-0-520-02156-3Hanna F. PitkinThe Concept of Representation
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  ''978-0-520-02161-7Rudolf ArnheimToward a Psychology of Art: Collected Essays
1973978-0-520-02163-1Martin P. NilssonMycenaean Origin of Greek Mythology
1972978-0-520-02177-8Jan KnappertAn anthology of Swahili love poetry
1974978-0-520-02192-1Stephan V. BeyerThe Cult of Tara: Magic and Ritual in Tibet (Hermeneutics: studies in the history of religions)
  ''978-0-520-02193-8Robert Ratcliffe TaylorThe Word in Stone: The Role of Architecture in the National Socialist Ideology
1972978-0-520-02206-5University of CaThe Historical Study of African Religion.
1973978-0-520-02207-2Eugene LunnProphet of Community: The Romantic Socialism of Gustav Landauer
1972978-0-520-02211-9Kenneth J. DoverAristophanic Comedy
1971978-0-520-02255-3Andre BazinWhat Is Cinema? (Volume II)
1969978-0-520-02256-0Georges SorelThe Illusions of Progress
1972978-0-520-02258-4Carlos CastanedaThe Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
  ''978-0-520-02266-9S. B. ChrimesHenry VII
1974978-0-520-02281-2Charles P. KorrCromwell and the New Model Foreign Policy
1973978-0-520-02282-9Wilfred Lewis WarrenHenry II
1974978-0-520-02283-6Raymond DurgnatJean Renoir
1974978-0-520-02308-6Stephen GottschalkThe Emergence of Christian Science in American Religious Life
1975978-0-520-02311-6Jonathan HarveyThe music of Stockhausen: An introduction
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1973978-0-520-02329-1Hanna F. PitkinWittgenstein and Justice
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1996978-0-520-02356-7Geoffrey HunterMetalogic: An Introduction to the Metatheory of Standard First Order Logic
1973978-0-520-02358-1Jean LaudeThe Arts of Black Africa (African Studies Center, UCLA)
  ''978-0-520-02361-1Jeffrey RaceWar Comes to Long An: Revolutionary Conflict in a Vietnamese Province
  ''978-0-520-02368-0Benson MatesStoic logic (California library reprint series)
1974978-0-520-02375-8J. L. HeilbronH.G.J. Moseley: The Life and Letters of an English Physicist, 1887-1915
1975978-0-520-02376-5Robert EricksonSound Structure in Music
1974978-0-520-02378-9Gerald James Larson · etc.Myth in Indo-European Antiquity (Publications of the UCSB Institute of Religious Studies)
1973978-0-520-02389-5G. S. KirkMyth: Its Meaning and Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures (Sather Classical Lectures)
1974978-0-520-02392-5Lynn WhiteViator: Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies Volume 4
  ''978-0-520-02399-4Carter WilsonCrazy February
1973978-0-520-02404-5C. Scott LittletonThe new comparative mythology: An anthropological assessment of the theories of Georges Dumézil
  ''978-0-520-02405-2Philip A. Munz · David D. KeckA California Flora and Supplement
1974978-0-520-02408-3Robert A. KannA History of the Habsburg Empire, 1526-1918
1973978-0-520-02409-0David E PollardA Chinese look at literature;: The literary values of Chou Tso-jên in relation to the tradition,
1973978-0-520-02420-5Carlo PedrettiLeonardo; A Study in Chronology and Style
1975978-0-520-02423-6Charles Poor KindlebergerThe world in depression, 1929-1939 (History of the world economy in the twentieth century)
1973978-0-520-02425-0Lotte H. EisnerMurnau
  ''978-0-520-02427-4Hugh KennerThe Pound Era
1975978-0-520-02434-2Andrew Gladding WhitesideThe Socialism of Fools: Georg Ritter von Schonerer and Austrian Pan-Germanism
1976978-0-520-02464-9Robert Bartlett HaasMuybridge: Man in Motion
1977978-0-520-02466-3Neville J. MandelArabs and Zionism Before World War I
1974978-0-520-02479-3Lotte EisnerThe Haunted Screen: Expressionism in the German Cinema and the Influence of Max Reinhardt
  ''978-0-520-02483-0Kenneth BurkeThe Philosophy of Literary Form
  ''978-0-520-02501-1Thomas O. Sloan · Raymond B. WaddingtonThe Rhetoric of Renaissance Poetry: From Wyatt to Milton
1976978-0-520-02503-5Marsilio Ficino"Philebus" Commentary: A Critical Edition and Translation (Publications of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA)
1974978-0-520-02507-3Beecher CramptonGrasses in California (California Natural History Guides)
  ''978-0-520-02511-0Albert S. Lindemann"Red Years": European Socialism Vs.Bolshevism
1974978-0-520-02515-8Peter SelzGerman Expressionist Painting
1973978-0-520-02528-8Klaus HildebrandThe Foreign Policy of the Third Reich
1974978-0-520-02534-9Richard HerrAn Historical Essay on Modern Spain (Campus; 118)
  ''978-0-520-02540-0Masao MiyoshiAccomplices of Silence: Modern Japanese Novel
1976978-0-520-02549-3Rochelle StoneBoleslaw Lesmian: The Poet and His Poetry
1975978-0-520-02565-3W. Kendrick PritchettThe Greek State at War, Part II (Greek State at War)