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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1975978-0-385-00015-4Jacques Yves CousteauDolphins (The Undersea discoveries of Jacques-Yves Cousteau) (English and French Edition)
1961978-0-385-00016-1Erving GoffmanAsylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and Other Inmates
1936978-0-385-00019-2Hazel FellemanThe Best Loved Poems of the American People
1974978-0-385-00031-4Jacques Yves CousteauDiving Companions: Sea Lion, Elephant Seal, Walrus (The Undersea discoveries of Jacques-Yves Cousteau) (English and French Edition)
1982978-0-385-00034-5Robert G. Boling · G. Ernest WrightJoshua (The Anchor Bible, Vol. 6)
1970978-0-385-00042-0Taylor CaldwellGreat Lion of God
1973978-0-385-00066-6Nikki ScheuerDesigns for bargello;: 62 original patterns inspired by or adapted from a range of historical and cultural sources
1971978-0-385-00098-7Thor HeyerdahlThe Ra Expeditions (English and Norwegian Edition)
1969978-0-385-00125-0Richard Milhous NixonSix Crises
1965978-0-385-00129-8Eugene JacksonGerman Made Simple
1962978-0-385-00142-7Thomas B. CostainThe Last Plantagenets (The Pageant of England)
1965978-0-385-00157-1Irving StoneThose Who Love: A Biographical Novel of Abigail and John Adams
1976978-0-385-00199-1Allen DruryA God Against the Gods
1962978-0-385-00210-3Frederick CoplestonA History of Philosophy: Volume 1, Greece & Rome Part 1
1984978-0-385-00219-6Allen DruryThe Roads of Earth
1969978-0-385-00281-3Graham. KerrThe Graham Kerr Cookbook
1973978-0-385-00314-8Duff Hart-DavisAscension: The Story of a South Atlantic Island
1962978-0-385-00342-1Edward Pierce. HamiltonThe French and Indian Wars: The Story of Battles and Forts in the Wilderness.
1967978-0-385-00343-8Albert LamorisseThe Red Balloon
1964978-0-385-00356-8Leon UrisArmageddon
1976978-0-385-00389-6Naomi SimsAll About Health and Beauty for The Black Woman
1979978-0-385-00406-0Stuart Struever · Felicia Antonelli HoltonKoster: Americans in Search of Their Prehistoric Past
1976978-0-385-00434-3William C. WestmorelandA Soldier Reports
1973978-0-385-00457-2Carl SaganThe Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective
1959978-0-385-00464-0Fred ReinfeldComplete Chess Course: From Beginning to Winning Chess--a Comprehensive Yet Simplified Home-Study Chess Course. Eight Books in One
1971978-0-385-00472-5Carey A. MooreEsther (The Anchor Bible, Vol. 7B)
1974978-0-385-00500-5Sidney LensThe labor wars: From the Molly Maguires to the sitdowns
1982978-0-385-00515-9Joseph A. FitzmyerThe Gospel According to Luke I-IX: Introduction, Translation, and Notes (The Anchor Bible, Vol. 28)
1974978-0-385-00523-4Edward RiceJohn Frum He Come: A Polemical Work About a Black Tragedy
1973978-0-385-00524-1Henry-Louis de La GrangeMahler
1960978-0-385-00529-6Immanuel VelikovskyOedipus and Akhnaton: Myth and History- The Tragic Events in the Life of the Royal House of the Hundred-Gated Thebes
1990978-0-385-00544-9Army of the Potomac Trilogy
1975978-0-385-00545-6Gerald F. Leiberman3,500 Good Jokes for Speakers: A Treasury of Jokes, Puns, Quips, One Liners and Stories that Will Keep Anyone Laughing
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1975978-0-385-00573-9Tennessee WilliamsMemoirs
  ''978-0-385-00578-4L. Sprague De CampLovecraft; A Biography,
  ''978-0-385-00583-8Lin CarterZarkon, Lord of the Unknown in The nemesis of evil: A case from the files of Omega
1971978-0-385-00588-3Poul AndersonOperation Chaos
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1980978-0-385-00632-3Gay TaleseThy Neighbor's Wife
1971978-0-385-00641-5Aaron E. KleinThe Hidden Contributors: Black Scientists and Inventors in America
1973978-0-385-00659-0Piet HeinGrooks 4
1960978-0-385-00689-7Arthur Conan DoyleThe Complete Sherlock Holmes
1975978-0-385-00734-4William GoyenThe collected stories of William Goyen
1990978-0-385-00751-1Stephen King'Salem's Lot
1974978-0-385-00764-1Anthony PriceOctober men
1980978-0-385-00768-9David Noel Freedman · Francis I. AndersenHosea: A new translation (Anchor Bible, Vol. 24)
1974978-0-385-00817-4Victoria HoltThe House of a Thousand Lanterns
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1973978-0-385-00891-4Norah LoftsNethergate
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  ''978-0-385-00896-9Arthur HaileyThe Moneychangers
1967978-0-385-00914-0Johannes MunckThe Acts of the Apostles (Anchor Bible, Vol 31)
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1975978-0-385-00927-0Germaine TillionRavensbrück
  ''978-0-385-00928-7P. P VladimirovThe Vladimirov diaries: Yenan, China, 1942-1945
1975978-0-385-00948-5Benedict of NursiaThe Rule of St. Benedict (An Image Book Original)
1983978-0-385-00954-6Moshe GreenbergEzekiel, 1-20: A New Translation With Introduction and Commentary (Anchor Bible, Vol. 22)
1977978-0-385-00962-1E. John De WaardElectric cars
1960978-0-385-00976-8U.S. Armed ForcesDictionary of Spoken Spanish
1974978-0-385-00992-8Andrija PuharichUri;: A journal of the mystery of Uri Geller
1968978-0-385-01018-4Thomas MertonConjectures of a Guilty Bystander (Image Classic)
1974978-0-385-01022-1Hal BennettWait until the evening
1966978-0-385-01028-3Allen DruryCapable of Honor
1974978-0-385-01029-0Robert G. BolingJudges (The Anchor Bible, Vol. 6A)
1968978-0-385-01030-6Allen DruryPreserve and Protect; A Novel.
1961978-0-385-01092-4Irving StoneThe Agony and the Ecstasy: A Novel of Michelangelo
2000978-0-385-01101-3EckertBayou Backwaters
1991978-0-385-01109-9E. Allison PeersThe Life of Teresa of Jesus: The Autobiography of Teresa of Avila
1968978-0-385-01113-6Julius. JacobsonThe Negro and the American Labor Movement, Edited by Julius Jacobson.
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1973978-0-385-01153-2Victoria HoltThe Curse of the Kings
1971978-0-385-01156-3Alexander JonesThe Jerusalem Bible
1972978-0-385-01157-0Junior League New OrleansThe Plantation Cookbook
1970978-0-385-01168-6Roger Anthony FreemanThe Mighty Eighth: A History of the U.S. 8th Army Air Force
  ''978-0-385-01175-4Jean KerrPenny Candy
1972978-0-385-01179-2J. D GillettThe mosquito: its life, activities, and impact on human affairs
1955978-0-385-01212-6Eugene JacksonSpanish Made Simple Edition
1960978-0-385-01215-7Milton L. HanauerChess Made Simple
1963978-0-385-01238-6John Somerville · Ronald SantoniSocial and Political Philosophy: Readings From Plato to Gandhi
1975978-0-385-01243-0Frank ChinAiiieeeee!
1973978-0-385-01244-7R. Buckminster FullerIntuition
1965978-0-385-01259-1Jacob M. MyersI Chronicles (The Anchor Bible, Vol. 12)
1969978-0-385-01266-9Mason WilliamsMason Williams Reading Matter
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1972978-0-385-01341-3Donald L. BaarsRed Rock Country: The Geologic History of the Colorado Plateau
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1954978-0-385-01420-5Bennett Cerf · Doug AndersonAn Encyclopedia of Modern American Humor.
1973978-0-385-01433-5GordonsThe informant,
  ''978-0-385-01448-9Anita LeslieThe Marlborough House Set
1974978-0-385-01473-1Michael MoorcockThe land leviathan (Doubleday science fiction)
2016978-0-385-01480-9Chinua AchebeArrow of God
1995978-0-385-01485-4Elizabeth Warnock FerneaGuests of the Sheik: An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village
1966978-0-385-01517-2Raymond E. BrownThe Gospel According to John I-XII (Anchor Bible Series, Vol. 29)
2001978-0-385-01536-3G.K. ChestertonOrthodoxy (Image Classics)
1976978-0-385-01552-3Alois PodhajskyThe Art of Dressage: Basic Principles of Riding and Judging (English and German Edition)
1980978-0-385-01555-4Gordon R DicksonIn Iron Years
1962978-0-385-01583-7Ingri d'Aulaire · Edgar Parin d'AulaireD'aulaire's Book of Greek Myths
1973978-0-385-01605-6Ed McBain · Evan HunterCome winter
1972978-0-385-01612-4Helen Van SlykeAll Visitors Must Be Announced
1977978-0-385-01613-1Philip K DickA scanner darkly
1974978-0-385-01625-4Rose Fitzgerald KennedyTimes to Remember
1979978-0-385-01644-5David WinstonThe Wisdom of Solomon: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (The Anchor Bible, Vol. 43)
1962978-0-385-01647-6Gordon WrightCavalry Manual of Horsemanship & Horsemastership
1988978-0-385-01664-3Chinua AchebeAnthills of the Savannah
1976978-0-385-01730-5Peggy Samuels · Harold SamuelsThe Illustrated Biographical Encyclopedia of Artists of the American West
1957978-0-385-01733-6William ShakespeareLove Poems & Sonnets of William Shakespeare
1981978-0-385-01768-8Norah LoftsRequiem for Idols: And, You're Best Alone
1974978-0-385-01772-5Barrington J. BayleyThe Soul of the Robot (Soul of the Robot, Book 1)
1973978-0-385-01804-3R. Buckminster Fuller · Robert W. MarksThe Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller
  ''978-0-385-01825-8R. Buckminster FullerEarth, Inc.
1971978-0-385-01841-8Victor BoesenThey Said It Couldn't Be Done: The Incredible Story of Bill Lear
1981978-0-385-01845-6Colin WilsonThe Quest for Wilhelm Reich
1972978-0-385-01875-3Nard JonesSeattle
1978978-0-385-01986-6Romain GaryEuropa
1965978-0-385-02003-9Herman WoukDon't Stop the Carnival
1973978-0-385-02020-6Roger ZelaznyTo Die in Italbar
1970978-0-385-02033-6Thomas Stephen SzaszIdeology and Insanity: Essays on the Psychiatric Dehumanization of Man
1973978-0-385-02038-1Daphne, Dame Du MaurierRule Britannia
1961978-0-385-02059-6Wilson RawlsWhere the Red Fern Grows, 1st Edition
2000978-0-385-02100-5T. B. CostainRead With Me
1978978-0-385-02104-3Arthur HaileyOverload: A Novel
1991978-0-385-02174-6Jean ShepherdIn God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash
1965978-0-385-02177-7R.B.Y. ScottProverbs and Ecclesiastes (The Anchor Bible, Vol. 18)
1974978-0-385-02226-2Nancy WoodMany Winters
1973978-0-385-02254-5Eliot WiggintonFoxfire, Vol. 2: Ghost Stories, Spring Wild Plant Foods, Spinning and Weaving, Midwifing, Burial Customs, Corn Shuckin's, Wagon Making, Andmore Affairs of Plain Living
  ''978-0-385-02264-4Phyllis A. WhitneySnowfire
1973978-0-385-02267-5Eliot WiggintonFoxfire 2: Ghost Stories, Spring Wild Plant Foods, Spinning and Weaving, Midwifing, Burial Customs, Corn Shuckin's, Wagon Making and More Affairs of Plain Living
1975978-0-385-02272-9   ''Foxfire 3: Animal Care, Banjos and Dulcimers, Hide Tanning, Summer and Fall Wild Plant Foods, Butter Churns, Ginseng, and Still More Affairs of Plain Living
1973978-0-385-02335-1Jane Allen SchieselThe Otis Redding Story.
1971978-0-385-02351-1John Milton · John T. ShawcrossThe Complete Poetry of John Milton
1973978-0-385-02361-0Paolo SoleriThe Bridge between Matter & Spirit Is Matter Becoming Spirit: The Arcology of Paolo Soleri
1962978-0-385-02389-4Allen DruryA Shade of Difference
1971978-0-385-02396-2Irving StonePassions of the Mind: A Novel of Sigmund Freud
1974978-0-385-02419-8Isaac AsimovBefore the Golden Age: A Science Fiction Anthology of the 1930s
1971978-0-385-02420-4H. G. WellsThe Outline of History: Being A Plain History of Life and Mankind
1983978-0-385-02421-1George P. GarrettThe Succession: A Novel of Elizabeth and James
1964978-0-385-02436-5St. Ignatius of LoyolaThe Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius: Saint Ignatius' Profound Precepts of Mystical Theology (Image Classics)
1968978-0-385-02502-7Victor Jules BergeronTrader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook, With Side Trips to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and Texas
1966978-0-385-02513-3Edith FowkeSally Go Round the Sun
1980978-0-385-02533-1F. F. BruceNew Testament History
1967978-0-385-02543-0John Cunningham LillyThe Mind of the Dolphin: A Nonhuman Intelligence
1973978-0-385-02563-8Jess StearnThe Search for a Soul: Taylor Caldwell's Psychic Lives
1978978-0-385-02565-2Richard RhodesHoly secrets
1971978-0-385-02568-3Irving StoneThe Passions of the Mind: A Novel of Sigmund Freud
1973978-0-385-02586-7Margaret CravenI Heard the Owl Call My Name
1977978-0-385-02590-4A. B. YehoshuaEarly in the Summer of 1970
1963978-0-385-02614-7Bruce CattonTerrible Swift Sword
1971978-0-385-02655-0Michael Leverson. MeyerIbsen, a Biography
1972978-0-385-02701-4Isaac AsimovThe Gods Themselves
1976978-0-385-02712-0Hans KungOn being a Christian
1972978-0-385-02728-1Theodore RoszakWhere the wasteland ends;: Politics and transcendence in postindustrial society
1973978-0-385-02738-0Theodore RoszakWhere the Wasteland Ends
1968978-0-385-02759-5Alistair MacLeanForce 10 From Navarone
1966978-0-385-02765-6Mitchell DahoodPsalms I, 1-50 (Anchor Bible Series, Vol. 16)
1975978-0-385-02802-8Michel QuoistI've Met Jesus Christ
  ''978-0-385-02827-1Dorothy Gies McGuiganMetternich and the Duchess: The Public and Private Lives at the Congress of Vienna
1971978-0-385-02829-5Arthur HaileyWheels
1976978-0-385-02852-3Joseph R HixsonThe patchwork mouse
  ''978-0-385-02853-0William F. Orr · James Arthur WaltherI Corinthians (Anchor Bible)
1975978-0-385-02863-9Guy Lombardo · Jack AltshulAuld Acquaintance: An Autobiography
1974978-0-385-02865-3Tracy KidderThe Road to Yuba City: A Journey into the Juan Corona Murders
1954978-0-385-02869-1William T. WalshOur Lady of Fatima
1957978-0-385-02896-7Maria Augusta TrappThe Story of the Trapp Family Singers
1987978-0-385-02900-1G. K. ChestertonSt. Francis of Assisi
  ''978-0-385-02903-2John BeeversThe Autobiography of Saint Therese of Lisieux: The Story of a Soul
1958978-0-385-02910-0St. AugustineCity of God (Image Classics)
1959978-0-385-02930-8John of the CrossDark Night of the Soul: A Classic in the Literature of Mysticism
1960978-0-385-02955-1St. AugustineThe Confessions of Saint Augustine (Image Classics)
1988978-0-385-02974-2Herman WoukYoungblood Hawke
1972978-0-385-02979-7R. Buckminster FullerBuckminster Fuller to Children of Earth
  ''978-0-385-02985-8Piet HeinGROOKS 5
2001978-0-385-02992-6Mordechai CoganI Kings: A New Translation With Introduction and Commentary (Anchor Bible)
1972978-0-385-02995-7George Wesley BuchananTo the Hebrews (The Anchor Bible, Vol. 36)
1962978-0-385-03007-6S.E. FrostBasic Teachings of the Great Philosophers
1972978-0-385-03009-0Francis De Sales · John K. RyanIntroduction to the Devout Life (Image Classics)
1975978-0-385-03057-1John BentleyThe Thresher Disaster: The Most Tragic Dive in Submarine History
1977978-0-385-03061-8Jack TracyThe Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana: Or, A Universal Dictionary of Sherlock Holmes and His Biographer John H. Watson, M.D.
1976978-0-385-03062-5Jeanne Tetrault · Sherry ThomasCountry Women: A Handbook for the New Farmer
1977978-0-385-03081-6John CooperThe Grand Prix Carpetbaggers: The Autobiography of John Cooper
1996978-0-385-03097-7William Johnston · Huston SmithThe Cloud of Unknowing: and The Book of Privy Counseling
1962978-0-385-03114-1Johann Wolfgang von GoetheGoethe's Faust
1976978-0-385-03115-8Jon TuskaThe filming of the West
1990978-0-385-03138-7William BarrettIrrational Man: A Study in Existential Philosophy
1973978-0-385-03139-4Edward Page MitchellThe Crystal Man: Landmark Science Fiction
1970978-0-385-03170-7Helen K. CrabtreeSaddle Seat Equitation
1973978-0-385-03175-2Trader VicFrankly speaking: Trader Vic's own story,
1970978-0-385-03178-3Lev Abramovich, KassilOnce in a Lifetime,
1975978-0-385-03212-4Henri J. M. NouwenReaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life
1977978-0-385-03218-6Steve BirdsallFlying Buccaneers: The Illustrated Story of Kenney's Fifth Air Force
1964978-0-385-03222-3Arthur HaileyHotel
1962978-0-385-03235-3Frederick CoplestonHistory of Philosophy, Volume 2, Part 2
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1968978-0-385-03259-9William GreenWar Planes of the Second World War: Fighters, Vol. 2
1996978-0-385-03292-6Thomas P. McDonnellA Thomas Merton Reader
1969978-0-385-03326-8Jeffrey K. HaddenThe Gathering Storm in the Churches
1969978-0-385-03348-0Phyllis A. WhitneyThe Winter People

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