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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-0-431-90818-2Donald AdcockOrganizing and Using Information (Information Literacy Skills)
  ''978-0-431-90819-9   ''Understanding the Importance of Information (Information Literacy Skills)
  ''978-0-431-90820-5   ''Information Literacy Skills Pack A of 4
2007978-0-431-93125-8Fiona UndrillFrench Readers (Primary French Readers)
  ''978-0-431-93131-9Fiona UndrillFrench Readers: Pack A (Primary French Readers)
2008978-0-431-93153-1VariousChina Focus (pack A of 4)
2004978-0-431-93223-1Karen Hosack JanesHow Artists See: Pack A
2005978-0-431-93224-8Karen HosackAnimals (How Artists See)
  ''978-0-431-93225-5Karen HosackFamilies (How Artists See)
2005978-0-431-93226-2Karen HosackNature (How Artists See)
  ''978-0-431-93227-9   ''Homes (How Artists See)
  ''978-0-431-93228-6   ''Food (How Artists See)
2005978-0-431-93229-3Karen HosackWeather (How Artists See)
  ''978-0-431-93230-9   ''How Artists See: Pack A (How Artists See) (How Artists See S.)
  ''978-0-431-93231-6   ''How Artists See - Compilation (How Artists See)
2007978-0-431-93233-0Rod TheodorouBirds (Animal Young)
  ''978-0-431-93236-1Rod TheodorouMammals (Animal Young)
  ''978-0-431-93238-5   ''Animal Young: Pack A (Animal Young)
2008978-0-431-93239-2   ''Animal Young Amphibians
2008978-0-431-93240-8Rod TheodorouBirds (Animal Young)
2008978-0-431-93241-5Rod TheodorouFish (Animal Young)
  ''978-0-431-93242-2   ''Insects (Animal Young)
  ''978-0-431-93243-9   ''Animal Young Mammals
  ''978-0-431-93244-6   ''Reptiles (Animal Young)
  ''978-0-431-93245-3   ''Animal Young: "Amphibians", "Birds", "Fish", "Insects", "Mammals", "Reptiles": Pack A: "Amphibians", "Birds", "Fish", "Insects", "Mammals", "Reptiles"
2005978-0-431-93258-3Sue BarracloughEarthworms (Little Nippers: Creepy Creatures)
2005978-0-431-93262-0Sue BarracloughBee (Little Nippers: Creepy Creatures)
2005978-0-431-93265-1Sue BarracloughAnt (Little Nippers: Creepy Creatures)
2008978-0-431-93276-7Sue Barraclough · Charlotte Guillain · Chris OxladeElectricity (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93278-1Sue Barraclough · Charlotte Guillain · Chris OxladeMagnets (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93280-4   ''Water (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93281-1Sue Barraclough · Chris Oxlade · Charlotte GuillainInvestigate: Pack B
  ''978-0-431-93285-9Sue Barraclough · Charlotte GuillainPlants (Investigate!)
2008978-0-431-93287-3Sue Barraclough · Charlotte GuillainInvestigate: PK C of 5: Pack C
  ''978-0-431-93289-7   ''Teeth (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93290-3   ''Life Cycles (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93293-4   ''Seasons (Investigate!)
2008978-0-431-93294-1Sue Barraclough · Charlotte GuillainInvestigate: Pack A
  ''978-0-431-93295-8Sue Barraclough · Charlotte Guillain · Chris OxladeElectricity (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93298-9   ''Pushes and Pull (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93299-6   ''Water (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93300-9   ''Investigate: PK B of 5: Pack B
2008978-0-431-93303-0Sue BarracloughEarth's Resources (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93304-7Sue Barraclough · Charlotte GuillainPlants (Investigate!)
  ''978-0-431-93306-1   ''Investigate: PK C of 5: Pack C
  ''978-0-431-93308-5Jane BinghamBallet (Dance)
  ''978-0-431-93312-2Tamsin FitzgeraldHip-Hop and Street Dance
2008978-0-431-93313-9Andrew SolwayAfrican and Asian Dance
2007978-0-431-99015-6Hazel KingFashion (Trends in Textile Technology)
2008978-0-431-99027-9Hazel KingTrends in Textile Technology Pack A of 6