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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-380-00001-2Newton ThornburgTo Die in California
1974978-0-380-00005-0Don GibbonsThe Clout
  ''978-0-380-00007-4Charles G. FinneyTHE CIRCUS OF DR (Doctor) LAO (filmed as 7 Faces of Dr Lao)
1982978-0-380-00013-5James BlishAnd All the Stars a Stage
1987978-0-380-00036-4Piers AnthonyRings of Ice
1983978-0-380-00045-6Tom WickerFacing the Lions
1974978-0-380-00047-0R. EttingerMan into Superman
  ''978-0-380-00057-9M. John HarrisonThe Pastel City
1971978-0-380-00071-5Albert SpeerInside the Third Reich
1981978-0-380-00073-9Rebecca WestThe Fountain Overflows
1974978-0-380-00083-8Roger ZelaznyThe Guns of Avalon (Chronicles of Amber, No. 2)
1991978-0-380-00109-5Margaret MitchellGone With the Wind
1974978-0-380-00126-2Allen DruryCome Nineveh, Come Tyre
978-0-380-00133-0D. WinstonInheritance
1995978-0-380-00137-8Rosemary RogersThe Wildest Heart
2006978-0-380-00141-5Catherine MarshallChristy
1974978-0-380-00162-0Sol YurickThe Bag
1975978-0-380-00164-4Marcello TruzziChess in Literature
1974978-0-380-00175-0TrevanianThe Loo Sanction (Jonathan Hemlock, Book 2)
1973978-0-380-00176-7TrevanianThe Eiger Sanction
1988978-0-380-00179-8Harold RobbinsNever Leave Me (Avon red-and-gold library)
1977978-0-380-00181-1Agnes Sligh TurnbullNightingale
1974978-0-380-00184-2Ian CameronThe Mountains at the Bottom of the World (Avon SF, 21402)
  ''978-0-380-00192-7Alan H. FriedmanHermaphrodeity: The Autobiography of a Poet
1983978-0-380-00198-9Robert SilverbergMan in the Maze
1977978-0-380-00200-9Norman SpinradThe Iron Dream (Science Fiction Rediscovery Series)
1983978-0-380-00209-2Piers AnthonyMacroscope
1975978-0-380-00213-9Will RogersThe Autobiography of Will Rogers
  ''978-0-380-00214-6Patrick WhiteThe Eye of the Storm
1975978-0-380-00224-5Norma KleinLove and Other Euphemisms
  ''978-0-380-00233-7Daniel Stephen HalacyComing Age of Solar Energy
  ''978-0-380-00234-4Lois GouldFinal Analysis
1925978-0-380-00235-1M. DREWDIABOLIST
1980978-0-380-00237-5Rumer GoddenEpisode of Sparrows
1982978-0-380-00245-0Kate ChopinThe Awakening
1976978-0-380-00246-7Catherine MarshallBeyond Our Selves
1974978-0-380-00247-4Samuel W. TaylorNightfall at Nauvoo
1999978-0-380-00255-9Margery WilliamsThe Velveteen Rabbit
1975978-0-380-00258-0Russell BanksFamily life
1978978-0-380-00262-7Piers AnthonyOmnivore (Of Man and Manta, No. 1)
1971978-0-380-00266-5   ''Orn (Of Man and Manta, No. 2)
1975978-0-380-00278-8Isaac AsimovAdding a Dimension: A Scintillating, Mind-opening Excursion Through the Realms of Science
1982978-0-380-00285-6Lesie H. WhittenMoon of the Wolf
1981978-0-380-00286-3George J. AnnasThe Rights of Hospital Patients: The Basic Aclu Guide to a Hospital Patient's Rights (An American Civil Liberties Union handbook)
1975978-0-380-00291-7Richard J. AnobileJohn Fords Stagecoach: Starring John Wayne
  ''978-0-380-00293-1Richard AdamsWatership Down
  ''978-0-380-00299-3Fred Hoyle · John ElliotA for Andromeda: A Novel of Tomorrow
1975978-0-380-00302-0Jane Gilmore RushingMary Dove
1980978-0-380-00307-5Lloyd KroppWho Is Mary Stark?
1975978-0-380-00309-9James JonesThin Red Line
  ''978-0-380-00318-1Chad OliverThe Winds of Time (SF Rediscovery Series, No. 10)
2002978-0-380-00321-1Piers Paul ReadAlive: The Story of the Andes Survivors
1975978-0-380-00325-9Isaac AsimovOf Time and Space and Other Things
1973978-0-380-00327-3John Gerald TaylorBlack holes: the end of the universe?
1975978-0-380-00333-4Heinrich BöllThe Clown
1983978-0-380-00334-1Saul BellowThe Victim
1985978-0-380-00341-9Joan GrantReturn to Elysium
1975978-0-380-00343-3Charles Platt · Hilary BaileyNew Worlds #6
  ''978-0-380-00344-0Joan EcksteinFun with growing things: A guide to indoor and outdoor gardening for kids
1980978-0-380-00345-7Betsy Cromer ByarsTrouble River
1983978-0-380-00356-3Isaac AsimovView from a Height
1975978-0-380-00363-1David ForrestOne of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing
1984978-0-380-00371-6Thornton WilderThe Cabala
1975978-0-380-00380-8Joan GrantScarlet Feather
1970978-0-380-00383-9HELEN HUNT JACKSONRamona
1975978-0-380-00384-6Bruce BeckerBackgammon for Blood
  ''978-0-380-00391-4E. Carrington Boggan · Marilyn G. Haft · Charles Lister · John P. RuppThe Rights of Gay People: The Basic ACLU Guide to a Gay Person's Rights (An American Civil Liberties Union handbook)
1983978-0-380-00392-1George Robert Bach · Peter WydenThe Intimate Enemy: How to Fight Fair in Love and Marriage
  ''978-0-380-00394-5George Robert Bach · Ronald M. DeutschPairing
1986978-0-380-00397-6Kirby E. McCauleyNight Chills
1975978-0-380-00407-2Ladislas FaragoAftermath
1979978-0-380-00417-1Claire LorrimerRelentless Storm
1974978-0-380-00423-2Harry BrowneHow I Found Freedom in an Unfree World
1996978-0-380-00425-6Rosemary RogersDark Fires: Steve & Ginny Book 2
1965978-0-380-00426-3David STOREYRadcliffe
1975978-0-380-00427-0Donald OlsonThe Sky Children
1993978-0-380-00428-7Richard AdamsWatership Down
978-0-380-00448-5U. OrenLoving Strangers
1975978-0-380-00459-1Richard BuckleNijinsky
1989978-0-380-00461-4Piers AnthonyOx (Of Man and Manta, No. 3)
1984978-0-380-00465-2Charles BerlitzThe Bermuda Triangle
1975978-0-380-00466-9Adele Faber · Elaine MazlishLiberated Parents, Liberated Children
1975978-0-380-00480-5Patricia A MckillipForgotten Beasts of Eld
1980978-0-380-00482-9Knut HamsunPan
1975978-0-380-00488-1Jack Harrison PollackDr. Sam: An American tragedy
  ''978-0-380-00499-7Ed NahaHorrors: From Screen to Scream
1970978-0-380-00501-7Howard KochThe Panic Broadcast: The Whole Story of Orson Welles' Legendary Radio Show Invasion from Mars
1975978-0-380-00503-1Ann ThompsonHands of Fate
1976978-0-380-00516-1Richard AdamsShardik
  ''978-0-380-00521-5George R. R. MartinA Song for Lya and Other Stories
2007978-0-380-00525-3Kathleen E WoodiwissThe Flame and the Flower (The Birmingham Family)
1976978-0-380-00526-0Robert A HutchisonVesco
1967978-0-380-00544-4Georges SimenonMaigret and The Headless Corpse
1976978-0-380-00576-5James HerlihyMidnight Cowboy
  ''978-0-380-00578-9Zoe OldenbourgHeirs Of The Kingdom, The
  ''978-0-380-00584-0Stanislaw LemThe Futurological Congress
1976978-0-380-00590-1Bruce JohnsonAmerican Catalogue
  ''978-0-380-00611-3Herbert B. GreenhouseAstral Journey
1959978-0-380-00620-5Leo OldenbourgThe Chains of Love
1976978-0-380-00634-2Helene HanffThe Duchess of Bloomsbury Street
  ''978-0-380-00635-9Hal ClementNeedle (also published as From Outer Space)
  ''978-0-380-00637-3Michael MoorcockBehold the Man
  ''978-0-380-00641-0Richard O'ConnorThe Cactus Throne: The Tragedy of Maximilian and Carlotta
1986978-0-380-00645-8Gregory McDonaldFletch
1976978-0-380-00662-5Zoe OldenbourgCities of the Flesh
1971978-0-380-00669-4Henry DenkerThe Director
1976978-0-380-00676-2Herbert Benson · Miriam Z. KlipperThe Relaxation Response
1976978-0-380-00690-8Abraham MerrittSeven Footprints to Satan
1973978-0-380-00722-6Bernard F. ConnersDon't embarrass the Bureau
1987978-0-380-00734-9Mary LutyensKrishnamurti: The Years of Awakening
1976978-0-380-00745-5Carol J. FarleyMystery in the Ravine (An Avon/Camelot Book)
1983978-0-380-00762-2George BoothThink Good Thoughts About a Pussycat
1976978-0-380-00772-1Thomas HarrisI'm OK-You're OK
1973978-0-380-00774-5Isaac AsimovFoundation and Empire
1982978-0-380-00776-9Rosemary RogersWicked Loving Lies
2007978-0-380-00778-3Kathleen E WoodiwissThe Wolf and the Dove
1981978-0-380-00785-1Michael CurtisThe Great Political Theories, Vol. 1
1991978-0-380-00814-8Gregory McDonaldConfess, Fletch
1976978-0-380-00815-5Rosemary RogersSweet Savage Love
1988978-0-380-00820-9Haim G. GinottBetween Parent and Teenager
1980978-0-380-00823-0Isaac AsimovSecond Foundation
1999978-0-380-00831-5Roger ZelaznySign of the Unicorn (The Chronicles of Amber #3)
1976978-0-380-00839-1Monique WittigThe Lesbian Body
1981978-0-380-00842-1Joan SamsonThe Auctioneer
1977978-0-380-00844-5Bob Woodward · Carl BernsteinThe Final Days
1981978-0-380-00851-3Sharon Bell MathisSidewalk Story
1976978-0-380-00859-9Evan HunterBlackboard Jungle
1975978-0-380-00860-5Walter TevisHustler
1972978-0-380-00873-5Edison MarshallCaravan to Xanadu
1977978-0-380-00878-0Michael MoorcockThe Cornelius Chronicles: The Final Programme / A Cure for Cancer / The English Assassin / The Condition of Muzak
  ''978-0-380-00898-8Kathleen E WoodiwissShanna
1980978-0-380-00901-5J. E. A. TylerThe Tolkien Companion
1981978-0-380-00940-4David RubinThe Rights of Teachers.
1980978-0-380-00942-8Isaac AsimovLife and Energy
1999978-0-380-00947-3Harriette ArnowThe Dollmaker
1977978-0-380-00949-7Roger ZelaznyDoorways in the Sand
1985978-0-380-00968-8Peter HandkeThree by Peter Handke
1977978-0-380-00971-8Gordon MerrickAn Idol for Others
1982978-0-380-00991-6Pat ConroyThe Great Santini
1978978-0-380-00994-7Gabriel García MárquezNo one Writes to the Colonel and Other Stories
1990978-0-380-00997-8Lorraine Cohen · Stephen P. CohenScenes for Young Actors
1991978-0-380-00998-5James BlishCities in Flight
2006978-0-380-01000-4Sigmund FreudInterpretation of Dreams, The
1970978-0-380-01003-5Theodore TaylorThe Cay
1981978-0-380-01004-2Elie WieselThe Accident
  ''978-0-380-01007-3Allen DruryAdvise and Consent (Advise and Consent, Book 1)
1985978-0-380-01026-4Todhunter BallardApplegate's Gold
1978978-0-380-01054-7Manuel PuigBetrayed by Rita Hayworth
1980978-0-380-01085-1Samuel ShellabargerCaptain from Castile
1978978-0-380-01086-8James P. SloanThe Case History of Comrade V
1988978-0-380-01094-3Mari SandozCheyenne Autumn
1970978-0-380-01122-3Roger ZelaznyCreatures of Light and Darkness
2001978-0-380-01159-9Ronald W. ClarkEinstein:: The Life and Times
1972978-0-380-01174-2Isaac AsimovFact and Fancy
1974978-0-380-01195-7Gordon MerrickForth into Light
1982978-0-380-01205-3Jorge AmadoGabriela, Clove and Cinnamon
1972978-0-380-01209-1Siegfried Lenz · Eithne WilkinsThe German Lesson
1974978-0-380-01234-3Richard W. LangerGrow It
978-0-380-01250-3Thomas CostainHigh Towers
1972978-0-380-01251-0Zenna HendersonHolding Wonder
1973978-0-380-01254-1Jr. Earl HamnerHomecoming
1981978-0-380-01274-9Roy HayesThe Hungarian Game
1976978-0-380-01277-0Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Earnest
  ''978-0-380-01280-0Dorothy L. SayersIn the Teeth of the Evidence: And Other Mysteries
1973978-0-380-01286-2Richard BachJonathan Livingston Seagull
1985978-0-380-01305-0Roxanne DentIsland of Fear
1974978-0-380-01319-7Willie MorrisThe Last of the Southern Girls
1995978-0-380-01320-3Ursula K. Le GuinThe Lathe of Heaven
1973978-0-380-01323-4Gabriella Garcia MarquezLeaf Storm and Other Stories
1985978-0-380-01325-8Joan GrantLife As Carola
1978978-0-380-01350-0Coretta Scott KingMy Life With Martin Luther King, Jr.
1987978-0-380-01388-3Muriel SparkRobinson
1976978-0-380-01392-0Anton Szandor LaVeyThe Satanic Rituals: Companion to The Satanic Bible
1969978-0-380-01403-3Roger ZelaznyLord of Light
1950978-0-380-01405-7Bruno BettelheimLove Is Not Enough: The Treatment of Emotionally Disturbed Children
1982978-0-380-01406-4Booth TarkingtonMagnificent Ambersons
1966978-0-380-01408-8Christina SteadMan Who Loved Children
1985978-0-380-01426-2Edward De BonoNew Think
1977978-0-380-01430-9Roger ZelaznyNine Princes In Amber
1972978-0-380-01444-6Isaac AsimovThe Solar System and Back
1974978-0-380-01499-6Jill PurceThe Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul
1980978-0-380-01505-4Humphrey CobbPaths of Glory
1968978-0-380-01506-1Zenna HendersonThe People: No Different Flesh
1963978-0-380-01507-8   ''Pilgrimage: The Book of the People
1973978-0-380-01528-3Susan C. RossRights of Women
1969978-0-380-01539-9Anton Szandor LaveyThe Satanic Bible
1980978-0-380-01541-2Natalie BabbittThe Search for Delicious
1983978-0-380-01545-0Betty BrockThe Shades
1978978-0-380-01553-5Isaac Bashevis SingerThe Slave
1999978-0-380-01581-8James W. Johnson · Booker T. Washington · William E. B. DuboisThree Negro Classics
1978978-0-380-01583-2Jack HoffenbergA Thunder at Dawn
1973978-0-380-01602-0Michael Greenfield · William M. BurrusThe Complete Reference Book on Vasectomy
1982978-0-380-01610-5Philip MacDonaldWarrant for X
1973978-0-380-01613-6Arthur LaurentsThe Way We Were
1974978-0-380-01633-4Thomas M. Disch334