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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1972978-0-201-08653-9Hassler WhitneyComplex Analytic Varieties
1970978-0-201-08707-9Stephen WillardGeneral Topology
1977978-0-201-08794-9P.G. ZimbardoShyness: What It Is, What To Do About It?
1984978-0-201-08847-2Jean L. Yates · Sandra L. Emerson · Candice BashamThe Business Guide to the Xenix System (Micro Computer Books)
1987978-0-201-08859-5Richard E. WaltonManaging Conflict: Interpersonal Dialogue and Third-Party Roles (Prentice Hall Organizational Development Series) (2nd Edition)
1989978-0-201-08876-2Steve Williams68030 Assembly Language Reference: Includes the 68020
1984978-0-201-08878-6M. R. Wehr · J. A. Richards · III Thomas W. AdairPhysics of the Atom (4th Edition)
1988978-0-201-08894-6Lyman Van SlykeYangtze: Nature, History, and the River (Portable Stanford)
  ''978-0-201-08895-3Penelope FitzgeraldCharlotte Mew and Her Friends with a Selection of Her Poems (Radcliffe Biography Series)
1991978-0-201-09037-6Phyllis GrosskurthThe Secret Ring: Freud's Inner Circle And The Politics Of Psychoanalysishardcover
1982978-0-201-09098-7R. Zemke · T. KramlingerFiguring Things Out: A Trainer's Guide To Needs And Task Analysis
1986978-0-201-09112-0Anthony K. StevensIntroduction to Component Testing: Application Electronics (Addison-Wesley's series on applied computer engineering topics)
2000978-0-201-09125-0Jerome, Jr. BeattyBob Fulton's Amazing Soda-Pop Stretcher
2015978-0-201-09147-2Esphyr SlobodkinaCaps for Sale: A Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business
1975978-0-201-09206-6Ben BovaThrough eyes of wonder;: Science fiction and science,
1989978-0-201-09224-0George E. Mills · R. Wayne Pace · Brent D. PetersonAnalysis In Human Resource Training And Organization Development
1988978-0-201-09227-1Rita KramerMaria Montessori: A Biography (Radcliffe Biography Series)
1990978-0-201-09234-9Wendy KaminerA Fearful Freedom: Women's Flight from Equality
  ''978-0-201-09258-5Edward RegisGreat Mambo Chicken And The Transhuman Condition: Science Slightly Over The Edge
1959978-0-201-09291-2Margaret Wise BrownNibble Nibble: Poems for Children (Young Scott Books)
1989978-0-201-09314-8L. H. Van VlackElements of Materials Science and Engineering (6th Edition)
1986978-0-201-09391-9Sesyle JoslinWhat do you say, dear? (A Young Scott book)
  ''978-0-201-09400-8An WangLessons
1989978-0-201-09406-0V. I. Arnold · A. AvezErgodic Problems of Classical Mechanics (Advanced Book Classics) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-201-09419-0Rene ThomStructural Stability And Morphorgenesis
1989978-0-201-09502-9Ellen J. LangerMindfulness
1988978-0-201-09503-6Janet Hagberg · Richard J. LeiderThe Inventurers: Excursions In Life And Career Renewal, Third Edition
1989978-0-201-09528-9John J. CraigIntroduction to Robotics: Mechanics and Control (2nd Edition)
1984978-0-201-09595-1Mike WeissDouble Play: The San Francisco City Hall Killings
1991978-0-201-09689-7John G. Kassakian · Martin F. Schlecht · George C. VerghesePrinciples of Power Electronics
1987978-0-201-09819-8Vicki GoldbergMargaret Bourke-White: A Biography (Radcliffe Biography Series)
  ''978-0-201-09829-7Thomas Appelquist · Alan Chodos · Peter G.O. FreundModern Kaluza-Klein Theories (Frontiers in Physics)
1986978-0-201-10087-7James L. AdamsThe Care And Feeding Of Ideas: A Guide To Encouraging Creativity
  ''978-0-201-10088-4Alfred V. Aho · Ravi Sethi · Jeffrey D. UllmanCompilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools
1981978-0-201-10090-7Candace CochraneOutport: Reflections from the Newfoundland Coast
1982978-0-201-10091-4Associated PressThe Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual: With Appendixes on Photo Captions, Filing the Wire
1981978-0-201-10096-9David BleeckerGauge Theory and Variational Principles (Global Analysis, Pure and Applied)
1983978-0-201-10102-7Richard E. BlahutTheory and Practice of Error Control Codes
1982978-0-201-10150-8Dorothy Elizabeth Robling DenningCryptography and Data Security
1985978-0-201-10155-3Richard E. BlahutFast Algorithms for Digital Signal Processing
1984978-0-201-10158-4Peter John BrownPASCAL from BASIC
1983978-0-201-10168-3Ralph Abraham · Jerrold E. Marsden · Tudor RatiuManifolds, tensor analysis, and applications (Global analysis, pure and applied)
1985978-0-201-10179-9Adobe Systems Inc.PostScript Language Tutorial and Cookbook
  ''978-0-201-10194-2Alfred V. Aho · Ravi Sethi · Jeffrey D. UllmanCompilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools
1982978-0-201-10238-3J. Mason · L. Burton · K. StaceyThinking Mathematically
1983978-0-201-10274-1William S. DavisTools and Techniques for Structured Systems Analysis and Design
1982978-0-201-10277-2Terrence E Deal · Allan A KennedyCorporate Cultures: The Rites and Rituals of Corporate Life
1984978-0-201-10287-1Terrence E. Deal · Allan A. KennedyCorporate Cultures: The Rites And Rituals Of Corporate Life
1986978-0-201-10331-1Jon Louis BentleyProgramming Pearls (ACM Press)
1981978-0-201-10342-7Brian W. Kernighan · P.J. PlaugerSoftware Tools in Pascal
1986978-0-201-10354-0Da Capo PressA Book Lover's Journal
1983978-0-201-10357-1William G. DromsDroms Fin & Acc -Sub 10359
  ''978-0-201-10386-1Gilbert William CastellanPhysical Chemistry
1982978-0-201-10392-2Lee W. JohnsonNumerical Analysis (Mathematics)
1986978-0-201-10393-9Brad CoxObject-oriented Programming
1987978-0-201-10433-2Christopher W. FrenchThe Associated Press Style Book And Libel Manual: With Appendixes On Photo Captions, Filing The Wire
1987978-0-201-10458-5Paula BlanchardMargaret Fuller: From Transcendentalism to Revolution (Radcliffe Biography Series)
1982978-0-201-10514-8Ronald GrossThe independent scholar's handbook
1987978-0-201-10529-2Ellen GalinskyThe Six Stages Of Parenthood
1997978-0-201-10557-5Gerritt A. Blaauw · Frederick P. Brooks Jr.Computer Architecture: Concepts and Evolution
1985978-0-201-10647-3Lee Brownston · R. Farrell · Elaine KantProgramming Expert Systems in Ops5: An Introduction to Rule-Based Programming (The Addison-Wesley series in artificial intelligence)
1988978-0-201-10648-0Thomas E. Copeland · J. Fred WestonFinancial Theory and Corporate Policy (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-10649-7Thomas E. CopelandFinancial Theory and Corporate Policy (Student Solutions Manual)
1985978-0-201-10661-9Tom BodettAs Far As You Can Go Without A Passport: Views From The End Of The Road
1986978-0-201-10673-2Tom BodettAs Far As You Can Go Without A Passport: The View From The End Of The Road
1987978-0-201-10697-8W. Warner BurkeOrganization Development Looks to the Future: Trends and Challenges (The Addison-Wesley series on organization development)
  ''978-0-201-10698-5Timothy BuddA Little Smalltalk
  ''978-0-201-10715-9Philip Bernstein · Vassos Hadzilacos · Nathan GoodmanConcurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems
1986978-0-201-10746-3Peter Desmond Smith · G. Michael BarnesFiles and Databases: An Introduction
1983978-0-201-10802-6Lou E BurmeisterFoundations and strategies for teaching children to read
1990978-0-201-10831-6W. R. Runyan · K. E. BeanSemiconductor Integrated Circuit Processing Technology (Addison Wesley Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
978-0-201-10850-7Richard Attenborough - Pop Art Print (Multicolour; Psychedelic Swirl Background) 30 x 30 x 2 cm Medium Square Deep Box Canvas
1983978-0-201-10858-3David Weir · Dan Noyes · Center for Investigative ReportingRaising Hell: How the Center for Investigative Reporting Gets the Story
  ''978-0-201-10859-0David Weir · Dan NoyesRaising Hell: How the Center for Investigative Reporting Gets the Story
1991978-0-201-10877-4Robert M. Haralick · Linda G. ShapiroComputer and Robot Vision, Vol. 1
1987978-0-201-10887-3Richard Beckhard · Reuben T. HarrisOrganizational Transitions: Managing Complex Change (Addison-wesley Series on Organization Development)
1987978-0-201-11026-5Rafael C Gonzalez · Paul WintzDigital Image Processing
1983978-0-201-11034-0Walt AndersonThe Upstart Spring: Esalen and the American Awakening
1986978-0-201-11076-0Robert J. Mical · Susan DeylAmiga Intuition Reference Manual (Amiga Technical Reference Series)
  ''978-0-201-11077-7AMIGAAmiga Hardware Reference Manual (Amiga technical reference series)
  ''978-0-201-11078-4Inc. Commodore-AmigaAMIGA ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries Devices
  ''978-0-201-11099-9Commodore-Amiga Inc.AMIGA ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Exec
  ''978-0-201-11148-4John R. Anderson · Albert Corbett · Brian J. ReiserEssential Lisp
1986978-0-201-11151-4A Dubro · David E KaplanYakuza: The Explosive Account Of Japan's Criminal Underworld
1987978-0-201-11212-2Marvin L. BittingerBusiness Mathematics for College Students
1985978-0-201-11241-2Tom ConlonLearning Micro-Prolog: A Problem Solving Approach
1986978-0-201-11243-6Jock A. CarlisleTangled Tongue: Living With a Stutter
1988978-0-201-11259-7Adele GoldbergA History of Personal Workstations
1983978-0-201-11262-7Stephen Weiss · Terrence Maitland · Boston Publishing CompanyRaising the Stakes: 3 (Vietnam Experience)
1984978-0-201-11280-1R. H. CreamerMachine Design (3rd Edition)
1987978-0-201-11297-9Terry Winograd · Fernando FloresUnderstanding Computers and Cognition: A New Foundation for Design
1983978-0-201-11326-6Clark DouganTET: The Crucial Year of 1968 (v. 6)
1986978-0-201-11366-2Morris H. DegrootProbability and Statistics (2nd Edition)
1983978-0-201-11371-6Adele Goldberg · David RobsonSmalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation
  ''978-0-201-11372-3Adele GoldbergSmalltalk-80: The Interactive Programming Environment (Addison-Wesley series in computer science)
1989978-0-201-11434-8Candace C. Fleming · Barbara von HalleHandbook of Relational Database Design
  ''978-0-201-11497-3Tony HansenThe C++ Answer Book
1984978-0-201-11498-0John Thomas FrenchYou're in Business!: Building Business: English Skills
1990978-0-201-11603-8Edward Kolb · Michael TurnerEarly Universe
1988978-0-201-11604-5Edward KolbThe Early Universe Reprints: Frontier In Physics Series, Volume #70 (Frontiers in Physics)
1987978-0-201-11609-0Eugene HechtOptics, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-201-11611-3Eugene Hecht · Alfred ZajacOptics (World Student)
  ''978-0-201-11655-7Philip Kalisch · Beatrice KalischThe Changing Image of the Nurse
1983978-0-201-11669-4Glen KrasnerSmalltalk-80: Bits of History, Words of Advice (Addison-Wesley series in computer science)
1985978-0-201-11739-4R E KelleyThe Gold Collar Worker: Harnessing The Brainpower Of The New Workforce
1988978-0-201-11749-3Gordon L KaneModern Elementary Particle Physics: Quarks, Leptons, And Their Interactions
1989978-0-201-11834-6Elliot B. KoffmanPASCAL: Problem Solving and Program Design
1988978-0-201-11889-6Jon BentleyMore Programming Pearls: Confessions of a Coder
1987978-0-201-11900-8Richard M. LinchitzLife Without Pain
1990978-0-201-11951-0Edwin R. Jones · Richard L. ChildersContemporary College Physics
1995978-0-201-11972-5Nancy G. LevesonSafeware: System Safety and Computers
1984978-0-201-11981-7Howard E. EvansInsect Biology: A Textbook of Entomology
1989978-0-201-12002-8Patricia BennerThe Primacy of Caring: Stress and Coping in Health and Illness
1989978-0-201-12037-0Udi ManberIntroduction to Algorithms: A Creative Approach
1986978-0-201-12078-3Bjarne StroustrupThe C++ Programming Language (Addison-Wesley series in computer science)
1989978-0-201-12095-0John HoltLearning All The Time
1987978-0-201-12105-6Donald H. PerkinsIntroduction to High Energy Physics (3rd Edition)
1990978-0-201-12110-0James D. Foley · Steven K. Feiner · John F. Hughes · Andries Van DamComputer Graphics: Principles and Practice
1989978-0-201-12183-4Andrei CodrescuRaised by Puppets, Only to Be Killed by Research
1988978-0-201-12185-8Larry E. Greiner · Virginia E. ScheinPower and Organization Development: Mobilizing Power to Implement Change (Prentice Hall Organizational Development Series)
1990978-0-201-12194-0Andrei CodrescuThe Disappearance Of The Outside: A Manifesto For Escape
1987978-0-201-12207-7Jean-Louis Servan-SchreiberThe Return of Courage (English and French Edition)
1988978-0-201-12219-0Carol H. Munter · Jane R. HirschmannOvercoming Overeating: Living Free In A World Of Food
1987978-0-201-12221-3Richard L. LiboffIntroductory Quantum Mechanics
1988978-0-201-12278-7Ed RegisWho Got Einstein's Office? Eccentricity and Genius at the Institute for Advanced Study
  ''978-0-201-12295-4Robert F. PierretSemiconductor Fundamentals: Volume I (2nd Edition)
1989978-0-201-12296-1Gerold W. Neudeck · Robert F. PierretThe PN Junction Diode: Volume II (2nd Edition) (Modular Series on Solid State Dev., Vol 2)
  ''978-0-201-12297-8George W. NeudeckModular Series on Solid State Devices: Volume III: The Bipolar Junction Transistor (2nd Edition)
1990978-0-201-12298-5Robert F. PierretField Effect Devices: Volume IV (2nd Edition)
1993978-0-201-12299-2David A. WunschComplex Variables with Applications (2nd Edition)
1985978-0-201-12590-0Ralph P. GrimaldiDiscrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: An Applied Introduction
1991978-0-201-12597-9J. Sue FletcherEssentials of mental health nursing
1988978-0-201-12693-8David P. HannaDesigning Organizations for High Performance (Prentice Hall Organizational Development Series)
1985978-0-201-12695-2James NilssonElectric Circuits, Second Edition
1997978-0-201-12793-5George L. Morrisey · Thomas L. Sechrest · Wendy B. WarmanLoud And Clear: How To Prepare And Deliver Effective Business And Technical Presentations, Fourth Edition
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1989978-0-201-12819-2David K. ChengField and Wave Electromagnetics (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-12849-9Serope KalpakjianManufacturing Engineering and Technology
1990978-0-201-12980-9John FraleighStud Sol Linear Alg 2e /Fraleigh
1989978-0-201-13046-1Robert DevaneyAn Introduction To Chaotic Dynamical Systems, Second Edition (Addison-Wesley Studies in Nonlinearity)
  ''978-0-201-13189-5John H. MooreBuilding Scientific Apparatus: A Practical Guide To Design And Construction, Second Edition
1997978-0-201-13295-3Ross GelbspanThe Heat Is On: The Climate Crisis, The Cover-up, The Prescription
1987978-0-201-13417-9Tom BodettSmall Comforts: More Comments And Comic Pieces
1985978-0-201-13433-9John G. Kemeny · Thomas E. KurtzBack to BASIC: The History, Corruption, and Future of the Language
1986978-0-201-13437-7Donald E. KnuthComputers & Typesetting, Volume B: TeX: The Program
1986978-0-201-13438-4Donald E. KnuthComputers & Typesetting, Volume D: Metafont: The Program
  ''978-0-201-13444-5   ''The Metafont Book
  ''978-0-201-13445-2   ''Computers & Typesetting, Volume C: The Metafont Book
  ''978-0-201-13446-9   ''Computers & Typesetting, Volume E: Computer Modern Typefaces
  ''978-0-201-13447-6   ''Computers & Typesetting, Volume A: The TeXbook
1984978-0-201-13448-3Donald E. KnuthThe TeXbook
1992978-0-201-13484-1Gordon Fuller · Dalton TarwaterAnalytic Geometry (7th Edition)
1977978-0-201-13501-5George E. AndrewsTheory of Partitions (Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications ; v. 2: Section, Number theory)
1978978-0-201-13503-9Willard MillerSymmetry and Separation of Variables (Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications ; v. 4: Section, special functions)
  ''978-0-201-13504-6David RuelleThermodynamic Formalism: The Mathematical Structures of Classical Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
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1983978-0-201-13519-0Rudolf Lidl · Harald NiederreiterFinite Fields
1984978-0-201-13520-6W.T. TutteGraph Theory (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications)
1989978-0-201-13549-7Abbie F. Salny · MensaThe Mensa Genius Quiz-a-day Book
  ''978-0-201-13688-3Adele Goldberg · David RobsonSmalltalk 80: The Language
1988978-0-201-13689-0Tom BodettSmall Comforts: More Comments And Comic Pieces
1981978-0-201-13730-9GrahamCountdown to Mathematics Vol 1 (v. 1)
  ''978-0-201-13731-6GrahamCountdown to Mathematics Vol 2 (v. 2)
1982978-0-201-13791-0Stephen R. BourneThe Unix System (International computer science series)
1986978-0-201-13964-8Regis MckennaThe Regis Touch: New Marketing Strategies For Uncertain Times
2011978-0-201-14182-5LougheedEnglish: The International Language
1990978-0-201-14192-4E. F. CoddThe Relational Model for Database Management: Version 2
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1988978-0-201-14209-9John BischoffBird On Basketball: How-to Strategies From The Great Celtics Champion
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1985978-0-201-14229-7Ian SommervilleSoftware Engineering (International computer science series)
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1988978-0-201-14396-6Adobe Systems Inc.PostScript Language Program Design
1997978-0-201-14398-0Carol P. ChristRebirth Of The Goddess: Finding Meaning In Feminist Spirituality
1989978-0-201-14410-9Won KimObject-Oriented Concepts, Databases, and Applications
978-0-201-14440-6Introduccion a Los Sistemas de Bases Datos (Spanish Edition)
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1975978-0-201-14452-9C. J. DateIntroduction to Data Base Systems (The systems programming series)
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1980978-0-201-14462-8F. S. BeckmanMathematical Foundations of Programming (Systems Programming Series)
1981978-0-201-14464-2Harold Lorin · Harvey M. DeitelOperating Systems (The Systems Programming Series)
1982978-0-201-14468-0James D. FoleyFundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics (SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING SERIES)
1981978-0-201-14471-0C. J DateAn introduction to database systems (Addison-Wesley systems programming series)
1983978-0-201-14472-7John F. SowaConceptual Structures: Information Processing in Mind and Machine (SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING SERIES)
1984978-0-201-14502-1Harvey M. DeitelAn Introduction to Operating Systems (World Student)
1988978-0-201-14519-9Alan S. BlinderHard Heads, Soft Hearts: Tough-minded Economics For A Just Society
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1988978-0-201-14559-5Eastman Kodak CompanyMore Joy Of Photography
1984978-0-201-14641-7K. BucknerUsing the U. C. S. D. P-System (Small computer series)
1991978-0-201-14659-2Philip Hill · Carl PetersonMechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion (2nd Edition)
1984978-0-201-14807-7Mervin L. Keedy · Marvin L. BittingerI/Mandw/Tsts Essent Math
1997978-0-201-14942-5Alan H. Guth · Alan H GuthThe Inflationary Universe: The Quest For A New Theory Of Cosmic Origins
1998978-0-201-14943-2John H. HollandEmergence: From Chaos To Order (Helix Books)
1996978-0-201-14945-6Vernon D. BargerCollider Physics: Revised Edition (Frontiers in Physics)
1997978-0-201-15025-4Richard P. FeynmanSix Not-so-easy Pieces: Lectures On Symmetry, Relativity, And Space-time (Helix Books)