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2002978-0-404-19829-9Eells HastingsAttitudes of Martin Bucer Toward the Bigamy of Philip of Hesse
978-0-404-19834-3Henry of Navarre
1996978-0-404-19888-6Francis A. RidleyThe Jesuits: A Study in Counter-Reformation
2011978-0-404-19898-5Henry Gee · William John HardyDocuments Illustrative of English Church History
1983978-0-404-20033-6Elizabeth BowenCollected Impressions
1957978-0-404-20071-8Bosley CrowtherThe Lions Share: The Story of an Entertainment Empire
1975978-0-404-20175-3H. L. MenckenHeathen Days, 1890-1936
1934978-0-404-20188-3David S. MuzzeyJames G. Blain: A Political Idol of Other Days
2002978-0-404-20233-0Bernard ShawBernard Shaw & Mrs. Patrick Campbell: Their Correspondence
1948978-0-404-20247-7Joseph Warren StilwellStilwell Papers
2011978-0-404-20283-5Dixon WecterAge of the Great Depression, 1929-1941
1968978-0-404-50030-6Charles Duke YongeFlowers of History, Especially Such As Relate to the Affairs of Britain (English and Latin Edition)
1970978-0-404-50229-4Mary Edmund SpanheimerHeinrich Armin Rattermann: German-American author, poet, and historian, 1832-1923
1969978-0-404-50587-5Marvin HarrisTown and Country in Brazil
1922978-0-404-50632-2Joseph L. RussoLorenzo Da Ponte
1970978-0-404-50706-0Werner F. LeopoldSpeech Development of a Bilingual Child, a Linguist's Record: Vocabulary Growth in the First Two Years
  ''978-0-404-50711-4   ''Speech Development of a Bilingual Child, a Linguist's Record: Sound Learning in the First Two Years (Northwestern University Humanities Ser Vol 11)
  ''978-0-404-50718-3   ''Speech Development of a Bilingual Child: A Linguist's Record, Vol. 3: Grammar and General Problems in the First Two Years
1996978-0-404-50749-7   ''Speech Development of a Bilingual Child: Sound-Learning in the First Two Years (Northwestern University humanities series, v. 6, 11, 18, 19)
1970978-0-404-51062-6Lynn ThorndikePlace of Magic in the Intellectual History of Europe (Columbia University Studies in the Social Sciences)
1968978-0-404-51212-5Samuel H. PrinceCatastrophe and Social Change, Based upon a Sociological Study of the Halifax Disaster (Columbia University Studies in the Social Sciences)
1944978-0-404-51510-2Clarisse Doris Hellman · Doris HellmanComet of 1577 Its Place in the History of Astronomy (Columbia Studies in the Social Sciences)
1968978-0-404-51548-5Dorothy R. DillonNew York Triumvirate: A Study of the Legal and Political Careers of William Livingston, John Maorin Scott and William Smith Jr.
1962978-0-404-51605-5Murray N. RothbardThe Panic of 1819: Reactions and Policies
1979978-0-404-51670-3George GaterSurvey of London Volume Trafalgar Pt3
1978978-0-404-51828-8Leo WeinsteinThe Metamorphoses of Don Juan (Stanford Studies in Language and Literature)
1967978-0-404-51870-7Thomas NorthPlutarch's Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans
1999978-0-404-52800-3Robert BaillieLetters and Journals
1970978-0-404-53342-7Thomas IngelendThe disobedient child
1971978-0-404-53551-3Marjory S. WardropGeorgian Folktales (Grimm Library)
1921978-0-404-53810-1Oscar WilliamsGolden Darkness
1939978-0-404-54125-5Decimus Junis JuvenalisThe Satires of Juvenal: Translated, With Explanatory and Classical Notes, Relating to the Laws and Customs of the Greeks and Romans (English and Latin Edition)
1945978-0-404-54801-8B. R. AmbedkarPakistan or Partition of India
1970978-0-404-54802-5John BowringThe Kingdom and People of Siam (South and Southeast Asia Studies)
1992978-0-404-54834-6Godfrey HarveyBritish Rule in Burma 1824-1942
1970978-0-404-54851-3G. C. MendisThe Early History of Ceylon & Its Relations With India & Other Foreign Countries
1973978-0-404-54915-2Alvar NunezJourney of Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vaca and His Companions from Florida to the Pacific 1528-1536 (The American explorers series)
1928978-0-404-55301-2William James HollowayParticipation in Curriculum Making As a Means of Supervision of Rural Schools
1995978-0-404-56137-6William M. McGovernFrom Luther to Hitler: The History of Fascist-Nazi Political Philosophy
1914978-0-404-56165-9Georges SorelReflections on Violence
1978978-0-404-56197-0George H. SeldesSawdust Caesar: The Untold Story of Mussolini and Fascism
1937978-0-404-56282-3Abd Allah Ibn Sulayman SijistaniMaterials for the History of the Text of Qur'an: The Old Codices: The Kitab Al-Masahif of Ibn Abi Dawud, Together With a Collection of the Variant ... Ubai, Ali, (English and Arabic Edition)
1990978-0-404-56288-5G. Le StrangePalestine Under the Moslems: A Description of Syria and the Holy Land from A.D. 650 to 1500 (English, Arabic and Persian Edition)
1973978-0-404-56538-1CynewulfChrist of Cynewulf: A Poem in Three Parts: The Advent, the Ascension, and the Last Judgement
  ''978-0-404-56546-6Turk H. MartinThe Legal Code of Alfred the Great
  ''978-0-404-56624-1Raoul LefevreRecuyell of the Histories of Troye, Vols. I & II
1979978-0-404-56669-2W. BellinghamThe French Under the Merovingians and the Carlovingians (English and French Edition)
1973978-0-404-56753-8Jane Ellen HarrisonAlpha and omega
1973978-0-404-56759-0Elizabeth Medora LeighMedora Leigh: A History and an Autobiography
1986978-0-404-56793-4Lady (Sydney) MorganLady Morgan's Memoirs: Autobiography, Diaries, and Correspondence (Women of Letters)
1996978-0-404-56837-5Mary Somerville · Martha SomervillePersonal Recollections: From Early Life to Old Age (Women of Letters)
1974978-0-404-56915-0Chuang-Tzu · Herbert A. GilesChuang Tzu: Mystic, Moralist, and Social Reformer.
1950978-0-404-56968-6Not AvailableWho's Who in China
1973978-0-404-57360-7Desire CharnayThe ancient cities of the New World;: Being voyages and explorations in Mexico and Central America from 1857-1882 (Antiquities of the New World)
1947978-0-404-57447-5Hilma N. GranqvistBirth and Childhood Among the Arabs
1974978-0-404-57848-0B. D. BasuThe Aitareya Brahmanam of the Rigveda, Containing the Earliest Speculations of the Brahmans on the Meaning of the Sacrifical Prayers (Extra, Vol 4) (English and Sanskrit Edition)
1975978-0-404-58106-0Waldemar JochelsonThe Koryak
1990978-0-404-58162-6Leonard BloomfieldMenomini Texts (English and North American Indian Languages Edition)
1973978-0-404-58165-7Ruth Leah BunzelZuni Texts (American Ethnological Society Publications No 15) (English and Zuni Edition)
1934978-0-404-58166-4Leonard BloomfieldPlains Cree Texts. (English and Cree Edition)
1976978-0-404-58300-2Knud RasmussenObservations on the intellectual culture of the Caribou Eskimos
  ''978-0-404-58517-4Albert WeisbordPassaic: The story of a struggle against starvation wages and for the right to organize (The Labor movement in fiction and non-fiction)
1998978-0-404-59191-5William Ernest HockingThe Self, Its Body and Freedom
1939978-0-404-59347-6Ferdinand C. SchillerOur Human Truths (Philosophy in America)
1982978-0-404-59582-1Henry David ThoreauWalden (The Writings of Henry David Thoreau ; 2)
1997978-0-404-59651-4John Hervey, Baron Hervey · William YongeTo the Patrons of the Craftsman (1731) ; Sedition and Defamation Display'd (1731) (British Ideas and Issues, 1660-1820, No 1)
1908978-0-404-60012-9Olive BrayThe Elder or Poetic Edda (Viking Club Translation Series) (English and Icelandic Edition)
1979978-0-404-60068-6Emmett A. GreenwaltPoint Loma Community in California, 1897-1942 (Communal societies in America)
1976978-0-404-60165-2Alfred LacuzziThe European Vogue of Facart: The Diffusion of the Opera-Comique (Music and Theatre in France in the 17th & 18th Centuries)
1988978-0-404-60236-9Alois MusilThe Manners and Customs of the Rwala Bedouins
1979978-0-404-60274-1Ettalene M. Grice · Clarence E. Keiser · Morris JastrowChronology of the Larsa Dynasty (Yale Oriental Series: Researches, V. 4, 1-3.) (English, Akkadian and Sumerian Edition)
1978978-0-404-60285-7Raymond P. DoughertyNabonidus and Belshazzar: A Study of the Closing Events of the Neo-Babylonian Empire (Yale Oriental Ser. Researches: No. 5)
2002978-0-404-60459-2R. B. HaldanePathway to Reality (Gifford Lectures 1902-03)
1977978-0-404-60468-4Conwy L. MorganEmergent Evolution (Gifford Lectures, 1922)
1979978-0-404-60474-5A. Seth Pringle-PattisonStudies in the Philosophy of Religion
1977978-0-404-60479-0John S. HaldaneThe Sciences and Philosophy (Gifford Lectures: 1927-28)
2006978-0-404-60486-8Etienne GilsonSpirit Of Medieval Philosophy
1948978-0-404-60498-1Christopher DawsonReligion and Culture
1984978-0-404-60735-7Thomas HardyLife and Death of the Mayor of Casterbridge (Works of Thomas Hardy in Prose and Verse, Vol 5)
2002978-0-404-61233-7Frances E. BaldwinSumptuary Legislation and Personal Regulation in England
1987978-0-404-61439-3R. C. FamigliettiRoyal Intrigue: Crisis at the Court of Charles VI, 1392-1420 (AMS Studies in the Middle Ages)
  ''978-0-404-61442-3Josiah Cox RussellMedieval Demography: Essays (Ams Studies in the Middle Ages) (English and French Edition)
1989978-0-404-61443-0J. Bard McNultyThe Narrative Art of the Bayeux Tapestry Master (Ams Studies in the Middle Ages)
1982978-0-404-61472-0John Hill · G. S. RousseauLetters and Papers of Sir John Hill, 1714-1775 (Ams Studies in the Eighteenth Century)
1998978-0-404-61498-0Karl E. BecksonThe Oscar Wilde Encyclopedia (Ams Studies in the Nineteenth Century)
1986978-0-404-61579-6Rene TaupinThe Influence of French Symbolism on Modern American Poetry (Ams Studies in Modern Literature) (English and French Edition)
2008978-0-404-61595-6Stephen K. LandThe Human Imperative: A Study of the Novels of Graham Greene (Ams Studies in Modern Literature)
1982978-0-404-61621-2Jr. Anthony M. ScaccoMale Rape: A Casebook of Sexual Aggression (AMS Studies in Modern Society, No. 15)
1990978-0-404-61629-8F. E. PetersThe Distant Shrine: The Islamic Centuries in Jerusalem (Ams Studies in Modern Society)
1992978-0-404-61679-3James H. HumphreyHealth and Fitness for Older Persons: Answers to Important Questions (Ams Studies in Education)
1998978-0-404-61680-9Gail Paradise Kelly · David H. KellyFrench Colonial Education: Essays on Vietnam and West Africa (AMS STUDIES IN EDUCATION)
2004978-0-404-62227-5Kevin L. Cope · Robert C. Leitz · James May · Deborah Armintor · Sean C. Goodlett · David Venturo · Gloria Eive · Megan ConwayThe Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography (EIGHTEENTH CENTURY: A CURRENT BIBLIOGRAPHY NEW SERIES) (v. 25)
1983978-0-404-62278-7Kenneth FriedenreichAccompanying the Players: Essays Celebrating Thomas Middleton, 1580-1980 (Ams Studies in the Renaissance)
  ''978-0-404-62279-4Sarah P. SutherlandMasques in Jacobean Tragedy (Ams Studies in the Renaissance)
1986978-0-404-62281-7Clifford LeechChristopher Marlowe: Poet for the Stage (Ams Studies in the Renaissance)
1992978-0-404-62294-7John H. AstingtonDevelopment of Shakespeare's Theater (Ams Studies in the Renaissance)
1998978-0-404-62335-7Paul Whitfield WhiteMarlowe, History, and Sexuality: New Essays on the Life and Writings of Christopher Marlowe (Ams Studies in the Renaissance)
2003978-0-404-62339-5William Shakespeare · Bernice W. Kliman · Paul Benjamin BertramThe Three-text Hamlet: Parallel Texts of the First and Second Quartos and First Folio (Ams Studies in the Renaissance)
2007978-0-404-62342-5Stanton J. LindenMystical Metal of Gold: Essays on Alchemy And Renaissance Culture (Ams Studies in the Renaissance)
1988978-0-404-62412-5Clinton DuffyEighty Eight Men and Two Women
1982978-0-404-62429-3Johan Thorstein SellinCapital Punishment
2014978-0-404-62470-5Richard J. DunnDavid Copperfield: An Annotated Bibliography
2005978-0-404-62766-9Paul J. Korshin · Jack LynchThe Age of Johnson: A Scholarly Annual, Vol. 16
1990978-0-404-62900-7Karl PolanyiDahomey and the Slave Trade: An Analysis of an Archaic Economy
1988978-0-404-62901-4Jane RichardsonLaw & Status Among the Kiowa Indians (American Ethnological Society Monographs ; No 1)
978-0-404-62903-8Rank & Warfare Among the Plains Indians
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1988978-0-404-63202-1Victor A. KramerThe Harlem Renaissance Re-Examined (Georgia State Literary Studies: No 2)
2005978-0-404-63419-3Frederick R. KarlBiography and Source Studies (Biography & Source Studies)
2000978-0-404-63538-1Kevin L. CopeGeorge Washington in and As Culture: Bicentenary Explorations (Ams Studies in the Eighteenth Century)
2003978-0-404-63541-1Patsy Fowler · Alan JacksonLaunching Fanny Hill: Essays on the Novel and Its Influence (Ams Studies in the Eighteenth Century)
  ''978-0-404-63542-8Henry Leonard Snyder · Michael S. SmithThe English Short-Title Catalogue: Past, Present, Future (Ams Studies in the Eighteenth Century)
2005978-0-404-63545-9Sharon HarrowAdventures in Domesticity: Gender and Colonial Adulteration in Eighteenth-Century British Literature (Ams Studies in the Eighteenth Century)
2010978-0-404-63716-3Christopher Harvey · Michael BathSchola Cordis: the School of the Heart (Ams Studies in the Emblem)
2005978-0-404-63717-0Dorigen CaldwellThe Sixteenth-century Italian Impresa In Theory And Practice (Ams Studies in the Emblem)
2006978-0-404-63721-7Mason TungImpresa Index: To the Collections of Paradin, Giovio, Simeoni, Pittoni, Ruscelli, Contile, Camilli, Capaccio, Bargagli, And Typotius (Ams Studies in the Emblem)
2005978-0-404-63855-9Lynnette Young OverbyDance: Current Selected Research
1991978-0-404-64054-5Stanley W. BeelerThe Invisible College: A Study of the Three Original Rosicrucian Texts (AMS STUDIES IN GERMAN LITERATURE AND CULTURE)
1999978-0-404-64161-0Keiko IkegamiBarlaam and Josaphat: A Transcription of MS Egerton 876 With Notes, Glossary, and Comparative Study of the Middle English and Japanese Versions (Ams Studies in the Middle Ages)
2005978-0-404-64166-5Clifford DavidsonThe Dramatic Tradition Of The Middle Ages (Ams Studies in the Middle Ages)
1999978-0-404-64254-9Erland Nordenskiold · Christer LindbergThe Cultural History of the South American Indians (AMS STUDIES IN CULTURAL HISTORY)
1997978-0-404-64255-6George Edgar Slusser · Paul K. Alkon · Roger GaillardTransformations of Utopia: Changing Views of the Perfect Society (AMS Studies in Cultural History)
2010978-0-404-64501-4Gregg Sapp · Mary E. JacksonIll/Dd: Studies in Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery, Access Services and Resource Sharing
2005978-0-404-64654-7Susan Spencer · Margo Collins · Albert J. Rivero · George JusticeThe Eighteenth-Century Novel, Vol. 4
2006978-0-404-64655-4Susan Spencer · Margo Collins · Albert J. Rivero · George JusticeThe Eighteenth-Century Novel, Vol. 5
2004978-0-404-70138-3Catharine TrotterOlinda's Adventures, Or, the Amours of a Young Lady (Augustan Reprints)
1995978-0-404-70173-4John MeltonAstrologaster, Or, the Figvre-Caster (PUBLICATION: AUGUSTAN REPRINT SOCIETY, NO 174X)
1992978-0-404-70189-5James StuartCritical Observations on the Buildings and Improvements of London (Augustan Reprints Series)