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978-0-313-00030-0Elton L. DanielHistory of Iran
2000978-0-313-00367-7Stephen J. CimbalaNuclear Strategy in the Twenty-First Century
1996978-0-313-00842-9Sharon A. RussellStephen King: A Critical Companion (Critical Companions to Popular Contemporary Writers)
2002978-0-313-01097-2Edward L. BimbergTricolor over the Sahara the desert battles of the Free French, 1940-1942
2004978-0-313-01369-0Samuel Totten · Paul R. Bartrop · Steven L. JacobsTeaching About the Holocaust: Essays by College Teachers
2005978-0-313-01632-5The Global AIDS Treatment Access Movement
2003978-0-313-01657-8Paul PoplawskiEncyclopedia of Literary Modernism
2001978-0-313-01726-1David W. Del Testa · Florence Lemoine · John StricklandGovernment Leaders Military Rulers and Political Activists: Lives and Legacies an Encyclopedia of People Who Changed the World (Lives and Legacies)
2005978-0-313-03853-2Chun-Gil KimThe History Of Korea (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations)
978-0-313-03863-1Forces in Physics: A Historical Perspective (Greenwood Guides to Great Ideas in Science)
2003978-0-313-05309-2Richard K. Blot · foreword by Charles BriggsLanguage and social identity
2005978-0-313-05646-8Avraham · Berger, Nora Ariel ArielPlotting the Globe: Stories of Meridians, Parallels, and the International Date Line (Explorations in World Maritime History)
1998978-0-313-06492-0Patricia Johnson TriceChoral arrangements of the African-American spirituals historical overview and annotated listings
2007978-0-313-06512-5Stephen MiddletonBlack Congressmen During Reconstruction: A Documentary Sourcebook
2010978-0-313-08523-9Scott John HammondPolitical Theory: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary and Classic Terms
978-0-313-08794-3Encyclopedia of Latin American Popular Music
2002978-0-313-09119-3Kristin G. Congdon · Kara Kelley HallmarkArtists from Latin American cultures a biographical dictionary
2007978-0-313-09157-5Martin van CreveldFighting Power: German and U.S. Army Performance, 1939-1945 (Contributions in Military Studies)
1978978-0-313-20023-6Geoffrey GorerThe Life and Ideas of the Marquis de Sade.
  ''978-0-313-20027-4Soloman WankDoves and Diplomats: Foreign Offices and Peace Movements in Europe and America in the Twentieth Century (Contributions in Political Science)
  ''978-0-313-20033-5Melton MclaurinThe Knights of Labor in the South (Contributions in Labor History)
  ''978-0-313-20034-2Robert Jackson AlexanderThe Tragedy of Chile (Contributions in Political Science)
  ''978-0-313-20041-0Milton Himmelfarb · Victor BarasZero Population Growth--For Whom? Differential Fertility and Minority Group Survival (Contributions in Sociology)
1978978-0-313-20057-1Leonard W. DoobEzra Pound Speaking: Radio Speeches of World War II (Contributions in American Studies)
  ''978-0-313-20060-1Herman KahnOn Thermonuclear War.
  ''978-0-313-20066-3Van Meter AmesZen and American Thought
  ''978-0-313-20074-8Amos Pinchot · Helene Maxwell HookerHistory of the Progressive Party, 1912-1916.
  ''978-0-313-20093-9Martin BlumensonAnzio: The Gamble that Failed (Great Battles of History)
1978978-0-313-20116-5Morton H. HalperinLimited War in the Nuclear Age (Praeger Security International)
1972978-0-313-20133-2Leon FriedmanThe Law of War: A Documentary History
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1978978-0-313-20168-4Robert F. DurdenJames Shepherd Pike: Republicanism and the American Negro 1850 1882
  ''978-0-313-20174-5George E. HarknessThe Modern Rival of Christian Faith: An Analysis of Secularism
  ''978-0-313-20186-8John GarratyRight-Hand Man: The Life of George W. Perkins
  ''978-0-313-20189-9M. R. RidleyStudies in Three Literatures: English, Latin, Greek Contrasts and Comparisons
  ''978-0-313-20226-1Agnes Kirsopp MichelsThe Calendar of the Roman Republic
1978978-0-313-20237-7John Reginald BennettCatalogue of Vocal Recordings, 1898-1925 (Contributions in Political Science)
  ''978-0-313-20260-5John P. Dawson · John Philip DawsonThe Oracles of the Law
  ''978-0-313-20287-2Allen Welsh DullesGermany's Underground.
1979978-0-313-20291-9Saburo HayashiKogun: The Japanese Army in the Pacific War
1978978-0-313-20292-6Ernst Papanek · Ernest PapanekThe Austrian School of Reform: Its Bases, Principles and Development--The Twenty Years Between the Two World Wars
  ''978-0-313-20297-1Irving KolodinOrchestral Music: (The Guide to Long-Playing Records)
  ''978-0-313-20308-4Richard CarwardineTransatlantic Revivalism: Popular Evangelicalism in Britain and America, 1790 - 1865 (Contributions in American History)
1978978-0-313-20347-3Gerhard RitterLuther: His Life and Work
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1979978-0-313-20421-0Peter BondanellaDictionary of Italian Literature
1978978-0-313-20429-6Glen HaydonIntroduction to Musicology: A Survey of the Fields, Systematic and Historical, of Musical Knowledge and Research
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1978978-0-313-20571-2Wilfred OwenStrategy for Mobility
1978978-0-313-20587-3Daniel Day WilliamsWhat Present$Day Theologians Are Thinking.
  ''978-0-313-20605-4Ronald WheatleyOperation Sea Lion: German Plans for the Invasion of England, 1939$1942
1979978-0-313-20620-7J. R. WunderInferior Courts, Superior Justice: A History of the Justices of the Peace on the Northwest Frontier, 1853-1889 (Contributions in Legal Studies)
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1979978-0-313-20710-5John ChamberlainLetters
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1979978-0-313-21224-6GuthrieVarious Directions
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