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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1950978-0-224-60057-6Elizabeth BowenThe Hotel
1963978-0-224-60077-4John BurninghamBorka: The Adventures Of A Goose With No Feathers
1965978-0-224-60081-1Glenn J. DomanThe Teach Your Baby to Read: Kit
1963978-0-224-60151-1Len DeightonHorse Under Water
1962978-0-224-60207-5Ian Fleming · Vivienne MichelThe Spy Who Loved Me
1927978-0-224-60268-6Ernest HemingwayFiesta
1941978-0-224-60275-4Ernest HemingwayFor Whom the Bell Tolls
1956978-0-224-60318-8Elizabeth Jane HowardThe Long View
1959978-0-224-60319-5Elizabeth Jane HowardThe Sea Change
1964978-0-224-60462-8Arthur Ewart Popham · Martin KempThe Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci
1956978-0-224-60552-6Eugene Gladstone O'NeillLong Day's Journey into Night
978-0-224-60572-4David Harris WillsonKing James VI and I (Bedford History)
1948978-0-224-60578-6Alan PatonCry, the Beloved Country: A Story of Comfort in Desolation
1953978-0-224-60579-3Alan PatonToo Late the Phalarope
1966978-0-224-60602-8Han SuyinA Mortal Flower
1960978-0-224-60620-2William PlomerCollected Poems
1952978-0-224-60622-6Willard PriceSouth Sea Adventure
1958978-0-224-60631-8Arthur RansomeSwallows and Amazons
1982978-0-224-60632-5Arthur RansomeSwallowdale
1984978-0-224-60634-9   ''Winter Holiday
1982978-0-224-60635-6   ''Coot Club
1984978-0-224-60638-7   ''Secret Water
1982978-0-224-60639-4   ''The Big Six
1982978-0-224-60640-0Arthur RansomeMissee Lee
1984978-0-224-60641-7   ''The Picts and the Martyrs: or Not Welcome At All (Swallows And Amazons)
1982978-0-224-60642-4   ''Great Northern?
1960978-0-224-60685-1Irwin ShawTwo Weeks in Another Town
1984978-0-224-60687-5Joan AikenNight Birds On Nantucket (The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase Sequence)
1965978-0-224-60705-6Joan AikenBlack Hearts in Battersea
1968978-0-224-60750-6A.P. WAVELLOther Men's Flowers: An Anthology of Poetry
1963978-0-224-60753-7Mary WebbThe Golden Arrow
1964978-0-224-60756-8Mary WebbHouse in Dormer Forest
1947978-0-224-60772-8T. H. WhiteMistress Masham's Repose
1965978-0-224-60819-0Thora ColsonRinkin of Dragon's Wood
1964978-0-224-60834-3John BurninghamTrubloff: -The Mouse Who Wanted to Play the Balalaika
  ''978-0-224-60856-5Ernest HemingwayA Moveable Feast
  ''978-0-224-60857-2   ''The Torrents of Spring
1950978-0-224-60977-7Elizabeth Jane HowardBeautiful Visit
1965978-0-224-60995-1Kurt VonnegutGod Bless You, Mr.Rosewater
  ''978-0-224-61037-7Elizabeth Jane HowardAfter Julius
1972978-0-224-61054-4Mahatma GandhiAn Autobiography
  ''978-0-224-61069-8Mahatma GandhiAn Autobiography
1966978-0-224-61071-1Eugene O'NeillMourning Becomes Electra (Jonathan Cape Paperback)
1966978-0-224-61072-8Eugene O'NeillThe Iceman Cometh (Jonathan Cape Paperback)
  ''978-0-224-61073-5   ''Long Day's Journey Into Night (Jonathan Cape Paperback, 46)
  ''978-0-224-61087-2Willard PriceSafari Adventure
  ''978-0-224-61089-6Lord WindleshamCommunication and Political Power
  ''978-0-224-61100-8Walter GreenwoodLove on the Dole
1966978-0-224-61125-1T.Y. PembaIdols on the Path
  ''978-0-224-61126-8J. P. MartinUncle and His Detective
  ''978-0-224-61136-7John PearsonThe Life of Ian Fleming
  ''978-0-224-61155-8Fitzroy Hew MacleanEastern Approaches
1967978-0-224-61172-5Len DeightonAn Expensive Place to Die
1968978-0-224-61294-4Robert MarkhamColonel Sun: A James Bond Adventure
  ''978-0-224-61298-2M. LeirisManhood (Cape Editions)
1968978-0-224-61299-9M. LeirisManhood (Cape Editions)
  ''978-0-224-61464-1I. F. StoneIn a Time of Torment
  ''978-0-224-61507-5Henri LefebvreDialectical Materialism (Cape Editions)
  ''978-0-224-61563-1Brigid BrophyBlack and White: Portrait of Aubrey Beardsley
1969978-0-224-61652-2Philip RothPortnoy's Complaint
  ''978-0-224-61653-9Angus CalderThe People's War: Britain, 1939-45
1969978-0-224-61654-6John FowlesThe French Lieutenant's Woman
  ''978-0-224-61709-3Edward De BonoThe Mechanism of Mind
  ''978-0-224-61740-6Kingsley AmisThe Green Man
  ''978-0-224-61744-4Elizabeth Jane HowardSomething in Disguise
1970978-0-224-61778-9Ronald W. ClarkLast Year of the Old World
1969978-0-224-61783-3Desmond MorrisThe Human Zoo
1970978-0-224-61785-7R.Buckminster FullerBuckminster Fuller Reader
1969978-0-224-61793-2Russell BraddonThe Siege
1970978-0-224-61794-9Yevgeny ZamyatinWe
1969978-0-224-61796-3Theodore Harold WhiteThe Making of the President 1968
  ''978-0-224-61802-1David StoreyIn Celebration
1970978-0-224-61837-3Lord RobensHuman Engineering
1970978-0-224-61838-0J. G. BallardThe Atrocity Exhibition
  ''978-0-224-61853-3Gabriel Garcia MarquezOne Hundred Years of Solitude
  ''978-0-224-61864-9Tariq AliPakistan: Military Rule or People's Power?
  ''978-0-224-61872-4Oliver Marriott · Robert JonesAnatomy of a Merger: History of G.E.C., A.E.I. and English Electric
1971978-0-224-61882-3Joan AikenThe Kingdom Under the Sea
1970978-0-224-61899-1David StoreyThe Contractor
  ''978-0-224-61909-7John BurninghamMr Gumpy's Outing
1970978-0-224-61911-0Alfred RosenbergSelected Writings (Roots of the Right)
1971978-0-224-61923-3Richard BrautiganA Confederate General from Big Sur
  ''978-0-224-61924-0Georgi K. ZhukovMemoirs
  ''978-0-224-61958-5Max StirnerThe Ego and His Own (Roots of the Right)
1970978-0-224-61963-9Bernard LevinThe Pendulum Years: Britain and the Sixties
  ''978-0-224-61981-3Jerry RubinDo it! Scenarios of the Revolution
1971978-0-224-61983-7Lionel DavidsonSmith's Gazelle