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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1969978-0-208-00155-9John DenhamThe Poetical Works of Sir John Denham
1964978-0-208-00435-2Douglas P. AdamsNomography Theory and Application
  ''978-0-208-00498-7Hartshorne CMan's Vision of God and the Logic of Theism
1968978-0-208-00620-2Matt Bushnell JonesVermont in the Making, 1750-77
1969978-0-208-00651-6Henry L. RobertsRumania: Political Problems of an Agrarian State
1968978-0-208-00702-5Oskar HaleckiFrom Florence to Brest (1439-1596)
1969978-0-208-00743-8Kazimierz WaliszewskiPaul the First of Russia, the son of Catherine the Great
  ''978-0-208-00747-6Toshikazu KaseJourney to the Missouri
1970978-0-208-00811-4Charles BlitzerAn immortal commonwealth;: The political thought of James Harrington
  ''978-0-208-00818-3Clarence W MendellTacitus, the man and his work
1971978-0-208-00821-3Stephen E. Palmer · Robert R. KingYugoslav Communism and the Macedonian Question
1970978-0-208-00824-4Leo W. SimmonsThe Role of the Aged in Primitive Society
  ''978-0-208-00950-0Peter H. BuckAnthropology and Religion,
1971978-0-208-00956-2Sydney Knox MitchellTaxation in medieval England
1970978-0-208-00961-6James Graham LeyburnFrontier folkways
1970978-0-208-01117-6Archibald HannaA brief history of the Thimble Islands in Branford, Connecticut,
1972978-0-208-01136-7Henry L. (Ed. and introduction) SavageSt. Erkenwald,: A Middle English poem
1974978-0-208-01259-3Martin WrightUse of criminology literature (Information sources for research and development)
1973978-0-208-01303-3Richard CloggThe Struggle for Greek Independence: Essays to Mark the 150th Anniversary of the Greek War of Independence
  ''978-0-208-01310-1Deno John GeanakoplosEmperor Michael Palaeologus and the West, 1258-1282;: A study in Byzantine-Latin relations
  ''978-0-208-01315-6Nora K. ChadwickStudies in the Early British Church
  ''978-0-208-01326-2Henry PownallChief of staff;: The diaries of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Pownall. (Two Volumes)
  ''978-0-208-01338-5C. R BoxerThe Dutch in Brazil, 1624-1654,
1973978-0-208-01347-7J. MartinEllsworth Huntington: His Life and Thought
1974978-0-208-01394-1Lawrence S. ThompsonNorse mythology;: The Elder Edda in prose translation
1970978-0-208-01401-6Max SchelerNature of Sympathy
1974978-0-208-01426-9Michael GloverThe Peninsular War, 1807-1814;: A concise military history
  ''978-0-208-01431-3Charles JelavichThe Balkans in Transition: Essays on the Development of Balkan Life and Politics Since the Eighteenth Century
1975978-0-208-01456-6Weston La BarreThe Peyote Cult
1974978-0-208-01482-5Chauncey Brewster TinkerThe translations of Beowulf;: A critical bibliography
1976978-0-208-01499-3Robin HighamA Guide to the Sources of United States Military History
1975978-0-208-01504-4Gaddis SmithBritains Clandestine Submarines (The Wallace Notestein Essays, 4.)
  ''978-0-208-01551-8Robert E. BunselmeyerCost of the War 1914-1919: British Economic War Aims and the Origins of Reparation
1976978-0-208-01564-8Kenneth P BaileyChristopher Gist: Colonial frontiersman, explorer, and Indian agent
1977978-0-208-01642-3Otto NordenskjöldAntarctica: Or, Two years amongst the ice of the South Pole
1978978-0-208-01655-3Francis Otto Matthiessen · Russell CheneyRat & the Devil: Journal letters of F. O. Matthiessen and Russell Cheney
  ''978-0-208-01672-0Alan Edwin DayArchaeology: A reference handbook
  ''978-0-208-01710-9Taylor StoehrHawthorne's Mad Scientists: Pseudoscience and Social Science in Nineteenth-Century Life and Letters
1980978-0-208-01748-2Bradley BiggsGavin
1978978-0-208-01757-4Gordon JacksonThe British Whaling Trade
1981978-0-208-01833-5Adam Yuen-Chung LuiHanlin Academy: Training Ground for the Ambitious, 1644-1850
1982978-0-208-01893-9Dennis ShowalterLittle Man, What Now: Der Sturmer in the Weimar Republic
1982978-0-208-01918-9Jr Robert L Pfaltzgraff · Uri Ra'anan · Warren MilbergIntelligence Policy and National Security
  ''978-0-208-01934-9A. C FoskettThe subject approach to information
1983978-0-208-01956-1Donald F. BittnerThe Lion and the White Falcon: Britain and Iceland in the World War II Era
  ''978-0-208-01969-1Antony Thrall SullivanThomas-Robert Bugeaud: France and Algeria, 1784-1849 Politics, Power, and the Good Society
1982978-0-208-01972-1Nancy StepanThe Idea of Race in Science: Great Britain, 1800-1960
1985978-0-208-01981-3Frank W. HoffmannPopular Culture and Libraries
1984978-0-208-02035-2Mark PopovskyThe Vavilov Affair
1986978-0-208-02037-6Bradley BiggsThe Triple Nickles: America's first all-Black paratroop unit
1988978-0-208-02064-2Michael Horowitz · Karen Walls · Billy SmithAn Annotated Bibliography of Timothy Leary
1987978-0-208-02071-0Asa B. Pieratt · Julie Huffman-Klinkowitz · Jerome KlinkowitzKurt Vonnegut: A Comprehensive Bibliography
1986978-0-208-02072-7Robin HighamA Guide to the Sources of United States Military History: Supplement II
  ''978-0-208-02119-9Joan BaumThe Calculating Passion of Ada Byron
  ''978-0-208-02120-5Robert MoynihanA Recent Imagining: Interviews With Harold Bloom, Geoffrey Hartman, J. Hillis Miller, and Paul De Man
1987978-0-208-02143-4Armand MossDisinformation, Misinformation, and the Conspiracy to Kill JFK Exposed
1987978-0-208-02160-1James A. SlaterColonial Burying Grounds of Eastern Connecticut and the Men Who Made Them (Memoirs of the Connecticut Academy of Arts & Sciences, July 1987, Vol Xxi)
1997978-0-208-02161-8Celia C. Anderson · Marilyn Fain ApseloffNonsense Literature for Children: Aesop to Seuss
1987978-0-208-02169-4A. B. FeuerBilibid Diary: The Secret Notebooks of Commander Thomas Hayes, POW, the Philippines, 1942-45
1990978-0-208-02200-4R. WolffSecret of the Scrolls
  ''978-0-208-02208-0Munro LeafFour-And-Twenty Watchbirds
1989978-0-208-02250-9Alice M. HoffmanThe Cruikshank Chronicles: Anecdotes, Stories, and Memoirs of a New Deal Liberal
1990978-0-208-02264-6Ruth KraussSomebody Else's Nut Tree and Other Tales from Children
1989978-0-208-02269-1William BradfordHomes in the Wilderness: A Pilgrim's Journal of Plymouth Plantation in 1620
1990978-0-208-02281-3Robert A. DoughtyThe Breaking Point: Sedan and the Fall of France, 1940
1991978-0-208-02297-4Connie C. EpsteinThe Art of Writing for Children: Skills and Techniques of the Craft
1996978-0-208-02298-1Roger A. FischerThem Damned Pictures: Explorations in American Political Cartoon Art
1991978-0-208-02309-4George H. DouglasThe Smart Magazines: 50 Years of Literary Revelry and High Jinks at Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, Life, Esquire, and the Smart Set
1992978-0-208-02329-2Margaret Read MacDonaldPeace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About
1991978-0-208-02334-6Olivia CoolidgeCaesar's Gallic War
1994978-0-208-02379-7I. G. EdmondsOoka the Wise: Tales of Old Japan
1999978-0-208-02405-3Janet Nuzum Myers · Maj-Britt HagstedStrange Stuff: True Stories of Odd Places and Things
1997978-0-208-02423-7William WeirA Well Regulated Militia: The Battle Over Gun Control
1996978-0-208-02428-2Janet E. Rubin · Margaret MerrionCreative Drama and Music Methods: Introductory Activities for Children
1989978-0-208-02430-5Joel StrangisLewis Hayden and the War Against Slavery
1997978-0-208-02431-2Marianne C. SaccardiArt in Story: Teaching Art History to Elementary School Children
1998978-0-208-02435-0Joel StrangisLewis Hayden and the War Against Slavery
1996978-0-208-02442-8Uma KrishnaswamiThe Broken Tusk: Stories of the Hindu God Ganesha
1999978-0-208-02451-0Karen ZeinertThe Lincoln Murder Plot
1997978-0-208-02457-2Tom GlassEven a Little Is Something: Stories of Nong
1999978-0-208-02472-5Margaret Read MacDonald · Winifred JaegerThe Round Book: Rounds Kids Love to Sing
  ''978-0-208-02485-5Ellen H. TodrasAngelina Grimke: Voice of Abolition
2002978-0-208-02509-8Robert M. McClungYoung George Washington and the French and Indian War, 1753-1758
2001978-0-208-02518-0Nancy Loewen · Ann BancroftFour to the Pole!: The American Women's Expedition to Antarctica, 1992-1993