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2003978-0-391-04177-6Professor of Religion Jacob NeusnerThree Questions of Formative Judaism: History, Literature, and Religion
  ''978-0-391-04178-3   ''Handbook of Rabbinic Theology: Language, System, Structure
  ''978-0-391-04179-0   ''Rabbinic Judaism: The Theological System
  ''978-0-391-04180-6Jacob Neusner · Bruce Chilton · William GrahamThree Faiths, One God: The Formative Faith and Practice of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  ''978-0-391-04181-3David TombsLatin American Liberation Theology (Religion in the Americas)
2003978-0-391-04182-0Bruce D Chilton · Craig A Evans · Professor of Religion Jacob NeusnerThe Missing Jesus: Rabbinic Judaism and the New Testament
  ''978-0-391-04183-7Bruce D Chilton · Craig A Evans · Professor of Religion Jacob NeusnerThe Missing Jesus: Rabbinic Judaism and the New Testament
2004978-0-391-04184-4Professor Mary LindemannStudies in Central European Histories, Ways of Knowing: Ten Interdisciplinary Essays
2003978-0-391-04185-1J Ramsey MichaelsThe Spirit of Prophecy Defended
  ''978-0-391-04186-8WhitmanInterpretation and Allegory: Antiquity to the Modern Period
2002978-0-391-04187-5Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology Nicholas TappThe Hmong of China: Context, Agency, and the Imaginary
2003978-0-391-04189-9Francesca CalabiItalian Studies on Philo of Alexandria (Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts)
  ''978-0-391-04190-5John MartensOne God, One Law: Philo of Alexandria on the Mosaic and Greco-Roman Law (Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts)
  ''978-0-391-04191-2Euclid · Albertus MagnusThe Commentary of Albertus Magnus on Book 1 of Euclid's Elements of Geometry (Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts, Vol. 3)
2003978-0-391-04192-9Anaritius · Al-Nayrizi · EuclidThe Commentary of Al-Nayrizi on Book I of Euclid's Elements of Geometry (Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts)
  ''978-0-391-04193-6Anthony Lo BelloGerard of Cremona's Translation of the Commentary of Al-Nayrizi on Book I of Euclid's Elements of Geometry: With an Introductory Account of the ... Philosophy, Mathematics, and Science)
  ''978-0-391-04194-3Roisin HealyThe Jesuit Specter in Imperial Germany (Studies in Central European Histories)
2004978-0-391-04196-7Marcus Funck · Roger ChickeringStudies in Central European Histories, Endangered Cities: Military Power and Urban Societies in the Era of the World Wars
2003978-0-391-04197-4Anthony Lo BelloAncient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts, Part. 2: Medieval Philosophy, Mathematics, and Science, Set of Volumes 1, 2, and 3 on Book I of ... Philosophy, Mathematics, and Science)
2005978-0-391-04199-8Elizabeth Dively LauroThe Soul and Spirit of Scripture within Origen's Exegesis (Bible in Ancient Christianity)
2004978-0-391-04200-1Donald R. VanceAn Introduction To Classical Hebrew
2003978-0-391-04201-8Richard GeehrThe Aesthetics of Horror: The Life and Thought of Richard Von Kralik (Studies in Central European Histories)
  ''978-0-391-04202-5Ronald WittIn the Footsteps of the Ancients: The Origins of Humanism from Lovato to Bruni
  ''978-0-391-04203-2Larissa TaylorPreachers and People in the Reformations and Early Modern Period
2003978-0-391-04204-9J Ross WagnerHeralds of the Good News: Isaiah and Paul in Concert in the Letter to the Romans
  ''978-0-391-04205-6Steve MasonFlavius Josephus: Life of Josephus
  ''978-0-391-04206-3George RaudzensTechnology, Disease, and Colonial Conquests, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries: Essays Reappraising the Guns and Germs Theories
  ''978-0-391-04207-0Sherry NelsonThe Extinction of Sivapithecus: Faunal and Environmental Changes Surrounding the Disappearance of a Miocene Hominoid in the Siwaliks of Pakistan (American School of Prehistoric Research Monographs)
2004978-0-391-04209-4Edward AnsonEumenes of Cardia: A Greek Among Macedonians (Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts, Part 1. Studies in Philo of Alexandria and Mediterranean Antiquity vol. 3
2003978-0-391-04211-7Thomas Max SafleyThe Reformation of Charity: The Secular and the Religious in Early Modern Poor Relief (Studies in Central European Histories)
2004978-0-391-04212-4Jean KimWoman and Nation an Intercontextual Reading of the Gospel of John (Biblical Interpretation)
  ''978-0-391-04213-1Lloyd R. WeeksEarly Metallurgy of the Persian Gulf: Technology, Trade, and the Bronze Age World (American Schools of Prehistoric Research Monograph Series)
2004978-0-391-04214-8Helen Efthimiades-KeithThe Enemy Is Within: A Jungian Psychoanalytic Approach to the Book of Judith (Biblical Interpretation)
  ''978-0-391-04215-5Albert KampInner Worlds: A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to the Book of Jonah (Biblical Interpretation Series)
  ''978-0-391-04216-2William ShiellReading Acts: The Lector and the Early Christian Audience (Biblical Interpretation Series)
2005978-0-391-04217-9R Steven Notley · Ze'ev SafraiEusebius, Onomasticon: The Place Names of Divine Scripture (Jewish and Christian Perspectives) (English, Latin and Ancient Greek Edition)
2001978-0-391-04218-6Helen NicholsonLove, War and the Grail: Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights in Medieval Epic and Romance 1150-1500
2004978-0-391-04220-9Abraham MalamatHistory of Biblical Israel: Major Problems and Minor Issues
  ''978-0-391-04221-6Louis H FeldmanJudean Antiquities Books 1-4: Translation and Commentary
  ''978-0-391-04223-0Guy Bar-OzEpipaleolithic Subsistence Strategies in the Levant: A Zooarchaeological Perspective (American School of Prehistoric Research Monographs)
2005978-0-391-04224-7Thomas Max SafleyChildren of the Laboring Poor (Studies in Central European Histories)
2004978-0-391-04225-4David MayesCommunal Christianity: The Life and Loss of a Peasant Vision in Early Modern Germany (Studies in Central European Histories, Vol. 35) (Studies in Central European Histories, V. 35)
2008978-0-391-04226-1Ofer Bar-Yosef · Baruch ArensburgGilgal: Early Neolithic Occupations in the Lower Jordan Valley: The Excavations of Tamar Noy (American School of Prehistoric Research Monograph) ... of Prehistoric Research Monograph Series)
2005978-0-391-04227-8Claudia UlbrichShulamit and Margarete: Power, Gender, and Religion in a Rural Society in Eighteenth-Century Europe (Studies in Central European Histories)
2005978-0-391-04228-5Katherine AaslestadPlace And Politics: Local Identity, Civic Culture, And German Nationalism in North Germany During The Revolutionary Era (Studies in Central European Histories, 36)
  ''978-0-391-04230-8Patrick Chatelion Counet · Ulrich BergesOne Text, A Thousand Methods: Studies in Memory of Sjef Van Tilborg (Biblical Interpretation Series)
  ''978-0-391-04231-5Jr. Kenneth M. CraigAsking For Rhetoric: The Hebrew Bible's Protean Interrogative (Biblical Interpretation Series)
2004978-0-391-04235-3Sheila S. BlairArt, Religion, And Politics In South Asia
2005978-0-391-04237-7Livia KohnDaoism Handbook (2 volume set)
  ''978-0-391-04240-7Hector AvalosIntroduction to the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience
2004978-0-391-04241-4Donald R. VanceAn Introduction to Classical Hebrew
2005978-0-391-04243-8Claudia SetzerResurrection of the Body in Early Judaism and Early Christianity: Doctrine, Community, and...
  ''978-0-391-04246-9Francis J. MoloneyThe Gospel Of John: Text And Context (Biblical Interpretation Series, V. 72)
2005978-0-391-04247-6Richard J. Smith, Jay Kelley Daniel E. LiebermanInterpreting The Past: Essays On Human, Primate, And Mammal Evolution In Honor Of David Pilbeam (American School of Prehistoric Research Monograph Series)
1991978-0-391-11010-6ToyotaToyota Camry 1991 Owners Manual
1979978-0-391-11946-8David MooreIslanders and Aborigines at Cape York: An Ethnographic Reconstruction Based on the 1848-1850 Rattlesnake Journals of O.W.Brierley
1989978-0-391-24578-5Lydia Halverson · Dennis Hockerman · Linda Medley · Bryna WaldmanFair Tales: Puss in Boots, Hansel and Gretel, The Golden Bird, Snow White
1981978-0-391-25649-1Brian Evans · Bernard WaitesIQ and Mental Testing: An Unnatural Science and Its Social History
1997978-0-391-31484-9Alfred NemeczekVan Gogh in Arles
1979978-0-391-33987-3W.B. (Editor) YeatsRepresentative Irish tales
1960978-0-391-93860-1California Dairy Industry Advisory BoardSnack Time: Snack Time Is Any Time You're Hungry (39193B86030M)
1976978-0-391-99523-9Serge MoscoviceSociety Against Nature
1977978-0-391-99589-5Royden HarrisonThe Warwick guide to British labour periodicals, 1790-1970: A check-list