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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-491-00024-6Herbert B. EhrmannCase That Will Not Die: Commonwealth vs. Sacco and Vanzetti
1971978-0-491-00076-5John BloomIt's No Sin to Make a Profit
1969978-0-491-00102-1Vitus B. DroscherMagic of the Senses
  ''978-0-491-00103-8Lillian Gish · Ann PinchotMovies, Mister Griffith and Me
1967978-0-491-00120-5Pierre SichelModigliani: A biography of Amedeo Modigliani
1970978-0-491-00143-4Joyce StewartOrchids of Tropical Africa
1958978-0-491-00155-7L. F. BaumWizard of Oz (Splendour Books)
1971978-0-491-00156-4Melville ShavelsonHow to Make a Jewish Movie
1972978-0-491-00159-5Arlene CroceThe Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Book
1968978-0-491-00231-8Samuel M. KatzDays of Fire
1971978-0-491-00317-9David SaleCome to Mother
1977978-0-491-00340-7Harold UnderhillJamaica White
1972978-0-491-00349-0Frank CapraThe name above the title: An autobiography
1968978-0-491-00371-1Nikolai TolstoyThe founding of Evil Hold School
1972978-0-491-00379-7Margaret RutherfordMargaret Rutherford: An Autobiography as Told to Gwen Robyns
1968978-0-491-00471-8H. Montgomery HydeStrong For Service: The Life of Lord Nathan of Churt
1971978-0-491-00477-0John Du RoseMurder Was My Business
1972978-0-491-00544-9Terence ReesePrecision Bidding, Precision Play
1967978-0-491-00590-6Arthur Waldhorn · A. ZeigerEnglish (Made Simple Books)
  ''978-0-491-00620-0H. JacobowitzElectronic Computers Made Simple
1973978-0-491-00634-7Martin CaidinCyborg
1972978-0-491-00643-9Lee IsraelMiss Tallulah Bankhead
1968978-0-491-00650-7Eugene Jackson · Adolph GeigerGerman (Made Simple Books)
1972978-0-491-00722-1Michael HarrisonClarence: The Life of H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence and Avondale (1864-1892)
1969978-0-491-00799-3Miroslav SasekThis is Washington D.C.
1973978-0-491-00864-8Rupert Croft-CookeDogs of Peace
1967978-0-491-00880-8Miroslav SasekThis is Texas
1973978-0-491-00894-5Joan BlondellCentre Door Fancy
  ''978-0-491-00903-4Ena Twigg · Ruth Hagy BrodEna Twigg: Medium
1972978-0-491-00962-1Mike TomkiesRobert Mitchum Story: "It Sure Beats Working"
1973978-0-491-01001-6William F. CoventryManagement (Made Simple Books)
1974978-0-491-01192-1Robert CarrierCookery Course
1973978-0-491-01210-2Robert WindelerSweetheart: Story of Mary Pickford
  ''978-0-491-01211-9Eric Morecambe · Ernie WiseEric & Ernie: The autobiography of Morecambe & Wise
1974978-0-491-01292-8Groucho Marx · Richard J. AnobileMarx Brothers Scrapbook
1974978-0-491-01302-4Axel MadsenWilliam Wyler
1973978-0-491-01480-9Eugene Jackson · Adolph GeigerGerman (Made Simple Books)
1974978-0-491-01501-1George T. SimonGlenn Miller and His Orchestra
  ''978-0-491-01521-9Joe DavisComplete Snooker
  ''978-0-491-01532-5Ira M. FreemanPhysics Made Simple
  ''978-0-491-01542-4Eugene Jackson · Adolph GeigerGerman (Made Simple Books)
  ''978-0-491-01572-1Jessie Matthews · Muriel BurgessOver My Shoulder - An Autobiography
1976978-0-491-01575-2Edmund SchiddelThe Swing
1975978-0-491-01585-1Jackie CollinsWorld is Full of Divorced Women
1977978-0-491-01598-1Ninette De ValoisStep by Step
1975978-0-491-01603-2Michael Collins · Charles LindberghCarrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys
1975978-0-491-01615-5John StonehouseDeath of an Idealist
1977978-0-491-01658-2William HayterSpooner: A Biography
1975978-0-491-01675-9Gregory Houston BowdenRaleigh Cycle
1976978-0-491-01677-3Jacqueline SusannDolores
1974978-0-491-01680-3Miroslav SasekThis is Historic Britain
1977978-0-491-01718-3Michael MoorcockTransformation of Miss Mavis Ming
1976978-0-491-01737-4Esther VilarThe Polygamous Sex
  ''978-0-491-01786-2Michael FreedlandFred Astaire: A Biography
1977978-0-491-01788-6Richard BakerDry Ginger: The Biography of Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Michael Le Fanu, G.C.B., D.S.C.
1975978-0-491-01804-3Edgar HilsenrathNazi and the Barber: A Tale of Vengeance
1976978-0-491-01807-4Frankie HowerdOn the Way I Lost it
1975978-0-491-01823-4Sebastian ShawThe Christening
  ''978-0-491-01864-7Margot FonteynMargot Fonteyn
1974978-0-491-01941-5Anna NeagleThere's Always Tomorrow
1975978-0-491-01952-1Jack WarnerJack of All Trades
1976978-0-491-01957-6Reg HarrisTwo Wheels to the Top
1974978-0-491-01960-6Andrija PuharichUri: Original and Authorised Biography of Uri Geller, the Man Who Baffles the Scientists
1976978-0-491-01995-8H.Montgomery HydeCleveland Street Scandal
1978978-0-491-02005-3Andre BrinkRumours of Rain
  ''978-0-491-02007-7Anne DigbyFirst Term at Trebizon
  ''978-0-491-02016-9Joan FontaineNo Bed of Roses
1978978-0-491-02063-3Piers Paul ReadThe Train Robbers
1977978-0-491-02071-8Hugh McLeaveMan and His Mountain: Life of Cezanne
1978978-0-491-02073-2Dodie SmithLook Back with Mixed Feelings - Volume Two of An Autobiography
  ''978-0-491-02125-8David AnneThe Folly
1977978-0-491-02140-1Anne EdwardsVivien Leigh: A Biography
  ''978-0-491-02191-3Michael MoorcockEngland Invaded: A Collection of Fantasy Fiction
1979978-0-491-02198-2Dodie SmithLook Back with Astonishment
  ''978-0-491-02219-4Fanny CradockUneasy Peace at Castle Rising
1978978-0-491-02235-4Peter De PolnayIt's Cold Next Door
1977978-0-491-02261-3Cyril SmithBig Cyril: Autobiography
1978978-0-491-02282-8David HolbrookPlay of Passion
1979978-0-491-02307-8Fanny Cradock · Johnnie CradockCook's Essential Alphabet
  ''978-0-491-02308-5Frank E. HuggettGood-night Sweetheart: Songs and Memories of the Second World War
1978978-0-491-02313-9Fanny Cradock · Johnnie CradockFreezer Book: Cook First, Freeze Afterwards
1979978-0-491-02327-6Anne DigbySecond Term at Trebizon
1978978-0-491-02333-7Matthew ManningThe Strangers
1977978-0-491-02340-5Matthew ManningIn the Minds of Millions
1977978-0-491-02341-2Eric BraunDeborah Kerr
1979978-0-491-02378-8Anne DigbySummer Term at Trebizon
1978978-0-491-02472-3Fanny Cradock · Johnnie CradockThe 'Daily Telegraph' Cook's Book
1979978-0-491-02485-3Jorge LewinskiCamera at War
1981978-0-491-02635-2Patricia RobertsPatricia Roberts Knitting Book
1983978-0-491-02648-2Michael FreedlandPeter O'Toole. A Biography
1982978-0-491-02668-0F. Maurice SpeedFilm Review 1982-1983
1980978-0-491-02761-8Gerald McKnightScandal of Syrie Maugham
  ''978-0-491-02770-0Charles WintourCelebration: 25 Years of British Theatre
  ''978-0-491-02773-1Anais NinDelta of Venus
1981978-0-491-02805-9Charles BukowskiFactotum
1980978-0-491-02892-9Robin CollynsPrehistoric Germ Warfare
1983978-0-491-02898-1Andrea KonThis Is My Song: A Biography of Petula Clark
1982978-0-491-02956-8John NormanFighting Slave of Gor
1988978-0-491-03037-3Adam HallQuiller's Run
  ''978-0-491-03038-0David IgnatiusAgents of Innocence
1989978-0-491-03047-2Adam HallQuiller KGB
1983978-0-491-03051-9Paul DonovanRoger Moore
1984978-0-491-03083-0Michael SladeHeadhunter
1983978-0-491-03090-8Graham MastertonThe Sphinx
  ''978-0-491-03101-1Patricia RobertsSecond Knitting Book
1987978-0-491-03107-3Anais NinHenry and June
1988978-0-491-03118-9Colin MacfarlaneTom Jones: The Boy from Nowhere
1983978-0-491-03120-2Peter MacAlanJudas Battalion
1984978-0-491-03122-6John NormanKajira of Gor
1985978-0-491-03154-7Wolf RillaMovie
1988978-0-491-03178-3Donald RumbelowThe Houndsditch Murders and the Siege of Sidney Street
1989978-0-491-03179-0Tessa BarclayBroken Threads
1983978-0-491-03180-6Sarah Allan BorischThe Protocol
1983978-0-491-03181-3Ian MarterDoctor Who-Earthshock
1984978-0-491-03182-0Clive HirschhornGene Kelly
  ''978-0-491-03183-7Peter LeslieDeath Mail
1985978-0-491-03184-4Fanny CradockShadows Over Castle Rising
1986978-0-491-03185-1Leslie FrewinImportance of Being Oscar: Life and Wit of Oscar Wilde
1982978-0-491-03221-6Gwen RobynsPrincess Grace, 1929-1982
1986978-0-491-03232-2Gerry Davis · Alison BingemanDoctor Who-The Celestial Toymaker
1983978-0-491-03271-1Shaun HutsonSlugs
1984978-0-491-03282-7Pierre BoulleFalklands Whale
  ''978-0-491-03283-4Peter HainingDoctor Who-Key to Time: A Year-by-year Record
1988978-0-491-03308-4Dean KoontzThe Vision
1983978-0-491-03351-0Peter HainingTwenty Years of "Doctor Who": A Celebration
1984978-0-491-03373-2Al DiOrioBarbara Stanwyck
1989978-0-491-03388-6Evelyn Julia Kent · Eva SchlossEva's Story: A survivor's tale by the step-sister of Anne Frank
1984978-0-491-03413-5Michael MunnKid from the Bronx: Life of Tony Curtis
1987978-0-491-03425-8Regine DeforgesDevil is Still Laughing (The blue bicycle)
1988978-0-491-03446-3Gerald SusterLegacy of the Beast
1987978-0-491-03467-8Donald RumbelowThe Complete Jack the Ripper
1983978-0-491-03481-4Maurizio Bongianni · Concetta MoriDogs of the World
1987978-0-491-03497-5Peter HainingDoctor Who: The Time Traveller's Guide
1985978-0-491-03501-9Adam HallNorthlight
1986978-0-491-03532-3Pip Baker · Jane BakerDoctor Who-Mark of the Rani
1989978-0-491-03574-3Shaun HutsonNemesis
1986978-0-491-03612-2J. BenthamDoctor Who: The Early Years
1987978-0-491-03643-6William PattrickMysterious Motoring Stories
1986978-0-491-03663-4Terrance DicksDoctor Who and The Giant Robot
978-0-491-03665-8Michael SladeCut Throat
1987978-0-491-03703-7   ''Ghoul
1985978-0-491-03790-7Glen A. Larson · Roger HillKnight Rider
1990978-0-491-03864-5Hampton HowardFriends, Russians and Countrymen
1986978-0-491-03923-9Talila StanCast Your Own Horoscope
1985978-0-491-03930-7Patricia RobertsCollection
1986978-0-491-03951-2Chris WelchTake You Higher: Tina Turner Story
1985978-0-491-03960-4Shaun HutsonBreeding Ground