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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2019978-0-371-00005-2Church of EnglandThe Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England
  ''978-0-371-00030-4Charlotte BarterHome in South Africa, by a Plain Woman, Author of Alone Among the Zulus
  ''978-0-371-00063-2AsselinDictionnaire Encyclopédique Des Sciences Médicales
  ''978-0-371-00297-1Galileo GalileiLe Opere Di Galileo Galilei: Opere Letterarie. 1856
  ''978-0-371-00479-1P. Asselin (París)Dictionnaire Encyclopédique Des Sciences Médicales
2019978-0-371-01491-2Joseph Williams BlakesleyFour Months in Algeria: With a Visit to Carthage
  ''978-0-371-01831-6Ernst MachSpace and Geometry in the Light of Physiological, Psychological and Physical Inquiry
  ''978-0-371-02078-4Charles François Antoine LeroyTraité De Géométrie Descriptive: Texte
  ''978-0-371-02530-7John Caldwell Calhoun ClarkeThe Making of Christianity: an Exhibit of Hebrew and Christian Messianic Apocalyptical Philosophy and Literature
  ''978-0-371-02553-6George BooleAn Investigation of the Laws of Thought: on Which Are Founded the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities
2019978-0-371-02881-0Jules GérardLion Hunting and Sporting Life in Algeria
  ''978-0-371-03698-3Washington IrvingWolfert's Roost and Other Papers: Now First Collected
  ''978-0-371-04083-6Hermann Pückler-MuskauSemilasso in Africa: Adventures in Algiers, and Other Parts of Africa
  ''978-0-371-04347-9Théophile Jules PelouzeTraité De Chimie Générale, Analytique Industrielle Et Agricole: Comprenant Les Applications De Cette Science À L'analyse Chimique, À L'industrie, À L'agriculture Et À L'histoire Naturelle
  ''978-0-371-05389-8David LivingstoneMissionary Travels and Researches in South Africa: Including a Sketch of Sixteen Years' Residence in the Interior of Africa
2019978-0-371-05702-5George ChalmersCaledonia, or an Account, Historical and Topographic, of North Britain, from the Most Ancient to the Present Times: With a Dictionary of Places, Chorographical and Philological
  ''978-0-371-05930-2James BackhouseA Narrative of a Visit to the Mauritius and South Africa
  ''978-0-371-07647-7Denis Diderot*Oeuvres Completes De Diderot Tome 1 -2.: 18: Oeuvres De Denis Diderot. Dictionnaire Encyclopedique. Tome
  ''978-0-371-08787-9Edward PortwineThe Steam Engine, from the Earliest to the Present Time: Atmospheric Railways - the Electric Printing Telegraph, and Screw Propeller
  ''978-0-371-08953-8P. Asselin (París)Dictionnaire Encyclopédique Des Sciences Médicales
2019978-0-371-09137-1Nicholas CarlisleA Topographical Dictionary of ... Wales, a Continuation of the Topography of the United Kindom of Great Britain and Ireland
  ''978-0-371-09451-8David LivingstoneMissionary Travels and Researches in South Africa
  ''978-0-371-09885-1Edward PaysonJesus Christ, the Anchor of the Soul
  ''978-0-371-10418-7Ibn KhallikanIbn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary
  ''978-0-371-10684-6Abraham SalaméA Narrative of the Expedition to Algiers in the Year 1816, Under the Command of ... Admiral Lord Viscount Exmouth
2019978-0-371-11588-6Wiley and PutnamThe French in Algiers
  ''978-0-371-11594-7Great Britain. Patent OfficePatents for Invention: Abridgements of Specifications Relating to Printing, Including Therein the Production of Copies on All Kinds of Materials, ... Blocks, Plates, Stone, Dies, Stencil P
  ''978-0-371-12180-1William Henry WellsA Geographical Dictionary or Gazetteer of the Australian Colonies: Their Physical and Political Geography: Together With a Brief Notice of All the Capitals, Principal Towns, and Villages
  ''978-0-371-13049-0P. Asselin S.R De LabéDictionnaire Encyclopédique Des Sciences Médicales
  ''978-0-371-13307-1John CampbellTravels in South Africa, Undertaken at the Request of the London Missionary Society: Being a Narrative of a Second Journey in the Interior of That Country
2019978-0-371-13533-4John FlemingPolitical Annals of Lower Canada: Being a Review of the Political and Legislative History of That Province Under the Act of the Imperial Parliament, ... and Legislative Council, Showing the Defects
  ''978-0-371-14029-1Samuel PepysThe Diary of Samuel Pepys
  ''978-0-371-17499-9RaconDictionnaire Encyclopédique Des Sciences Médicales
  ''978-0-371-19094-4Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig RellstabAlgiers En Parijs in 1830
  ''978-0-371-20574-7Thomas KenChristian Year: Or, Hymns and Poems for the Holy Days and Festivals of the Church
2019978-0-371-20684-3Denis DiderotOeuvres Complètes De Diderot: Encyclopédie, Loi Naturelle-Q
  ''978-0-371-22774-9John TaulerMeditations on the Life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  ''978-0-371-23961-2George Holditch MasonLife With the Zulus of Natal, South Africa
  ''978-0-371-25229-1Ibn KhallikanIbn Khallikan's Biographical Dictionary
  ''978-0-371-28533-6Pierre JacototÉlémens De Physique Expérimentale, Suivie D'un Abrégré D'astronomie
2019978-0-371-28707-1Leitch RitchieThe British World in the East: a Guide Historical, Moral, and Commercial, to India, China, Australia, South Africa, and the Other Possessions or ... Britain in the Eastern and Southern Seas
  ''978-0-371-31524-8Maria MonkAwful Disclosures of Maria Monk, a Narrative of Her Sufferings in the Hotel Dieu Nunnery at Montreal
  ''978-0-371-32292-5Washington IrvingWolfert's Roost and Other Papers
  ''978-0-371-51914-1RaconDictionnaire Encyclopédique Des Sciences Médicales
  ''978-0-371-52451-0Isaac WattsThe Works of the Rev. Isaac Watts D.D. in Nine Volumes
2019978-0-371-52724-5Edward Augustus KendallPocket Encyclopedia: Or, a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Polite Literature
  ''978-0-371-53064-1John CampbellTravels in South Africa, Undertaken at the Request of the Missionary Society
  ''978-0-371-53590-5Richard Stephen CharnockLocal Etymology: a Derivative Dictionary of Geographical Names
  ''978-0-371-53940-8Parliament ActsThoughts on the Canada Bill, Now Depending in Parliament
  ''978-0-371-54036-7Joseph PhillimoreReports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Arches and Prerogative Courts of Canterbury, and in the High Court of Delegates: Cases from Hilary Term, 1752, to Trinity Term, 1754, Inclusive (1833)
2019978-0-371-54180-7John PhilipResearches in South Africa: Illustrating the Civil, Moral, and Religious Condition of the Native Tribes: Including Journals of the Author's Travels ... of the Christian Missions, Exhibiting the
  ''978-0-371-54201-9Silvestre B. HigginsOphidians, Zoological Arrangement of the Different Genera: Including Varieties Known in North and South America, the East Indies, South Africa, and ... Their Galls, as Antidotes to the Snake-Ven
  ''978-0-371-54297-2George ChalmersCalendonia: Or, an Account, Historical and Topographic, of North Britain; from the Most Ancient to the Present Times: With a Dictionary of Places, Chorographical and Philological. in Four Volumes
  ''978-0-371-54327-6Louis Charles ElsonUniversity Musical Encyclopedia: a History of Music
  ''978-0-371-54467-9Octavius WinslowLife in Jesus: a Memoir of Mrs. Mary Winslow, Arranged from Her Correspondence, Diary, and Thoughts
2019978-0-371-55109-7R. HodgesThe Settler in South Africa and Other Tales