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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1979978-0-441-86057-9Charles SheffieldVectors
1978978-0-441-86064-7Fred SaberhagenThe Veils of Azlaroc
1984978-0-441-86071-5Jack C. Haldeman IIVector Analysis
1979978-0-441-86170-5Bob ShawVertigo
1982978-0-441-86181-1E. C. TubbVeruchia (Dumarest of Terra #8)
1988978-0-441-86290-0Mick FarrenVickers
1987978-0-441-86461-4Piers AnthonyVision of Tarot
1983978-0-441-86495-9L. Sprague De CampThe Virgin of Zesh and the Tower of Zanid
1993978-0-441-86500-0Amy ThomsonVirtual Girl (Ace science fiction)
1991978-0-441-86503-1Piers AnthonyVirtual Mode (Mode, Book 1)
1984978-0-441-86570-3M. John HarrisonViriconium nights
  ''978-0-441-86584-0Jonathan CarrollVoice of Our Shadow
1981978-0-441-86610-6Andre NortonVoorloper
1984978-0-441-86611-3Andre NortonVoorloper
1987978-0-441-87046-2Guy Gavriel KayWandering Fire (Fionavar Tapestry, Book 2)
  ''978-0-441-87073-8Emma BullWar for the Oaks
1993978-0-441-87140-7Jim AikinWall At Edge Of World
1985978-0-441-87160-5Dennis SchmidtWanderer
1977978-0-441-87183-4A. E. Van VogtThe War Against the Rull (SF From the Great Years Series)
1987978-0-441-87187-2Gayle RiversThe War Against the Terrorists: How to Win It
1979978-0-441-87195-7Jack L. ChalkerWar Of Shadows/a
1987978-0-441-87286-2Christopher StasheffThe Warlock Heretical
1978978-0-441-87302-9Christopher StasheffWarlock In Spite of Himself
1985978-0-441-87305-0   ''Warlock Spite Himself
1990978-0-441-87313-5   ''Warlock Rock
1991978-0-441-87314-2   ''Warlock And Son (Warlock of Gramarye, Book 11)
1986978-0-441-87316-6Andre NortonWarlock of the Witch World
1982978-0-441-87325-8Christopher StasheffThe Warlock Unlocked
1985978-0-441-87330-2   ''Warlock Unlocked
1986978-0-441-87332-6Christopher StasheffWarlock Unlocked (The Warlock Series)
1981978-0-441-87333-3Richard McEnroeWarriors Blood
1986978-0-441-87334-0Christopher StasheffThe Warlock Enraged
  ''978-0-441-87337-1   ''Warlock Spite Himself
1981978-0-441-87338-8Richard McEnroeWarriors World
1985978-0-441-87340-1Christopher StasheffThe Warlock Enraged
1988978-0-441-87341-8   ''The Warlock's Companion
1986978-0-441-87346-3William C. DietzGalactic Bounty
  ''978-0-441-87361-6Christopher StasheffThe Warlock Wandering (Warlock, Bk. 6)
1987978-0-441-87362-3   ''The Warlock Wandering
1989978-0-441-87364-7   ''The Warlock Insane
1982978-0-441-87379-1FeliceWater Witch
1984978-0-441-87380-7Cynthia FeliceWater Witch
1986978-0-441-87421-7Dennis SchmidtWay-farer
1988978-0-441-87487-3Gordon R. DicksonWay Of The Pilgrim
1978978-0-441-87625-9Dennis A. SchmidtWay-farer
1981978-0-441-87626-6Dennis SchmidtWay-farer
1983978-0-441-87718-8Harlan EllisonWeb Of The City
1979978-0-441-87862-8Charles SheffieldWeb Between The World
1964978-0-441-87879-6Andre NortonWeb of the Witch World (Witch World #2)
1987978-0-441-87883-3J. F. RivkinWeb of Wind
1977978-0-441-87941-0Thomas Burnett SwannThe Weirwoods
1987978-0-441-88081-2Jack L. ChalkerWhen the Changewinds Blow (Changewinds, Bk. 1)
1980978-0-441-88087-4Andrew J. OffuttWhen Death Birds Fly (Cormac Mac Art, 3)
1978978-0-441-88101-7John JakesWhen the Star Kings Die
1979978-0-441-88575-6Bob ShawWho Goes Here
1991978-0-441-88591-6Tom HoltWho's Afraid of Beowulf?
1986978-0-441-88669-2Margot Benary-IsbertThe Wicked Enchantment
1988978-0-441-88805-4Michael MoorcockThe Weird of the White Wolf (Elric Saga)
1979978-0-441-88975-4William ShatnerWhere No Man
  ''978-0-441-89240-2Philip Jose FarmerThe Wind Whales of Ishmael
1984978-0-441-89248-8Megan LindholmThe Windsingers
1970978-0-441-89253-2Marion Simmer BradleyThe Winds of Darkover (Ace SF, 89253)
1983978-0-441-89255-6Marion Zimmer BradleyThe Winds of Darkover
1986978-0-441-89261-7Marion Zimmer BradleyWinds Of Darkover
1987978-0-441-89425-3Catherine CookeWinged Assassin
1982978-0-441-89441-3James MorrowThe Wine of Violence
1986978-0-441-89443-7Lillian Stewart CarlThe Winter King
  ''978-0-441-89467-3Megan Lindholm · Robin HobbWizard Of Pigeons
1986978-0-441-89644-8Will ShetterlyWitch Blood
  ''978-0-441-89708-7Andre NortonWitch World
1987978-0-441-90067-1John VarleyWizard (Gaea)
1970978-0-441-90076-3Ursula K. Le GuinA Wizard of Earthsea
1986978-0-441-90215-6Christopher StasheffWizard In Bedlam
1993978-0-441-90872-1R. A. SalvatoreThe Woods out Back (The Spearwielder's Tale)
1990978-0-441-90911-7Teresa EdgertonWork Of The Sun (The Green Lion Trilogy, Book 3)
1973978-0-441-91051-9John BrunnerThe World Swappers (Ace SF, #91051)
1983978-0-441-91052-6H. Beam PiperThe Worlds of H. Beam Piper
1984978-0-441-91072-4Joe HaldemanWorlds Apart
1988978-0-441-91178-3Marion Zimmer BradleyWorld Wreckers
1987978-0-441-91771-6Robert HowardWorms Of The Earth
1983978-0-441-91810-2Orson Scott CardWorthing Chronicle
1986978-0-441-94000-4Charles de LintYarrow
1970978-0-441-94200-8Wilson TuckerThe Year of the Quiet Sun
  ''978-0-441-94201-5Wilson TuckerThe Year of the Quiet Sun
1979978-0-441-94254-1Andre NortonYear of the Unicorn (Witch World)
1969978-0-441-94350-0Rex GordonThe Yellow Fraction
1984978-0-441-94456-9Steven BrustYendi (Jhereg, Book 2)
1987978-0-441-94460-6Steven BrustYendi
1988978-0-441-94978-6Harry HarrisonYou Can Be The Stainless Steel Rat
1978978-0-441-95490-2Andre NortonZarsthor's Bane (Witch World #11)
1986978-0-441-95493-3Andre NortonZarsthor's bane
1985978-0-441-95915-0Simon HawkeThe Zenda Vendetta (Time Wars)