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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2000978-0-396-01177-4De Cervantes MDon Quixote of the Mancha
1988978-0-396-02069-1Ernest HolmesThe Science of Mind
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2000978-0-396-03762-0ButlerSong of the Voyageur
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1970978-0-396-04371-3Evangeline AdamsAstrology for Everyone
1950978-0-396-05283-8Leo TolstoyAnna Karenina
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1966978-0-396-05443-6Amy V. WilsonA Nurse in the Yukon
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1970978-0-396-06054-3Fenwicke L. HolmesErnest Holmes: His Life and Times
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  ''978-0-396-06192-2Evangeline Smith AdamsThe Bowl of Heaven
  ''978-0-396-06200-4Daniel CohenA modern look at monsters
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1970978-0-396-06209-7Edwin Way TealeSpringtime in Britain;: An 11,000 mile journey through the natural history of Britain from Land's End to John O'Groats
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1971978-0-396-06266-0Anton Szandor La VeyThe Compleat Witch or What to do When Virtue Fails
1970978-0-396-06272-1Joe EszterhasThirteen seconds;: Confrontation at Kent State
1971978-0-396-06286-8David EwenComposers of Tomorrow's Music: A non-technical introduction to the musical avant-garde movement
1971978-0-396-06345-2Michael InnesAn awkward lie, (A Red badge novel of suspense)
  ''978-0-396-06357-5Orde CoombsWhat we must see: young Black storytellers;: An anthology
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1972978-0-396-06502-9Michael Macdonald MooneyThe Hindenburg
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1972978-0-396-06577-7Robert CecilThe Myth of the Master Race: Alfred Rosenberg and Nazi Ideology
1973978-0-396-06625-5David F PaulsenPollution and public policy;: A book of readings
1972978-0-396-06635-4Barbara MichaelsGreygallows
  ''978-0-396-06658-3Edward Rowe SnowGhosts, Gales and Gold.
1973978-0-396-06711-5Pat JordanThe Suitors of Spring
1974978-0-396-06715-3Michael InnesAppleby's other story (A Red badge novel of suspense)
1972978-0-396-06742-9Agatha ChristieElephants Can Remember
1973978-0-396-06744-3Michael InnesAppleby's answer, (A Red badge novel of suspense)
  ''978-0-396-06752-8Paul CooperPerspectives in music theory;: An historical-analytical approach
  ''978-0-396-06817-4Agatha ChristieThe Mystery of the Blue Train
  ''978-0-396-06822-8   ''Akhnaton: A Play in Three Acts
1973978-0-396-06859-4Agatha ChristiePoems
  ''978-0-396-06877-8Stanley Green · Burt GoldblattStarring Fred Astaire
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1974978-0-396-06894-5Selma Jeanne CohenDance as a theatre art;: Source readings in dance history from 1581 to the present
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1974978-0-396-06974-4Edwin Way TealeA Naturalist Buys an Old Farm
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  ''978-0-396-07019-1Hal PrinceContradictions: Notes on twenty-six years in the theatre
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  ''978-0-396-07125-9Bernard ShawCollected plays with their prefaces
1975978-0-396-07134-1Michael InnesThe mysterious commission (A Red badge novel of suspense)
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1975978-0-396-07224-9Agatha ChristieThe Mysterious Affair At Styles
1976978-0-396-07275-1Stirling MossHow to watch motor racing
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1979978-0-396-07658-2Richard BodeBlue Sloop at Dawn
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1984978-0-396-07678-0James HaskinsJames Van Derzee: The Picture-Takin' Man
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1980978-0-396-07775-6Edward Rowe SnowTales of Terror and Tragedy
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