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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-510-00039-4Kurt HalbritterArmoury: An Introduction to the Secret Weapons of History
1982978-0-510-00082-0R.H.W. CoxMilitary Badges of the British Empire, 1914-18
1981978-0-510-00104-9Tom Seidmann-FreudThe Magic Boat: A Book to Turn and Move
  ''978-0-510-00107-0Frank MuirWhat-a-mess and the Cat-next-door
  ''978-0-510-00112-4Jane JohnsonBertie on the Beach
1982978-0-510-00122-3Peter Dallas-SmithTrouble for Trumpets
  ''978-0-510-00128-5Elsa BeskowChildren of the Forest
1983978-0-510-00135-3Yehudi Menuhin · Christopher HopeThe King, the Cat and the Fiddle
1975978-0-510-00205-3Alan David FrancisFirst Peninsular War, 1702-13
1976978-0-510-02005-7Colin McNaughton123 and Things
1979978-0-510-03200-5George E. BeanAegean Turkey (A Benn study. archaeology)
1978978-0-510-03205-0George E. BeanLycian Turkey ([A Benn study. archaeology)
1972978-0-510-03261-6V.R.D'A. DesboroughGreek Dark Ages
1968978-0-510-06201-9O.N. WilkinsonOld Glass (Practical Handbooks for Collectors)
1970978-0-510-09685-4Elisabeth BeresfordWandering Wombles
1973978-0-510-09686-1Elisabeth BeresfordThe Wombles at Work
1977978-0-510-11800-6Helen CresswellTwo Hoots and the King (First Steps in Reading Series)
  ''978-0-510-11803-7Helen CresswellTwo Hoots Play Hide and Seek (First Steps in Reading)
1975978-0-510-11842-6   ''Two Hoots (First Steps in Reading)
1975978-0-510-11843-3Helen CresswellTwo Hoots Go to the Sea (First Steps in Reading)
  ''978-0-510-11844-0   ''Two Hoots and the Big Bad Bird (First Steps in Reading)
  ''978-0-510-11845-7   ''Two Hoots in the Snow (First Steps in Reading)
978-0-510-16001-2E. NesbitEnchanted Castle
1957978-0-510-16006-7E. NesbitFive Children and it
1974978-0-510-16031-9   ''New Treasure Seekers
978-0-510-16046-3E. NesbitThe Phoenix and the Carpet
1969978-0-510-16051-7   ''The Railway Children
1958978-0-510-16076-0   ''The Wouldbegoods: Being the Further Adventures of the Treasure Seekers
  ''978-0-510-19904-3Herbert G.De LisserWhite Witch of Rosehall
1980978-0-510-22534-6Brian Clarke · John GoddardTrout and the Fly: A New Approach
1971978-0-510-26250-1Winifred I CandlerKing Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham
1981978-0-510-26261-7Ralph A. GriffithsThe Reign of King Henry VI. The Exercise of Royal Authority 1422 - 1461
1975978-0-510-26351-5J. H. M. SalmonSociety in Crisis: France in the Sixteenth Century
1971978-0-510-27118-3Gabriel HarrisonRage of Sand: History of St.Anne's-on-Sea
1968978-0-510-27305-7P.J. HoneyGenesis of a Tragedy: Background to the Vietnam War
1975978-0-510-33771-1J. M. SyngeThe Playboy of the Western World (New Mermaid Anthology)
1964978-0-510-34106-0Thomas Middleton · William RowleyThe Changeling (New Mermaid Anthology)
1974978-0-510-34107-7Thomas Middleton · William RowleyFair Quarrel (New Mermaid Anthology)
1976978-0-510-35500-5Harold BarlowA dictionary of opera and song themes: Including cantatas, oratorios, Lieder, and art songs
1973978-0-510-35905-8Richard PetzoldtGeorg Philipp Telemann
1975978-0-510-36250-8Philip BateThe Oboe (Instruments of Orchestra)
1980978-0-510-36350-5Philip BateThe Flute
1969978-0-510-36351-2   ''The Flute (Instruments of Orchestra)
1972978-0-510-36411-3   ''Trumpet and Trombone (Instruments of Orchestra)
1978978-0-510-36412-0Philip BateTrumpet and Trombone: An Outline of Their History, Development and Construction (Instruments of the orchestra)
  ''978-0-510-36413-7   ''Trumpet and Trombone: An Outline of Their History, Development and Construction
1971978-0-510-36701-5F.Geoffrey RendallClarinet (Instruments of Orchestra S.)
1968978-0-510-37951-3John Campbell · Philip SherrardModern Greece (Nations of the Modern World)
1972978-0-510-39952-8David L. HarrisonMammals of Arabia: v. 3
1958978-0-510-41001-8Dion FortuneThe Mystical Qabalah
978-0-510-53961-0Hab It: Pelvic Floor Training DVD
978-0-510-55908-3Every War Has Two Losers