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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-412-00001-0UnnamedLocomotion of Animals
1964978-0-412-00010-2Herbert AddisonTreatise on Applied Hydraulics
1982978-0-412-00011-9R. McNeill AlexanderLocomotion of Animals
978-0-412-00021-8Energy metabolismAnimal Energetics
1998978-0-412-00030-0James O'D. McGee · R.S. PatrickBiopsy Pathology of the Liver (Biopsy pathology series)
1982978-0-412-00031-7A. E. Brafield · Michael J. LlewellynAnimal Energetics
1983978-0-412-00041-6F. T. Last · R. R. B. LeakeyBiology of Trees (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
  ''978-0-412-00051-5Biology of Trees
  ''978-0-412-00061-4W. A. StevensVirology of Flowering Plants (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
  ''978-0-412-00071-3   ''Virology of Flowering Plants
  ''978-0-412-00081-2M. J. DelanyMammal Ecology (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
1982978-0-412-00091-1EcologyMammal Ecology
1985978-0-412-00111-6Trevor B PooleSocial Behaviour in Mammals (Tertiary Level Biology)
1982978-0-412-00121-5H. L. MalhotraDesign of Fire-Resisting Structures
1982978-0-412-00131-4D. Attwood · A. T. FlorencePhysiochemical Principles of Pharmacy
  ''978-0-412-00141-3Q BoneBiology of fishes (Tertiary level biology)
1995978-0-412-00151-2N. B. Marshall · Q. BoneBiology of Fishes
1982978-0-412-00161-1Ian F SpellerbergBiology of reptiles: An ecological approach (Tertiary level biology)
  ''978-0-412-00171-0Ian SpellerbergBiology of Reptiles
1959978-0-412-00180-2C.H. Best · Norman Burke TaylorLiving Body
1983978-0-412-00181-9R. G. ParkFoundations of Structural Geology
  ''978-0-412-00191-8Park R. G.Foundations of Structural Geology
  ''978-0-412-00201-4Iain L MarrTitle: Environmental chemical analysis
1982978-0-412-00211-3Arthur W BirleyPlastics materials: Properties and applications
1988978-0-412-00221-2Arthur W. BirleyPlastics Materials
1982978-0-412-00241-0T. P. LyonsA Step to Energy Independence: Gasohol
1988978-0-412-00261-8Alan WisemanPrinciples of Biotechnology
1981978-0-412-00271-7Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators
1983978-0-412-00281-6William Duncan Patterson StewartNitrogen Fixation (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
1983978-0-412-00301-1S. P LongSaltmarsh ecology (Tertiary level biology)
  ''978-0-412-00311-0S. P LongSaltmarsh ecology (Tertiary level biology)
  ''978-0-412-00321-9Peter CalowEvolutionary Principles (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
  ''978-0-412-00331-8P CalowEvolutionary Principles
  ''978-0-412-00341-7M. CarterGeotechnical Engineering Handbook
1983978-0-412-00351-6McColm. I. J.Ceramic Science for Materials Technologists
  ''978-0-412-00361-5Christopher G KoutitasElements of computational hydraulics
1989978-0-412-00371-4Michael Thompson · J. N. WalshHandbook of Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry
1960978-0-412-00380-6T.H. CarrElectric Power Stations: v. 1
1985978-0-412-00381-3A. F. G. DixonAphid Ecology
1962978-0-412-00390-5T.H. CarrElectric Power Stations: v. 2
1984978-0-412-00391-2R.K. Taylor · Peter B. Attewell · A. K. TaylorGround Movements and Their Effects on Structure
  ''978-0-412-00401-8W. O'ReillyRock and Mineral Magnetism
1983978-0-412-00411-7Christopher M PerrinsAvian ecology (Tertiary level biology)
  ''978-0-412-00421-6C. M. PerrinsTitle: Avian Ecology
  ''978-0-412-00441-4D.J. MabberleyTROPICAL RAIN FOREST ECOLOGY
1984978-0-412-00451-3Artificial vision for robots
1923978-0-412-00480-3P. CormacTreatise on Engine Balance
1985978-0-412-00491-9Herman R. HoltzComputer Work Stations
1984978-0-412-00501-5David F. TverEncyclopedic Dictionary of Industrial Technology: Materials, Processes and Equipment: Materials, Process and Equipment (Chapman and Hall Advanced Industrial Technology Series)
1985978-0-412-00511-4Sidney LevyPlastics Product Design Engineering Handbook
1984978-0-412-00521-3DuBois J. Harry · Levy SidneyPlastics Product Design Engineering Handbook
1985978-0-412-00531-2V. HuntSmart Robots: A Handbook of Intelligent Robotic Systems (Chapman and Hall Advanced Industrial Technology Series)
1984978-0-412-00541-1C. J. BarnardProducers and Scroungers: Strategies of Exploitation and Parasitism
1985978-0-412-00551-0The Chemistry of Natural Products
1984978-0-412-00561-9R DavisSpectral problems in organic chemistry
1984978-0-412-00571-8D. K. BrownAn Introduction to the Finite Element Method Using Basic Programs
  ''978-0-412-00581-7D. K. BrownIntroduction to the Finite Element Method Using Basic Programs
1986978-0-412-00591-6FookesA Handbook of Engineering Geomorphology
1985978-0-412-00601-2T. J. Shepherd · A. H. Rankin · D. M. H. AldertonA Practical Guide to Fluid Inclusion Studies
1992978-0-412-00621-0J. W. BradbeerSeed Dormancy and Germination (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
1984978-0-412-00631-9D. L HawksworthThe lichen-forming fungi (Tertiary level biology)
  ''978-0-412-00641-8D. L. Hawksworth · David J. HillThe Lichen Forming-Fungi (Tertiary Level Biology)
  ''978-0-412-00651-7Donald GriersonPlant molecular biology (Tertiary level biology)
1988978-0-412-00661-6Title: Plant Molecular Biology
2013978-0-412-00671-5Gary PhillipsApple Macintosh Encyclopedia
1985978-0-412-00681-4Gary PhillipsIBM PC Jr Encyclopedia
  ''978-0-412-00701-9Herman HoltzHow to Sell Computer Services to Government Agencies
1960978-0-412-00710-1R.H. Greaves · H. WrightonPractical Microscopical Metallography
2013978-0-412-00711-8Herman R. HoltzComputer Work Stations: A Manager'S Guide To Office Automation And Multi-User Systems
1985978-0-412-00721-7Calvin R. BrunnerHazardous Air Emissions from Incineration
1985978-0-412-00731-6Roger W. BolzManufacturing Automation Management: A Productivity Handbook
  ''978-0-412-00741-5J. OttensmannBasic Microcomputer Programmes for Urban Analysis and Planning
1987978-0-412-00751-4Theodore AllegriHandling and Management of Hazardous Materials and Waste
1986978-0-412-00761-3Raymond MeyerHandbook of Pultrusion Technology
1987978-0-412-00771-2Raymond W. MeyerHandbook of Polyester Molding Compounds and Molding Technology
1999978-0-412-00791-0JonesHandbook Of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics
1984978-0-412-00801-6Hilary E. PearsonComputer Contracts: An International Guide to Agreements and Software Protection
1986978-0-412-00811-5Robert KingHandbook of High-Speed Machining Technology (Chapman and Hall Advanced Industrial Technology Series)
1999978-0-412-00821-4D.M. ConsidineInstrumentation and Computer Concepts
1987978-0-412-00831-3Douglas M. Considine · Glenn D. ConsidineStandard Handbook of Industrial Automation (Chapman and Hall Advanced Industrial Technology Series)
1985978-0-412-00841-2J. R. AshworthMigmatites
  ''978-0-412-00851-1Smith BruceCommodore 64 Assembly Language
  ''978-0-412-00861-0Adrian R. D. NormanComputer Insecurity
  ''978-0-412-00871-9J. OttensmannBasic Microcomputer Programmes for Urban Analysis and Planning
1987978-0-412-00881-8P. J. PottsA Handbook of Silicate Rock Analysis
1986978-0-412-00891-7T. P. ScoffinAn Introduction to Carbonate Sediments and Rocks
1987978-0-412-00901-3M. J. ( Ed. ) WilsonA Handbook of determinative Methods in Clay Mineralogy.
1986978-0-412-00911-2P. B. Attewell · J. Yeates · A. R. SelbySoil Movements Induced by Tunneling and Their Effects on Pipelines and Structures
1985978-0-412-00921-1J. G PhillipsPhysiological strategies in avian biology (Tertiary level biology)
1985978-0-412-00931-0John G. Phillips · P. J. Butler · P. J. SharpPhysiological Strategies in Avian Biology (Tertiary Level Biology)
1989978-0-412-00941-9Martin WoodSoil Biology (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
1990978-0-412-00951-8Martin WoodSoil Biology (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
1999978-0-412-00961-7C. WolcockPlant Animal Interactions
  ''978-0-412-00971-6   ''Plant Animal Interactions
1987978-0-412-00981-5Title: The Biochemistry of Energy Utilization in Plants
  ''978-0-412-00991-4David T. DennisThe Biochemistry of Energy Utilization in Plants (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
1986978-0-412-01011-8Richard R RibchesterMolecule, nerve, and embryo (Tertiary level biology)
1985978-0-412-01021-7Raymond B. · Boaden, P. S. SeedAn introduction to coastal ecology (Tertiary level biology)
  ''978-0-412-01031-6Patrick J. S. Boaden · Raymond SeedAn Introduction to Coastal Ecology (Tertiary Level Biology)
1966978-0-412-01040-8Arthur William JudgeMechanism of the Car (Motor Manuals)
1986978-0-412-01041-5Microbial Energetics
1967978-0-412-01050-7Arthur William JudgeCar Maintenance and Repair (Motor Manuals)
1986978-0-412-01051-4E. A. DawesMicrobial Energetics
  ''978-0-412-01061-3E. N BromheadThe stability of slopes
1967978-0-412-01080-4Arthur William JudgeHigh Speed Diesel Engines
1987978-0-412-01081-1Robert I. King · Robert S. HahnHandbook of Modern Grinding Technology (Chapman and Hall Advanced Industrial Technology Series)
1985978-0-412-01091-0Computing Techniques for Robots
1986978-0-412-01101-6David F. TverIndustrial Medicine Desk Reference
2013978-0-412-01121-4Jules H. GilderApple Iic and Iie Assembly Language
1985978-0-412-01131-3D. J. ToddWalking Machines: An Introduction to Legged Robots (Chapman & Hall Advanced Industrial Technology Series)
1988978-0-412-01141-2C. F. ManskiAnalog Est Methods Econometric (Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics & Applied Probability)
1986978-0-412-01151-1John WattEvaporative Air Conditioning Handbook
1986978-0-412-01161-0J.E. WertzElectron Spin Resonance: Elementary Theory
  ''978-0-412-01171-9D. KealeyExperiments in Modern Analytical Chemistry
  ''978-0-412-01181-8John WertzElectron Spin Resonance: Elementary Theory and Practical Applications
1982978-0-412-01182-5Alan Burt AkersFliers of Antares
1987978-0-412-01201-3Gary L. TietjenA Topical Dictionary of Statistics
1986978-0-412-01211-2V. Daniel HuntArtificial Intelligence & Expert Systems Sourcebook (Chapman & Hall Industrial Technology Series)
1992978-0-412-01221-1Antonio PossoloSpatial Point Processes (Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability Series)
1958978-0-412-01250-1J.W. Meares · R.E. NealeElectrical Engineering Practice
1987978-0-412-01251-8C. R. Woodcock · J. S. MasonBulk Solids Handling: An Introduction to the Practice and Technology
1988978-0-412-01261-7J. M. Herbert · T. T. Wand · A. M. GlassThe Applications of Ferroelectric Polymers
  ''978-0-412-01271-6I. J. McColm · N. J. ClarkThe Forming, Shaping and Working of High-Performance Ceramics
1987978-0-412-01281-5B W BainbridgeGenetics of Microbes
1986978-0-412-01291-4B. W. BainbridgeGenetics of Microbes (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
1987978-0-412-01301-0K. T. Holland · J. S. Knapp · J. G. ShoesmithAnaerobic Bacteria (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
  ''978-0-412-01321-8S. J. MossThe Chemistry of the Semiconductor Industry
1987978-0-412-01331-7R. J. D TilleyDefect crystal chemistry and its applications
  ''978-0-412-01341-6Low temperature metamorphism
  ''978-0-412-01351-5N. W. M. JohnGeotextiles
1998978-0-412-01361-4David F. Tuer · H. HuntEncyclopaedic Dictionary of Sports Medicine
1988978-0-412-01371-3R. A. ThistedElements of Statistical Computing: NUMERICAL COMPUTATION
1986978-0-412-01381-2R. O. D DixonNitrogen fixation in plants (Tertiary level biology)
  ''978-0-412-01391-1R. DixonNitrogen Fixation in Plants
1988978-0-412-01421-5Raymond J. Carroll · David RuppertTransformation and Weighting in Regression (Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics and Applied Probability)
1989978-0-412-01431-4James MargolisConductive Polymers and Plastics
1988978-0-412-01441-3V. Daniel HuntMechatronics: Japan's Newest Threat (Advanced Industrial Technology)
1959978-0-412-01450-5G. Parr · O.H. DavieCathode-ray Tube and Its Applications
1987978-0-412-01451-2Seabird Ecology
1965978-0-412-01460-4R.E.B. Pearse · Alfred Gordon GaydonIdentification of Molecular Spectra
1987978-0-412-01461-1Robert W. Furness · Patricia MonaghanSeabird Ecology (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
1961978-0-412-01470-3C.Eric Pearson · R.N. ParkinsExtrusion of Metals
1988978-0-412-01471-0S. David HuExpert Systems for Software Engineers and Managers (Chapman and Hall Advanced Industrial Technology Series)
  ''978-0-412-01481-9W. ThompsonPoint Process Models with Applications to Safety and Reliability
1998978-0-412-01491-8Introduction To Surface Coatings
1959978-0-412-01510-6William Arthur PoucherPerfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps: v. 2
1987978-0-412-01521-2P. J. O'GradyControlling Automated Manufacturing Systems (Advanced Industrial Technology Series)
1987978-0-412-01531-1Michael Griffiths · Carol PalissierAlgorithmic Methods for Artificial Intelligence
  ''978-0-412-01541-0M GriffithsAlgorithmic methods for artificial intelligence
  ''978-0-412-01551-9R. W. DysonSpecialty Polymers
  ''978-0-412-01561-8John H. Sudd · Nigel R. FranksThe Behavioural Ecology of Ants (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
  ''978-0-412-01571-7John H SuddThe behavioural ecology of ants (Tertiary level biology)
1988978-0-412-01581-6B. M. BeslySedimentation in a Synrogenic Basin Complex: The Upper Carboniferous of Northwest Europe
1988978-0-412-01591-5J. A. WinchesterLater Proterozoic Stratigraphy of the Northern Atlantic Regions
  ''978-0-412-01601-1T. E. EdmondsChemical Sensors
1989978-0-412-01611-0Michael Thompson · J. Nicholas WalshHandbook of Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry
1987978-0-412-01621-9R. G ParkGeological structures and moving plates
1988978-0-412-01631-8R. G. ParkGeological Structures and Moving Plates
1992978-0-412-01641-7P. G. Fookes · I. E. Higginsbottom · M. CarterEngineering Geomaterials
1955978-0-412-01650-9R.T. RolfeSteels for User
1989978-0-412-01651-6V. Daniel HuntComputer-Integrated Manufacturing Handbook (Advanced Industrial Technology)
1955978-0-412-01660-8W.N. RoseMathematics for Engineers: Pt. 1
1988978-0-412-01661-5J. A RobertsPlant growth regulators (Tertiary level biology)
  ''978-0-412-01671-4J. A. Roverts · R. HooleyPlant Growth Regulators (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
  ''978-0-412-01681-3Donald GriersonPlant molecular biology (Tertiary level biology)
  ''978-0-412-01691-2Donald Grierson · Simon N. CoveyPlant Molecular Biology (Tertiary Level Biology Series)
1989978-0-412-01701-8B StonehousePolar Ecology
1989978-0-412-01711-7Bernard StonehousePolar Ecology (Tertiary Level Biology)
  ''978-0-412-01721-6A. R. DateApplications of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (Astm Special Technical Publication)
  ''978-0-412-01731-5B. J. Hunt · S. HoldingSize Exclusion Chromatography
  ''978-0-412-01741-4W. J. LoughChiral Liquid Chromatography
  ''978-0-412-01751-3P. G. HarrisonThe Chemistry of Tin
1989978-0-412-01761-2C. B. McArdleSide Chain Liquid Crystal Polymers
1988978-0-412-01771-1Arthur W. Birley · R. H. HeathPlastics Materials: Properties and Applications
  ''978-0-412-01781-0   ''Plastics Materials
  ''978-0-412-01791-9Alan WisemanPrinciples of Biotechnology
1965978-0-412-01800-8K.R. SturleyRadio Receiver Design: Radio-frequency Amplification and Detection Pt. 1
1989978-0-412-01801-5A. C. WalthamGround Subsidence
  ''978-0-412-01811-4J. H. BungeyThe Testing of Concrete in Structures
1988978-0-412-01821-3A. T. Florence · David AttwoodPhysicochemical Principles of Pharmacy
1998978-0-412-01831-2Florence a.T.Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy
1988978-0-412-01841-1S. B. PalReviews on Immunoassay Technology: 1
  ''978-0-412-01851-0S. B. PalReviews on Immunoassay Technology: 2
1991978-0-412-01861-9David TeBeestMicrobial Control of Weeds
1992978-0-412-01871-8Bernard D. Roitberg · Murray B. IsmanInsect Chemical Ecology: An Evolutionary Approach
1964978-0-412-01880-0H. WaddicorPrinciples of Electric Power Transmission
2008978-0-412-01881-7Murray B. Isman · Bernard D. RoitbergInsect Chemical Ecology: An Evolutionary Approach
1993978-0-412-01891-6Michael F. AllenMycorrhizal Functioning: An Integrative Plant-Fungal Process
1989978-0-412-01901-2Ralph A. LewinProchloron: A Microbial Enigma (Current Phycology)
1989978-0-412-01911-1John Maynard SmithDid Darwin Get It Right?: Essays on Games, Sex and Evolution
1958978-0-412-01920-3A.G. WarrenMathematics Applied to Electrical Engineering
1996978-0-412-01921-0Daniel Schmoldt · H. Michael RauscherBuilding Knowledge-Based Systems for Natural Resource Management
1989978-0-412-01931-9R G et al. ParkFoundations of Structural Geology - 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-412-01941-8R.G. ParkFoundations of Structural Geology
1992978-0-412-01951-7Peggy L. FiedlerConservation Biology: The Theory and Practice of Nature Conservation Preservation and Management
  ''978-0-412-01961-6Peggy L. Fiedler · Subodh K. JainConservation Biology: Theory and Practice of Nature Conservation, Preservation and Management
1991978-0-412-01971-5Richard Roush · Bruce E. TabashnikPesticide Resistance in Arthropods
1998978-0-412-01981-4David S. SeiglerPlant Secondary Metabolism
1992978-0-412-01991-3Robert Lee MetcalfPlant Kairomones in Insect Ecology and Control (Contemporary Topics in Entomology)
1991978-0-412-02001-8C. R. A. CatlowApplications of Synchrotron Radiation

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