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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-449-23689-5Art BuchwaldDown the Seine and Up the Potomac
1978978-0-449-23691-8Mazo de la RocheCentenary at Jalna (A Jalna Book)
1980978-0-449-23725-0Taylor CaldwellLate Clara Beame
1982978-0-449-23757-1Victoria HoltMenfreya in Morning
1981978-0-449-23782-3Isaac AsimovThe Caves of Steel
1980978-0-449-23787-8Taylor CaldwellRomance of Atlantis
  ''978-0-449-23788-5Isaac AsimovTALES OF BLACK WIDOW
1981978-0-449-23834-9Alistair MacleanGoodbye California
1982978-0-449-23852-3James A. MichenerTALES OF S PACIFIC-3
1979978-0-449-23896-7Jean PlaidyThe Queens Husband
  ''978-0-449-23899-8Robert HoskinsAgainst Tomorrow
1981978-0-449-23904-9Richard AdamsPlague Dogs
  ''978-0-449-23934-6Alistair MacleanFORCE 10-NAVARONE
  ''978-0-449-23949-0Isaac AsimovI ROBOT
1979978-0-449-23963-6Andre NortonSnow Shadow
1982978-0-449-23972-8Taylor CaldwellGlory and Lightning
1980978-0-449-24002-1John UpdikeToo Far to Go
1981978-0-449-24004-5Charles M. SchulzYouve Come Lon Way Sn
1981978-0-449-24023-6John UpdikeCouples
  ''978-0-449-24032-8C PotokIn the Beginning
1978978-0-449-24037-3Fred Mustard StewartRage Against Heaven
1979978-0-449-24039-7Jean KerrHOW I GOT TO B PERFCT
1981978-0-449-24070-0Harry KemelmanTHURSDAY RABBI WALKED
1980978-0-449-24076-2Andre NortonStar Rangers (Central Control, Bk. 1)
1975978-0-449-24092-2Alistair MacLeanBreakheart Pass
1981978-0-449-24094-6Phyllis A. WhitneySilverhill
1970978-0-449-24096-0Taylor CaldwellGREAT LION OF GOD -3 (Fawcett Crest Book)
1971978-0-449-24097-7Jane Aiken HodgeSavannah Purchase
1979978-0-449-24099-1Jean KerrPlease Don't Eat the Daisies (Fawcett Crest)
1981978-0-449-24116-5Harry KemelmanSunday the Rabbi Stayed Home
  ''978-0-449-24125-7Isaac AsimovEarth Is Room Enough
  ''978-0-449-24141-7Kyle OnstottDrum (Falconhurst)
1979978-0-449-24151-6Jean PlaidyThe Widow of Windsor
1981978-0-449-24195-0Taylor CaldwellMaggie: Her Marriage
1980978-0-449-24206-3Joyce Carol OatesNight-Side
1981978-0-449-24207-0Mary StewartThe Last Enchantment
  ''978-0-449-24221-6Taylor CaldwellFINAL HOUR -2
1980978-0-449-24285-8Andre NortonCatseye
1982978-0-449-24321-3A NortonDread Companion
1980978-0-449-24357-2Andre NortonPostmarked the Stars
1981978-0-449-24361-9Jilly CooperPrudence
1981978-0-449-24382-4Donald E. WestlakeCastle in the Air
  ''978-0-449-24384-8Isaac AsimovCasebook of the Black Widowers
  ''978-0-449-24385-5J.O. JeppsonThe Last Immortal
  ''978-0-449-24390-9Jean PlaidyThe Passionate Enemies
  ''978-0-449-24395-4Andre NortonThe X Factor
1981978-0-449-24400-5Michael ThomasGREEN MONDAY
  ''978-0-449-24422-7J PlaidyPlantagenet Prelude
1982978-0-449-24429-6Alistair MacleanAthabasca
1981978-0-449-24434-0Andre NortonFollow the Drum
  ''978-0-449-24436-4Joseph HoneOxford Gambit
  ''978-0-449-24447-0Phyllis A. WhitneyPoinciana
  ''978-0-449-24460-9Jean PlaidyREVOLT OF THE EAGLETS (The Plantagenet Saga)
1982978-0-449-24467-8Taylor CaldwellAnswer As a Man
1982978-0-449-24480-7M PiercyGoing Down Fast
  ''978-0-449-24490-6Jean PlaidyHeart of the Lion
  ''978-0-449-24493-7Isaac Asimov · Charles G. Waugh · MArtin H. GreenbergTV 2000: A Choice Collection of Super Science Fiction
  ''978-0-449-24505-7G.B. TrudeauAdjectives Will Cost You Extra (Doonesbury Book / By G.B. Trudeau)
  ''978-0-449-24527-9Harry KemelmanConversations with Rabbi Small
1982978-0-449-24529-3Jean PlaidyThe Prince of Darkness
  ''978-0-449-24530-9Ruth MontgomeryA Search For the Truth
  ''978-0-449-24531-6Isaac AsimovLast Man on Earth
  ''978-0-449-24548-4John UpdikeRabbit is Rich
  ''978-0-449-24555-2Phyllis A. WhitneyVermilion
1982978-0-449-24565-1Jean Plaidy aka Victoria HoltBattle of the Queens
  ''978-0-449-24569-9Chaim PotokThe Book of Lights
1995978-0-449-28709-5Robin A. WhiteSword of Orion
1997978-0-449-28775-0Marion ChesneyThe Folly (Daughters of Mannerling, Book 4)
1998978-0-449-28777-4Marion ChesneyThe Homecoming (Daughters of Mannerling, Book 6)
1997978-0-449-28793-4Joan SmithBlossom Time (Regency Romance)
  ''978-0-449-28794-1Marian DevonGeorgiana/Escapade
1982978-0-449-30002-2Victor HugoLes Misérables: A Novel
1983978-0-449-30012-1Nathaniel HawthorneSelected Short Stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne
1985978-0-449-30024-4Stephen CraneMaggie: A Girl of the Streets (Fawcett Premier Book)
  ''978-0-449-30031-2Col. Lt . Jo MitchellDecisive Battles of the Civil War
1986978-0-449-30037-4Lewis HenryBest Quotations for All Occasions: Your Key to Wit & Wisdom-A Special Selection of Enduring Quotations from the Best That Has Been Written and Said
  ''978-0-449-30038-1Peter FreuchenPeter Freuchen's Famous Book of the Eskimos
1986978-0-449-30043-5H. G. WellsThe Time Machine and The War of the Worlds: Two Novels in One Volume (Fawcett Premier Book)
  ''978-0-449-30053-4Jack LondonBest Short Stories of Jack London
1987978-0-449-30057-2Victor HugoLes Miserables
  ''978-0-449-30058-9Douglas AngusBest Short Stories of the Modern Age
1976978-0-449-30794-6Ed FlowerEight Short Novels
  ''978-0-449-30796-0H.G. WellsTime Machine
1981978-0-449-30835-6Victor HugoLes Miserables
  ''978-0-449-30837-0H.G. WellsThe Time Machine (Fawcett Premier Science Fiction)
1988978-0-449-44551-8Taylor CaldwellBright Flows the River
1989978-0-449-44801-4Donald Angus · Douglas AngusContemporary American Short Stories
1976978-0-449-45125-0Harry KemelmanWednesday the Rabbi Got Wet (Rabbi Small Mysteries)
1967978-0-449-45127-4   ''Friday the Rabbi Slept Late
1996978-0-449-45661-3Jeannette DewyzeToo Perfect
1996978-0-449-45680-4Beverly Engel M.F.C.C.Raising Your Sexual Self-Esteem
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1982978-0-449-50232-7   ''Delsie
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1985978-0-449-70058-7Phyllis A. WhitneyStep to the Music
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1992978-0-449-70187-4Cynthia VoigtJackaroo
1986978-0-449-70202-4Pamela F. ServiceWINTER OF MAG RETURN
1987978-0-449-70235-2Cynthia VoigtTell Me If the Lovers Are Losers
  ''978-0-449-70236-9Norma KleinIt's O.K. If You Don't Love Me
  ''978-0-449-70244-4Scott O'DellStreams to the River, River to the Sea
  ''978-0-449-70254-3Cynthia VoigtHomecoming
1987978-0-449-70262-8Milton LomaskSPIRIT OF 1787: The Making of Our Constitution
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1988978-0-449-70280-2Sonia LevitinThe Return
1987978-0-449-70290-1Scott O'DellAlexandra
1988978-0-449-70293-2Cynthia VoigtSons from Afar (The Tillerman Series #6)
1989978-0-449-70323-6Jon HasslerFour Miles to Pinecone (Fawcett Juniper)
  ''978-0-449-70339-7Pamela F. ServiceThe Reluctant God
  ''978-0-449-70340-3Scott O'DellBlack Star, Bright Dawn
1990978-0-449-70363-2Phyllis A. WhitneyMystery of the Golden Horn
1991978-0-449-70364-9   ''Mystery on the Isle of Skye
  ''978-0-449-70366-3   ''Secret of the Tiger's Eye
1990978-0-449-70374-8John MarsdenSo Much to Tell You
1991978-0-449-70397-7Jay BennettSkinhead
1992978-0-449-70407-3Penina Keen SpinkaWhite Hare's Horses
1992978-0-449-70409-7Jay BennettCoverup (Fawcett Juniper)
  ''978-0-449-70416-5Daniel HayesTrouble with Lemons (Fawcett Juniper)
1994978-0-449-70433-2Kyoko MoriShizuko's Daughter
1995978-0-449-70436-3Lori CarlsonCool Salsa
1994978-0-449-70437-0Conrad RichterThe Light in the Forest
1995978-0-449-70448-6Lori CarlsonAmerican Eyes: New Asian-American Short Stories for Young Adults
1996978-0-449-70453-0Kyoko MoriOne Bird: A Novel
  ''978-0-449-70456-1Ella Thorp EllisSwimming with the Whales
2012978-0-449-80498-8Princeton ReviewComplete SAT Test Prep Bundle: Includes SAT Prep Book, SAT Extra Practice Tests Book, and SAT Vocabulary Flashcards Set
  ''978-0-449-80499-5Princeton ReviewComplete GRE Test Prep Bundle: Includes GRE Prep Book, GRE Practice Questions Book, and GRE Vocabulary Flashcards Set
  ''978-0-449-80640-1Brian CastnerThe Long Walk: A Story of War and the Life That Follows
2016978-0-449-80648-7Charles DuhiggSmarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business
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  ''978-0-449-80697-5Pamela DruckermanBringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting
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2012978-0-449-80781-1Salman RushdieJoseph Anton: A Memoir
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2012978-0-449-80992-1Golden BooksTurtle Power! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
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2013978-0-449-80996-9Gordon LaiteThe Blue Book of Fairy Tales
2012978-0-449-81012-5Anne GutmanLisa's Baby Sister
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2013978-0-449-81387-4Random HouseSuper Soap (Team Umizoomi) (Step into Reading)
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