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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-443-00000-3Accident Prevention and First Aid in Home
1966978-0-443-00002-7John Crawford AdamsIschio-femoral Arthrodesis
1965978-0-443-00004-1J.T. AitkenThorax and Upper Limb: Vol. 1, A Manual of Human Anatomy
  ''978-0-443-00005-8J.T. Aitken · etc.Manual of Human Anatomy: Head and Neck v. 2
1966978-0-443-00007-2J.T. Aitken · etc.Manual of Human Anatomy: Lower Limb v. 4
1967978-0-443-00008-9   ''Manual of Human Anatomy: Central Nervous System v. 5
978-0-443-00009-6Joseph BlackExperiments Upon Magnesia Alba, Quicklime and Some Other Alkaline Substances (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00010-2John Dalton · etc.Foundations of Atomic Theory (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00013-3Robert HookeMicrographia: Extracts (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00014-0Humphry DavyDecomposition of Alkalis and Alkaline Earths (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00015-7Joseph Priestley · Carl Wilhelm ScheeleDiscovery of Oxygen: Pt. 1 (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00016-4Joseph Priestley · Carl Wilhelm ScheeleDiscovery of Oxygen: Pt. 2 (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00018-8Thomas GrahamResearches of Arseniates, Phosphates and Modifications of Phosphoric Acid (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00019-5J. ReyEssays (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00021-8Carl Wilhelm Scheele · etc.Early History of Chlorine (Alembic Club Reprints.)
1905978-0-443-00022-5L. PasteurResearches on Molecular Asymmetry of Natural Organic Products (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00024-9A.W. WilliamsonPapers on Etherification, and on Constitution of Salts (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00027-0J.H.Van't Hoff · S. ArrheniusFoundations of Theory of Dilute Solutions (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00028-7William Prout · etc.Prout's Hypothesis (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00029-4Archibald Scott CouperOn New Chemical Theory and Researches on Salicylic Acid (Alembic Club Reprints.)
978-0-443-00030-0Wilhelm Conrad RoentgenX-rays and Electric Conductivity of Gases (Alembic Club Reprints.)
1965978-0-443-00032-4J.D. Allan · K.S. HoltBiochemical Approaches to Mental Handicap in Children
1958978-0-443-00033-1J.M. Alston · J.C. BroomLeptospirosis in Man and Animals
1966978-0-443-00036-2B.L. AndrewControl and Innervation of Skeletal Muscle
1963978-0-443-00037-9S.T. AnningGeneral Infirmary at Leeds: v. 1
1966978-0-443-00038-6   ''General Infirmary at Leeds: v. 2
  ''978-0-443-00039-3George AnsellNotes on Radiological Emergencies
1946978-0-443-00040-9James Rowan ArmstrongBone-grafting in Treatment of Fractures
1965978-0-443-00041-6   ''Lumbar Disc Lesions
1966978-0-443-00044-7Hamilton BaileyDemonstrations of Operative Surgery
1968978-0-443-00045-4Dugald BairdCombined Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology: For Students and Practitioners
1961978-0-443-00047-8C.R. BannisterUse of Drawing in Study of Anatomy and Physiology
1967978-0-443-00050-8Mary Elizabeth BeckFood, Fact and Figure
1961978-0-443-00051-5G. BehnExercises After Childbirth
1962978-0-443-00053-9George H. BellHospital and Medical School Design
1967978-0-443-00056-0Edwin Trevor Bell · John Alexander LoraineRecent Research on Gonadotrophic Hormones
1959978-0-443-00057-7A.J. BenattManual of Chest Clinic Practice in Tropical and Sub-tropical Countries
1956978-0-443-00059-1W.R. BettSir John Bland-Sutton, 1855-1936
1958978-0-443-00061-4J.R. BignallCarcinoma of Lung (Neoplastic Disease at Various Sites)
1963978-0-443-00064-5Kenneth A. BissetBacteria
1970978-0-443-00066-9W. Blackwood · etc.Atlas of Neuropathology
1965978-0-443-00067-6E.Joan Bocock · Richard Wheeler HainesApplied Anatomy for Nurses
1967978-0-443-00068-3Elizabeth Bolton · Diana GoodwinIntroduction to Pool Exercises
1960978-0-443-00069-0Charles BowesmanSurgery and Clinical Pathology in Tropics
1948978-0-443-00071-3Agatha Hilliam BowleyNatural Development of Child
  ''978-0-443-00074-4A.H. BowleyProblems of Family Life
1961978-0-443-00075-1Agatha Hilliam BowleyPsychological Care of Child in Hospital
1967978-0-443-00076-8J.A. BoyleLecture Notes in Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Nurses
1962978-0-443-00077-5Austin Bradford HillStatistical Methods in Clinical and Preventive Medicine
1963978-0-443-00078-2Arthur W. BranwoodModern Concepts of Pathogenesis of Coronary Atherosclerosis
1964978-0-443-00080-5R.E. Bray · T.E. BirdPractice of Psychiatric Nursing
1969978-0-443-00083-6R.J. BrigdenOperating Theatre Technique
1952978-0-443-00086-7Sir R.C. BrockLife and Work of Astley Cooper
1965978-0-443-00087-4C.Fraser BrockingtonPublic Health in the Nineteenth Century
1966978-0-443-00089-8J.C.McClure Browne · F.James BrowneAdvice to the Expectant Mother on the Care of Her Health and That of Her Child
1967978-0-443-00091-1Kevin Browne · Paul FreelingDoctor-patient Relationship
1964978-0-443-00092-8John Bruce · etc.Manual of Surgical Anatomy
1966978-0-443-00093-5John Bruce · etc.Manual of Surgical Anatomy
1964978-0-443-00094-2J.Lyle CameronMotherhood and the Safe Time Simplified
1967978-0-443-00095-9G.T.Willoughby Cashell · I.M. DurranHandbook of Orthoptic Principles
1966978-0-443-00096-6Descriptive Catalogue of the Pathological Series in the Hunterian Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England: Pt. 1
978-0-443-00106-2Botany: Pt. 2 (Catechism)
978-0-443-00109-3Physiology: Pt. 1 (Catechism)
978-0-443-00110-9Physiology: Pt. 2 (Catechism)
978-0-443-00111-6Physiology: Pt. 3 (Catechism)
978-0-443-00112-3Physiology: Pt. 4 (Catechism)
978-0-443-00113-0Physiology: Pt. 5 (Catechism)
1960978-0-443-00115-4G. CauseyCell of Schwann
1962978-0-443-00116-1   ''Electron Microscopy
1954978-0-443-00118-5M.F. ChappellChildbirth
978-0-443-00119-2John CharnleyClosed Treatment of Common Fractures
1953978-0-443-00120-8John CharnleyCompression Arthrodesis
1966978-0-443-00123-9T. CoetzeeUrinary Diversion
1964978-0-443-00124-6D.H. Collins · R.C.B. PughPathology of Testicular Tumours
  ''978-0-443-00126-0E.Godfrey CollinsGuide to Diseases of Nose, Throat and Ear
1959978-0-443-00128-4R. CoopeQuiet Art
1954978-0-443-00129-1Zachary CopeWilliam Cheselden, 1688-1752
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1962978-0-443-00139-0Alistair Graham Cruikshank · Cornelius StewartPocket Book of Proprietary Drugs
1967978-0-443-00143-7William Wilkin DaveyCompanion to Surgery in Africa
1967978-0-443-00148-2Charles Norman Davies · etc.Effects of Abnormal Physical Conditions at Work
  ''978-0-443-00150-5Wallace M. DennisonSurgery in Infancy and Childhood
1962978-0-443-00152-9Jessie DobsonAnatomical Eponyms
1957978-0-443-00153-6Jessie Dobson · Cecil P.G. WakeleySir George Buckston Browne
1963978-0-443-00155-0Donald Macleod DouglasWound Healing and Management
1964978-0-443-00156-7C.M. DrillienGrowth and Development of Prematurely Born Infant
1966978-0-443-00157-4T.T.S. Ingram · Cecil M. Drillien · Elsie M. WilkinsonCauses and Natural History of Cleft Lip and Palate
1958978-0-443-00158-1Hugh DudleyPrinciples of General Surgical Management
1960978-0-443-00159-8C.F. DukesCancer of Rectum (Neoplastic Diseases at Various Sites)
1956978-0-443-00160-4J.W. DundeeThiopentone and Other Thiobarbiturates
1967978-0-443-00163-5Marie EbnerPhysiotherapy in Obstetrics
1962978-0-443-00164-2Maria EbnerConnective Tissue Massage
1952978-0-443-00165-9Harry EdelstonEarliest Stages of Delinquency
1967978-0-443-00166-6Vincent Edmunds · C.Gordon ScorerEthical Responsibility in Medicine
1966978-0-443-00167-3F.Ronald EdwardsFoundations of Thoracic Surgery
  ''978-0-443-00168-0Edinburgh University Board of Medical StudiesNotes on Clinical Sideroom Methods
1959978-0-443-00169-7S.D. ElekStaphylococcus Pyogenes and Its Relation to Disease
1965978-0-443-00173-4Reginald ElsonPractical Management of Spinal Injuries for Nurses
1957978-0-443-00174-1Marian EnglishPlaster of Paris Technique
1969978-0-443-00175-8R.Winston EvansHistological Appearances of Tumours
1964978-0-443-00176-5William EvansDiseases of the Heart and Arteries
1958978-0-443-00180-2Thomas FergusonScottish Social Welfare, 1864-1914
1969978-0-443-00181-9A.C. Fleming · H.F. PatersonMental Disorder and the Law
1958978-0-443-00183-3R.Rowden FootePhysical Treatment of Varicose Ulcers
1961978-0-443-00184-0William D. FosterShort History of Clinical Pathology
1965978-0-443-00185-7William D. FosterHistory of Parasitology
1967978-0-443-00187-1Alfred Thomas Fripp · N.E. ShawClubfoot
1966978-0-443-00188-8John FryProfiles of Disease
978-0-443-00190-1Pygmees Kango Efe Asua
1965978-0-443-00191-8H.S.D. GarvenStudent's Histology
1962978-0-443-00192-5Michael GelfandMedical Precepts in Tropical Africa
1964978-0-443-00193-2Michael GelfandMedicine and Custom in Africa
1961978-0-443-00194-9Michael GelfandMedicine in Tropical Africa
1967978-0-443-00195-6   ''African Witch
1961978-0-443-00196-3J.A. Gillespie · Donald Macleod DouglasSome Aspects of Obliterative Vascular Disease of the Lower Limb
1964978-0-443-00198-7M. GillisonHistology of Body Tissues
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1963978-0-443-00207-6W.Russell GrantPrinciples of Rehabilitation
1958978-0-443-00211-3A J HaleInterference Microscope in Biological Research
1964978-0-443-00214-4Reginald Henry James HamlinClinical Diagnosis in Labour
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1957978-0-443-00216-8R.M.Handfield- Jones · Sir A. E. PorrittEssentials of Modern Surgery
1962978-0-443-00218-2Richard M.J. HarperEvolution and Illness
  ''978-0-443-00220-5Peter Harris · Donald HeathHuman Pulmonary Circulation
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1970978-0-443-00236-6May HoulistonPractice of Mental Nursing
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1963978-0-443-00240-3J.T. HuestonDupuytren's Contracture
1958978-0-443-00241-0E.S.R. HughesSurgery of Anus, Anal Canal and Rectum
1959978-0-443-00242-7E S R HughesSurgery of Colon
1965978-0-443-00244-1John H. HuntAccident Prevention and Life Saving
1966978-0-443-00245-8L.B. HuntGlaucoma
1954978-0-443-00246-5A.C.W. HutchinsonDental and Oral X-ray Diagnosis
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1967978-0-443-00251-9Charles IllingworthStory of William Hunter
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  ''978-0-443-00261-8   ''Illustrations of Regional Anatomy: Thorax Pt. 5
1968978-0-443-00262-5   ''Illustrations of Regional Anatomy: Upper Limb Pt. 6
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978-0-443-00320-2Robert Macintosh · W.W. MushinLocal Analgesia: Brachial Plexus
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