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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-437-90080-7Janette Sebring LowrySix Silver Spoons (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90081-4Millicent E. SelsamWhen an Animal Grows (I Can Read)
1996978-0-437-90082-1E. ShawOctopus Shaw Icr 82 (A science I can read book)
1973978-0-437-90083-8Peggy ParishCome Back Amelia Bedelia (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90084-5Crosby Newell BonsallThe Case of the Scaredy Cats (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-90085-2Evelyn ShawAlligator (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90086-9Nathaniel BenchleySmall Wolf (I Can Read)
1973978-0-437-90087-6Peggy ParishPlay Ball Amelia Bedelia (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90088-3Carla GreeneCowboys: What Do They Do? (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90089-0Arnold LobelFrog and Toad Together (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-90090-6Edith Thacher HurdJohnny Lion's Rubber Boots (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90091-3Robert A. MorrisSeahorse (Science I can read books)
1973978-0-437-90092-0Leonard KesslerOn Your Marks, Get Set, Go! (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90093-7Arnold LobelMouse Tales (I Can Read)
1974978-0-437-90094-4Nonny HogrogianBilly Goat and His Well-fed Friends (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90095-1Millicent E. SelsamMore Potatoes (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90096-8Lillian HobanArthur's Christmas Cookies (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90097-5Mamoru FunaiMoke and Poki in the Forest (I Can Read)
1974978-0-437-90098-2Crosby Newell BonsallPiggle (I Can Read)
1975978-0-437-90099-9Lillian HobanArthur's Honey Bear (An I can read book)
1976978-0-437-90100-2Arnold LobelOwl at Home (I Can Read Book)
  ''978-0-437-90101-9Faith McNultyWoodchuck (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90102-6Barbara BrennerBaltimore Orioles (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90103-3Edward R. RicciutiDonald and the Fish That Walked (Science I can read books)
  ''978-0-437-90104-0Robert A. MorrisDolphin (Science I can read books)
1976978-0-437-90105-7Nathaniel BenchleySam the Minuteman (An I can read history book)
  ''978-0-437-90106-4B. WisemanMorris is A Cowboy Paper Icr (An I can read book)
1977978-0-437-90107-1Edward R. RicciutiAn Animal for Alan (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90108-8Lillian HobanArthur's Pen Pal (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-90109-5Arnold LobelFrog and Toad All Year (I Can Read)
1978978-0-437-90110-1Evelyn ShawA Nest of Wood Ducks (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90111-8Nathaniel BenchleySnorri and the Strangers (I Can Read)
1978978-0-437-90112-5Marjorie Weinman SharmatMooch the Messy (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90113-2Arnold LobelMouse Soup (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90114-9Nathaniel BenchleyGeorge the Drummer Boy (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90115-6Franz ZweifelBony (An I can read book)
  ''978-0-437-90116-3Lillian HobanMr. Pig and Sony Too (I Can Read)
1979978-0-437-90117-0Crosby Newell BonsallTwelve Bells for Santa (I Can Read)
1979978-0-437-90118-7Joanne Ryder · Don BologneseFireflies (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90119-4Genevieve GrayHow Far, Felipe? (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90120-0Malcolm CarrickToday is Shrew's Day (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90121-7Phyllis FlowerBarn Owl (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90122-4Barbara Brenner · Don BologneseWagon Wheels (I Can Read)
1996978-0-437-90123-1Thomas P Lewis · Joan SandinThe voyage of the Clipper Ship RAINBIRD (An I can read History Book No.123)
1979978-0-437-90124-8WITTMAN SPelly and Peak Wittman Icr 124 (The I can read books)
1979978-0-437-90125-5Kin Platt · Robert LopshireBig Max in the Mystery of the Missing Moose (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90126-2Lillian HobanArthur's Prize Reader (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-90127-9Evelyn ShawElephant Seal Island
  ''978-0-437-90128-6Arnold LobelGrasshopper on the Road (I Can Read)
1980978-0-437-90129-3Ursula LandshoffOkay, Good Dog (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90130-9Malcolm CarrickHappy Jack (I Can Read)
1980978-0-437-90131-6Arnold LobelDays with Frog and Toad (I Can Read S.)
1981978-0-437-90132-3Dick GackenbachHattie,Tom, and the Chicken Witch (An I can read book no 132)
  ''978-0-437-90133-0Bruce DegenThe Little Witch and the Riddle (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90134-7Malcolm CarrickMr. Tod's Trap (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90135-4Lillian HobanMr. Pig and Family (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90136-1Crosby Newell BonsallCase of the Double Cross (I Can Read)
1982978-0-437-90137-8Lillian HobanArthur's Funny Money (I Can Read)
1982978-0-437-90138-5Arnold LobelUncle Elephant (An I Can Read Book No. 138)
  ''978-0-437-90139-2Peggy ParishNo More Monsters for Me! (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90140-8Faith McNultyThe Elephant Who Couldn't Forget (An I Can Read Book)
  ''978-0-437-90141-5Kay ChoraoOink and Pearl (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90142-2Eleanor CoerrThe Big Balloon Race (I Can Read)
1983978-0-437-90143-9Phoebe HobanReady-set-robot (I Can Read)
1983978-0-437-90144-6Thomas P. LewisCall for Mr. Sniff (I Can Read S.)
1984978-0-437-90145-3Phoebe HobanThe Laziest Robot in Zone 1 (I Can Read)
1986978-0-437-90146-0Mike ThalerIt's Me, Hippo (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90147-7Lillian HobanArthur's Hallowe'en Costume (An I can read book)
  ''978-0-437-90148-4Marjorie Weinman SharmatThe Story of Bentley Beaver (I Can Read)
1983978-0-437-90166-8Alfred TackHow to Succeed as a Sales Manager (Cedar Book)
1962978-0-437-90501-7Syd HoffAlbert the Albatross (Early I Can Read)
1964978-0-437-90502-4Edith Thacher HurdCome and Have Fun (Early I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90503-1Syd HoffWho Will be My Friends? (Early I Can Read)
1969978-0-437-90504-8Else Holmelund MinarikCat and Dog (Early I Can Read)
1971978-0-437-90505-5Syd HoffHorse in Harry's Room (Early I Can Read)
1972978-0-437-90506-2   ''Thunderhoof (Early I Can Read)
1974978-0-437-90507-9Crosby Newell BonsallDay I Had to Play with My Sister (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90508-6   ''Mine's the Best (Early I Can Read)
1975978-0-437-90509-3Peggy ParishDinosaur Time (Early I Can Read)
1975978-0-437-90510-9Crosby Newell BonsallAnd I Mean it, Stanley (Early I Can Read)
1976978-0-437-90511-6S. HoffBarkley Hoff Eicr 11 (An early I can read book)
1977978-0-437-90512-3Dick GackenbachHattie Rabbit (Early I Can Read)
1978978-0-437-90513-0   ''Mother Rabbit's Son Tom (Early I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90514-7Syd HoffWalpole (Early I Can Read)
1979978-0-437-90515-4Mary Deball Kwitz · Cyndy SzekeresLittle Chick's Story (Early I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90516-1Jane White CanfieldSwan Cove (Early I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90517-8SHECTER BHester the Jester Eicr 17 (The early I can read books)
1980978-0-437-90518-5Dick GackenbachHattie be Quiet, Hattie be Good (Early I Can Read S.)
1981978-0-437-90519-2Laura Jean AllenOttie and the Star (Early I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-90520-8Crosby Newell BonsallWho's Afraid of the Dark? (Early I Can Read)
1982978-0-437-90521-5Mary Deball KwitzLittle Chick's Big Day (Early I Can Read)
1986978-0-437-90522-2   ''Little Chick's Breakfast (Early I Can Read)
1965978-0-437-90601-4Else Holmelund MinarikLittle Bear (I Can Read)
1974978-0-437-92003-4Arnold LobelPorculous (French I Can Read)
1974978-0-437-92004-1Arnold LobelRanelot et Bufolet (French I Can Read)
1953978-0-437-95006-2Dale CarnegieHow to Win Friends and Influence People (Cedar Books)
1956978-0-437-95015-4Billy GrahamPeace with God (Cedar Books)
1955978-0-437-95029-1Norman Vincent PealeA Guide to Confident Living (Cedar Books)
1957978-0-437-95035-2Karin RoonNew Way to Relax (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95042-0Norman Vincent Peale · Smiley BlantonFaith is the Answer (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95049-9Dale CarnegieHow to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking (Cedar Books)
1958978-0-437-95053-6Norman Vincent Peale · Smiley BlantonArt of Real Happiness (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95055-0Lady L. TroubridgeBook of Etiquette (Cedar Books)
1959978-0-437-95061-1Norman Vincent PealeInspiring Messages for Daily Living (Cedar Books)
1960978-0-437-95066-6Billy GrahamThe Secret of Happiness (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95069-7Norman Vincent PealeUnlock Your Faith Power (Cedar Books)
1961978-0-437-95077-2Fulton Oursler · April Oursler ArmstrongGreatest Faith Ever Known
1962978-0-437-95083-3Dale CarnegieHow to Stop Worrying and Start Living (Cedar Books)
1963978-0-437-95098-7Norman Vincent PealeStay Alive All Your Life (Cedar Books)
1963978-0-437-95100-7Norman Vincent PealeThe Power of Positive Thinking (Cedar Books)
1964978-0-437-95105-2Billy GrahamMy Answer (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95108-3Norman Vincent PealeAmazing Results of Positive Thinking (Cedar Books)
1955978-0-437-95110-6Norman Vincent PealeTHE Power of Positive Thinking for Young People (Cedar Books)
1965978-0-437-95122-9James MonahanBefore I Sleep: Last Days of Tom Dooley (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95124-3John KennedyWedding Etiquette (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95125-0Norman Vincent PealeThe Tough-Minded Optimist (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95132-8Agnes W. DooleyPromises to Keep: Doctor Thomas A. Dooley (Cedar Books)
1966978-0-437-95133-5F.P. GehringChild of Miracles (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95136-6Frank BettgerHow I Multiplied My Income and Happiness in Selling (Cedar Books)
1967978-0-437-95139-7Maying SoongArt of Chinese Paper Folding (Cedar Books)
1967978-0-437-95140-3Fulton J. SheenGo to Heaven (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95141-0Lord EltonSimon Peter (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95142-7Alfred TackSell Better, Live Better (Cedar Books)
1968978-0-437-95143-4Father BorrelliStreet Lamp and the Stars (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95144-1Billy GrahamWorld Aflame (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95145-8Marie KillileaWith Love from Karen (Cedar Books)
1969978-0-437-95146-5Milton K. OzakiBridge for Absolute Beginners (Cedar Books)
1969978-0-437-95147-2L.Hugh NewmanCreate a Butterfly Garden (Cedar Books)
1970978-0-437-95148-9Norman Vincent PealeMan, Morals and Maturity (Cedar Books)
1971978-0-437-95149-6Billy GrahamThe Challenge (Cedar Books)
1973978-0-437-95150-2Brian Fraser HarrisonBusiness of Your Own Today (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95151-9Norman Vincent PealeEnthusiasm Makes the Difference (Cedar Books)
1974978-0-437-95152-6Alfred TackHow to Overcome Nervous Tension and Speak Well in Public (Cedar Book)
  ''978-0-437-95153-3   ''Profitable Letter Writing (Cedar book)
1975978-0-437-95154-0Norman Vincent PealeThe New Art of Living (Cedar book)
  ''978-0-437-95155-7Alfred TackHow to Succeed in Selling (A Cedar book)
1976978-0-437-95156-4   ''Marketing: The Sales Manager's Role (Cedar Books)
1978978-0-437-95157-1   ''How to Increase Sales by Telephone (Cedar Books)
1980978-0-437-95158-8   ''1000 Ways to Increase Your Sales (Cedar Books)
1979978-0-437-95159-5Alfred TackBuilding, Training and Motivating a Sales Force (Cedar Books)
1980978-0-437-95160-1Norman Vincent PealeThe Positive Principle Today (Cedar book)
  ''978-0-437-95161-8Alfred TackHow to Increase Your Sales to Industry (Cedar Books)
1981978-0-437-95162-5   ''Executive Development (Cedar books)
1982978-0-437-95163-2Norman Vincent PealeThe Positive Way to Change Your Life (Cedar books)
1983978-0-437-95164-9   ''You Can If You Think You Can (Cedar book)
1985978-0-437-95165-6   ''Positive Thoughts for Today (Cedar book)
  ''978-0-437-95167-0Denis WaitleySeeds of Greatness: Ten Best-kept Secrets of Total Success (Cedar Books)
  ''978-0-437-95168-7Norman Vincent PealeThe Joy of Positive Living: Autobiography (Cedar Books)
1977978-0-437-96001-6Syd HoffJulius (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96002-3Gene ZionHarry and the Lady Next Door (I Can Read)
1977978-0-437-96003-0Russell HobanA Bargain for Frances (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96004-7Peggy ParishCome Back Amelia Bedelia (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96005-4Crosby Newell BonsallCase of the Scaredy Cats (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96006-1Arnold LobelMouse Tales (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96007-8Peggy ParishAmelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower (I Can Read)
1977978-0-437-96008-5Else Holmelund MinarikLittle Bear (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-96009-2Syd HoffSammy the Seal (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96010-8Russell HobanTom and the Two Handles (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96011-5Joan HeilbronerThis is the House Where Jack Lives (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96012-2Crosby Newell BonsallCase of the Hungry Stranger (I Can Read)
1978978-0-437-96013-9Nathaniel BenchleyRed Fox and His Canoe (I Can Read)
1978978-0-437-96014-6Millicent E. SelsamBenny's Animals (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96015-3Edith Thacher HurdJohnny Lion's Book (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96016-0Syd HoffDanny and the Dinosaur (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96017-7Arnold LobelSmall Pig (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96018-4Crosby Newell BonsallCase of the Cat's Meow (I Can Read)
1978978-0-437-96019-1Arnold LobelFrog and Toad are Friends (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96020-7Kin PlattBig Max (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96021-4Syd HoffStanley (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-96022-1Crosby Newell BonsallWho's a Pest? (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96023-8Peggy ParishOotah's Lucky Day (I Can Read)
1978978-0-437-96024-5Carla GreeneCowboys: What Do They Do? (I Can Read)
1979978-0-437-96025-2Crosby Newell BonsallAnd I Mean it, Stanley (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96026-9   ''Day I Had to Play with My Sister (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96027-6Else Holmelund MinarikCat and Dog (Early I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96028-3Edith Thacher HurdCome and Have Fun (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96029-0Peggy ParishDinosaur Time (I Can Read)
1979978-0-437-96030-6Syd HoffHorse in Harry's Room (I Can Read)
1980978-0-437-96031-3Syd HoffLittle Chief (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96032-0Else Holmelund MinarikA Kiss for Little Bear (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-96033-7Arnold LobelFrog and Toad Together (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-96034-4Syd HoffAlbert the Albatross (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96035-1Newell Bonall CrosbyTell Me Some More (I Can Read)
1980978-0-437-96036-8Edith Thacher HurdNo Funny Business (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96037-5Lillian HobanArthur's Pen Pal (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96038-2Syd HoffChester (I Can Read)
  ''978-0-437-96039-9Else Holmelund MinarikFather Bear Comes Home (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-96040-5Arnold LobelFrog and Toad All Year (I Can Read S.)
1980978-0-437-96041-2Arnold LobelOwl at Home (I Can Read S.)
  ''978-0-437-96042-9Nathaniel Benchley · Mamoru FunaiSeveral Tricks of Edgar Dolphin (I Can Read)