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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-230-00000-1Brian MartinNorth
  ''978-0-230-00001-8Neill NugentThe Government and Politics of the European Union
  ''978-0-230-00002-5Neill NugentThe Government and Politics of the European Union
2011978-0-230-00004-9Johannes DillingerMagical Treasure Hunting in Europe and North America: A History (Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic)
2006978-0-230-00009-4Michael Stephen FuchsThe Manuscript
  ''978-0-230-00010-0Conor CorderoyDark Rain
  ''978-0-230-00011-7Rob Lewis · Wynne EvansChemistry (Palgrave Foundations Series)
2007978-0-230-00012-4F.N. FormanMastering British Politics (Palgrave Master Series)
2006978-0-230-00021-6Michael BackmanThe Asian Insider: Unconventional Wisdom for Asian Business
2002978-0-230-00027-8M. BackmanBig in Asia: 25 Strategies for Business Success: 30 Strategies for Business Success
2008978-0-230-00029-2Karen SandersCommunicating Politics in the Twenty-First Century
2008978-0-230-00031-5Ralph NegrineThe Transformation of Political Communication: Continuities and Changes in Media and Politics
2006978-0-230-00032-2Mark BeesonRegionalism and Globalization in East Asia: Politics, Security and Economic Development
  ''978-0-230-00033-9Mark BeesonRegionalism and Globalization in East Asia: Politics, Security and Economic Development
2008978-0-230-00035-3Simon BainbridgeRomanticism: A Sourcebook (Palgrave Sourcebooks)
2007978-0-230-00036-0Laurence ColeDifferent Paths to the Nation: Regional and National Identities in Central Europe and Italy, 1830-70
2006978-0-230-00037-7Roderick WatsonLiterature of Scotland: The Twentieth Century: 2
  ''978-0-230-00038-4Richard PettingerIntroduction to Management
  ''978-0-230-00041-4Paul M. Heywood · Erik Jones · Martin Rhodes · Ulrich SedelmeierDevelopments in European Politics
2009978-0-230-00043-8Marc Hooghe · Dietlind StollePolitical Participation: Citizens and Politics in Western Democracies (Political Analyses)
2016978-0-230-00045-2Andrew GambleThe Western Ideology
2005978-0-230-00046-9Global University Network for InnovationHigher Education in the World 2006: The Financing of Universities (GUNI Series on the Social Commitment of Universities)
2006978-0-230-00047-6   ''Higher Education in the World 2007: Accreditation For Quality Assurance: What Is At Stake? (GUNI Series on the Social Commitment of Universities)
2008978-0-230-00048-3   ''Higher Education in the World 3: Higher Education: New Challenges and Emerging Roles for Human and Social Development (GUNI Series on the Social Commitment of Universities)
2006978-0-230-00049-0Hugh PaxtonHomunculus
2007978-0-230-00126-8Marie-Noelle Lamy · Regine HampelOnline Communication in Language Learning and Teaching (Research and Practice in Applied Linguistics)
  ''978-0-230-00127-5M. LamyOnline Communication in Language Learning and Teaching (Research and Practice in Applied Linguistics)
2007978-0-230-00134-3H. Meyers · R. GerstmanCreativity: Unconventional Wisdom from 20 Accomplished Minds
2006978-0-230-00136-7Aliya WhiteleyThree Things About Me
  ''978-0-230-00137-4Roger MorrisTaking Comfort
2007978-0-230-00140-4Blank R.HComparative Health Policy
2008978-0-230-00142-8David JudgeThe European Parliament, Second Edition (The European Union Series)
2007978-0-230-00143-5Christopher C. Hood · Helen Z. MargettsThe Tools of Government in the Digital Age (Public Policy and Politics)
  ''978-0-230-00144-2Christopher C. HoodThe Tools of Government in the Digital Age (Public Policy and Politics)
  ''978-0-230-00147-3Martin L. Davies · Claus-Christian W. SzejnmannHow the Holocaust Looks Now: International Perspectives
  ''978-0-230-00151-0Fabio Vighi · Heiko FeldnerZizek: Beyond Foucault
2007978-0-230-00152-7Diane Morgan · Gary BanhamCosmopolitics and the Emergence of a Future
2006978-0-230-00153-4Tobias Doring · Tobias Daring · Tobias D. RingPerformances of Mourning in Shakespearean Theatre and Early Modern Culture (Early Modern Literature in History)
2007978-0-230-00155-8B. Reynolds · Geraldine Harris · Elaine AstonPerformance Practice and Process: Contemporary (Women) Practitioners
  ''978-0-230-00156-5Professor Rob StonesKey Sociological Thinkers: Second Edition
  ''978-0-230-00157-2   ''Key Sociological Thinkers: Second Edition
2006978-0-230-00159-6David DenverElections and Voters in Britain (Contemporary Political Studies)
2011978-0-230-00164-0Mark PeelA History of Australia (Palgrave Essential Histories Series)
2007978-0-230-00169-5James Chapman · Mark Glancy · Sue HarperThe New Film History: Sources, Methods, Approaches
  ''978-0-230-00170-1Janet Dr CotterillThe Language of Sexual Crime
  ''978-0-230-00173-2Andrew Barfield · Stephen H. BrownReconstructing Autonomy in Language Education: Inquiry and Innovation
2007978-0-230-00174-9John Bratton · Jeff GoldHuman Resource Management: Theory and Practice
2009978-0-230-00176-3Professor Lena Cowen OrlinThe Renaissance: A Sourcebook (Palgrave Sourcebooks)
2007978-0-230-00178-7Clive BloomGothic Horror: A Guide for Students and Readers
2009978-0-230-00180-0Mark RawlinsonPat Barker (New British Fiction)
2010978-0-230-00181-7John GaffneyPolitical Leadership in France: From Charles de Gaulle to Nicolas Sarkozy (French Politics, Society and Culture)
2007978-0-230-00182-4Jessica WolfendaleTorture and the Military Profession
  ''978-0-230-00188-6A. C. BradleyShakespearean Tragedy: Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth
2006978-0-230-00189-3A.C. BradleyShakespearean Tragedy
  ''978-0-230-00193-0Felicia M. Fai · Eleanor J. MorganManagerial Issues in International Business (Academy of International Business (UKI) Series)
2007978-0-230-00194-7David Walters · Theo NicholsWorker Representation and Workplace Health and Safety
  ''978-0-230-00195-4Kevin Cullinane · Dong-Wook SongAsian Container Ports: Development, Competition and Co-Operation
  ''978-0-230-00196-1Jian Li · Alan PaiseyTransfer Pricing Audits in China
2007978-0-230-00202-9Luis Rubalcaba · Henk KoxBusiness Services in European Economic Growth
2014978-0-230-00203-6Elias G. Carayannis · McDonald Stewart · Caroline M. SippEntrepreneurial Profiles of Creative Destruction
2006978-0-230-00210-4Olivier TorresThe Wine Wars: The Mondavi Affair, Globalisation and Terroir
  ''978-0-230-00212-8Nicholas A. Phelps · Nick Parsons · Dimitris BallasPost-Suburban Europe: Planning and Politics at the Margins of Europe's Capital Cities
2007978-0-230-00214-2John McCormickContemporary Britain (Contemporary States and Societies Series)
2006978-0-230-00215-9Department of Transport Department of TransportFocus on Ports
  ''978-0-230-00218-0C. BourionA Management System Exempt from Power: Learning to Manage with Consideration for Others
  ''978-0-230-00219-7Stella CottrellThe Palgrave Student Planner 2006-7 (Palgrave Study Guides)
  ''978-0-230-00220-3David E. HawkinsCorporate Social Responsibility: Balancing Tomorrow's Sustainability and Today's Profitability
2011978-0-230-00221-0Emilio La ParraPeace And Conflict Between Cultures in the Euro-mediterranean Region
2006978-0-230-00222-7   ''Peace And Conflict Between Cultures in the Euro-mediterranean Region
2007978-0-230-00228-9Mary K. Geiter · Professor W.A. SpeckDictionary of British America, 1584-1783
2007978-0-230-00229-6Mary K. Geiter · Professor W.A. SpeckDictionary of British America, 1584-1783
2006978-0-230-00230-2Marco Dr Verweij · Michael ThompsonClumsy Solutions for a Complex World: Governance, Politics, and Plural Perceptions (Global Issues)
2008978-0-230-00231-9Andrew Hoskins · Ben O'LoughlinTelevision and Terror: Conflicting Times and the Crisis of News Discourse (New Security Challenges): Conflicting Times and the Crisis of News Disclosure
2003978-0-230-00234-0D. WilliamsEnterprise Programme Management: Delivering Value
2006978-0-230-00241-8Christopher J. Dr MurphySecurity and Special Operations: SOE and Mi5 During the Second World War
  ''978-0-230-00245-6Arthur MarwickThe Deluge: British Society and the First World War
2007978-0-230-00248-7Brian RappertBiotechnology, Security and the Search for Limits: An Inquiry Into Research and Methods (New Security Challenges)
2009978-0-230-00251-7Gabriella SlompCarl Schmitt and the Politics of Hostility, Violence and Terror
  ''978-0-230-00255-5Gabriele MarranciUnderstanding Muslim Identity: Rethinking Fundamentalism
2008978-0-230-00256-2John BatemanMultimodality and Genre: A Foundation for the Systematic Analysis of Multimodal Documents
2006978-0-230-00305-7Office for National StatisticsMonthly Digest of Statistics Volume 724, April 2006: April 2006 v. 724
  ''978-0-230-00315-6Office for National StatisticsHealth Statistics Quarterly: Summer 2006 No. 30
2006978-0-230-00316-3Office for National StatisticsHealth Statistics Quarterly No 31, Autumn 2006: Autumn 2006 No. 31
2004978-0-230-00326-2G. MacleanThe Rise of Oriental Travel: English Visitors to the Ottoman Empire, 1580-1720
2008978-0-230-00330-9Caroline Dodds PennockBonds of Blood: Gender, Lifecycle and Sacrifice in Aztec Culture (Early Modern History: Society and Culture)
  ''978-0-230-00337-8Elizabeth Van AckerGovernments and Marriage Education Policy: Perspectives from the UK, Australia and the US
2007978-0-230-00343-9Colette ColliganThe Traffic in Obscenity from Byron to Beardsley: Sexuality & Exoticism in Nineteenth-Century Print Culture: Sexuality and Exoticism in ... in Nineteenth-Century Writing and Culture)
  ''978-0-230-00350-7William ShakespeareThe RSC Shakespeare: The Complete Works
  ''978-0-230-00351-4William ShakespeareThe RSC Shakespeare: The Complete Works (Collector's Edition)
2010978-0-230-00456-6Keith Gildart · David HowellDictionary of Labour Biography: Volume XIII: 13
2006978-0-230-00461-0D. Lee · I. Taylor · P. WilliamsThe New Multilateralism in South African Diplomacy (Studies in Diplomacy and International Relations)
2017978-0-230-00462-7Susan Doran · Thomas FreemanMary Tudor: Old and New Perspectives
2011978-0-230-00463-4Susan DoranMary Tudor: Old and New Perspectives
2007978-0-230-00465-8Henry Veltmeyer · Scarlett Cornelissen · Noela InvernizziNational Perspectives on Globalization (International Political Economy Series)
  ''978-0-230-00466-5Henry Veltmeyer · Scarlett Cornelissen · Noela InvernizziRegional Perspectives on Globalization (International Political Economy Series)
2007978-0-230-00469-6T.G. FraserThe Arab-Israeli Conflict, Third Edition (Studies in Contemporary History)
  ''978-0-230-00476-4John Maynard KeynesThe General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (Collected Works of Keynes)
2008978-0-230-00489-4Nanak Kakwani · Jacques SilberQuantitative Approaches to Multidimensional Poverty Measurement
  ''978-0-230-00495-5Alf Morten Jerve · Yasatami Shimomura · Annette Skovsted Professor HansenAid Relationships in Asia: Exploring Ownership in Japanese and Nordic Aid
2015978-0-230-00501-3Ian HunterCollected Correspondence of David Lloyd George and Winston S. Churchill 1904-1945
  ''978-0-230-00502-0Ian HunterCollected Speeches of David Lloyd George
2007978-0-230-00504-4Ann Heilmann · Mark LlewellynMetafiction and Metahistory in Contemporary Women's Writing
2014978-0-230-00506-8Wim Van MierloA Sylvia Plath/Ted Hughes Chronology (Author Chronologies)
2007978-0-230-00513-6Brian MitchellInternational Historical Statistics 1750-2005: Americas
  ''978-0-230-00514-3Brian MitchellInternational Historical Statistics 1750-2005: Europe
2007978-0-230-00515-0Brian MitchellInternational Historical Statistics 1750-2005: Africa, Asia and Oceania
  ''978-0-230-00516-7   ''International Historical Statistics 1750-2005: 3-Vol Set
2008978-0-230-00518-1Elaine FoxEmotion Science: Cognitive and Neuroscientific Approaches to Understanding Human Emotions: An Integration of Cognitive and Neuroscientific Approaches
2019978-0-230-00520-4Soili-Maria Olli · Arne Bugge Amundsen · OlliTalking to Devils and Angels in Scandinavia, 1500-1800 (Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic)
2013978-0-230-00521-1Wanda WyporskaWitchcraft in Early Modern Poland, 1500-1800
2007978-0-230-00522-8Steve Matthewman · Catherine Lane West-Newman · Professor Bruce CurtisBeing Sociological
  ''978-0-230-00523-5Steve Matthewman · Catherine Lane West-Newman · Professor Bruce CurtisBeing Sociological
2006978-0-230-00525-9Jean-Christophe MayerShakespeare's Hybrid Faith: History, Religion and the Stage (Early Modern Literature in History)
2008978-0-230-00526-6Professor Joy HendryAn Introduction to Social Anthropology: Sharing Our Worlds
  ''978-0-230-00527-3   ''An Introduction to Social Anthropology: Sharing Our Worlds
2006978-0-230-00528-0Frank Schimmelfennig · Stefan Engert · Heiko KnobelInternational Socialization in Europe: European Organizations, Political Conditionality and Democratic Change (Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics)
  ''978-0-230-00530-3Richard A. Dr SkuesSigmund Freud and the History of Anna O.: Re-Opening a Closed Case
2010978-0-230-00531-0Simon CrossMediating Madness: Mental Distress and Cultural Representation
2008978-0-230-00541-9Simon AveryThomas Hardy - The Mayor of Casterbridge / Jude the Obscure (Readers' Guides to Essential Criticism)
2016978-0-230-00546-4Mardi StewartVictorian Women's Poetry: Elizabeth Barrett Browning / Emily Bronte / Christina Rossetti (Readers Guides to Essential Criticism)
2019978-0-230-00547-1   ''Victorian Women's Poetry (Readers Guides to Essential Criticism)
2010978-0-230-00548-8Heinz Rothgang · Mirella Cacace · Lorraine FrisinaThe State and Healthcare (Transformations of the State)
2016978-0-230-00630-0Christopher B. KummerMagic Moments of Mergers and Acquisitions: Lessons Learned from the Most Respected Business Leaders
2009978-0-230-00632-4Liz OmandSupervision in Counselling and Psychotherapy: An Introduction (Basic Texts in Counselling and Psychotherapy)
2006978-0-230-00633-1Tina Hart · Linda Fazzani · Simon P. ClarkIntellectual Property Law (Palgrave Macmillan Law Masters)
2006978-0-230-00635-5Stephen ValdezAn Introduction to Global Financial Markets
2007978-0-230-00637-9Rod Hague · Martin HarropComparative Government and Politics (Comparative Government & Politics)
2008978-0-230-00639-3Jens Steffek · Claudia Kissling · Patrizia NanzCivil Society Participation in European and Global Governance: A Cure for the Democratic Deficit? (Transformations of the State)
2006978-0-230-00640-9John Jeffries MartinMyths of Renaissance Individualism (Early Modern History: Society and Culture)
  ''978-0-230-00641-6Ulf SchmidtJustice at Nuremberg: Leo Alexander and the Nazi Doctors' Trial (St Antony&quote;s Series)
  ''978-0-230-00644-7V. VourkoutiotisMaking Common Cause: German-Soviet Secret Relations, 1919-22: German-Soviet Secret Relations, 1919-1923
2007978-0-230-00645-4Giorgio Shani · Makoto Sato · Mustapha Kamal PashaProtecting Human Security in a Post 9/11 World: Critical and Global Insights
2008978-0-230-00646-1Maja MikulaKey Concepts in Cultural Studies (Palgrave Key Concepts)
2010978-0-230-00648-5Nigel Copsey · Andrzej OlechnowiczVarieties of Anti-Fascism: Britain in the Inter-War Period
2007978-0-230-00650-8Hon-Lam Li · Anthony YeungNew Essays in Applied Ethics: Animal Rights, Personhood and the Ethics of Killing
  ''978-0-230-00657-7Vivienne JabriWar and the Transformation of Global Politics (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies)
2006978-0-230-00659-1L. Willcocks · M. LacityGlobal Sourcing of Business and IT Services (Technology, Work and Globalization)
  ''978-0-230-00660-7James TeboulService Is Front Stage: Positioning Services for Value Advantage (INSEAD Business Press)
2006978-0-230-00667-6Pieter FourieThe Political Management of HIV and AIDS in South Africa: One Burden Too Many?
2007978-0-230-00669-0Robert O'Brien · Marc WilliamsGlobal Political Economy: Evolution and Dynamics
2010978-0-230-00672-0Roger CollinsEarly Medieval Europe, 300-1000 (Palgrave History of Europe)
  ''978-0-230-00673-7Roger CollinsEarly Medieval Europe, 300-1000 (Palgrave History of Europe)
2008978-0-230-00674-4Robin Means · Sally Richards · Randall SmithCommunity Care: Policy and Practice (Public Policy and Politics)
  ''978-0-230-00675-1Michelle Cini · Lee McGowanCompetition Policy in the European Union (The European Union Series)
2007978-0-230-00677-5Michael BackmanAsia Future Shock: Business Crisis and Opportunity in the Coming Years
2006978-0-230-00680-5Martin GillThe Handbook of Security
2007978-0-230-00681-2Read HayesRetail Security and Loss Prevention
2006978-0-230-00682-9Cipriani Forza · Fabrizio SalvadorProduct Information Management for Mass Customization: Connecting Customer, Front-Office and Back-Office for Fast and Efficient Customization
2007978-0-230-00683-6Gordon R. Foxall · Jorge M. Professor Olivera-Castro · Victoria K. JamesThe Behavioural Economics of Brand Choice
  ''978-0-230-00694-2Elena BeccalliIT and European Bank Performance (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions)
2000978-0-230-00695-9Violaine CousinBanking in China (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions)
2015978-0-230-00698-0Paul H. DembinskiThinking Ethics While Learning Finance: Ethical Issues in Practice and Theory
2007978-0-230-00702-4Bahar RumeliliConstructing Regional Community and Order in Europe and Southeast Asia (Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies)
  ''978-0-230-00703-1Kerstin Martens · Alessandra Rusconi · Kathrin LeuzeNew Arenas of Education Governance: The Impact of International Organizations and Markets on Educational Policy Making (Transformations of the State)
2008978-0-230-00709-3Axel Gosseries · Alain Strowel · Alain MarcianoIntellectual Property and Theories of Justice
2009978-0-230-00711-6Stathis PsilloKnowing the Structure of Nature: Essays on Realism and Explanation
2007978-0-230-00712-3Miri AlbahariAnalytical Buddhism: The Two-Tiered Illusion of Self
2009978-0-230-00715-4Myrto HatzakiBeauty and the Male Body in Byzantium: Perceptions and Representations in Art and Text
2007978-0-230-00719-2Perri 6 · Susannah Radstone · Corinne SquirePublic Emotions
2007978-0-230-00723-9Professor Michael AlexanderA History of English Literature (Palgrave Foundations Series)
  ''978-0-230-00724-6Laura HubnerThe Films of Ingmar Bergman: Illusions of Light and Darkness
  ''978-0-230-00729-1Mark J. Prof Miller · Boyka StefanovaThe War on Terror in Comparative Perspective: Us Security and Foreign Policy After 9/11
2007978-0-230-00740-6Roger MorrisTaking Comfort
2006978-0-230-00741-3Peter BourneThe Deserter (MacMillan New Writing)
  ''978-0-230-00745-1Jonathan DrapesNever Admit to Beige (MacMillan New Writing)
2017978-0-230-00747-5Christina Boswell · A. GeddesMigration and Mobility in the European Union (The European Union Series)
2010978-0-230-00748-2Christina BoswellMigration and Mobility in the European Union (The European Union Series)
2006978-0-230-00753-6Toby MurcottThe Whole Story: Alternative Medicine On Trial? (MacSci)
  ''978-0-230-00754-3Dave ReayClimate Change Begins at Home: Life on the Two-Way Street of Global Warming (Macmillan Science)
2007978-0-230-00761-1Anna LidstoneThe Study Abroad Handbook (Palgrave Study Skills)
2007978-0-230-00762-8Katy TurtonForgotten Lives: The Role of Lenin's Sisters in the Russian Revolution, 1864-1937
  ''978-0-230-00767-3Terry ThomasCriminal Records: A Database for the Criminal Justice System and Beyond
  ''978-0-230-00770-3Judith SquiresThe New Politics of Gender Equality
2006978-0-230-00774-1Samir R. Chatterjee · Alan R. NankervisAsian Management in Transition: Emerging Themes
2007978-0-230-00777-2William M.C. McKenzie · Binsheng ZhangDesign of Structural Timber to EC5
2006978-0-230-00784-0A. PettiforThe Coming First World Debt Crisis
2000978-0-230-00786-4John Roemer · Kotaro SuzumuraIntergenerational Equity and Sustainability (International Economic Association)
2003978-0-230-00790-1Gian Luigi Mazzi · Giovanni SavioGrowth and Cycle in the Eurozone
2006978-0-230-00796-3Walter R. StahelThe Performance Economy
2007978-0-230-00797-0Mario Davide Dr ParrilliSME Cluster Development: A Dynamic View of Survival Clusters in Developing Countries
2008978-0-230-00803-8Ivan CrozierSexual Inversion: A Critical Edition: Havelock Ellis and John Addington Symonds (1897)
2007978-0-230-00806-9Philip G. Dwyer · Alan ForrestNapoleon and His Empire: Europe, 1804-1814
2008978-0-230-00812-0Chad DavidsonWriting Poetry: Creative and Critical Approaches (Approaches to Writing)
2007978-0-230-00817-5Yoshiki TajiriSamuel Beckett and the Prosthetic Body: The Organs and Senses in Modernism
2009978-0-230-00818-2Bridget AdamsThe Psychology Companion (Palgrave Student Companions Series)
2007978-0-230-00820-5D. HookFoucault, Psychology and the Analytics of Power (Critical Theory and Practice in Psychology and the Human Sciences)
2019978-0-230-00822-9Gaynor MacDonald · Daniela HeilThe Anthropology Companion (Palgrave Student Companions)
2007978-0-230-00824-3Tony TannerJane Austen
2010978-0-230-00826-7Fintan LanePolitics, Society and the Middle Class in Modern Ireland
2006978-0-230-00830-4Gavin KeulksMartin Amis: Postmodernism and Beyond
  ''978-0-230-00833-5Elizabeth BarryBeckett and Authority: The Uses of Cliche
2019978-0-230-00834-2Marc WilliamsInternational Organization and Global Governance
2007978-0-230-00836-6Professpr Philippe LasserreGlobal Strategic Management
2008978-0-230-00837-3Hartmut Wessler · Bernhard Peters · Michael BruggemannTransnationalization of Public Spheres (Transformations of the State)
2003978-0-230-00838-0Corey RossMass Media, Culture and Society in TwentiethCentury Germany (New Perspectives in German Political Studies)
2008978-0-230-00841-0Trevor ButtGeorge Kelly: The Psychology of Personal Constructs (Mind Shapers)
2007978-0-230-00842-7Professor Thomas R. SmythThe Psychology Thesis: Research and Coursework
  ''978-0-230-00844-1Steve Clark · Jason WhittakerBlake, Modernity and Popular Culture
2009978-0-230-00845-8Jon McKenzieContesting Performance: Global Sites of Research (Performance Interventions)

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