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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-0-237-54123-1Rosalind KervenRamadan and Id-ul Fitr (Festivals and Faiths)
2009978-0-237-54141-5William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet: Teacher's Book (Graphic Shakespeare Series)
2010978-0-237-54169-9Stewart RossThe Great Fire of London (Start-up Connections)
  ''978-0-237-54170-5Stewart RossFlorence Nightingale (Start-up Connections)
  ''978-0-237-54171-2Claire LlewellynElectricity (Start-up Connections)
  ''978-0-237-54172-9Claire LlewellynForces and Movement (Start-up Connections)
  ''978-0-237-54173-6Anna LeeJourney to School (Start-up Connections)
2010978-0-237-54174-3Claire LlewellynEating Fruit and Vegetables (Start-up Connections) (Start-Up Design and Technology S.)
  ''978-0-237-54180-4Gerard CheshireEnergy and Matter (Science Essentials - Physics)
  ''978-0-237-54181-1Gerard CheshireForces and Motion (Science Essentials - Physics)
  ''978-0-237-54182-8   ''Light and Colours (Science Essentials - Physics)
  ''978-0-237-54183-5   ''Sound and Vibrations (Science Essentials - Physics)
2010978-0-237-54184-2Gerard CheshireThe Solar System and Beyond (Science Essentials - Physics)
  ''978-0-237-54185-9   ''Electricity and Magnetism (Science Essentials - Physics)
  ''978-0-237-54194-1Dee PhillipsGoodbye (Right Now!)
  ''978-0-237-54197-2Dee PhillipsFriends? (Right Now!)
  ''978-0-237-54236-8Claire LlewellynElectricity (Start-up Connections)
2010978-0-237-54239-9Claire LlewellynEating Fruit and Vegetables (Start-Up Design and Technology S.)
  ''978-0-237-54248-1Stewart RossHenry VIII (The Timewarp Trials)
  ''978-0-237-54278-8Mark Woods · Ruth OwenSlam Dunk! (Top Score: Sports Stars and Stats)
  ''978-0-237-54279-5Mark Woods · Ruth OwenGoal! (Top Score: Sports Stars and Stats)
  ''978-0-237-54280-1   ''Ace! (Top Score: Sports Stars and Stats)
2010978-0-237-54281-8Mark Woods · Ruth OwenScrum! (Top Score: Sports Stars and Stats)
2010978-0-237-54282-5Mark Woods · Ruth OwenXtreme! (Top Score: Sports Stars and Stats)
  ''978-0-237-54283-2Jonathan Noble · Ruth OwenPole Position! (Top Score: Sports Stars and Stats)
2011978-0-237-54365-5Stewart RossToys (Start-up Connections)
  ''978-0-237-54373-0Ruth NasonCelebrating Harvest (Start-up Religion)
  ''978-0-237-54374-7Ruth NasonThe Jewish Faith (Start-up Religion)
  ''978-0-237-54381-5Jill BarberChildren in Victorian Times (Step-up History)
2011978-0-237-54385-3Faye GardnerHome Life in the 1930s and 40s (When I Was Young)
  ''978-0-237-54386-0   ''School Life in 1940s and 50s (When I Was Young)
  ''978-0-237-54413-3Anita GaneriSikh Stories (Storyteller)
  ''978-0-237-54414-0Anita GaneriBuddhist Stories (Storyteller)
  ''978-0-237-54415-7   ''Jewish Stories (Storyteller)
2011978-0-237-54416-4Anita GaneriHindu Stories (Storyteller)
  ''978-0-237-54418-8   ''Islamic Stories (Storyteller)
  ''978-0-237-54419-5Claire LlewellynMaking Puppets: Design & Technology (Start-up Connections)
  ''978-0-237-54420-1Louise Spilsbury · Richard SpilsburyPlayground Equipment: Design & Technology (Start-up Connections)
  ''978-0-237-54421-8Stewart RossSeaside Holidays (Start-up Connections)
2011978-0-237-54423-2Claire LlewellynMaterials: Science (Start-up Connections)
  ''978-0-237-54424-9Anna LeeJobs People Do: Geography (Start-up Connections) (Start-Up Geography S.)
  ''978-0-237-54446-1Stewart RossHomes (Start-up Connections)
1989978-0-237-60047-1Anne StewartThe Postman (Cherrystones S.)
  ''978-0-237-60054-9Anne StewartThe Doctor (Cherrystones S.)
  ''978-0-237-60132-4A Circus Child (The way we live series)
1992978-0-237-60135-5Olivia BennettHoli: Hindu Festival of Spring (Way We Live S.)
1989978-0-237-60136-2A Happy New Year (The way we live series)
1989978-0-237-60146-1Heidi LarsonWedding Time (The way we live series)
1990978-0-237-60149-2Our New Home (The way we live series)
1972978-0-237-74966-8Ken CampbellYou See the Thing is This: One Act Play (Evans one act plays)
1974978-0-237-75006-0Jill HyemEqual Terms: Play (Evans one act plays)
1992978-0-237-80071-0Mark Sinclair"O" Level Practical Chemistry Guide