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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-0-327-16276-6Richard B. McNamaraPersonal Injury: Tort and Insurance Practice (New Hampshire Practice, V. 8-9)
  ''978-0-327-16277-3Richard B. McNamaraPersonal Injury: Tort and Insurance Practice (New Hampshire Practice, V. 8-9)
  ''978-0-327-16278-0Charles E. FriendPersonal Injury Law in Virginia
  ''978-0-327-16279-7David J. Leibson · Richard H. NowkaThe Uniform Commercial Code of Kentucky
  ''978-0-327-16280-3David N. NissenbergLaw of Commercial Trucking: Damages to Persons And Property
2003978-0-327-16282-7Michael Gruson · Ralph ReisnerRegulation of Foreign Banks: United States and International
978-0-327-16283-4Law of Evidence in Washington
2013978-0-327-16284-1Charles A. DeGrandpreNew Hampshire Practice Series: Wills, Trusts and Gifts, Fourth Edition (Volume 7)
2003978-0-327-16288-9Ronald W EadesJury instructions on damages in tort actions
  ''978-0-327-16289-6Kent Sinclair · Leigh B. Jr MiddleditchVirginia Civil Procedure Fourth Edition
  ''978-0-327-16291-9Charles E. FriendThe Law of Evidence in Virginia
  ''978-0-327-16296-4George A. SteinGeorgia DUI Law, A Resource For Lawyers and Judges
  ''978-0-327-16298-8Joseph W. Cotchett · G. Richard PoehnerFederal Courtroom Evidence
2003978-0-327-16302-2Kevin A. Hess · Seth A. Mendelsohn · Dale F. ShughartPennsylvania Civil Practice/With Cumulative Supplement
2005978-0-327-16307-7Douglas PipesCalifornia criminal discovery
2003978-0-327-16308-4Hardy GregoryGeorgia civil practice
  ''978-0-327-16309-1J. Alexander TanfordIndiana Trial Evidence Manual
  ''978-0-327-16312-1Guide to International Legal Research: George Washinton University International Law Review
  ''978-0-327-16313-8Richard B. McNamaraNew Hampshire Practice Series: Personal Injury: Tort and Insurance Practice, Third Edition (Volumes 8 & 9)
  ''978-0-327-16314-5Joseph M ClarkeVirginia Criminal Law Case Finder**2 Volume Set**
2005978-0-327-16315-2Ernest Rotenberg · Paul M. KaneMassachusetts Domestic Relations
2003978-0-327-16319-0Douglas A. MuirMassachusetts Corporations and Other Business Entities (Massachusetts Legal Practice Library, V. 7)
2004978-0-327-16321-3MichieDrugs in Litigation: Damage Awards Involving Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs
978-0-327-16323-7Federal Criminal Trials
2006978-0-327-16324-4Matthew Bender & CompanyOregon Evidence Code Handbook 2006
2003978-0-327-16326-8Robert G. LawsonThe Kentucky Evidence Law Handbook
2003978-0-327-16329-9Stanford HerlicCalifornia Worker's Compensation Handbook 23rd Edition 2004
978-0-327-16330-5California Workers Compensation Handbook
2003978-0-327-16341-1Charles DavenportFarm Income Tax Manual 2003
2004978-0-327-16343-5John P. HarrisVirginia Personal Injury Forms
  ''978-0-327-16345-9Janet RichardsRichards On Tennessee Family Law
  ''978-0-327-16352-7LexisnexisDrugs in Litigation: Damage Awards Involving Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs, 2004
978-0-327-16354-1Mastering Written Discovery: Procedures & Tactics
978-0-327-16356-5New Jersey Corporations and Other Business Entities
2004978-0-327-16357-2Kenneth S. BrounBrandis & Broun on North Carolina Evidence
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2016978-0-327-16363-3Jack H. Simmons, David D. Gregory Donald N. ZillmanMaine Tort Law
2004978-0-327-16365-7Lance D. HammerIndiana Search And Seizure Courtroom Manual
2004978-0-327-16366-4Daniel D. Blinka James A. AdamsProsecutor's Manual for Arrest, Search and Seizure
978-0-327-16367-1North Carolina Unfair Business Practice
2004978-0-327-16369-5E. James KingSixth Circuit Criminal Handbook
  ''978-0-327-16372-5Jimmy Gurule · Sandra Guerra Thompson · Michael O'HearThe Law of Asset Forfeiture
2006978-0-327-16373-2Michael A., M.D. GrahamForensic Pathology in Criminal Cases
2004978-0-327-16374-9Kathy L. Portnoy · Charla E. StrawserGeorgia Domestic Relations Case Finder
  ''978-0-327-16377-0Ronald W. EadesJury Instructions On Medical Issues
978-0-327-16383-1Washington Insurance Law
2004978-0-327-16384-8James J. Myers · Ronald G. BusconiMassachusetts Construction Law
  ''978-0-327-16386-2Norman M. Garland Edward J. ImwinkelriedExculpatory Evidence: The Accused's Constitutional Right to Introduce Favorable Evidence
  ''978-0-327-16389-3G. Nicholas HermanPlea Bargaining
2004978-0-327-16390-9Daniel W. MartinHenke's California Law Guide
  ''978-0-327-16392-3John A. Stephen · Jonathan V. GalloNew Hampshire Dwi Manual
978-0-327-16395-4Illinois Criminal Procedure
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2006978-0-327-16399-2LEXISIndiana Pattern Jury Instructions - Criminal, Third Edition
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978-0-327-16407-4Stein on Probate: Administration of Decedents' Estates Under the Uniform Probate Code as Enacted in Minnesota
978-0-327-16409-8Elder Law Practice in Tennessee
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2004978-0-327-16442-5Michael T. Callahan · H. Murray HohnsConstruction Schedules
2006978-0-327-16444-9Nell Jessup Newton · Robert Anderson · et al.Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law
2003978-0-327-16454-8State of WyomingWyoming Statutes Annotated Vol. 1 2003 Edition (Volume 1 Titles 1-4)
  ''978-0-327-16455-5   ''Wyoming Statutes Annotated 2003 Volume 2, Titles 5-10 (Volume 2 Titles 5-10)
  ''978-0-327-16457-9   ''Wyoming Statutes Annotated 2003 (Volume 4 Titles 17-20)
  ''978-0-327-16458-6   ''Wyoming Statutes Annotated 2003 (Volume 5 Titles 21-25)
  ''978-0-327-16459-3   ''Wyoming Statutes Annotated 2003 (Volume 6 Titles 26-29)
2003978-0-327-16460-9Stae of WyomingWyoming Statutes Annotated 2003 (Volume 7 Titles 30-34)
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2003978-0-327-16462-3State of WyomingWyoming Statues Annotated 2003 (Volume 9 Titles 35-38)
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2002978-0-327-16482-1Alaska Criminal and Traffic Law Manual 2002-2003 Edition
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2002978-0-327-16503-3unknownRhode Island Criminal and Traffic Law Manual
  ''978-0-327-16509-5Parker's 2003 California Business and Professions Code
978-0-327-16511-8Parker's 2003 California Code of Civil Procedure
2002978-0-327-16512-5Parker's 2003 California Corporations Code
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2002978-0-327-16581-1New Mexico Criminal and Traffic Law Manual: 2002 Edition
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2003978-0-327-16586-6Lexis/NexisParker's 2003 California Labor Code
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2013978-0-327-17314-4P.C. Littler MendelsonThe National Employer, 2013-2014 Edition with CD-ROM
2014978-0-327-17318-2Daniel R. Coquillette · Gregory P. JosephMoore's Federal Practice
2010978-0-327-17650-3William D. Araiza and Thomas E. Baker Arthur D. HellmanFirst Amendment Law: Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion - Teacher's Manual
2013978-0-327-17791-3LexisAlabama Rules Annotated 2012-2013 Edition
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1991978-0-327-60017-6Chris MayBob Marley (Profiles)
2013978-0-327-77122-7Sociedad 27 Primavera 2008
978-0-327-80887-9New - Nature's Alchemy 100% Pure Essential Oil Bergamot - 0.5 fl oz
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