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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-0-314-00006-4W. Laird Kleine-AhlbrandtTwentieth-Century European History
978-0-314-00008-8Instructor's manual to accompany Politics and public management: An introduction
1992978-0-314-00017-0Lawrence A. WiedmanLab Manual for Introductory Oceanography: Interpretations and Applications
  ''978-0-314-00020-0Randall S SchulerText manual to accompany Managing human resources
978-0-314-00023-1Sg-Financial Acctg 3e
1992978-0-314-00030-9Nelson Lane KelleyHuman Resource Management in Action: Skill Building Experiences
  ''978-0-314-00031-6Jonathan BaconUnderstanding and Using MS-DOS/PC DOS 5.0 and System
1993978-0-314-00032-3Alan J. Pierce · Dennis KarwatkaIntroduction to Technology, Teacher's Annotated Edition
  ''978-0-314-00033-0Alan PierceIntroduction to Technology
1991978-0-314-00042-2West Publishing Company EditorialTexas Penal Code, 1992 (West's TX Statutes and Codes)
  ''978-0-314-00044-6   ''Texas Criminal Procedure Code Rules, 1992
1991978-0-314-00046-0WestTexas Corporation and Partnership Laws
  ''978-0-314-00047-7WestTexas Property Code/1992
  ''978-0-314-00048-4   ''Texas Business and Commerce Code
1994978-0-314-00049-1Texas Family Code 1994
1992978-0-314-00053-8PinetTB- Oceanography: Intro to Planet O
  ''978-0-314-00068-2David MellinkoffMellinkoff's Dictionary of American Legal Usage (Miscellaneous)
1991978-0-314-00069-9Barry RussellBankruptcy evidence manual
1992978-0-314-00070-5J. DostalLearning to Keyboard
978-0-314-00071-2Q Basic, College Softcover Edit
1997978-0-314-00072-9DostalLearning to Keyboard, Soft Cvr
1992978-0-314-00083-5Bruce D. Fisher · Michael J. Phillips · Prepared by John P. GearyThe Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Environment of Business (Study Guide)
978-0-314-00089-7Instructor's manual to accompany Introduction to business statistics, a computer integrated approach
1992978-0-314-00093-4Steven L. Mandell / Susan K. BaumannWorking with Application Software: Microsoft Works for the MacIntosh Version ; Teachers Manual and Test Bank
1997978-0-314-00094-1MandellWbk Working W/Aplications Sftw MS Wrks F
1992978-0-314-00096-5William Earl Maxwell · Ernest Crain · James Perkins · Jr J. C. HortonStudy Guide to Accompany Texas Politics Today
1991978-0-314-00099-6MOYERCONTEMP FIN MGT STH SG
1992978-0-314-00113-9Carl R. Ruthstrom · Charlene A. Dykman · George Walter ReynoldsInformation Systems for Managers/Casebook
  ''978-0-314-00115-3Linda GreenStudy guide to accompany The marriage and family experience, fifth edition: Bryan Strong, Christine DeVault
1992978-0-314-00118-4Joseph P. TomainEnergy and Natural Resources Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
  ''978-0-314-00120-7J. DostalLearning to Keyboard (Ta - Typing/Keyboarding Series)
  ''978-0-314-00126-9Roger LeRoy MillerAnswers to questions and case problems to accompany West's business law: Text, cases, legal and regulatory environment fifth edition [by] Kenneth W. Clarkson ... [et al.]
  ''978-0-314-00128-3MacK A. PlayerFederal Law of Employment Discrimination in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
  ''978-0-314-00132-0Frank ShortLearning and Using Microsoft Works for MS-DOS
978-0-314-00133-7Securities Regulation, Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms
1997978-0-314-00135-1Cross · Roger Leroy MillerIntroduction to Critical Think Ing and W
1962978-0-314-00157-3EsharesearchStdt. West's Mac Mnl. Nutripro
1992978-0-314-00158-0David Ray AndersonSolutions manual to accompany Quantitative methods for business
1992978-0-314-00173-3Robert S. Summers · Robert A. HillmanContract and Related Obligation: Theory, Doctrine, and Practice (American Casebook Series)
1991978-0-314-00185-6West's Louisiana Statutory Criminal Law and Procedure 1992
2006978-0-314-00188-7David Barnes · Lynn StoutCases and Materials on Law and Economics (American Casebook Series)
1992978-0-314-00191-7Martin A. Frey · Warren L. McConnico · Phyllis Hurley FreyAn Introduction to Bankruptcy Law
978-0-314-00196-2Ssm & Sg Business Statistics 1
1993978-0-314-00205-1Study Guide to Accompany Research Methods in Psychology
1992978-0-314-00207-5GravetteStatistics for the Behavioral Sciences Study Guide
  ''978-0-314-00208-2O. Jeff & Sandra J. Hartman HarrisHuman Behavior at Work (Instructor's Manual with Test Bank to Accompany)
978-0-314-00219-8Understanding and using Microsoft Windows 3
1992978-0-314-00221-1Instructor's Manual with Test Bank to Accompany Criminology
  ''978-0-314-00222-8Larry J. SiegelStudy Guide to Accompany Criminology
  ''978-0-314-00225-9Len Young SmithStudy guide to accompany Essentials of business law and the legal environment, 4th ed
978-0-314-00228-0Sg/Coloring Exer-Human Anatomy & Physiol
1992978-0-314-00242-6Colorado Court Rules
1992978-0-314-00249-5Illinois Code of Civil Procedure and Rules of Court State and Federal 1992
  ''978-0-314-00250-1Karen C. BurkeFederal Income Taxation of Partners and Partnerships in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
978-0-314-00251-8S.G. Physical Geography
1992978-0-314-00262-4Roger W. Findley · Daniel A. FarberEnvironmental Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell series)
1991978-0-314-00264-8Kansas Court Rules and Procedures 1992
1992978-0-314-00276-1West PublishingMichigan Rules of Court - State - 1992
1989978-0-314-00285-3UnknownOhio Rules of Court, 1989 (State and Federal)
1992978-0-314-00304-1West PublicationsPennsylvania Rules of Court Federal 1992
  ''978-0-314-00305-8West PublishingPennsylvania Rules of Court State 1992
  ''978-0-314-00312-6Texas Rules of Court (State) 1992
978-0-314-00319-5Instructor's manual with exercises to accompany Managing human resources
2001978-0-314-00325-6Barbara ChildDrafting Legal Documents Principles and Practices (American Casebook)
  ''978-0-314-00328-7Sheldon W. Halpern · David E. Shipley · Howard B. AbramsCopyright: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Seriesýý)
978-0-314-00329-4Consumer economics in action
1992978-0-314-00330-0Roger LeRoy Miller · Alan D. StaffordWest Publishing Company, Consumer Economics In Action, 1993 ISBN: 0314003304
1993978-0-314-00332-4Georgia Court Rules and Procedure 1993/Federal/State
1993978-0-314-00333-1Louisiana Civil Code, 1993
978-0-314-00335-5Wbk, Introd to Computers & Basic Programm
1994978-0-314-00340-9Sandra H. Johnson · Timothy Stoltzfus JostProperty Law: Cases, Materials and Problems
1991978-0-314-00341-6Zygmunt J.B. Plater · Robert H. Abrams · William GoldfarbEnvironmental Law and Policy: A Coursebook on Nature, Law, and Society (American Casebook Series)
1995978-0-314-00342-3Wests Business Law
1992978-0-314-00343-0Roger LeRoy MillerMastering West's business law: With programmed review: to accompany West's business law text, cases, legal and regulatory environment
  ''978-0-314-00348-5ross ruegerS.S.M. Triginometry
  ''978-0-314-00351-5Stephen A. Saltzburg · Daniel J. CapraAmerican Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary (American Casebook Series)
2000978-0-314-00354-6WestWest's American Government
1992978-0-314-00355-3Susan M RigdonStudy guide to accompany American government / Susan Welch ... [et al.]
978-0-314-00359-1Instructor's manual to accompany West's legal environment of business: Text, cases, ethical and regulatory issues [by] Frank B. Cross, Roger LeRoy Miller
2001978-0-314-00360-7Robert Hamilton · Alan Rau · Russell WeintraubHamilton, Rau and Weintraub's Cases and Materials on Contracts, 2d (American Casebook Series®)
1992978-0-314-00361-4Alan Gunn · Larry D. WardCases, Text and Problems on Federal Income Taxation (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-0-314-00363-8Bruce M. RoweThe College Survival Guide: Hints and References to Aid College Students
  ''978-0-314-00365-2D B et al BrinkerhoffEssentials of Sociology
1993978-0-314-00370-6Jonathan BaconIntermediate WordPerfect for Windows
1992978-0-314-00376-8Cheney · MosesSg Fundamentls of Invstmnts
978-0-314-00383-6Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Cultural anthropology: An applied perspective
1992978-0-314-00387-4Larry LozukEssentials of Microsoft Word for Windows
1992978-0-314-00388-1Larry LozukIntermediate Microsoft Word for Windows
1993978-0-314-00389-8Jonathan BaconEssentials of WordPerfect for Windows
978-0-314-00391-1Instructor's manual to accompany physical Geology: Exploring the earth
1992978-0-314-00392-8Physical Geology, Exploring the Earth, a Study Guide to Accompany
978-0-314-00394-2Great Ideas for Teaching Geology
978-0-314-00398-0Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Computers in the law, concepts and applications
978-0-314-00404-8Supervision 2ed Sg
2001978-0-314-00412-3Michael A. Berch · Rebecca White Berch · Ralph S. SpritzerBerch, Berch and Spritzer's Introduction to Legal Method and Process, 2d (American Casebook Series®)
1992978-0-314-00413-0Michael J CananQualified retirement and other employee benefit plans (West's handbook series)
2005978-0-314-00420-8Leonard L. Riskin · Deborah J. DoxseeRiskin and Doxsee's Dispute Resolution for Lawyers Video Tapes: Tape 1 - Dispute Negotiation - the Thompson v. Decker Medical Malpractice Claim (American Casebook Series) [VHS]
1991978-0-314-00421-5Leonard RiskinRiskin and Doxsee's Dispute Resolution for Lawyers Video Tapes: Tape 2 - Transaction Negotiation - The Carton Contract (American Casebook Series) [VHS]
  ''978-0-314-00422-2Leonard L. Riskin · Deborah J. DoxseeRiskin and Doxsee's Dispute Resolution for Lawyers Video Tapes: Tape 3 - Mediation - The Red Devil Dog Lease (American Casebook Series) [VHS]
2005978-0-314-00423-9   ''Riskin and Doxsee's Dispute Resolution for Lawyers Video Tapes: Tape 4 - ADR Overview - The Roark v. Daily Bugle Libel Claim - the Thompson v. Decker Medical Malpractice Claim (American Casebook Series) [VHS]
1992978-0-314-00424-6Ralph C. ScottInstructor's Manual to Accompany Physical Geography.
1993978-0-314-00425-3Bruce WarrenPhotography
1992978-0-314-00426-0Charles T. McCormick · John F., Jr. Sutton · Olin Guy, III WellbornCases and Materials on Evidence (American Casebook Series)
978-0-314-00476-5Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Human anatomy and physiology
1992978-0-314-00480-2Faith RippsExploring statistics with minitab
  ''978-0-314-00483-3Steven C RossIntermediate Microsoft Windows 3
  ''978-0-314-00484-0Steven C RossEssentials of Microsoft Windows 3
1997978-0-314-00485-7RossIntermediate MS Excel 3.0
  ''978-0-314-00486-4RossEssentials of MS Excel 3.0
1992978-0-314-00490-1Arthur D BakerStudy guide and solutions manual to accompany organic chemistry
1993978-0-314-00494-9Karen Morris · James PetrosinoNew York Cases in Business Law (LA - Business Law Series)
978-0-314-00496-3Instructional Strategies Bk, Mathematics
1992978-0-314-00497-0Patricia M. · Hellriegel, Don · Slocum, John W. · Woodman, Richard W. FandtInstructor's Resource Guide to Accompany Organizational Behavior, Sixth Edition
1992978-0-314-00507-6Roger A ArnoldInstructor's manual to accompany Economics
  ''978-0-314-00508-3Roger A. ArnoldStudy Guide to Accompany Economics Second Edition
  ''978-0-314-00510-6Roger A ArnoldStudy guide to accompany macroeconomics
1993978-0-314-00514-4Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, and Data Disks to Accompany Understanding and Using Wordperfect for Windows
1995978-0-314-00520-5HELLRIEGELStudy Guide to Accompany Organizational Behavior
1992978-0-314-00526-7Carroll K. MelnykWest's computer literacy system integrator
2009978-0-314-00532-8Osborne M. Jr. ReynoldsLocal Government Law (Hornbook Series)
978-0-314-00533-5S.G. Human Growth and Development
978-0-314-00535-9Instructor's solution manual to accompany general chemistry
978-0-314-00536-6S.S.M. General Chemistry
978-0-314-00538-0S.G. General Chemistry
978-0-314-00539-7L.M. Experiments in General Chemistry
1993978-0-314-00541-0HopeDC/Ac Experiments
978-0-314-00544-1Teacher's manual to accompany Listening to music
1992978-0-314-00545-8Craig WrightListening To Music 6-Tape Set Craig Wright
978-0-314-00546-5Listening to Music
1992978-0-314-00553-3Barbara A. · Shelley, Mack C. · Schmidt, Steffen W. BardesAmerican Government and Politics Today: the Essentials 1992-93
  ''978-0-314-00559-5James S. MonroePhysical Geology
  ''978-0-314-00560-1Robert Sellers SmithWest's tax law dictionary: Definitions of terms, words, and phrases used in modern American tax law
1992978-0-314-00561-8Gerald E WhittenburgSolutions manual and test bank to accompany Income tax fundamentals
1997978-0-314-00564-9MystatGravetter Sci 3D/Mystat/3.5d
1992978-0-314-00568-7Grant S. Nelson · Dale A. WhitmanCases and Materials on Real Estate Transfer, Finance, and Development (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-0-314-00569-4Study Guide to Accompany Adjustment and Growth in a Changing World
978-0-314-00574-8Instructor's solutions manual to accompany College algebra, third edition, David Cohen
1992978-0-314-00575-5Not AvailableCollege Algebra Student's Manual
  ''978-0-314-00576-2David CohenTest Bank to Accompany College Algebra
  ''978-0-314-00583-0Zygmunt J. B PlaterTeacher's manual to accompany Environmental law and policy: nature, law, and society
1993978-0-314-00584-7Alfred C. Aman · William T. MaytonAdministrative Law (HORNBOOK SERIES STUDENT EDITION)
978-0-314-00589-2Mastering West's Legal Environ Ment of B
978-0-314-00591-5Federal Testimonial Privileges: Evidentiary Privileges Relating to Witnesses & Documents in Federal-Law Cases
978-0-314-00596-0BarrettOffice Skills for the 1990s: The Finishing Touch
978-0-314-00598-4GoldsteinUnderstanding and Creating Art, Book One
1993978-0-314-00602-8Ann Stalheim-Smith · Greg K. FitchUnderstanding Human Anatomy and Physiology
1999978-0-314-00617-2FisherLegal Ethical and Regulatory Environmen
1992978-0-314-00625-7James W. H McCordWorkbook to accompany The litigation paralegal, a systems approach, second edition
978-0-314-00626-4Instructor's manual to accompany An introduction to bankruptcy law
1993978-0-314-00632-5Florida Rules of Court State, 1993
  ''978-0-314-00643-1Oregon Rules of Court State
1992978-0-314-00655-4Sam A HicksWest's federal taxation, tax return preparation with TurboTax: Personal/1040 version 9.01
1992978-0-314-00657-8Louis Fisher · Neal DevinsPolitical Dynamics of Constitutional Law (American casebook series)
  ''978-0-314-00658-5Pamela H. BucyWhite Collar Crime: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
2001978-0-314-00660-8John M. Stockton · Frederick H. MillerStockton and Miller's Sales and Leases of Goods in a Nutshell, 3d (Nutshell Series)
1992978-0-314-00672-1David G. Epstein · Steve H. Nickles · James J. WhiteBankruptcy: Sections 1-1 to 6-45 (Practitioner Treatise)
1999978-0-314-00673-8Solomon · WaltherIntro to Lotus-Fin Acctg 3e
1992978-0-314-00678-3William P. StatskyIntroduction to Paralegalism
  ''978-0-314-00681-3David G. Epstein · Steve H. Nickles · James J. WhiteBankruptcy: Sections 6-46 to 9-30 (Practitioner Treatise)
  ''978-0-314-00685-1WestWest's California Codes Vehicle Code: 1992 Compact Edition
978-0-314-00688-2Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Nutrition & diet therapy, third edition [by] Corinne Balog Cataldo
1999978-0-314-00690-5Dennis CoonTest Bank to Accompany Psychology Exploration and Application
1992978-0-314-00692-9Dennis CoonDevelopmental/ESL reader's guide to accompany Introduction to psychology: Exploration and application
  ''978-0-314-00693-6Faren R AkinsStudy guide to accompany Introduction to psychology, exploration and application, sixth edition
978-0-314-00695-0Instructor's manual to accompany tort law for legal assistants
1992978-0-314-00696-7Linda L. Edwards · J. Stanley EdwardsTort Law for Legal Assistants: A Practical Guide
978-0-314-00698-1Instructor's manual and test bank to accompany Computers and information processing: information processing: Sixth edition
1999978-0-314-00699-8Mandell · Steven L.Sg, Computers & Information Procesing: Cnc
1992978-0-314-00700-1Meredith FlynnApplication software manual: Using Microsoft Works version 2.0 for the IBM PC's and compatibles, word processor, spreadsheet, database, integrating applications and VP-Expert 3.0, educational version
1992978-0-314-00702-5Meredith FlynnApplication software manual: Using PC-Type, PC-Calc+, PC-File, VP-Expert 3.0, educational version
  ''978-0-314-00705-6Steven L MandellQBAsic supplement to accompany Computers and information processing: Concepts and applications, sixth edition
978-0-314-00707-0Introduction to Computer Science
1992978-0-314-00714-8Ralph Folsom · Michael Wallace Gordon · John A., Jr. SpanogleInternational Business Transactions in a Nutshell
1995978-0-314-00717-9Michigan S C A O Approved Forms 1995
1992978-0-314-00723-0James J. White · Raymond T. NimmerCases and Materials on Bankruptcy (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-0-314-00726-1Dilip D KareFinesse: Financial Management Problem Solver
  ''978-0-314-00728-5Jon M. ShepardSociology
1993978-0-314-00729-2Jon M. ShepardSociology
1992978-0-314-00735-3William Laird Kleine-AhlbrandtEurope Since 1945: From Conflict to Community
1999978-0-314-00738-4CoonMastery Study Guide
1992978-0-314-00741-4Robert W. HamiltonCorporations (Practitioner Treatise Series)
  ''978-0-314-00742-1Bradley ClaryClary's Primer on Analysis & Presentation of Legal Argument (American Casebook Series®)
1992978-0-314-00747-6McCordLitigation Paralegal Florida Suppl
1991978-0-314-00761-2George Walter ReynoldsInformation Systems for Managers/With Casebook
1992978-0-314-00763-6Steven C RossIntermediate Lotus 1-2-3, release 2.3
  ''978-0-314-00764-3   ''Essentials of Lotus 1-2-3, release 2.3
1993978-0-314-00765-0Dennis KarwatkaActivity manual to accompany Introduction to technology
  ''978-0-314-00767-4Joe Charles BridgeTest book to accompany Introduction to technology
  ''978-0-314-00768-1Ronald E. SmithPsychology
1992978-0-314-00769-8Richard L. Marcus · Edward F. ShermanComplex Litigation: Cases and Materials on Advanced Civil Procedure (American Casebook Series)
  ''978-0-314-00773-5K. TricheHandbook of Louisiana Family Law
1993978-0-314-00774-2Joel SamahaCriminal Law
1992978-0-314-00775-9John H. Garvey · Frederick SchauerThe First Amendment: A Reader (American Casebook Series)
1992978-0-314-00781-0Jacqueline M. Nolan-HaleyAlternative Dispute Resolution in a Nutshell (West Nutshell Series)
  ''978-0-314-00782-7David M. Hudson · Stephen A. LindFederal Income Taxation (Black Letter Series)
  ''978-0-314-00783-4Morris L. Cohen · Kent C. OlsonLegal Research in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
978-0-314-00784-1Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany Personal nutrition, second edition

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