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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1941978-0-231-01222-5Emily Jane BronteThe Complete Poems of Emily Jane Bronte
1944978-0-231-01424-3Yervant Hovhannes KrikorianNaturalism and the Human Spirit
1952978-0-231-01806-7Dante AlighieriDivine Comedy
1953978-0-231-01821-0G SIMPSONThe Major Features of Evolution
1951978-0-231-01847-0Joel DeanCapital Budgeting
1952978-0-231-01848-7Moses HadasA History of Latin Literature
1951978-0-231-01889-0PREOBZHANSKYPreobzhansky: Etymogical Dictionary of the Russian Language (Cloth)
1952978-0-231-01908-8Homer UlrichSymphonic Music
1958978-0-231-01912-5Bernard SpivackShakespeare and the Allegory of Evil: The History of a Metaphor in Relation to his Major Villains
1954978-0-231-01957-6Hugh Fraser GrantPlanter Management and Capitalism in Ante-bellum Georgia (Study in History of American Agriculture)
1955978-0-231-02007-7David De Sola PoolPool: Old Faith New World (Cloth)
1968978-0-231-02023-7John D. MacDonaldThe Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper
1990978-0-231-02024-4Walter F. FriedlaenderMannerism and Anti-Mannerism in Italian Painting
1968978-0-231-02074-9John D. MacDonaldNightmare In Pink: Travis McGee #2 (Gold Medal, R2074)
1981978-0-231-02170-8Oliver H. RadkeyThe Agrarian Foes of Bolshevism: Promise and Default of the Russian Socialist Revolutionaries February to October 1917
1958978-0-231-02254-5Ry-Usaku Tsunoda · Wm. Theodore de Bary · Donald KeeneSources of Japanese Tradition (Records of Civilization Sources & Study)
2000978-0-231-02278-1M. H. AbramsLiterature and Belief: English Institute Essays 1957
1959978-0-231-02288-0R REMINIMartin Van Buren & the Making of the Democratic Party (Cloth)
  ''978-0-231-02292-7Kenneth N. WaltzMan, the State, and War: A Theoretical Analysis
  ''978-0-231-02364-1Anthony BluntArt of William Blake
1965978-0-231-02422-8Donald Jay GroutA Short History of Opera, 2nd Edition
1961978-0-231-02427-3George Gaylord SimpsonPrinciples of Animal Taxonomy (Biological S)
1960978-0-231-02472-3Dwight EisenhowerPeace with Justice: Selected Addresses of Dwight D. Eisenhower
1961978-0-231-02477-8Contemporary Civilization Staff of Columbia CollegeIntroduction to Contemporary Civilization in the West Volume II
1962978-0-231-02487-7Ann DouglasIndustrial Peacemaking
1967978-0-231-02515-7Burton WatsonBasic Writings of Mo Tzu, Hsun Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu
1964978-0-231-02519-5Georges LefebvreFrench Revolution from 1793-1799 (From 1793 to 1799)
1963978-0-231-02521-8John Shelton CurtissEssays in Russian and Soviet History: In Honor of Geroid Tanquary Robinson
1962978-0-231-02556-0Warner R. Schilling · Paul Y. Hammond · Glenn H. SnyderStrategy, Politics & Defense Budgets (Institute of War & Peace Studies)
1963978-0-231-02619-2Thomas PinneyEssays of George Eliot
1991978-0-231-02743-4Walter Wakefield · Austin EvansHeresies of the High Middle Ages
1971978-0-231-02801-1Adams GAge of Industrial Violence
1965978-0-231-02825-7Myron RushPolitical Succession in the USSR
1966978-0-231-02829-5Carl Woodring · Viviane ForresterVirginia Woolf (Essays on Modern Writers)
1965978-0-231-02831-8Donald DeweyModern Capital Theory
1970978-0-231-02837-0Theodosius Grigorievich DobzhanskyGenetics of the evolutionary process
1966978-0-231-02838-7Joseph KitagawaReligion in Japanese History (American Lectures on the History of Religions)
1967978-0-231-02875-2William Almon WoodElectronic Journalism
1969978-0-231-02881-3Grady McWhineyBraxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat: Vol 1: Field Command
1967978-0-231-02907-0George StadeRobert Graves (Essays on Modern Writers)
1970978-0-231-02925-4Bayard DodgeThe Fihrist of Al-Nadim: A Tenth-Century Survey of Muslim Culture
1966978-0-231-02935-3Arthur LallModern lnternational Negotiations
1967978-0-231-02943-8H. Paul VarleyThe Onin War: History of Its Origins and Background with a Selective Translation of the Chronicle of Onin
1987978-0-231-02984-1Joseph RothschildRothschild: Pilsudskis Coup D Eta (Cloth)
1966978-0-231-03012-0Mario PeiGlossary of Linguistic Terminology
1967978-0-231-03043-4Edwin GittlemanJones Very: the Effective Years, 1833-1840
1968978-0-231-03049-6Arthur HertzbergThe French Enlightenment and the Jews
1970978-0-231-03066-3Richard E NeustadtAlliance politics
1967978-0-231-03078-6Ivan Morris · William Theodore De BaryThe Pillow Book Of Sei Shonagon, Volume 1 (Markura no soshi)
  ''978-0-231-03088-5Johan GaltungTheory and Method of Social Research
1968978-0-231-03112-7Irving KatzAugust Belmont: A Political Biography
1969978-0-231-03131-8J.H. WillisWilliam Empson (Essays on Modern Writers)
1968978-0-231-03147-9Chuang TzuThe Complete Works of Chuang Tzu
1972978-0-231-03159-2Marques A. H. de OliveiraHistory of Portugal, Volume I: From Lusitania to Empire
  ''978-0-231-03163-9Jacques Lefèvre D'EtaplesPapers of Lefevre D Etaples
1970978-0-231-03181-3René DubosReason Awake
1969978-0-231-03183-7Zhores A. MedvedevRise and Fall of T. D. Lysenko
1975978-0-231-03187-5C. Addison HickmanJ. M. Clark (Columbia essays on the great economists)
1971978-0-231-03188-2Ali DashtiIn Search of Omar Khayyam (Persian studies monographs)
1969978-0-231-03191-2Frederic S. Burin · Kurt L. ShellPolitics, Law, and Social Change: Selected Essays of Otto Kirchheimer
1972978-0-231-03197-4Hasan-E Fasa'iHistory of Persia Under Quajar Rule (Persian Heritage Series) (English and Persian Edition)
1971978-0-231-03208-7Verne GrantPlant speciation
1969978-0-231-03220-9Lawrence S. WittnerRebels Against War: The American Peace Movement, 1941-1960
1970978-0-231-03267-4Columbia University PressChallenge for Survival: Land, Air, and Water for Man in Megalopolis.
1972978-0-231-03289-6John GaddisThe United States and the Origins of the Cold War 1941-1947
1971978-0-231-03303-9Vojtech MastnyCzechs Under Nazi Rule: The Failure of National Resistance, 1939-42 (East Central European studies of Columbia University)
1969978-0-231-03307-7Professor W V QuineOntological Relativity,: And Other Essays, (East Central European Studies of Columbia University)
1969978-0-231-03321-3Burton WatsonRecords of the Historian: Chapters from the Shih Chi of Ssu-ma Ch'ien (Columbia Asian Studies)
1970978-0-231-03327-5John Herman RandallHellenistic ways of deliverance and the making of the Christian synthesis
1973978-0-231-03336-7George C HerringAid to Russia, 1941-1946;: Strategy, diplomacy, the origins of the cold war (Contemporary American history series)
1971978-0-231-03351-0Rashid al-DinThe Successors of Genghis Khan (Persian Heritage Series)
1972978-0-231-03355-8Adelin Linton · Charles WagleyRalph Linton (Leaders of Modern Anthropology)
1974978-0-231-03392-3Richard C LewontinThe genetic basis of evolutionary change (Columbia biological series)
1972978-0-231-03408-1George MorrisonVis and Ramin (UNESCO collection of representative works: Persian heritage series)
1973978-0-231-03421-0Lawrence J. KagenMyoglobin; Biochemical, Physiological, and Clinical Aspects (Columbia Series in Molecular Biology)
1971978-0-231-03431-9Ernest Borek · Jacques MonodOf Microbes and Life (English and French Edition)
1991978-0-231-03447-0Martin E. WeinsteinJapan's Postwar Defense Policy, 1947-68 (Study of the East Asian Institute)
1970978-0-231-03450-0Han-ShanCold Mountain: 100 Poems by the T'ang poet Han-Shan
  ''978-0-231-03454-8Donald Keene · Fukami Tanro · Royall TylerTwenty Plays of the No Theatre (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works: Japanese Series)
  ''978-0-231-03455-5Donald Keene · Royall Tyler · Fukami Tanro20 Plays of the No Theatre (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works. Columbia Asian St)
1971978-0-231-03463-0HakuinZen Master Hakuin: Selected Writings (Records of civilization, sources and studies)
  ''978-0-231-03465-4Burton WatsonChinese Lyricism
1973978-0-231-03485-2Richard B WoodburyAlfred V. Kidder, (Leaders of modern anthropology series)
1971978-0-231-03488-3Ashley MontaguTouching: The Human Significance of the Skin
  ''978-0-231-03509-5Patricia U. BonomiFactious People: Politics and Society in Colonial New York
1971978-0-231-03512-5Gerald L. CurtisElection Campaigning Japanese Style
  ''978-0-231-03531-6Takeda Izumo · Miyoshi Shoraku · Namiki SenryuChushingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers): A Puppet Play
  ''978-0-231-03549-1Alan HoldenShapes, Space and Symmetry
1975978-0-231-03561-3Robert Jack DownsControlled environments for plant research
  ''978-0-231-03572-9William H. Harris · Judith S. LeveyThe New Columbia encyclopedia
1972978-0-231-03585-9Robert Lee KerbyKirby Smith's Confederacy: The Trans Mississippi South 1863-1865
978-0-231-03607-8Le voyage du petit flûté -Volume 2 -Flûte et Piano (Partition et partie(s) + CD)
1974978-0-231-03615-3Gertrude Blanck · Rubin BlanckEgo Psychology: Theory and Practice
1972978-0-231-03619-1Wolfgang Friedmann · etc.Transnational Law in a Changing Society
1973978-0-231-03623-8Marjorie Mary SweetingKarst Landforms
1972978-0-231-03625-2Rounaq JahanPakistan: Failure in National Integration (South Asian Institute)
  ''978-0-231-03627-6Yoshito S. HakedaKukai: Major Works (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works: Japanese Series)
1972978-0-231-03628-3Jacob Festus Ade Ajayi · Michael CrowderHistory of West Africa (Vol. 1)
  ''978-0-231-03643-6Ismar SchorschJewish Reactions to German Anti-Semitism, 1870-1914
1977978-0-231-03658-0Daniel Ingersoll · John E. Yellen · William MacdonaldExperimental Archeology
1972978-0-231-03664-1Michael GuminJohn Foster Dulles
  ''978-0-231-03665-8Waldemar A NielsenThe big foundations
1990978-0-231-03673-3Bernardus SilvestrisThe Cosmographia of Bernardus Silvestris
1972978-0-231-03683-2Bernhard RenschHomo Sapiens: From Man to Demigod
1973978-0-231-03705-1Warner R. Schilling · etc.American Arms and a Changing Europe: Dilemmas of Deterrence and Disarmament
1980978-0-231-03717-4Jean-Albert Bédé · William EdgertonThe Columbia Dictionary of Modern European Literature
1977978-0-231-03724-2Josef KorbelTwentieth-Century Czechoslovakia: The Meanings of Its History
1980978-0-231-03733-4Bjorn Kurten · Elaine AndersonPleistocene Mammals of North America
1973978-0-231-03736-5George E. ReedyThe Presidency in Flux (Great Britain Pegram Lecture)
  ''978-0-231-03748-8Professor Robert F. Price · Robert F. PriceMixail Soloxov in Yugoslavia
1977978-0-231-03765-5Gu Ban · Ku PanCourtier and Commoner in Ancient China: Selections from the History of the Former Han by Pan Ku
1973978-0-231-03766-2Yu LuThe Old Man Who Does As He Pleases
1991978-0-231-03777-8Phyllis Goodhart GordanTwo Renaissance Book Hunters
1976978-0-231-03801-0Association for Asian StudiesDictionary of Ming Biography, 1368-1644: Volume I [1], A-L
  ''978-0-231-03833-1L. Carrington Goodrich · L. Chaoying FangDictionary of Ming Biography, 1368-1644: Volume II [2], M-Z (Vol 1 & 2)
1974978-0-231-03838-6Alexander George · Richard SmokeDeterrence in American Foreign Policy
1975978-0-231-03852-2J. C. NitzscheThe Genius Figure in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
1974978-0-231-03865-2Betty Sarvis · Hyman RodmanAbortion Controversy
1975978-0-231-03869-0William HanceGeography of Modern Africa
1974978-0-231-03871-3Betty SarvisThe Abortion Controversy
1976978-0-231-03872-0Richard M. FriedMen Against McCarthy (Contemporary American History Series)
1992978-0-231-03880-5Arthur CronquistAn Integrated System of Classification of Flowering Plants
1975978-0-231-03902-4Arbie OrensteinRavel: Man and Musician
1976978-0-231-03905-5Frank BergonStephen Crane's Artistry
1976978-0-231-03920-8Leon HurvitzScripture of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma: The Lotus Sutra (Records of Civilization: Sources and Studies)
1975978-0-231-03927-7Louis Jay HermanA Dictionary of Slavic Word Families
1977978-0-231-03934-5William Mitchell · Felix SalzerThe Music Forum, Vol. 4
1976978-0-231-03939-0Roy Medvedev · Zhores MedvedevKhrushchev
1975978-0-231-03960-4Catherine McArdle KelleherGermany and the Politics of Nuclear Weapons
  ''978-0-231-03991-8Pierre Mackay DansereauInscape and landscape: The human perception of environment
1977978-0-231-03995-6Joyce Lebra-ChapmanJapanese-Trained Armies in Southeast Asia: Independence and Volunteer Forces in World War II
  ''978-0-231-04032-7Janet L. DolginSymbolic Anthropology: A Reader in the Study of Symbols and Meanings
1978978-0-231-04034-1Andrew SarrisPolitics and cinema
1979978-0-231-04044-0Rushworth M. KidderE.E. Cummings: An Introduction to the Poetry (Columbia introductions to twentieth-century American poetry)
1976978-0-231-04062-4M HAQHaq: the Poverty Curtain (Cloth)
  ''978-0-231-04064-8Vitaly A. RubinIndividual and State in Ancient China: Essays on Four Chinese Philosophers
  ''978-0-231-04080-8John KinnamosDeeds of John and Manuel Comnenus
1977978-0-231-04110-2Oscar SchachterSharing the World's Resources
1977978-0-231-04120-1Arthur CronquistIntermountain Flora; Vascular Plants of the Intermountain West, U.S.A.,
  ''978-0-231-04126-3Maeva MarcusTruman and the Steel Seizure Case: The Limits of Presidential Power (Contemporary American history series)
  ''978-0-231-04132-4H BULLBull: the Anarchical Society (Cloth)
1980978-0-231-04133-1Hedley BullThe Anarchical Society: A Study of Order in World Politics
1976978-0-231-04143-0John Herman Randall Jr.The Making of the Modern Mind: A Survey of the Intellectual Background of the Present Age
  ''978-0-231-04150-8James TuckerThe Novels of Anthony Powell
1981978-0-231-04167-6Thomas DublinWomen at Work: The Transformation of Work and Community in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1826-1860
1982978-0-231-04176-8Leonard DinnersteinAmerica and the Survivors of the Holocaust: The Evolution of a United States Displaced Persons Policy, 1945-1950 (Contemporary American History)
1986978-0-231-04177-5Leonard DinnersteinAmerica and the Survivors of the Holocaust
1979978-0-231-04188-1Srinika Jayaratne · Rona LevyEmpirical Clinical Practice
  ''978-0-231-04198-0James V. DowntonSacred Journeys: The Conversion of Young Americans to Divine Light Mission
1977978-0-231-04200-0Roy WallisThe Road to Total Freedom: A Sociological Analysis of Scientology
1981978-0-231-04202-4Joseph S. M. Lau · C. T. Hsia · Leo Ou-fan LeeModern Chinese Stories & Novellas 1911-1949 (Modern Asian Literature)
1981978-0-231-04203-1Joseph S. M. Lau · C. T. Hsia · Leo Ou-Fan LeeModern Chinese Stories and Novellas, 1919-1949 (Modern Asian Literature Series)
1977978-0-231-04210-9Paul Allen CarterThe Creation of Tomorrow: Fifty Years of Magazine Science Fiction
1995978-0-231-04287-1Victor Turner · Edith TurnerImage and Pilgrimage in Christian Culture
1979978-0-231-04300-7David F. CrewTown in the Ruhr: A Social History of Rochum, 1860-1914
1980978-0-231-04388-5Randolph L. BrahamPolitics of Genocide: v. 2: Holocaust in Hungary
1991978-0-231-04402-8Edward Bliss Jr.Now the News
1992978-0-231-04415-8RyokanRyokan: Zen Monk - Poet of Japan
1978978-0-231-04416-5M SOUTHGATEIskandarnamah: A Persian medieval Alexander-romance (Persian heritage series)
1977978-0-231-04428-8Clifford Edmund BosworthThe Later Ghaznavids: Splendour and Decay: The Dynasty in Afghanistan and Northern India, 1040-1186 (Persian Studies Series)
1979978-0-231-04442-4Kurt GlaserVictims of Politics: The State of Human Rights (Cloth)
1978978-0-231-04444-8Warren I. CohenThe Chinese Connection: Roger S. Greene, Thomas W. Lamont, George E. Sokolsky and American-East Asian Relations (Studies of the East Asian Institute)
1982978-0-231-04455-4Michael SchallerThe U.S. Crusade in China 1938-1945
1979978-0-231-04470-7Gertrude Blanck · Rubin BlanckEgo Psychology II
1980978-0-231-04492-9J BREMNERBremner: Words on Words (Cloth)
  ''978-0-231-04493-6John BremnerWords on Words
  ''978-0-231-04496-7Randolph L. BrahamPolitics of Genocide: Holocaust in Hungary
1978978-0-231-04510-0C. BelfrageBelfrage: Something to Guard the Stormy Life of the Natl Guardian 1948-1967 (Cloth)
1979978-0-231-04513-1Paul Oskar KristellerRenaissance Thought and its Sources
1978978-0-231-04536-0Laura NaderThe Disputing Process -- Law in Ten Societies
  ''978-0-231-04537-7Laura Nader · Harry ToddThe Disputing Process: Law in Ten Societies
1979978-0-231-04543-8Thomas BelmonteThe Broken Fountain
1984978-0-231-04551-3Norbert EliasWhat Is Sociology? (European Perspectives: a Series in Social Thought & Cultural Ctiticism)
1979978-0-231-04554-4Joseph P. FellHeidegger & Sartre: An Essay on Being and Place
1980978-0-231-04562-9Janet M. ToddWomen's Friendship in Literature
1979978-0-231-04570-4Viviana A. ZelizerMorals and Markets: The Development of Life Insurance in the United States
  ''978-0-231-04594-0Bernard McGinnVisions of the End: Apocalyptic Traditions in the Middle Ages (Records of Civilization, Sources and Studies)
1982978-0-231-04611-4Karl BottigheimerIreland and the Irish: A Short History
1979978-0-231-04646-6John B. BeerWordsworth and the Human Heart
1983978-0-231-04664-0Lynn BennettDangerous Wives and Sacred Sisters: Social and Symbolic Roles of Women in Nepal
1983978-0-231-04665-7Lynn BennettDangerous Wives and Sacred Sisters: Social and Symbolic Roles of High-Caste Women in Nepal
1980978-0-231-04676-3Carol Weiss · Michael BucuvalasSocial Science Research and Decision-Making
1982978-0-231-04704-3Ian TattersallPrimates of Madagascar
1979978-0-231-04757-9Louis HenkinHow Nations Behave
1980978-0-231-04804-0James William MorleyThe Fateful Choice: Japan's Advance into Southeast Asia, 1941 (Vol 2)
  ''978-0-231-04807-1Julia KristevaDesire in Language: A Semiotic Approach to Literature and Art
1997978-0-231-04811-8Jean-Francois Basteau · Annick Sarrien-PerrierLe Tout Petit Flute
1980978-0-231-04812-5Roy MedvedevOn Soviet Dissent
1982978-0-231-04816-3Robert E. GarstHeadlines and Deadlines: A Manual for Copy Editors
1980978-0-231-04827-9Noam ChomskyRules and Representations (Columbia Classics in Philosophy)
  ''978-0-231-04836-1Vincent MahlerDependency Approaches to International Political Economy
1979978-0-231-04906-1Hugh HuntThe Abbey-lreland's National Theatre, 1904-1979
1980978-0-231-04908-5Edith G. KernThe Absolute Comic
  ''978-0-231-04910-8Nancy K. MillerThe Heroine's Text: Readings in the French and English Novel, 1722-1782
1985978-0-231-04926-9Lois A. Abbott · F. A. Bisby · David J. RogersTaxonomic Analysis in Biology: Computers, Models, and Databases
1981978-0-231-04930-6Karen HessMartha Washington's Booke of Cookery
1996978-0-231-04931-3Martha WashingtonMartha Washington's Booke of Cookery and Booke of Sweetmeats
1980978-0-231-04940-5H. Paul VarleyA Chronicle of Gods and Sovereigns (Translations from the Oriental Classics)
1990978-0-231-04962-7Maurice RavelA Ravel Reader: Correspondence, Articles, Interviews
1982978-0-231-04964-1Bruce Danto · John Bruhns · Austin KutscherThe Human Side of Homicide (Columbia University Press / Foundation of Thanatology Series)