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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-515-14932-6N. RobertsHappy Ever After
2011978-0-515-14933-3Christine FeehanSavage Nature (A Leopard Novel)
  ''978-0-515-14934-0Madeline HunterDangerous in Diamonds (The Rarest Blooms)
  ''978-0-515-14935-7Catherine CoulterWhiplash (An FBI Thriller)
  ''978-0-515-14936-4Tabor EvansLongarm #390: Longarm and the Bloody Relic
  ''978-0-515-14937-1Jake LoganSlocum #387: Slocum and the Ghost of Adam Weyland
2011978-0-515-14938-8J. R. RobertsThe Gunsmith #353: The Deadly Chest (Gunsmith, The)
  ''978-0-515-14939-5Tabor EvansLongarm Double #3: Frontier Justice (The Longarm Double Collection)
2010978-0-515-14940-1VariousRead Pink 32-Copy Mixed Floor Display Id
  ''978-0-515-14945-6VariousRead Pink 16-Copy Mixed Prepack
  ''978-0-515-14947-0   ''Read Pink 24-Copy Mixed Floor Display
2011978-0-515-14948-7Nora RobertsThe Search
  ''978-0-515-14949-4Laurell K. HamiltonBullet: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel
2010978-0-515-14950-0VariousWinter Reads 24-Copy Mixed Prepack Id
2011978-0-515-14951-7Lynn KurlandOne Magic Moment (de Piaget Family)
2011978-0-515-14953-1Tabor EvansLongarm #391: Longarm and the Cross Fire Girl
  ''978-0-515-14954-8Jake LoganSlocum #388: Slocum and the Bandit Cucaracha
  ''978-0-515-14955-5J. R. RobertsCross Draw (The Gunsmith, No. 354)
  ''978-0-515-14956-2Christine FeehanSpirit Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)
  ''978-0-515-14959-3W.E.B. Griffin · William E. Butterworth IVThe Vigilantes (Badge Of Honor)
2011978-0-515-14960-9Aiden CrispThe Constantine Covenant
  ''978-0-515-14961-6Hank SchwaebleDiabolical (A Jake Hatcher Novel)
  ''978-0-515-14962-3Tabor EvansLongarm #392: Longarm and the Cold Case
  ''978-0-515-14963-0Jake LoganSlocum #389: Slocum and the Big Timber Belles
  ''978-0-515-14964-7J. R. RobertsThe Gunsmith #355: Bitterroot Valley (Gunsmith, The)
2011978-0-515-14967-8Hunter MadelineDangerous in Diamonds 24 Copy Solid Floor Display
  ''978-0-515-14969-2MaryJanice DavidsonUndead and Unfinished: A Queen Betsy Novel
  ''978-0-515-14970-8Catherine CoulterCoulter FBI Backlist 12-Copy Mixed Prepack Id
  ''978-0-515-14971-5Ridley PearsonIn Harm's Way (Walt Fleming)
  ''978-0-515-14972-2Tabor EvansLongarm and the Runaway Nurse (Longarm #393)
2011978-0-515-14973-9Jake LoganSlocum #390: Slocum and the Cow Camp Killers
  ''978-0-515-14974-6J. R. RobertsHunt for the White Wolf (The Gunsmith, No. 356)
  ''978-0-515-14975-3Lynn KurlandKurland 12-Copy Mixed Prepack Id
2010978-0-515-14976-0Christine FeehanFeehan Backlist 12-Copy Mixed Prepack Id
2011978-0-515-14977-7Lora LeighNauti Dreams (Nauti Boys)
  ''978-0-515-14978-4Nora RobertsRoberts 18-Copy Search Tie-In Mixed Prepack Id
  ''978-0-515-14984-5Wendy WaxMagnolia Wednesdays
2011978-0-515-14985-2Nora RobertsRoberts 12-Copy Mixed Prepack Id
  ''978-0-515-14986-9Lora LeighNauti Intentions (Nauti Boys)
  ''978-0-515-14987-6Alex BerensonThe Midnight House 18-Copy Solid Floor Display
  ''978-0-515-14988-3Jayne CastleCanyons of Night (Looking Glass Trilogy #3) (An Arcane Society Novel)
  ''978-0-515-14989-0Tabor EvansLongarm 394: Longarm and the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse
2011978-0-515-14990-6Jake LoganSlocum Along Corpse River (Slocum, No. 391)
  ''978-0-515-14991-3J. R. RobertsThe Gunsmith 357: The Dead Ringer (Gunsmith, The)
  ''978-0-515-14994-4Christine FeehanSpirit Bound 24-Copy Solid Floor Display
  ''978-0-515-14996-8Hunter MadelineDangerous in Diamonds 24 Copy Mixed Floor Display
  ''978-0-515-14998-2J. D. Robb · Mary Blayney · Patricia Gaffney · Ruth Ryan Langan · Mary Kay McComasThe Unquiet
2011978-0-515-14999-9Christine FeehanDark Peril (Carpathian Novel, A)
  ''978-0-515-15000-1Tabor EvansLongarm and the Santa Fe Widow (Longarm, No. 395)
  ''978-0-515-15001-8Jake LoganSlocum and the Socorro Saloon Sirens (Slocum, No. 392)
  ''978-0-515-15002-5J. R. RobertsFort Revenge (The Gunsmith, No. 358)
  ''978-0-515-15006-3Catherine CoulterThe Valcourt Heiress (Medieval Song Quartet)
2011978-0-515-15007-0Yasmine GalenornCourting Darkness: An Otherworld Novel
  ''978-0-515-15008-7Janet ChapmanHighlander for the Holidays (Jove Book)
  ''978-0-515-15009-4Thomas Kinkade · Katherine SpencerA Wish for Christmas: A Cape Light Novel
  ''978-0-515-15010-0Tabor EvansLongarm and the Castle of the Damned (Longarm #396)
  ''978-0-515-15011-7Jake LoganSlocum's Breakout (Slocum #393)
2011978-0-515-15012-4J. R. RobertsTwo Guns for Vengeance (Gunsmith #359)
  ''978-0-515-15017-9Luis Miguel RochaThe Pope's Assassin: A Novel (A Vatican Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15018-6Tabor EvansLongarm 397: Longarm and the Doomed Beauty
  ''978-0-515-15019-3Jake LoganSlocum 394: Slocum and the Fool's Errand
  ''978-0-515-15020-9J. R. RobertsThe Mad Scientist of the West (The Gunsmith, No. 360)
2011978-0-515-15023-0Amanda QuickThe Perfect Poison (An Arcane Society Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15026-1Jayne Ann KrentzIn Too Deep: Book One of the Looking Glass Trilogy (An Arcane Society Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15027-8W.E.B. Griffin · William E. Butterworth IVThe Outlaws (Presidential Agent, Book 6)
  ''978-0-515-15028-5Tabor EvansLongarm and the Range War (Longarm #398)
  ''978-0-515-15029-2Jake LoganSlocum and the Trail to Yellowstone (Slocum #395)
2011978-0-515-15030-8J. R. RobertsThe Gunsmith #361: The Letter of the Law (Gunsmith, The)
2012978-0-515-15034-6Alex BerensonThe Secret Soldier (A John Wells Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15035-3Yasmine GalenornShaded Vision: An Otherworld Novel
  ''978-0-515-15036-0Janet ChapmanSpellbound Falls (A Spellbound Falls Romance)
  ''978-0-515-15037-7Tabor EvansLongarm #399: Longarm and the Grand Canyon Murders
  ''978-0-515-15039-1J. R. RobertsBuffalo Soldiers (The Gunsmith, No. 362)
2012978-0-515-15041-4Christopher FarnsworthThe President's Vampire (A Nathaniel Cade Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15046-9Madeline HunterThe Surrender of Miss Fairbourne (Fairbourne Quartet)
  ''978-0-515-15047-6Tabor EvansLongarm #400: Longarm and the 400 Blows
  ''978-0-515-15049-0J. R. RobertsThe Death List (Gunsmith #363)
  ''978-0-515-15056-8Amanda QuickQuicksilver: Book Two of the Looking Glass Trilogy (An Arcane Society Novel)
2012978-0-515-15057-5Tabor EvansLongarm and the Night Raiders, No.401
  ''978-0-515-15059-9J. R. RobertsThe Gunsmith #364: The Vicar of St. James (Gunsmith, The)
  ''978-0-515-15063-6Nora RobertsChasing Fire
  ''978-0-515-15064-3   ''Vision In White (Bride Quartet, Book 1)
  ''978-0-515-15065-0Lynn KurlandAll for You (de Piaget Family)
2012978-0-515-15066-7Wendy WaxTen Beach Road (Ten Beach Road Series)
  ''978-0-515-15067-4Tabor EvansLongarm #402: Longarm and the Hell Creek Lead Storm
  ''978-0-515-15069-8J. R. RobertsThe Last Buffalo Hunt (The Gunsmith #365)
2011978-0-515-15074-2LaVyrle SpencerBittersweet
  ''978-0-515-15076-6Lavyrle SpencerThat Camden Summer
  ''978-0-515-15077-3   ''Then Came Heaven
2012978-0-515-15088-9Nora RobertsBed of Roses (Bride Quartet)
2012978-0-515-15089-6Laurell K. HamiltonHit List: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel
  ''978-0-515-15090-2Janet ChapmanCharmed By His Love (A Spellbound Falls Romance)
  ''978-0-515-15091-9MaryJanice DavidsonUndead and Undermined: A Queen Betsy Novel
  ''978-0-515-15093-3Tabor EvansLongarm and Lucky Lucy (Longarm #403)
  ''978-0-515-15096-4Catherine CoulterSplit Second (An FBI Thriller)
2012978-0-515-15097-1Nora RobertsSavor the Moment (Bride Quartet)
  ''978-0-515-15098-8W.E.B. Griffin · William E. Butterworth IVVictory and Honor (Honor Bound)
  ''978-0-515-15102-2Nora RobertsHappy Ever After (Bride Quartet, Book 4)
  ''978-0-515-15106-0Janet ChapmanCourting Carolina (A Spellbound Falls Romance)
  ''978-0-515-15110-7Christine FeehanDark Predator (Carpathian Novel, A)
2013978-0-515-15111-4Madeline HunterThe Conquest of Lady Cassandra (Fairbourne Quartet)
2012978-0-515-15116-9Yasmine GalenornShadow Rising: An Otherworld Novel
2012978-0-515-15125-1Jayne Ann KrentzCopper Beach (A Dark Legacy Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15126-8W.E.B. Griffin · William E. Butterworth IVCovert Warriors (A Presidential Agent Novel)
2013978-0-515-15130-5Alex BerensonThe Shadow Patrol (A John Wells Novel)
2014978-0-515-15131-2Madeline HunterThe Accidental Duchess (Fairbourne Quartet)
  ''978-0-515-15133-6Nora RobertsThe Witness
2013978-0-515-15137-4W.E.B. Griffin · William E. Butterworth IVThe Spymasters (Men at War)
  ''978-0-515-15138-1Madeline HunterThe Counterfeit Mistress (Fairbourne Quartet)
2014978-0-515-15148-0Nora RobertsThe Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro)
  ''978-0-515-15149-7   ''The Next Always (The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy)
2014978-0-515-15150-3Nora RobertsThe Perfect Hope (Inn BoonsBoro)
2012978-0-515-15154-1Christine FeehanSamurai Game (A GhostWalker Novel)
2013978-0-515-15155-8Christine FeehanLeopard's Prey (A Leopard Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15156-5   ''Dark Storm (Carpathian Novel, A)
2012978-0-515-15280-7J. D. RobbTime of Death (In Death)
2013978-0-515-15281-4Yasmine GalenornHaunted Moon: An Otherworld Novel
  ''978-0-515-15282-1   ''Autumn Whispers: An Otherworld Novel
2014978-0-515-15283-8   ''Crimson Veil (An Otherworld Novel)
2012978-0-515-15284-5Jayne CastleThe Lost Night (A Rainshadow Novel)
2013978-0-515-15285-2   ''Deception Cove (A Rainshadow Novel)
2012978-0-515-15288-3Kay HooperFirst Prophet (A Bishop Files Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15295-1Nora RobertsHidden Riches
2012978-0-515-15296-8Nora RobertsHonest Illusions
  ''978-0-515-15297-5   ''Private Scandals
  ''978-0-515-15298-2   ''True Betrayals
2013978-0-515-15299-9Amanda QuickCrystal Gardens (Ladies of Lantern Street)
  ''978-0-515-15300-2Laurell K. HamiltonKiss the Dead: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel
  ''978-0-515-15301-9Catherine CoulterBackfire (An FBI Thriller)
2013978-0-515-15320-0Janet ChapmanThe Heart of a Hero (A Spellbound Falls Romance)
  ''978-0-515-15321-7   ''For the Love of Magic (A Spellbound Falls Romance)
2014978-0-515-15322-4   ''The Highlander Next Door (Spellbound Falls)
2013978-0-515-15323-1W.E.B. Griffin · William E. Butterworth IVEmpire and Honor (Honor Bound)
2012978-0-515-15343-9Jayne Ann KrentzFired Up (Dreamlight)
2013978-0-515-15346-0Lynn KurlandRoses in Moonlight (Macleod Family)
2015978-0-515-15350-7MaryJanice DavidsonUndead and Unwary (Queen Betsy)
2012978-0-515-15365-1Lee ChildKilling Floor (Jack Reacher)
2014978-0-515-15370-5Alex BerensonThe Night Ranger (A John Wells Novel)
2013978-0-515-15407-8J. D. Robb · Mary Blayney · Elaine Fox · Mary Kay McComas · Ruth Ryan LanganMirror, Mirror
2014978-0-515-15408-5Jayne Ann KrentzDream Eyes (Dark Legacy)
2012978-0-515-15411-5Lee ChildLee Child Jack Reacher Books 1-3
2014978-0-515-15413-9J. D. RobbThankless in Death
2014978-0-515-15414-6J. D. RobbConcealed in Death
2015978-0-515-15415-3   ''Festive in Death
2013978-0-515-15416-0Nora RobertsHomeport
2014978-0-515-15421-4Amanda QuickThe Mystery Woman (Ladies of Lantern Street)
  ''978-0-515-15423-8Christine FeehanDark Lycan (Carpathian Novel, A)
  ''978-0-515-15427-6Laurell K. HamiltonAffliction (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)
2015978-0-515-15429-0Nora RobertsWhiskey Beach
2014978-0-515-15452-8Catherine Coulter · J. T. EllisonThe Final Cut (A Brit in the FBI)
  ''978-0-515-15453-5W.E.B. Griffin · William E. Butterworth IVHazardous Duty (A Presidential Agent Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15462-7Christine FeehanDark Wolf (Carpathian Novel, A)
2014978-0-515-15463-4Christine FeehanAir Bound (A Sea Haven Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15464-1Ridley PearsonChoke Point (A Risk Agent Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15465-8W.E.B. Griffin · William E. Butterworth IVThe Last Witness (Badge Of Honor)
  ''978-0-515-15472-6Jayne CastleThe Hot Zone (Rainshadow)
  ''978-0-515-15475-7Yasmine GalenornPriestess Dreaming (An Otherworld Novel)
2015978-0-515-15476-4   ''Panther Prowling (An Otherworld Novel)
2016978-0-515-15477-1   ''Darkness Raging (An Otherworld Novel)
2015978-0-515-15502-0Jayne Ann KrentzRiver Road
2015978-0-515-15510-5Alex BerensonThe Counterfeit Agent (A John Wells Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15515-0Janet ChapmanIt's a Wonderful Wife (Sinclair Brothers Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15516-7Madeline HunterHis Wicked Reputation (Wicked Trilogy)
2016978-0-515-15518-1   ''The Wicked Duke (Wicked Trilogy)
  ''978-0-515-15522-8Wendy WaxA Week at the Lake
2015978-0-515-15537-2Amanda QuickOtherwise Engaged
  ''978-0-515-15543-3Catherine CoulterPower Play (An FBI Thriller)
2015978-0-515-15547-1J. D. Robb · Mary Blayney · Elaine Fox · Mary Kay McComas · Ruth Ryan LanganDown the Rabbit Hole
  ''978-0-515-15548-8Laurell K. HamiltonA Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry)
  ''978-0-515-15554-9Christine FeehanViper Game (A GhostWalker Novel)
  ''978-0-515-15561-7W.E.B. Griffin · William E. Butterworth IVTop Secret (A Clandestine Operations Novel)
2016978-0-515-15566-2Laurell K. HamiltonDead Ice (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)
2015978-0-515-15574-7Jayne CastleSiren's Call (A Rainshadow Novel)
2016978-0-515-15575-4Jayne CastleIllusion Town (Illusion Town Novel, An)
2015978-0-515-15580-8Catherine Coulter · J. T. EllisonThe Lost Key (A Brit in the FBI)
  ''978-0-515-15581-5Jayne Ann KrentzTrust No One
2017978-0-515-15591-4Nora RobertsBay of Sighs (Guardians Trilogy)
2016978-0-515-15606-5Amanda QuickGarden of Lies
2014978-0-515-15607-2Laurell K. HamiltonJason (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)
2015978-0-515-15609-6Christine FeehanWild Cat (A Leopard Novel)
978-0-515-15633-1The Collector
2017978-0-515-15693-5Ruth HellerStained Glass: Patterns & Prisms
2018978-0-515-15716-1Henry Winkler · Lin OliverRobot on the Loose #11 (Here's Hank)
  ''978-0-515-15717-8Henry Winkler · Lin OliverRobot on the Loose #11 (Here's Hank)
2019978-0-515-15719-2   ''Everybody Is Somebody #12 (Here's Hank)
  ''978-0-515-15720-8   ''Everybody Is Somebody #12 (Here's Hank)
2018978-0-515-15726-0Stephanie Sabol · Who HQWhat Was the Titanic?
2016978-0-515-15760-4Lizzie Preston · Erica Salcedo · Valeria ValenzaI Heart Coloring Cats
2017978-0-515-15927-1Max BisantzBroad City Mad Libs (Adult Mad Libs)
2016978-0-515-15992-9Graeme WoodThe Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State