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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-0-370-30949-1J.W. Lambert · Michael RatcliffeThe Bodley Head, 1887-1987
1983978-0-370-30950-7Geoffrey CoxSEE IT HAPPEN: The Making of ITN
1984978-0-370-30969-9Tristan JonesHeart of Oak
1986978-0-370-31007-7Hunter DaviesOssie Goes Supersonic
1990978-0-370-31017-6Earl of HarewoodKobbe's Complete Opera Book
1987978-0-370-31021-3Eric GroveRoyal Navy - Vanguard to Trident: British Naval Policy Since the Second World War
  ''978-0-370-31031-2Stefan AustThe Baader-Meinhof Group: The Inside Story of a Phenomenon
  ''978-0-370-31038-1Maurice SendakPosters
  ''978-0-370-31070-1H.M. BatemanThe Best of H.M.Bateman: "Tatler" Cartoons, 1922-26
1989978-0-370-31072-5Aleksandr SolzhenitsynAugust 1914
1987978-0-370-31074-9Magnus MagnussonIceland Saga
  ''978-0-370-31076-3Pat HutchinsRosie's Walk (Picture Book S.)
1987978-0-370-31087-9H.M. BatemanThe Best of H.M.Bateman: "Tatler" Cartoons, 1922-26
1988978-0-370-31094-7Jan MarkEnough is Too Much Already and Other Stories (A Bodley Head paperback original)
1987978-0-370-31097-8Mohamed Amin · Duncan Willettts · John EamesThe Last of the Maasai
  ''978-0-370-31111-1Hunter DaviesOssie the Millionaire
1989978-0-370-31113-5Peter LoveseyBertie and the Tinman: From the Detective Memoirs of King Edward VII
1988978-0-370-31120-3Shirley HughesThe Big Alfie And Annie Rose Storybook
1987978-0-370-31124-1Tom PocockHoratio Nelson
1988978-0-370-31135-7Sandy GallAfghanistan: Agony of a Nation
  ''978-0-370-31140-1Tristan JonesSomewheres East of Suez
  ''978-0-370-31145-6Philip WarnerWorld War II: The Untold Story
  ''978-0-370-31150-0Michael CharltonWheezy
1988978-0-370-31155-5Mitsumasa AnnoAnno's Peekaboo!
  ''978-0-370-31163-0Mary Stewart WilsonQueen Mary's Dolls House
  ''978-0-370-31174-6Ernest NewmanWagner Nights
1990978-0-370-31184-5Jean UrePlay Nimrod for Him
1991978-0-370-31190-6Margaret MeekOn Being Literate
1988978-0-370-31196-8Alan FurstNight Soldiers
  ''978-0-370-31208-8Ian RankinWatchman
1989978-0-370-31242-2James RusbridgerThe Intelligence Game: The Illusions and Delusions of International Espionage
1988978-0-370-31256-9Louise LawrenceCalling B for Butterfly (Paperback originals)
1989978-0-370-31259-0Angela McAllisterNothing to Do
1990978-0-370-31261-3Tom PocockAlan Moorehead
1989978-0-370-31271-2George Bernard ShawShaw's Music: The Complete Musical Criticism of Bernard Shaw, Vol. 2, 1890-1893
  ''978-0-370-31272-9George Bernard ShawShaw's Music: 1893-1950 v. 3: The Complete Musical Criticism of Bernard Shaw
1989978-0-370-31276-7Roger DavenportOnlooker
  ''978-0-370-31283-5Mavis CheekParlour Games
  ''978-0-370-31290-3Angela LambertLove Among the Single Classes
1990978-0-370-31299-6Nicholas FaithThe World the Railways Made
1989978-0-370-31309-2Sandy GallSalang
  ''978-0-370-31310-8Alison WeirBritain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy
  ''978-0-370-31332-0Timothy FerrisComing of Age in the Milky Way
1991978-0-370-31352-8Richard BreitmanThe Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution
1989978-0-370-31362-7Kermit LynchAdventures on the Wine Route: Wine Buyer's Tour of France
1991978-0-370-31396-2Alison WeirThe Six Wives of Henry VIII
1990978-0-370-31406-8Lao zi · Lao TzuTao Te Ching
1990978-0-370-31420-4Harold L. KlawansNewton's Madness: Further Tales of Clinical Neurology
  ''978-0-370-31433-4Cliff StollThe Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through a Maze of Computer Espionage
  ''978-0-370-31452-5Barbara WersbaThe Farewell Kid
  ''978-0-370-31454-9Edel WignellEscape by Deluge
  ''978-0-370-31470-9Betsy ByarsBingo Brown and the Language of Love
1990978-0-370-31490-7Robert A. CaroThe Years of Lyndon Johnson: Means of Ascent v. 2
1992978-0-370-31516-4Shirley HughesThe Big Alfie Out of Doors Storybook
1995978-0-370-31520-1John Rowe TownsendWritten for Children: Outline of English-language Children's Literature
1992978-0-370-31526-3Aidan ChambersThe Toll Bridge
1993978-0-370-31536-2Jean UreAlways Sebastian
1991978-0-370-31553-9Betsy ByarsBingo Brown, Gipsy Lover
  ''978-0-370-31608-6Harold L. KlawansTrials of an Expert Witness: Tales of Clinical Neurology and the Law
1992978-0-370-31609-3Fred PearceThe Dammed: Rivers, Dams and the Coming World Water Crisis
1991978-0-370-31643-7Shelby FooteThe Civil War Volume I: Fort Sumter to Perryville: Fort Sumter to Perryville v. 1
  ''978-0-370-31653-6Shelby FooteThe Civil War Volume II: Fredericksburg to Meridan: Fredericksburg to Meridian Vol 2
  ''978-0-370-31663-5   ''The Civil War Volume III: Red River to Appomattox: Red River to Appomattox v. 3
1992978-0-370-31715-1Louise LawrenceBen-Harran's Castle
1991978-0-370-31723-6Bernard Law MontgomeryMontgomery and the Eighth Army: A Selection from the Diaries, Correspondence and Other Papers of Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein: A ... of Alamein, August 1942 to December 1943
1993978-0-370-31771-7Beverley BirchSuzi, Sam, George and Alice
1992978-0-370-31801-1James JoyceUlysses
1993978-0-370-31819-6William CorlettThe Summer of the Haunting
  ''978-0-370-31829-5Susan CooperThe Boggart
1994978-0-370-31831-8Pauline FiskTyger Pool
1995978-0-370-31873-8Ivor CutlerThe New Dress
1994978-0-370-31878-3Paul Rogers · John PraterA Letter to Granny
1994978-0-370-31887-5Jenny NimmoWilfred's Wolf
1993978-0-370-31904-9James Joyce · Hans Walter GablerUlysses: Corrected Text
1994978-0-370-31915-5Paul ZindelDavid and Della
  ''978-0-370-31917-9Ann CoburnThe Domino Effect
  ''978-0-370-31935-3Shirley HughesThe Alfie Treasury
  ''978-0-370-31943-8Jan MarkThey Do Things Differently There
1995978-0-370-31973-5Toeckey JonesBokkie
  ''978-0-370-32240-7C MUNOZLittle Captain,the (CO-Ed)
1999978-0-370-32328-2Kaye UmanskyNeed a Trim, Jim
1999978-0-370-32348-0Shirley HughesAlfie's Alphabet
1994978-0-370-32370-1John FarmanThe Very Bloody History of Britain: The First Bit!: Without the Boring Bits
1999978-0-370-32377-0Kate PettyThe Magnificent I Can Read Music Book
1997978-0-370-32384-8Shirley HughesAlfie and the Birthday Surprise
1995978-0-370-32430-2Paul ZindelLoch
1998978-0-370-32444-9Kate PettyThe Terrific Times Tables Book
  ''978-0-370-32446-3Pat HutchinsRosie's Walk
1997978-0-370-32452-4Kaye UmanskyYou Can Swim, Jim
1998978-0-370-32475-3Shirley HughesThe Lion and the Unicorn
2002978-0-370-32526-2Sylvia WaughEarthborn (Ormingat Trilogy)
2000978-0-370-32532-3Sarah GarlandGoing Shopping (Sarah Garland board books)
  ''978-0-370-32542-2Sarah GarlandDoing Christmas (Sarah Garland board books)
  ''978-0-370-32552-1   ''Doing the Washing (Sarah Garland board books)
1999978-0-370-32560-6   ''Going To Playschool
2001978-0-370-32561-3Shirley HughesAlfie Weather
2000978-0-370-32562-0Sarah GarlandHaving a Picnic (Sarah Garland board books)
2003978-0-370-32576-7Sylvia WaughWho Goes Home? (Ormingat Trilogy)
2002978-0-370-32584-2Kate PettyThe Super Science Book
2000978-0-370-32600-9Shirley HughesAlfie's Numbers
2002978-0-370-32605-4   ''A Life Drawing: Autobiography of Shirley Hughes
2003978-0-370-32626-9Caroline GlicksmanEric the Red
2001978-0-370-32674-0DARCEY BUSSELLDarcey Bussell Favourite Ballet Stories
2003978-0-370-32676-4John PraterIs it Christmas?
2000978-0-370-32682-5Shirley HughesThe Shirley Hughes Collection
2005978-0-370-32684-9Aidan ChambersThis is All
2004978-0-370-32686-3John PraterBaby Bear's Christmas Kiss
2000978-0-370-32711-2Kate PettyThe Wonderful World Book
2001978-0-370-32715-0Maurice SendakWhere the Wild Things Are (Gift Set)
1999978-0-370-32730-3Jonathan StroudBuried Fire
2002978-0-370-32733-4Kes Gray · Nick SharrattReally, Really (Daisy Books)
  ''978-0-370-32756-3Dominic WoodDominic Wood's Magic Book
2000978-0-370-32761-7Richard MorganThe Funny Tummy Book
2003978-0-370-32765-5Shirley HughesElla's Big Chance
2003978-0-370-32766-2Dominic WoodDominic Wood's Spooky Magic
2005978-0-370-32780-8Kes GrayA Bunch Of Daisies (Daisy Books)
2004978-0-370-32790-7Kes GrayYuk! (Daisy Picture Books)
2005978-0-370-32823-2Kate ThompsonThe New Policeman
2004978-0-370-32824-9Shirley HughesAlfie Wins A Prize
  ''978-0-370-32826-3Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Apprentice No. 1
2005978-0-370-32827-0Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Curse (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2006978-0-370-32828-7   ''The Spook's Secret: Book 3: No. 3 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2005978-0-370-32831-7Rowan CliffordRodeo Ron And His Milkshake Cows
  ''978-0-370-32836-2Keith GrayThe Fearful
978-0-370-32837-9Keith GrayPainted Black
2005978-0-370-32839-3Shirley HughesA Brush With The Past: 1900-1950 The years that changed our lives
  ''978-0-370-32850-8Mairi HedderwickKatie Morag And The Birthdays
  ''978-0-370-32858-4E. E. RichardsonThe Devil's Footsteps
2005978-0-370-32859-1Catherine FisherDarkhenge
2006978-0-370-32861-4Kate PettyThe Perfect (Pop-Up) Punctuation Book
2005978-0-370-32870-6A. GutmanPenelope at School
  ''978-0-370-32871-3Anne GutmanPenelope on the Farm
2006978-0-370-32876-8Kes Gray006 and a Bit (Daisy Picture Books)
2007978-0-370-32877-5   ''Tiger Ways (Daisy Books)
2006978-0-370-32882-9E. E. RichardsonThe Intruders
  ''978-0-370-32883-6Dean Vincent CarterThe Hand of the Devil
2007978-0-370-32884-3Shirley HughesAlfie and the Big Boys
  ''978-0-370-32887-4E. E. RichardsonThe Summoning
2006978-0-370-32890-4Kate ThompsonThe Fourth Horseman
  ''978-0-370-32891-1Susan CooperVictory
2007978-0-370-32892-8Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Battle (Wardstone Chronicles)
2006978-0-370-32894-2Shirley HughesAlfie's World
2007978-0-370-32906-2Tabitha SuzumaFrom Where I Stand
2007978-0-370-32910-9Mairi HedderwickKatie Morag and the Dancing Class
  ''978-0-370-32912-3Dean Vincent CarterThe Hunting Season
  ''978-0-370-32914-7Steve Alton & Nick SharrattThe Gooey, Chewy, Rumble, Plop Book
  ''978-0-370-32915-4Philip CaveneySebastian Darke: Prince of Fools
2008978-0-370-32917-8Philip CaveneySebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates: Bk. 2
2007978-0-370-32921-5Markus ZusakThe Book Thief
  ''978-0-370-32925-3Kate ThompsonThe Last of the High Kings (The New Policeman Trilogy)
2007978-0-370-32926-0Kate ThompsonThe Last of the High Kings
  ''978-0-370-32927-7Philip CaveneySebastian Darke: Prince of Fools
2008978-0-370-32928-4Shirley HughesJonadab and Rita
  ''978-0-370-32929-1Kate ThompsonCreature of the Night
  ''978-0-370-32931-4Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Mistake: Book 5 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2009978-0-370-32932-1   ''The Spook's Sacrifice: Book 6 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2007978-0-370-32936-9Matt HaigShadow Forest
  ''978-0-370-32942-0Susan CooperThe Dark is Rising Sequence
2008978-0-370-32948-2Mary HooperNewes from the Dead
2008978-0-370-32957-4Kate ThompsonHighway Robbery
2010978-0-370-32962-8Shirley HughesDon't Want to Go!
2009978-0-370-32975-8Steve Alton & Nick SharrattThe Icky, Sticky Snot and Blood Book
2008978-0-370-32978-9Norman HunterThe Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm
2010978-0-370-32979-6Joseph DelaneySpook's Bestiary (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2013978-0-370-32980-2   ''Spook's: Alice: Book 12 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2010978-0-370-32981-9Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Nightmare: Book 7 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2009978-0-370-32985-7Georgie BirkettThe Big Night-Night Book
  ''978-0-370-32988-8Matt HaigThe Runaway Troll (Shadow Forest)
  ''978-0-370-32992-5Kate ThompsonThe White Horse Trick (The New Policeman Trilogy)
  ''978-0-370-32995-6Lucinda HareThe Dragon Whisperer
  ''978-0-370-32996-3Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Stories: Witches (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2003978-0-370-33054-9John PraterThe Bodley Head
2009978-0-370-33178-2Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Sacrifice (Wardstone Chronicles)
2011978-0-370-33180-5   ''The Spook's Destiny: Book 8 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2012978-0-370-33181-2   ''The Spook's Blood: Book 10 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2011978-0-370-33194-2Shirley HughesAll About Alfie
2011978-0-370-33195-9Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Destiny: Book 8 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
  ''978-0-370-33196-6Lindsey BarracloughLong Lankin
2010978-0-370-33200-0Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Nightmare (Limited Collector's Edition) (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2013978-0-370-33204-8   ''The Spook's Revenge: Book 13 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2011978-0-370-33205-5   ''Spook's: I Am Grimalkin (Spooks Stories)
2012978-0-370-33206-2Matt HaigTo Be A Cat
2011978-0-370-33208-6Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Destiny: Book 8 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
  ''978-0-370-33209-3Shirley HughesMy Alfie Collection
  ''978-0-370-33210-9Ian BeckThe Haunting of Charity Delafield
2012978-0-370-33213-0Diana HendryThe Seeing
  ''978-0-370-33215-4Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Blood
2012978-0-370-33217-8Joseph DelaneySpook's: Slither's Tale: Book 11 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2012978-0-370-33218-5Joseph DelaneySpook's: Slither's Tale: Book 11 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2011978-0-370-33227-7John FlanaganBrotherband: The Outcasts: Book One
2012978-0-370-33228-4R J PalacioWonder
2013978-0-370-33230-7Shirley HughesAlfie's Christmas
2012978-0-370-33236-9Aidan ChambersDying to Know You
  ''978-0-370-33238-3Joseph DelaneySpook's: I Am Grimalkin: Book 9 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
  ''978-0-370-33247-5   ''The Spook's Blood: Book 10 (The Wardstone Chronicles)