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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-0-307-00113-9Teddy SlaterLady and the Tramp (Disney Lady and the Tramp) (Little Golden Book)
1996978-0-307-00116-0Justine Korman · Bill Langley · Ron Dias · Walt Disney Productions101 Dalmatians (Walt Disney's Classics) (Little Golden Books)
1992978-0-307-00121-4Stephanie St. PierreCasper and Friends: Boo-o-s on First (Little Golden Book)
1994978-0-307-00124-5Karen Kreider · Darrell BakerAladdin
1999978-0-307-00127-6Constance AllenGrover's Guide To Good Manners (Little Golden Books: Sesame Street)
2001978-0-307-00136-8Richard ScarryRichard Scarry's Best Little Word Book Ever (Little Golden Book)
1993978-0-307-00137-5Mercer Mayer · Gina MayerThis Is My Family (A Little Golden Book)
1994978-0-307-00142-9Helen GaspardDoctor Dan the Bandage Man (Little Golden Book)
2001978-0-307-00143-6Margaret Wise BrownThe Sailor Dog (A Little Golden Book)
1999978-0-307-00145-0Cathleen Schurr · Gustaf TenggrenThe Shy Little Kitten (Little Golden Books)
2003978-0-307-00146-7Ruth KraussI Can Fly (Little Golden Book)
1990978-0-307-00210-5Chari SueMy Little Golden Book of Cars and Trucks
1991978-0-307-00645-5Don Ferguson · A. A. MilneEeyore, Be Happy ((A Little Golden Book) (Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh))
1965978-0-307-01010-0A. A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Tree
1948978-0-307-01028-5Walt Disney StudioWalt Disney's Three Little Pigs
1961978-0-307-01033-9Eloise WilkinMother Goose (A Little Golden Book)
1984978-0-307-01061-2Felix SaltenWalt Disney's Bambi (A Little Golden Book)
2003978-0-307-01085-8Jon StoneThe Monster at the End of This Book
1986978-0-307-01112-1Golden BooksThe Night Before Christmas (Big Colouring & Activity Books)
1993978-0-307-01125-1Golden BooksCherry Merry Muffin $ Days Clr
1970978-0-307-01620-1L. Frank BaumThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz
1985978-0-307-02005-5Elizabeth WinthropMy first book of the planets (A Little golden book)
1999978-0-307-02007-9Golden BooksWalt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1994978-0-307-02024-6Roberta MillerRichard Scarry's Chipmunk's ABC (Little Golden Book)
1985978-0-307-02037-6Dodie SmithWalt Disney's 101 Dalmatians (Little Golden Books)
1994978-0-307-02041-3Al DempsterWalt Disney's Mother Goose
2001978-0-307-02046-8Gertrude CramptonScuffy the Tugboat and His Adventures Down the River
1987978-0-307-02050-5Garth WilliamsBaby Animals (Little Golden Books)
1994978-0-307-02051-2Esther WilkinThe New Baby (Little Golden Book)
1990978-0-307-02058-1Stella Williams NathanJack and the Beanstalk (A Little Golden Book)
2001978-0-307-02067-3Lilian MooreMy First Counting Book
1986978-0-307-02086-4Teddy SlaterPick of the litter :Pound Puppies
  ''978-0-307-02087-1Justine KormanLovable, Huggable Problem Puppies
1973978-0-307-02091-8Elizabeth ( as told by) RossThe Three Little Pigs
2001978-0-307-02097-0Gertrude CramptonTootle
1975978-0-307-02100-7Disney · Golden BookWalt Disney's Bambi: Friends of the Forest (A Little Golden Book)
2000978-0-307-02105-2Jane Werner WatsonMy Little Golden Book About God
1999978-0-307-02106-9Eloise WilkinPrayers for Children (Little Golden Book)
  ''978-0-307-02110-6K. Jackson · B. JacksonThe Saggy Baggy Elephant (Little Golden Book)
1987978-0-307-02128-1Annie North BedfordHow Does Your Garden Grow? (Little Golden Books)
2001978-0-307-02134-2Janette Sebring LowreyThe Poky Little Puppy (A Little Golden Book Classic)
2012978-0-307-02140-3F. RojankovskyThe Three Bears
2003978-0-307-02141-0Margaret Wise BrownThe Color Kittens (A Little Golden Book)
1991978-0-307-02149-6Franc MateuWalt Disney's Alice in Wonderland
2000978-0-307-02152-6Marian Potter · Tibor GergelyThe Little Red Caboose (Little Golden Book)
2001978-0-307-02168-7Kathryn JacksonTawny Scrawny Lion (Little Golden Book)
2003978-0-307-02175-5Garth WilliamsBaby Farm Animals (A Little Golden Book Classic)
2001978-0-307-03071-9Beatrix PotterThe Tale of Peter Rabbit (Little Golden Book)
  ''978-0-307-03216-4Samuel J. ButcherLET LOVE GROW
  ''978-0-307-03416-8Golden BooksSLUMBER PARTY FUN
2000978-0-307-03423-6Samuel J. ButcherSPRINGTIME JOYS
1999978-0-307-03554-7Golden BooksI Can Print (Grades K - 1) (Step Ahead)
1985978-0-307-03584-4Susan J. SchneckI Know Letters (Preschool) (Step Ahead)
2000978-0-307-03585-1Stephen R. CoveyI'm Ready for School (Preschool) (Step Ahead)
2000978-0-307-03586-8Lois BottoniNumbers 10 to 100 (Grades K - 1) (Step Ahead)
  ''978-0-307-03588-2Stephen R. CoveyI Can Read (Grades K - 1)
1999978-0-307-03590-5Patricia A. ReynoldsI Can Add (Grades K - 1) (Step Ahead)
2000978-0-307-03596-7Lauel L. ArndtBefore I Write (Preschool) (Step Ahead)
  ''978-0-307-03597-4Stephen R. CoveyBefore I Do Math (Preschool) (Step Ahead)
1995978-0-307-03649-0   ''Shapes and Colors (Preschool) (Step Ahead)
2000978-0-307-03650-6Kathleen A. ColePhonics (Step Ahead)
1997978-0-307-03651-3Kate ColeWord Skills (Step Ahead)
1999978-0-307-03652-0   ''Addition and Subtraction (Grades 1 - 2) (Step Ahead)
2000978-0-307-03653-7Golden BooksMath Skillbuilders (Grades 1 - 2) (Step Ahead)
  ''978-0-307-03655-1   ''Math Skillbuilders (Grades 2 - 3) (Step Ahead)
1999978-0-307-03660-5Stephen R. CoveyCursive Writing (Grades 2 - 3) (Step Ahead)
2000978-0-307-03664-3Golden BooksAlphabet Skills (Kindergarten) (Step Ahead)
1999978-0-307-03665-0   ''Number Skills Grade K (Golden Step Ahead Plus)
2000978-0-307-03667-4Kathleen A. ColePreschool Skills (Preschool) (Step Ahead)
  ''978-0-307-03668-1Golden BooksSpelling (Grades 1 - 2) (Step Ahead)
2000978-0-307-03669-8Stephen R. CoveyI Know the Alphabet (Preschool) (Step Ahead)
1999978-0-307-03671-1Golden BooksI Know Numbers (Preschool) (Step Ahead)
1995978-0-307-03672-8Stephen R. Covey360 Words I Know (Grades K - 2) (Step Ahead Golden Books Workbook)
  ''978-0-307-03674-2Golden BooksI Can Print (Grades K - 1) (Step Ahead)
1991978-0-307-03933-0Mercer MayerLittle Monster At Home
1991978-0-307-03934-7Mercer MayerLittle Monster Neighborhood
1978978-0-307-03935-4Mercer Mayer's Little Monster at School
1991978-0-307-03936-1Mercer MayerLittle Monster's Bedtime Book
1994978-0-307-04611-6Jane Werner · Eloise WilkinThe Christmas Story (A Little Golden Book)
1992978-0-307-05005-2Golden BooksBeauty & Beast 63 Pc Fl Pzl 1t
2001978-0-307-05040-3   ''Numbers (Step Ahead)
978-0-307-05440-1Pstr To Clr-Jurassic Pk
1994978-0-307-05441-8Golden BooksGhostwriter
1993978-0-307-05446-3   ''N.B.A.
  ''978-0-307-05447-0   ''Jurassic Park
  ''978-0-307-05449-4   ''Addams Family
1992978-0-307-05579-8Golden BooksLittle Critter (Booktivity)
1991978-0-307-05830-0Mercer MayerLittle Critter: My Stories
1990978-0-307-06106-5Golden BooksLittle Critter at Play (Golden Board Book)
  ''978-0-307-06107-2   ''Little Critter's Day Lil. Brd. (Little Critter Board Books)
1997978-0-307-06149-2Alan BenjaminWalt Disney's Dumbo Book of Opposites (Golden Books)
1974978-0-307-06207-9Alice Fitch & B.M. Parker MartinRocks and Minerals
1990978-0-307-06250-5Lucille HammondTrip to the Planets (Golden glow in the dark books)
  ''978-0-307-06251-2Frank ManushkinGlow in the Dark Mother Goose (A Golden glow in the dark book)
  ''978-0-307-06252-9Joanne BarkanSpooky House (A Golden Glow in the Dark Book)
  ''978-0-307-06253-6Eugene Bradley CocoStars, Moon, Clouds (Golden Glow in the Dark Book)
1991978-0-307-06255-0Jean LewisUnder the Sea (Golden Glow in the Dark Book)
1985978-0-307-07010-4Jean LewisTom & Jerry's Big Move (A Golden Tell-a-Tale Book)
1975978-0-307-07031-9Bob, Illustrated by Al Andersen OttumMy Little Book Of Big Machines - A Tell-a-Tale Book
1992978-0-307-07087-6Rita Balducci · Richard WalzJack and the beanstalk (A Golden tell-a-tale book)
1997978-0-307-08036-3Golden BooksMickey and Friends: Sticker-By-Number
1994978-0-307-08054-7   ''At the Zoo (Sticker Time)
978-0-307-08436-1Toy Story
1994978-0-307-08573-3Mercer Mayer · Gina MayerLittle Critter
1996978-0-307-08639-6Golden BooksNoah's Ark
1920978-0-307-08702-7   ''Dinosaurs Washable
1920978-0-307-08704-1Golden BooksLittle Mermaid Washabl
1997978-0-307-08705-8   ''Superman Hero of Metrop\My Clr
1920978-0-307-08706-5Golden BooksAladdin Washable
1997978-0-307-08707-2   ''Big Bag of Surprises
  ''978-0-307-08711-9   ''LET'S PLAY
  ''978-0-307-08714-0   ''LADY AND THE TRAMP
  ''978-0-307-08715-7   ''M. D./GOOD VS. EVIL
1941978-0-307-08716-4Golden BooksOLIVER & CO. \MY CLR
1998978-0-307-08717-1   ''WATCH THE BIRDIE!
1997978-0-307-08719-5   ''SLEEPING BEAUTY
1999978-0-307-08723-2Golden BooksPoky Comes to Sesame Street
1990978-0-307-08725-6Golden Books Publishing Company101 Dalmatians Halloween Fun: Paint With Water
1998978-0-307-08726-3Walt Disney ProductionsKing for a Day
1999978-0-307-08727-0Golden BooksSlimey in Space
1997978-0-307-08728-7   ''Disney Babies: Paint W/Water
  ''978-0-307-08732-4   ''Wonder Wing: Paint W/Water
1998978-0-307-08733-1Golden BooksRizzo's Silly Sayings (Muppets)
  ''978-0-307-08734-8   ''Lamb Chop-Favorite Things
1997978-0-307-08735-5   ''I Love... My Family: Paint W/Water (Barney)
  ''978-0-307-08736-2   ''Playful Pets (Paint with Water)
  ''978-0-307-08737-9   ''Imagine That!-Big Bag \Pt Wtr
1997978-0-307-08740-9Golden BooksPocket Dragons
1998978-0-307-08741-6   ''Easter (Muppets)
1997978-0-307-08742-3   ''Wild & Wacky Gags & Giggles
  ''978-0-307-08743-0   ''Great Muppets Am History
  ''978-0-307-08744-7   ''Gonzo's Silly Skits and Classic Bits
1999978-0-307-08745-4Golden BooksSpider-Man (Spider-Man (Marvel))
1997978-0-307-08746-1Samuel J. ButcherANGELS
  ''978-0-307-08747-8   ''NOAH'S ARK
  ''978-0-307-08748-5Golden Books Publishing CompanyHAPPY HALLOWEEN
  ''978-0-307-08749-2Matthew FoxHalloween Strut
978-0-307-08752-2Golden BooksPinocchio Broad -Op/26
1920978-0-307-08753-9   ''Beauty and Beast Wash
  ''978-0-307-08754-6   ''Mickey and Friends Wash
1920978-0-307-08756-0Golden BooksCinderella
  ''978-0-307-08758-4   ''The Lion King
1994978-0-307-08760-7Golden BooksBarbie \Lic Mkr (Color Plus)
1995978-0-307-08763-8   ''Batman TV \Lic Mkr
  ''978-0-307-08765-2   ''Barbie Shape Chalk - Bold
  ''978-0-307-08766-9   ''Barbie Shaped Chalk
1998978-0-307-08771-3   ''SUMMER CAMP FUN /SPR
1997978-0-307-08797-3Golden BooksIt's a Jungle Out There
1998978-0-307-08799-7Walt Disney Productions · Golden Books · Disney StudiosLittle Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tale Theater)
1994978-0-307-09000-3Whitman PublishingLincoln Memorial Cents: Collection 1959 to 1998 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1988978-0-307-09003-4WhitmanIndian Head Cents Folder 1857-1909 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1996978-0-307-09004-1WhitmanLincoln Cents Folder #1, 1909-1940
  ''978-0-307-09007-2Whitman PublishingCoin Folders Nickels: Liberty Head (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1988978-0-307-09008-9WhitmanBuffalo Nickels Folder 1913-1938 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1990978-0-307-09009-6   ''Jefferson Nickels Folder 1938-1961 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1988978-0-307-09014-0Whitman PublishingCoin Folders Dimes: Mercury, 1916-1945 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
2005978-0-307-09018-8WhitmanWashington Quarter Folder 1932-1947 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1990978-0-307-09023-2Whitman PublishingEisenhower - Anthony: Dollars (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1988978-0-307-09029-4WhitmanRoosevelt Dimes Folder 1946-1964 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1996978-0-307-09030-0   ''Lincoln Cents Folder #2, 1941-1974
1988978-0-307-09031-7   ''Washington Quarter Folder 1948-1964 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1987978-0-307-09033-1   ''Lincoln Cents Folder Starting 1975 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1995978-0-307-09034-8WhitmanRoosevelt Dimes Folder 1965-2004 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1996978-0-307-09035-5   ''Jefferson Nickels Folder Starting 1996 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
  ''978-0-307-09038-6   ''Washington Quarter Folder Starting 1988
1994978-0-307-09039-3   ''Jefferson Nickels Folder 1962-1995 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1990978-0-307-09040-9   ''Washington Quarter Folder 1965-1987 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1988978-0-307-09041-6WhitmanLincoln Cents Folder Plain (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
  ''978-0-307-09042-3Whitman PublishingCoin Folders Nickels: Plain (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1998978-0-307-09043-0   ''Dimes: Official Whitman Coin Folder
1988978-0-307-09044-7   ''Quarters: Plain (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1984978-0-307-09111-6WhitmanIndian Cents 1856-1909, Album
  ''978-0-307-09112-3   ''Lincoln Cents 1909-1995, Album
  ''978-0-307-09116-1   ''Jefferson Nickels 1938-2003, Album
1984978-0-307-09119-2WhitmanWhitman US Roosevelt Dime Coin Album 1946 - Date #3394
1994978-0-307-09122-2   ''Washington Quarter 1932-1990, Album
2000978-0-307-09123-9   ''Washington Quarter 1991-1998, Album
2003978-0-307-09127-7   ''Kennedy Half Dollar 1964-2002, Album
1978978-0-307-09128-4Whitman Coin Book and SuppliesMorgan Dollars, 1878-1891 (Book 1)
1984978-0-307-09129-1Whitman Coin Book and SuppliesMorgan Dollars 1892-1921
1978978-0-307-09130-7   ''Peace Dollars, 1921-1935
1999978-0-307-09176-5Whitman PublishingStatehood Quarter Album (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
2001978-0-307-09225-0Golden BooksCOLORFUL EASTER, A
1999978-0-307-09234-2Golden BooksRudolph: Santa's Little Helper
1995978-0-307-09362-2Zander H. KlawansHandbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins: An Official Whitman Guidebook
1984978-0-307-09442-1Betty CrockerBetty Crocker's Cookie Book
1986978-0-307-09443-8Betty CrockerBetty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls
1966978-0-307-09607-4   ''Betty Crocker's Cake and Frosting Mix Cookbook
1974978-0-307-09614-2   ''Betty Crocker's Do-Ahead Cookbook (Recipes for the Freezer and the Refrigerator)
1988978-0-307-09698-2WhitmanKennedy Half Dollars Folder 1986-2003 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1990978-0-307-09699-9   ''Kennedy Half Dollars Folder 1964-1985 (Official Whitman Coin Folder)
1969978-0-307-09800-9Betty CrockerBetty Crocker's Cookbook
1986978-0-307-09801-6   ''Betty Crocker's Cookbook (5-Ring Binder)
1985978-0-307-09813-9Betty CrockerBetty Crocker's Cookbook
1986978-0-307-09814-6   ''Betty Crocker's Cookbook
1978978-0-307-09822-1   ''Betty Crocker's Cookbook: New and Revised Edition
  ''978-0-307-09823-8   ''Betty Crocker's Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know to Cook Today
1963978-0-307-09901-3   ''Betty Crocker's Cooky Book
1978978-0-307-09917-4Betty CrockerBetty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls

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