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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-445-40142-6SNARKInvalid Title
1986978-0-445-40206-5Dick FrancisSport of Queens
1987978-0-445-40214-0Earl Derr BiggersBehind That Curtain (Charlie Chan)
1986978-0-445-40219-5Earl Derr BiggersThe House Without a Key (Charlie Chan, Book 1)
  ''978-0-445-40223-2Anthony PriceThe Alamut Ambush
  ''978-0-445-40224-9Anthony PriceColonel Butler's Wolf
1988978-0-445-40236-2   ''The '44 Vintage
  ''978-0-445-40237-9   ''Tomorrow's Ghost
  ''978-0-445-40238-6   ''War Game
1986978-0-445-40242-3   ''The Labyrinth Makers
1986978-0-445-40247-8Anthony PriceSion Crossing
  ''978-0-445-40249-2James M. CainEnchanted Isle
  ''978-0-445-40252-2Collin WilcoxVictims (A Lt. Frank Hastings Novel)
1989978-0-445-40254-6Anthony PriceSoldier No More
1989978-0-445-40257-7Anthony PriceThe Old Vengeful
1986978-0-445-40259-1Dell ShannonRoot of All Evil
  ''978-0-445-40262-1Dell ShannonMark of Murder: A Lieutenant Luis Mendoza Mystery
  ''978-0-445-40266-9Loren D. EstlemanAny Man's Death (Peter Macklin, The Nine-to-Five Killer, Book 3)
  ''978-0-445-40274-4R. Wright CampbellIn la-la land we trust
  ''978-0-445-40294-2Bill Pronzini · John LutzEye
1986978-0-445-40297-3James M. CainCloud Nine
  ''978-0-445-40300-0Elsa LweinI, Anna
1988978-0-445-40323-9Matthew Heald CooperDog Eats Dog
  ''978-0-445-40331-4Dick FrancisThe Sport of Queens: The Autobiography of Dick Francis
1989978-0-445-40336-9David StoutCarolina Skeletons
  ''978-0-445-40338-3Anthony PriceA New Kind of War
  ''978-0-445-40343-7John LutzShadow-Town
1989978-0-445-40344-4Donald E. WestlakeHelp: I Am Being Held Prisoner
1990978-0-445-40345-1Kingsley AmisThe Crime of the Century
1989978-0-445-40347-5Ellis PetersHermit of Eyton Forest (Brother Cadfael Mysteries)
1987978-0-445-40503-5William L. DeandreaSnark
1993978-0-445-40505-9Julie SmithTrue-Life Adventures (Paul McDonald Mysteries)
1986978-0-445-40507-3Rex StoutUnder the Andes
  ''978-0-445-40509-7Nat HentoffMan from Internal Affairs
  ''978-0-445-40513-4Ed McBainSnow White and Rose Red
1991978-0-445-40514-1Ed McBainSnow White & Rose Red
1988978-0-445-40522-6George C. ChesbroJungle of Steel and Stone
  ''978-0-445-40525-7James EllroyThe Black Dahlia
1986978-0-445-40533-2Ross H. SpencerMissing Bishop
1987978-0-445-40537-0Thomas MAXWELLKiss Me Once
1989978-0-445-40539-4THOMAS MAXWELLKiss Me Twice
1988978-0-445-40546-2Peter LoveseyButchers & Other Stories of Crime
  ''978-0-445-40548-6William Leonard MarshallYellowthread Street
1988978-0-445-40551-6Cornell Woolrich · Lawrence BlockInto the Night
  ''978-0-445-40555-4Anne FineThe Killjoy
1987978-0-445-40556-1Ross ThomasCast a Yellow Shadow
  ''978-0-445-40562-2P. D. James · Thomas A. CritchleyThe Maul and the Pear Tree: The Ratcliffe Highway Murders, 1811
  ''978-0-445-40564-6Joe GoresCome Morning
  ''978-0-445-40567-7Ross H. SpencerMonastery Nightmare
1987978-0-445-40572-1Jim ThompsonThe Kill-Off
  ''978-0-445-40574-5Loren D. EstlemanRoses are Dead (Peter Macklin, The Nine-to-Five Killer, Book 2)
  ''978-0-445-40578-3Anthony PriceHere Be Monsters
1986978-0-445-40581-3The Fourth Widow
1987978-0-445-40587-5Peter O'DonnellDead Man's Handle (Modesty Blaise)
  ''978-0-445-40588-2Loren D. EstlemanAny Man's Death (Peter Macklin, The Nine-to-Five Killer, Book 3)
978-0-445-40590-5Colin WilcoxNight Games
1988978-0-445-40592-9Peter LoveseyBertie and the Tinman
1989978-0-445-40593-6Peter IsraelI'll Cry When I Kill You
  ''978-0-445-40595-0William Leonard MarshallWar Machine: A Yellowthread Street Mystery
1991978-0-445-40596-7R. Wright CampbellIn La-LA Land We Trust
1987978-0-445-40600-1Paul EnglemanCatch a Fallen Angel
1987978-0-445-40603-2William L. DeandreaKilled in the Act
  ''978-0-445-40604-9   ''Killed With a Passion
  ''978-0-445-40606-3   ''Killed on the Ice
  ''978-0-445-40608-7Donald E. WestlakeThe Hot Rock (A Dortmunder Novel)
  ''978-0-445-40610-0   ''Bank Shot
1987978-0-445-40612-4Donald E. WestlakeGod Save the Mark
  ''978-0-445-40614-8   ''Busy Body
1987978-0-445-40617-9Donald E. WestlakeSpy in the Ointment
  ''978-0-445-40618-6Ed McBainCinderella
  ''978-0-445-40620-9Anthony PriceOctober Men
1988978-0-445-40621-6Ed McBainPuss in Boots
1989978-0-445-40623-0   ''The House That Jack Built: A Matthew Hope Novel
  ''978-0-445-40625-4Marcia MullerEye of the Storm
1988978-0-445-40627-8Harold AdamsMurder: A Carl Wilcox Mystery
  ''978-0-445-40629-2Harold AdamsThe Missing Moon
1988978-0-445-40631-5Harold AdamsPaint the Town Red
1987978-0-445-40633-9Dark Side
  ''978-0-445-40634-6Patrick RuellDeath Takes the Low Road
  ''978-0-445-40635-3Doug HornigDark Side (Loren Swift Mystery)
  ''978-0-445-40640-7Julie SmithTourist Trap
  ''978-0-445-40642-1Patrick RuellRed Christmas
1988978-0-445-40648-3Elizabeth PetersThe Curse of the Pharaohs (Amelia Peabody, Book 2)
1988978-0-445-40651-3Elizabeth PetersCrocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody)
  ''978-0-445-40659-9William Leonard MarshallThe Hatchet Man
  ''978-0-445-40660-5   ''Gelignite
  ''978-0-445-40661-2   ''Thin Air
  ''978-0-445-40662-9   ''Far Away Man
1988978-0-445-40663-6William Leonard MarshallRoad Show (Roadshow)
1988978-0-445-40665-0William Leonard MarshallHead First
1987978-0-445-40666-7Anthony PriceOther Paths to Glory
1988978-0-445-40667-4   ''Our Man in Camelot
  ''978-0-445-40677-3Vincent McConnorLimbo
  ''978-0-445-40682-7Len DeightonOnly When I Laugh
  ''978-0-445-40683-4Charlotte MacLeodThe Corpse in Oozak's Pond (Peter Shandy Mysteries)
  ''978-0-445-40685-8Teri WhiteMax Trueblood and the Jersey Desperado
1988978-0-445-40687-2Aaron ElkinsOld Bones: A Gideon Oliver Mystery
1989978-0-445-40689-6Charlotte MacLeodThe Recycled Citizen (A Sarah Kelling Mystery)
  ''978-0-445-40691-9Ted AllbeuryThe Judas Factor
1991978-0-445-40693-3Ross ThomasOut on the Rim
1988978-0-445-40696-4Julie SmithHuckleberry Fiend
  ''978-0-445-40697-1Patrick RuellDeath of a Dormouse
  ''978-0-445-40699-5William L. DeandreaAzrael
  ''978-0-445-40701-5Anthony PriceFor the Good of the State
1988978-0-445-40703-9Arthur LyonsFast Fade
  ''978-0-445-40705-3William Leonard MarshallFrogmouth (Yellowthread Street Mysteries, No. 12)
  ''978-0-445-40707-7Doug HornigWaterman
  ''978-0-445-40709-1Ted AllbeurySeeds of Treason
1989978-0-445-40715-2Donald E. WestlakeNobody's Perfect
  ''978-0-445-40717-6   ''Dancing Aztecs
1989978-0-445-40719-0Donald E. WestlakeTwo Much
1990978-0-445-40721-3Ian R. JamiesonTriple-O-Seven
1988978-0-445-40725-1Ross ThomasChinaman's Chance
1987978-0-445-40727-5Harold AdamsBarbed Wire Noose/a Carl Wilcox Mystery
1988978-0-445-40729-9James McClureImago
  ''978-0-445-40735-0Joseph HansenEarly Graves
  ''978-0-445-40743-5Thomas MaxwellThe Saberdene Variations
1989978-0-445-40747-3Donald E. WestlakeJimmy the Kid
1988978-0-445-40750-3THOMAS MAXWELLKiss Me Once
  ''978-0-445-40752-7Thomas GodfreyMurder for Christmas - Volume 2
  ''978-0-445-40754-1Ross ThomasThe Eighth Dwarf
1990978-0-445-40756-5Jerome CharynMarilyn the Wild: A Novel (Isaac Quartet)
1989978-0-445-40778-7Barbara MertzThe Seventh Sinner
1990978-0-445-40780-0Charlotte MacLeodVane Pursuit (A Peter Shandy Mystery)
1989978-0-445-40784-8Phyllis A. WhitneyThe Red Carnelian
1989978-0-445-40786-2K. C. ConstantineJoey's Case (A Mario Balzic Detective Novel)
  ''978-0-445-40788-6Doug HornigDeep Dive (Loren Swift Mystery)
  ''978-0-445-40790-9Collin WilcoxThe Pariah (Lt. Frank Hastings)
  ''978-0-445-40794-7Remar SuttonLong Lines: A Novel of Suspense
1990978-0-445-40800-5H. R. F. KeatingDead on Time
1989978-0-445-40807-4Donald E. WestlakeTrust Me On This
  ''978-0-445-40810-4Harold AdamsThe Man Who Met the Train
1990978-0-445-40811-1Nicolas FreelingNot As Far As Velma
1990978-0-445-40815-9Brian GarfieldManifest Destiny
1989978-0-445-40818-0William L. DeandreaKilled in Paradise
  ''978-0-445-40820-3Teri WhiteFault Lines
  ''978-0-445-40822-7Arthur LyonsSatan Wants You: The Cult of Devil Worship in America
  ''978-0-445-40827-2Jim ThompsonFireworks: The Lost Writings
1992978-0-445-40828-9Charlotte MacLeodThe Silver Ghost (A Sarah Kelling Mystery)
1989978-0-445-40834-0Ted AllbeuryThe Stalking Angel
  ''978-0-445-40841-8Gahan WilsonEverybody's Favorite Duck
1989978-0-445-40842-5William Leonard MarshallOut of Nowhere (Yellowthread Street Mystery)
  ''978-0-445-40844-9Joseph HansenObedience (Dave Brandstetter Mystery)
1990978-0-445-40845-6Thomas GodfreyEnglish Country House Murders
  ''978-0-445-40849-4Marcia MullerAsk the Cards a Question
  ''978-0-445-40850-0   ''The Cheshire Cat's Eye (A Sharon Mccone Mystery)
  ''978-0-445-40851-7   ''Games to Keep the Dark Away
1989978-0-445-40852-4James EllroySuicide Hill
1989978-0-445-40855-5Ellis PetersThe confession of Brother Haluin: the fifteenth chronicle of Brother Cadfael, of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, at Shrewsbury
1994978-0-445-40864-7Aaron J. ElkinsCurses!
1990978-0-445-40865-4Marcia MullerThere's Something in a Sunday
  ''978-0-445-40866-1Peter IsraelIf I Should Die Before I Die
  ''978-0-445-40875-3Ted AllbeuryThe Lantern Network
  ''978-0-445-40878-4Stuart M. KaminskyBuried Caesars (Toby Peters Mystery)
1989978-0-445-40881-4Donald E. WestlakeSpy in the Ointment
1989978-0-445-40883-8Donald E. WestlakeBank Shot
1990978-0-445-40885-2Harold AdamsThe Man Who Missed the Party
  ''978-0-445-40886-9Donald E. WestlakeSacred Monster
1990978-0-445-40900-2Marcia MullerLeave a Message for Willie
  ''978-0-445-40901-9   ''There's Nothing to Be Afraid Of
  ''978-0-445-40902-6   ''Edwin of the Iron Shoes
  ''978-0-445-40903-3Arthur LyonsOther People's Money
1990978-0-445-40905-7Stuart M. KaminskyThe Howard Hughes Affair
  ''978-0-445-40906-4   ''You Bet Your Life
  ''978-0-445-40908-8   ''Down for the Count
1990978-0-445-40909-5Stuart M. KaminskyThe Man Who Shot Lewis Vance: A Toby Peters Mystery
  ''978-0-445-40912-5Ruth RendellThe Bridesmaid
1994978-0-445-40913-2Aaron J. ElkinsMurder in the Queen's Armes (A Gideon Oliver Mystery)
1990978-0-445-40914-9Ted AllbeuryAll Our Tomorrows
1991978-0-445-40915-6Ross ThomasThe Fourth Durango
1990978-0-445-40916-3Marcia MullerThe Shape of Dread
  ''978-0-445-40918-7Thomas AdcockSea of Green
  ''978-0-445-40920-0Charlotte MacLeodMistletoe Mysteries: Tales of Yuletide Murder
  ''978-0-445-40921-7William Leonard MarshallNew York Detective
1991978-0-445-40925-5Nicolas FreelingSand Castles
1990978-0-445-49087-1Marcia MullerMuller - 27 Copy Mixed Display
1980978-0-445-50094-5MARY, SWEET MARY
1982978-0-445-50294-9Elizabeth ChaterA DELICATE SITUATION
1955978-0-445-52054-7Barbary Slave (Eagle Books, EB54)
1957978-0-445-52093-6Todhunter BallardTrail Town Marshal (Eagle Books, EB93)
1967978-0-445-52386-9Marilyn RossVictoria Winters (Dark Shadows, 2)
1993978-0-445-56677-4Class Above: Tribute to Cornell and Her Class of '58
1969978-0-445-56908-9Helen TonoRanch Romances & Adventures, August 1969 (Volume 221, No. 4)
1969978-0-445-56911-9Helen TonoRanch Romances & Adventures, November 1969 (Volume 222, No. 1)
1970978-0-445-57002-3Sharon MooreRanch Roimances & Adventures, February 1970 (Volume 222, No. 2)
  ''978-0-445-57008-5Sharon MooreRanch Romances & Adventures, August 1970 (Volume 222, No. 4)
1971978-0-445-63515-9Marilyn RossBarnabas, Quentin and the Magic Potion
1979978-0-445-69412-5Editors of TV Guide · Joseph DevlinTV Guide Book of Crossword Puzzles #6 - #10 and a Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms (Boxed Gift Set)
1957978-0-445-70197-7On the Dodge (Popular Giant, G197)
1959978-0-445-70312-4Charles O. LockeThe Last Princess: A Novel of the Incas (Pop Library Giant, G312)
1987978-0-445-73484-5Ann MillerNotorious
978-0-445-73710-5DummySport of Queen: Begin Hum
978-0-445-73740-2DummyWizard War: Begin Hum
1988978-0-445-73832-4DAMAGED/REMNDRDamaged/Remainder Books
978-0-445-73864-5Star of Gypsie: Fables
1981978-0-445-78863-3Ohio State UniversityPapers in Comparative Studies. Vol. 1 (1981)
1964978-0-445-96272-9Man Missing (Pop Library Mystery, SP272)