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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-201-31003-0Patrick Chan · Rosanna LeeThe Java™ Class Libraries, Volume 2: java.applet, java.awt, java.beans (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-201-31005-4Joshua BlochEffective Java: Programming Language Guide (Java Series)
1997978-0-201-31006-1Ken Arnold · James GoslingThe Java Programming Language (Java Series)
2000978-0-201-31008-5James Gosling · Bill Joy · Guy L. Steele Jr. · Gilad BrachaJava Language Specification (2nd Edition)
1999978-0-201-31009-2Doug LeaConcurrent Programming in Java™: Design Principles and Pattern, 2nd Edition
1997978-0-201-31011-5Robert C. Martin · Dirk Riehle · Frank BuschmannPattern Languages of Program Design 3 (v. 3)
1998978-0-201-31012-2Desmond Francis D'Souza · Alan Cameron WillsObjects, Components, and Frameworks with UML: The Catalysis(SM) Approach
1997978-0-201-31014-6Hewlett-PackardThe HP-GL/2 and HP RTL Reference Guide: A Handbook for Program Developers (3rd Edition)
1998978-0-201-31015-3Scott MeyersEffective C++ CD: 85 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs
1997978-0-201-31132-7Francis W. Sears · Mark W. Zemansky · Hugh D. YoungUniversity Physics: Extended Version with Corrections (World Student)
1968978-0-201-31135-8Alan StillsonMensa Genius A-B-C Quiz Book
1997978-0-201-31145-7Michael SavageDon't Let The Irs Destroy Your Small Business: Seventy-six Mistakes To Avoid
1998978-0-201-31146-4Harry E. ChambersThe Bad Attitude Survival Guide: Essential Tools For Managers
2004978-0-201-31223-2Geoffrey Akst · Sadie BraggIntroductory Algebra through Applications
2005978-0-201-31224-9Geoffrey Akst · Sadie BraggIntermediate Algebra through Applications
1999978-0-201-31225-6Judith A. PennaElementary and Intermediate Algebra: Concepts and Applications: A Combined Approach: Student's Solutions Manual
2000978-0-201-31246-1No Author SpecifiedScott Foresman - Addison Wesley Math Practice Workbook
1999978-0-201-31247-8Addison WesleyScott Foresman-Addison Wesley Middle School Math, Course 1: Practice Workbook
  ''978-0-201-31248-5Addison WesleyScott Foresman-Addison Wesley Middle School Math, Course 2: Practice Workbook
  ''978-0-201-31249-2   ''Middle School Math, Course 3: Practice Workbook
  ''978-0-201-31265-2Addison WesleyMSM COURSE 1 ENRICHMENT BLACKLINE MASTERS
  ''978-0-201-31451-9Russel L ShackelfordIntroduction to Computing and Algorithms
1997978-0-201-31452-6Robert SedgewickAlgorithms in C, Parts 1-4: Fundamentals, Data Structures, Sorting, Searching (3rd Edition) (Pts. 1-4)
  ''978-0-201-31521-9Deborah PhillipsLongman Preparation Course for the Toefl Test: Skills and Strategies
  ''978-0-201-31545-5Mary P. BoelkC++ Lab Manual for Computer Science: An Overview
  ''978-0-201-31596-7James R. MunkresAnalysis On Manifolds (Advanced Books Classics)
2001978-0-201-31663-6Robert SedgewickAlgorithms in C, Part 5: Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition) (Pt.5)
1999978-0-201-31696-4Alice OshimaIntroduction to Academic Writing: Answer Key
2000978-0-201-32129-6Antony C. WilbrahamAddison-Wesley chemistry, Teacher Edition
1999978-0-201-32131-9Addison WesleyLaboratory Manual for Addison-Wesley Chemistry
2000978-0-201-32132-6WatermanChemistry Laboratory Manual Teachers Edition (Chemistry)
  ''978-0-201-32142-5Antony C. WilbrahamChemistry
1997978-0-201-32230-9ACM PressComputer Graphics: Proceedings: Siggraph 97 Conference Proceedings, August 3-8, 1997
1999978-0-201-32445-7Franklin Demana · Bert K. Waits · Daniel KennedyCalculus: Graphical, Numerical, and Algebraic
1999978-0-201-32458-7Paul A. FoersterAlgebra 1: Expressions, Equations, and Applications
  ''978-0-201-32461-7Paul A. FoersterAlgebra and Trigonometry Functions and Applications (Classic Edition) Teacher’s Edition
  ''978-0-201-32557-7Sandeep Singhal · Michael ZydaNetworked Virtual Environments: Design and Implementation (Siggraph Series)
2001978-0-201-32564-5John D. McGregor · David A. SykesA Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software
2000978-0-201-32570-6Brent CallaghanNFS Illustrated
1999978-0-201-32571-3Christine Hofmeister · Robert Nord · Dilip SoniApplied Software Architecture
2000978-0-201-32574-4James MorleScaling Oracle8i¿: Building Highly Scalable OLTP System Architectures
1997978-0-201-32576-8Michael Deering · Kevin Rushforth · Henry SowizralThe Java(TM) 3D API Specification
1999978-0-201-32577-5Sheng LiangThe Java Native Interface: Programmer's Guide and Specification (The Java Series)
1997978-0-201-32579-9Bruce Powel Douglass · David HarelReal-Time UML: Developing Efficient Objects for Embedded Systems
1998978-0-201-32581-2Alan DickmanDesigning Applications with MSMQ: Message Queuing for Developers
  ''978-0-201-32582-9Danny Lange · Mitsuru OshimaProgramming and Deploying Java¿ Mobile Agents with Aglets¿
  ''978-0-201-32677-2Richard C. Dorf · Robert H. BishopModern Control Systems (WSS)
1999978-0-201-32678-9Zoya Popovic · Branko D. PopovicIntroductory Electromagnetics
1998978-0-201-32794-6D. W. WinnicottThinking About Children
1997978-0-201-32795-3Stan DavisFuture Perfect: Tenth Anniversary Edition
1997978-0-201-32797-7Randall E. StrossThe Microsoft Way: The Real Story Of How The Company Outsmarts Its Competition
  ''978-0-201-32798-4J. J. GoldbergJewish Power: Inside The American Jewish Establishment
1996978-0-201-32799-1Jane TompkinsA Life In School: What The Teacher Learned
1997978-0-201-32800-4Henry Ashby TurnerHitler's Thirty Days to Power: January 1933
  ''978-0-201-32801-1Geoffrey WheatcroftThe Controversy Of Zion: Jewish Nationalism, The Jewish State, And The Unresolved Jewish Dilemma
1998978-0-201-32802-8David BrinThe Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom?
1997978-0-201-32804-2Jay Conrad LevinsonGuerrilla Marketing With Technology Unleashing The Full Potential Of Your Small Business
  ''978-0-201-32812-7Sam Deep · Lyle SussmanSmart Moves: 140 Checklists To Bring Out The Best From You And And Your Team, Revised Edition
1998978-0-201-32814-1Robert G. Cooper · Scott J. Edgett · Elko J. KleinschmidtPortfolio Management For New Products
1997978-0-201-32818-9Christopher WillsYellow Fever, Black Goddess: The Coevolution Of People And Plagues (Helix Book)
  ''978-0-201-32819-6John S. LewisMining the Sky: Untold Riches From The Asteroids, Comets, And Planets (Helix Book)
1997978-0-201-32820-2F. David PeatInfinite Potential: The Life and Times of David Bohm
  ''978-0-201-32823-3W. Brian Arthur · Steven N Durlauf · David LaneThe Economy As An Evolving Complex System II (Santa Fe Institute Series)
  ''978-0-201-32824-0Philippe NozieresTheory Of Interacting Fermi Systems (Advanced Books Classics)
1998978-0-201-32828-8John L. CastiThe Cambridge Quintet: A Work Of Scientific Speculation (Helix Books)
1997978-0-201-32830-1Philip W. AndersonBasic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics (Advanced Books Classics)
  ''978-0-201-32832-5Chris QuiggGauge Theories Of Strong, Weak, And Electromagnetic Interactions (Advanced Book Classics)
1998978-0-201-32833-2Bettyann H. KevlesNaked To The Bone: Medical Imaging In The Twentieth Century
1997978-0-201-32834-9David PinesThe Many-body Problem (Advanced Book Classics)
1998978-0-201-32839-4David Harry GrinspoonVenus Revealed: A New Look Below The Clouds Of Our Mysterious Twin Planet
  ''978-0-201-32840-0Alan GuthThe Inflationary Universe
1997978-0-201-32841-7Richard P. FeynmanSix Not-So-Easy Pieces-Book/CD Package
1998978-0-201-32842-4Richard P. FeynmanSix Not-So-Easy Pieces (Helix Books)
2005978-0-201-33127-1Alan GalbraithGalbraith Fundamentals of Pharmacology
2001978-0-201-33130-1Gordon Bancroft · Mike FletcherImprove Your Math!: A Refresher Course (Essential Maths for Students)
1997978-0-201-33131-8P. Thomas · Ray WeedonObject-Oriented Programming in Eiffel (2nd Edition) (International Computer Science Series)
2001978-0-201-33138-7Michael J. PontPatterns for Time-Triggered Embedded Systems: Building Reliable Applications with the 8051 Family of Microcontrollers (with CD-ROM)
1999978-0-201-33140-0Mark Fewster · Dorothy GrahamSoftware Test Automation
1998978-0-201-33152-3David CohnAutoCAD(R) Release 14 CD-ROM Encyclopedia
1998978-0-201-33153-0Gene F. Franklin · J. David Powell · Michael L. WorkmanDigital Control of Dynamic Systems
2000978-0-201-33183-7InanSolutions Manual
978-0-201-33223-0Simply Accounting
2000978-0-201-33287-2   ''CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS SE 1999C
1998978-0-201-33304-6   ''Conceptual Physics Laboratory Manual
1999978-0-201-33440-1Addison WesleyBIOLOGY THE WEB OF LIFE STUDENT EDITION
1998978-0-201-33596-5John B. FraleighA First Course in Abstract Algebra (6th Edition)
1997978-0-201-33621-4Phares G. O'DafferGeometry: Custom Version
1999978-0-201-33868-3R. Kent Nagle · Edward B. Saff · Arthur David SniderFundamentals of Differential Equations (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-201-33869-0V. Maymeskul · E.B. Saff · Anne M. KusmierczykFundamentals of Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems: Student's Solutions Manual, Third Edition
  ''978-0-201-33871-3Kim S. CameronDiagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture
1998978-0-201-33978-9George S. YipAsian Advantage: Key Strategies For Winning In The Asia-pacific Region
  ''978-0-201-33985-7Norm GoldsteinThe Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual
  ''978-0-201-33989-5Warren Bennis · Patricia Ward BiedermanOrganizing Genius: The Secrets of Creative Collaboration
1998978-0-201-33991-8Ellen J. LangerThe Power of Mindful Learning
  ''978-0-201-33992-5Martin M. BroadwellThe New Supervisor: How To Thrive In Your First Year As A Manager
1999978-0-201-34022-8Marvin L. Bittinger · Judith A. PennaBasic Mathematics Student's Solutions Manual
  ''978-0-201-34053-2Karen Blanchard · Christine RootFor Your Information, Book 4
1998978-0-201-34054-9Alice Oshima · Ann HogueWriting Academic English (Third Edition) (The Longman Academic Writing Series)
1999978-0-201-34275-8Simon ThompsonHaskell: The Craft of Functional Programming (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-34276-5David A. Whetten · Mike WoodsDeveloping Management Skills for Europe
  ''978-0-201-34278-9Ian HorrocksConstructing the User Interface with Statecharts
1999978-0-201-34279-6Duncan LangfordBusiness Computer Ethics
  ''978-0-201-34286-4Shirley Williams · Sue WalmsleyDiscover Delphi: Programming Principles Explained (International Computer Science Series)
1998978-0-201-34287-1Thomas M. Connolly · Carolyn E. BeggDatabase Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management (International Computer Science Series)
  ''978-0-201-34293-2John BarnesProgramming in Ada 95 (2nd Edition) (International Computer Science Series)
2001978-0-201-34294-9Dexter J. BoothFoundation Mathematics (Modern Applications of Mathematics)
1998978-0-201-34297-0J. M. Bishop · Judy Bishop · Judy M. BishopJava Gently (International Computer Science Series)
2000978-0-201-34300-7Lynne Colagiovanni · Helen Arrowsmith · Angie Davidson · Hazel RollinsAdult Nutritional Support: A Practical Guide for Nurses
1998978-0-201-34301-4Andy BatemanDigital Communications: Design for the Real World
2000978-0-201-34304-5Judith Bishop · Nigel BishopJava Gently for Engineers and Scientists (International Computer Science Series)
1998978-0-201-34313-7Sandra HeyerVery Easy True Stories: A Picture-Based First Reader
  ''978-0-201-34596-4Edgar H. ScheinProcess Consultation Revisited: Building the Helping Relationship (Prentice Hall Organizational Development Series)
  ''978-0-201-34619-0M. V. KellyAw Math 10 West Pure SE
978-0-201-34625-1Bai Ling - Pop Art Print (Multicolour; Rainbow Circle Background) 30 x 30 x 2 cm Medium Square Deep Box Canvas
2000978-0-201-34672-5Sandra HeyerEven More True Stories: An Intermediate Reader, Second Edition
1998978-0-201-34673-2Milada Broukal · Peter MurphyAll About the USA: A Cultural Reader, Second Edition
1999978-0-201-34676-3Irene E. SchoenbergFocus on Grammar, A BASIC Course for Reference and Practice, Second Edition
2004978-0-201-34679-4Marjorie Fuchs · Margaret Bonner · Miriam WestheimerFocus on Grammar: An Intermediate Course for Reference and Practice (Complete Workbook, 2nd Edition)
1999978-0-201-34680-0WestheimerSplit Student Book, Vol. B: Intermediate Level, Focus on Grammar, Second Edition
1999978-0-201-34682-4Marjorie Fuchs · Margaret Bonner · Miriam WestheimerFocus on Grammar, Second Edition (Student Book, Intermediate Level)
2000978-0-201-34685-5Samuela EckstutFocus On Grammar: A Basic Course for Reference and Practice
  ''978-0-201-34687-9Samuela EckstutFocus on Grammar Workbook
1999978-0-201-34739-5Richard G. Lipsey · Paul N. Courant · Christopher T.S. RaganEconomics (12th Edition) (The Addison-Wesley Series in Economics)
  ''978-0-201-34774-6David Caldwell Lay · LayLinear Algebra and Its Applications (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-201-35088-3Robert SedgewickAlgorithms in C++, Parts 1-4: Fundamentals, Data Structure, Sorting, Searching, Third Edition
2003978-0-201-35099-9Charles E. Wilson · J. Peter SadlerKinematics and Dynamics of Machinery (3rd Edition)
1999978-0-201-35109-5Steven AlterInformation Systems: A Management Perspective (3rd Edition)
1998978-0-201-35119-4Scott ForesmanBalloons, Book 1
  ''978-0-201-35122-4Mario Herrera DrBalloons 1
978-0-201-35125-5Teachers Edition Lev 1: Teacher's Guide 1 (ScottForesman)
1998978-0-201-35128-6Scott ForesmanBalloons Audio Cassette (Scott Forsman Cassettes, Audiocassettes 1)
1999978-0-201-35142-2Barbara Hojei · Guy HojeiEnglish for Me Story Books
1998978-0-201-35341-9Jason C. TeagueDHTML for the World Wide Web (Visual QuickStart Guide)
  ''978-0-201-35358-7Elizabeth CastroPerl and CGI for the World Wide Web (Visual QuickStart Guide)
1998978-0-201-35359-4Ethan WildeApplescript for the Internet (Visual QuickStart Guide)
  ''978-0-201-35367-9Robin WilliamsThe Non-Designer's Type Book
1999978-0-201-35371-6Linnea Dayton · Jack DavisThe Photoshop 5/5.5 Wow! Book (5th Edition)
1998978-0-201-35375-4David Blatner · Bruce FraserReal World Photoshop 5: Industrial Strength Production Techniques (Real World Series)
1999978-0-201-35377-8Scot Hacker · Chris Herborth · Henry BartmanBeOS Bible, The
  ''978-0-201-35383-9Harold DavisVisual Basic 6
1998978-0-201-35387-7Deke McClelland · Daniel McClellandReal World Illustrator 8 (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-35390-7Jeff CarlsonPalm III & PalmPilot (Visual QuickStart Guide)
1999978-0-201-35394-5Sandee Cohen · Robin WilliamsThe Non-Designer's Scan and Print Book
1998978-0-201-35395-2Deborah S. Ray · Eric J. RayUNIX (Visual QuickStart Guide)
  ''978-0-201-35399-0Sharon SteuerThe Illustrator 8 Wow! Book
1999978-0-201-35402-7Deke McClelland · Katrin EismannReal World Digital Photography
1999978-0-201-35420-1Elisabeth ParkerThe Little Web Cam Book
2000978-0-201-35438-6Susan A. Kitchens · Victor GavendaReal World Bryce 4 (3rd Edition)
1999978-0-201-35451-5Phyllis DavisCorelDRAW 9 for Windows
  ''978-0-201-35452-2Lynda WeinmanDreamweaver 2.0 Hands-On Training
  ''978-0-201-35460-7Ted AlspachPageMaker 6.5 Plus for Windows, Second Edition (Visual QuickStart Guide)
  ''978-0-201-35462-1Gillian HallPublisher 2000 Windows (Visual QuickStart Guide)
  ''978-0-201-35463-8Tom Negrino · Dori SmithJavaScript for the World Wide Web, Third Edition (Visual QuickStart Guide)
2000978-0-201-35467-6Lynda WeinmanPhotoshop 5.5 and ImageReady 2.0 Hands-On Training
1999978-0-201-35470-6Derek Franklin · Brooks PattonFlash 4! Creative Web Animation
2000978-0-201-35479-9Ted and Jen Alspach · Jen AlspachPhotoDeluxe Home Edition 4 for Windows, Second Edition (Visual QuickStart Guide)
2002978-0-201-35491-1Elaine Weinmann · Peter LourekasQuarkXPress 5 for Windows & Macintosh
2002978-0-201-35492-8David BlatnerReal World Quarkxpress 5: For Macintosh and Windows
1999978-0-201-35493-5Elizabeth CastroHTML 4 for the World Wide Web, Fourth Edition
2000978-0-201-35499-7John Paul CaponigroAdobe Photoshop Master Class: John Paul Caponigro
  ''978-0-201-35671-7Addison WesleyChemistry Assessment: Includes Testworks Testbank file and software on CD-ROM
978-0-201-35705-9Focus on Listening and Speaking: Advanced
978-0-201-35717-2Computer Graphics: Principles and Practices
1999978-0-201-35729-5Pankaj GhemawatStrategy and the Business Landscape
  ''978-0-201-35742-4Mani SubramanianNetwork Management: Principles and Practice
1998978-0-201-35744-8M. Main · Michael MainData Structures & Other Objects Using Java
  ''978-0-201-35748-6Jeri R. Hanly · Elliot B. KoffmanProblem Solving and Program Design in C (3rd Edition)
1999978-0-201-35752-3Gregory R. AndrewsFoundations of Multithreaded, Parallel, and Distributed Programming
1998978-0-201-35754-7Mark Allen WeissData Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java
1999978-0-201-35994-7Marvin L. Bittinger · Judith A. Beecher · David EllenbogenIntermediate Algebra: Graphs and Models
1998978-0-201-36011-0Richard G. Lipsey · Paul N. Courant · Christopher T.S. RaganMicroeconomics (12th Edition) (Addison-Wesley Series in Economics)
2007978-0-201-36045-5Stefan MuehlfriedThe SAP R/3 System: Introduction and Fundamentals of Release 4.0
1999978-0-201-36046-2Suzanne Robertson · James RobertsonMastering the Requirements Process
  ''978-0-201-36048-6Jacques FerberMulti-agent systems: An introduction to distributed artificial intelligence
2009978-0-201-36049-3William M. NewmanInteractive System Design
1999978-0-201-36050-9Leighton ThomasUsing Mathematics in Economics (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-201-36058-5Elaine England · Andy FinneyManaging Multimedia: Project Management for Interactive Media (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-201-36061-5John TrussDiscrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-201-36062-2Jeffrey Kingston · Brian ColeAlgorithms and Data Structures: Java Edition--Design, Correctness, Analysis
2000978-0-201-36066-0Ian JacquesMathematics for Economics and Business
1998978-0-201-36068-4Michael SchilliPerl Power!: A JumpStart Guide to Programming with Perl 5
1999978-0-201-36071-4Bob HughesDust or Magic
1998978-0-201-36074-5Richard P. FeynmanPhoton-hadron Interactions (Advanced Books Classics)
  ''978-0-201-36075-2   ''Quantum Electrodynamics (Advanced Books Classics)
  ''978-0-201-36076-9   ''Statistical Mechanics: A Set Of Lectures (Frontiers in Physics)
  ''978-0-201-36077-6   ''Theory Of Fundamental Processes (Advanced Books Classics)
  ''978-0-201-36078-3Robert C. Richardson · Eric N. SmithExperimental Techniques In Condensed Matter Physics At Low Temperatures (Advanced Books Classics)
2002978-0-201-36118-6Robert SedgewickAlgorithms in C++ Part 5: Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition) (Pt.5)
2002978-0-201-36120-9Robert SedgewickAlgorithms in Java, Parts 1-4 (3rd Edition) (Pts.1-4)
2003978-0-201-36121-6   ''Algorithms in Java, Part 5: Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition) (Pt.5)
1998978-0-201-36122-3Mark Allen WeissData Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ (2nd Edition)
1999978-0-201-36123-0Michael B. Feldman · Elliot B. KoffmanAda 95: Problem Solving and Program Design (3rd Edition)
2000978-0-201-36130-8Miroslav D Lutovac · Dejan V. Tosic · Brian L. EvansFilter Design for Signal Processing Using MATLAB and Mathematica
  ''978-0-201-36131-5Serope Kalpakjian · Steven R. SchmidManufacturing Engineering and Technology (4th Edition)
1999978-0-201-36179-7Umran S. Inan · Aziz InanElectromagnetic Waves