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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-16-000202-1Milton Abramowitz · S/N 003-003-00279-8Handbook of Mathematical Functions With Formulas, Graphs and Mathematical Tables
1983978-0-16-001601-1Frederica M. BungeBurma, a Country Study (D A PAM 550-61)
1989978-0-16-001673-8William M. HammondPublic Affairs: The Military and the Media, 1962-1968 (Paperbound) (United States Army in Vietnam)
1988978-0-16-001690-5S/N 008-020-01142-8Syria, a Country Study (Da Pam 550-47)
1984978-0-16-001803-9Robert W. Whalen · S/N 008-022-00218-9 · Robert W. WhalinShore Protection Manual (2 Volume Set)
1998978-0-16-001890-9Louis Morton · S/N 008-029-00035-1United States Army in World War 2, War in the Pacific, Fall of the Philippines
1965978-0-16-001910-4Ph.D. Hugh M. ColeEuropean Theater of Operations, Ardennes, Battle of the Bulge (Clothbound) (United States Army in World War II)
1998978-0-16-001918-0Roy E. Appleman · Roy 8029000792 · ApplemanSouth to the Naktong, North to the Yalu (June-November 1950) (United States Army in the Korean War)
1983978-0-16-001931-9Robert K. WrightThe Continental Army
1985978-0-16-001938-8Alfred M. BeckThe Corps of Engineers-The Technical Services: The War Against Germany (United States Army in World War II)
1987978-0-16-001955-5Robert K., Jr. WrightSoldier-Statesmen of the Constitution
2002978-0-16-001962-3Ph.D. Earl F. ZiemkeStalingrad to Berlin: The German Defeat in the East (Paper) (Army Historical Series)
2000978-0-16-001998-2Center of Military HistorySalerno: American Operations From the Beaches to the Volturno, 9 September - 6 October 1943 (American Forces in Action)
1981978-0-16-002018-6Navy DepartmentDictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. Volume III
1988978-0-16-002021-6Homer N. WallinPearl Harbor: Why, How, Fleet Salvage, and Final Appraisal
1981978-0-16-002039-1S/N 008-046-00101-4Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (vol. 008)
1991978-0-16-002055-1S/N 008-046-00126-0Dictionary of American naval fighting ships
1988978-0-16-002147-3Marcelle Size KnaackPost-World War II Fighters, 1945-1973 (Reference Series/Office of Air Force History)
  ''978-0-16-002260-9Marcelle Size KnaacEncyclopedia of Us Air Force Aircraft and Missile System: Post-World War II Bombers 1945-1973 (Vol 2)
1989978-0-16-002508-217024013749 · Marcia R. FenleibReport of the Secretary's Task Force on Youth Suicide: Prevention and Intervention in Youth Suicide
1982978-0-16-004124-2Oran W. NicksThis Island Earth
1987978-0-16-004284-3Lynne V. CheneyAmerican Memory: A Report on the Humanities in the Nations Public Schools
1978978-0-16-004574-5S/N 047-000-00347-4Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 8: California
  ''978-0-16-004575-2William C. Sturtevant · Bruce G. TriggerHandbook of North American Indians: Northeast Vol.15
1979978-0-16-004577-6S/N 047-000-00361-0 · Superintendent of DocumentsHandbook of North American Indians, Volume 9: Southwest
1981978-0-16-004578-3June Helm · William C. SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians, Volume 6: Subarctic
1983978-0-16-004579-0Alfonso Ortiz · William C. SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians, Volume 10: Southwest
1985978-0-16-004580-6S/N 047-000-00398-9Handbook of North American Indians: 005
1986978-0-16-004581-3Warren L. D'Azevedo · William C. SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians, Volume 11: Great Basin
1989978-0-16-004583-7Wilcomb E. Washburn · William C. SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians, Volume 4: History of Indian-White Relations
1988978-0-16-006384-8Joint Committee on Printing CongressBiographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-1989: Bicentennial Edition
1989978-0-16-006391-6Robert C. ByrdSenate, 1789-1989, V. 1: Addresses on the History of the United States Senate (A U.S. Senate bicentennial publication)
1991978-0-16-006405-0Robert C. ByrdThe Senate, 1789-1989, V. 2: Addresses on the History of the United States Senate (U.S. Senate Bicentennial Publication)
1990978-0-16-017720-0James Heitzman · Robert L. Worden · S/N 008-020-01189-4Bangladesh: A Country Study (Area Handbook Bangladesh: A Country Study)
  ''978-0-16-019797-0Robert E. Handloff · S/N 008-020-01197-5Mauritania: A Country Study (DA PAM NO 550-161)
  ''978-0-16-020390-9Wayne Suttles · William SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians, Volume 7: Northwest Coast
1990978-0-16-024055-3S/N 008-020-01216-5Sri Lanka: A Country Study (Area Handbook Series)
  ''978-0-16-024770-5S/N 008-020-01220-3Chad: A Country Study (Area Handbook Chad: A Country Study)
1991978-0-16-025637-0John P. Glennon · Edward C. KeeferForeign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963, Vol. 4: Vietnam, August-December 1963 (Department of State Publication, No. 9857)
1990978-0-16-026256-2Investigation of the Ukrainian Famine, 1932-1933: Oral History Project of the Commission on the Ukraine Famine
1992978-0-16-026357-6Naval Historical Center · William S. DudleyNaval War of 1812, A Documentary History, V. 2
1991978-0-16-027145-8Russell M. Burns · Barbara H. HonkalaSilvics of North America, Vol. 1: Conifers
1990978-0-16-029125-8Nuclear computerized library for assessing reactor reliability (NUCLARR)
1992978-0-16-030845-1Robert K. Wright · Center of Military HistoryMilitary Police (Army Lineage Series)
1993978-0-16-034620-0Adrian George TraasFrom the Golden Gate to Mexico City: The U.S. Army Topographical Engineers in the Mexican War, 1846-1848 (CMH pub)
1991978-0-16-034864-8Bernard J HamrockFundamentals of fluid film lubrication (NASA reference publication)
1992978-0-16-035912-5William Gardner BellCommanding Generals and the Chiefs of Staff, 1775-1991: Portraits & Biographical Sketches of the United States Army's Senior Officer (Cmh Pub, 70-14)
1987978-0-16-035958-3Roy E. ApplemanUnited States Army in the Korean War (CMH pub) South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu
1992978-0-16-036054-1Ruth B. Kerns · Paul C. SpehrPerforming Arts at the Library of Congress 1992/Stk No. 030-001-00136-9 (Performing Arts Music)
1990978-0-16-036364-1Daniel P. BolgerScenes from Unfinished War: Low-Intensity Conflict in Korea, 1966-1969 (Leveanworth Papers, No. 19)
1991978-0-16-036897-4United StatesFranchising in hard times: Hearing before the Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, first session, Washington, DC, March 20, 1991
  ''978-0-16-037062-5Trip report on congressional delegation Bentsen (Latin America visit of Monday, August 12, 1991 through Sunday, August 24, 1991) (S. prt)
1992978-0-16-037739-6United StatesConfirmation hearings on federal appointments: Hearings before the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Second Congress, ... to the federal judiciary (S. hrg)
1993978-0-16-038202-4U. S. Department of LaborSelected Characteristics of Occupations Defined in the Revised Dictionary of Occupational Titles
1992978-0-16-038236-9United StatesThe Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces: Report to the President, November 15, 1992
1993978-0-16-038242-0S/N 003-024-07451-6Census of Population, 1990, General Population Characteristics for the United States/CP 1-1 (CENSUS OF POPULATION GENERAL POPULATION CHARACTERISTICS: UNITED STATES)
1992978-0-16-039199-6United StatesAnti-Car Theft Act of 1992: Hearings before the Subcommittee on Crime and Criminal Justice of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of ... 4542 ... December 9, 1991 and March 31, 1992
  ''978-0-16-039224-5   ''Implementation and enforcement of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Public Law 100-497: Oversight hearings before the Committee on Interior and ... January 9, 1992; Tuesday, February 4, 1992
1993978-0-16-040125-1   ''Amendments to the Civil Liberties Act of 1988: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Administrative Law and Governmental Relations of the Committee on ... H.R. 4553, and H.R. 4570 ... March 26, 1992
  ''978-0-16-040272-2   ''S. 2198 and S. 421 to reorganize the United States intelligence community: Joint hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence of the United ... session, Wednesday, April 1, 1992 (S. hrg)
1993978-0-16-040620-1United StatesMilitary land withdrawals: Hearing before the Subcommittee on National Parks and Public Lands of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, House ... held in Washington, DC, November 5, 1991
  ''978-0-16-040708-6   ''DVA response to inadequate drug and prescription controls: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on ... Congress, second session, June 10, 1992
  ''978-0-16-041175-5Duane Nystrom1993-1994 Official Congressional Directory: 103D Congress
  ''978-0-16-041195-3United StatesImplementation of the Helsinki accords: Hearing before the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, ethnic violence in Trans-caucasia, March 8, 1993
1993978-0-16-041259-2United StatesCopyright Broadcast Retransmission Licensing Act of 1992: Hearings before the Subcommittee on Intellectual Property and Judicial Administration of the ... session, on H.R. 4511 ... April 1 and 2, 1992
  ''978-0-16-041568-5   ''U.S. policy on Ukrainian security: Hearing before the Subcommittee on European Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, ... first session, June 24, 1993 (S. hrg)
  ''978-0-16-041726-9William G. Dauster · S/N 001-000-04598-9Budget process law annotated (S. prt)
  ''978-0-16-041950-8Thomas A. Keaney · Eliot A. CohenGulf War Air Power Survey Summary Report
  ''978-0-16-041953-9Robert F. BaumannRussian-Soviet Unconventional Wars in the Caucasus, Central Asia & Afghanistan
1996978-0-16-042018-4S/N 044-000-02387-3Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963, Volume VI: Kennedy-Khrushchev Exchanges
1995978-0-16-042094-8Jeffrey G. BarlowRevolt of the Admirals: The Fight for Naval Aviation, 1945-1950
1996978-0-16-042667-4S/N 017-022-01327-4Current Estimates from the National Health Interview Survey 1994
1996978-0-16-042688-9U. s. Government Printing OfficeMerchant Marine Deck Examination Reference Material: Reprints from the Tide Tables & Tidal Currents Tables
2002978-0-16-042819-7Leon R. Kass[(Human Cloning and Human Dignity: The Report of the President's Council on Bioethics)] [Author: Leon R. Kass] published on (October, 2002)
2004978-0-16-042832-6Federal Emergency Management AgencyPrimer for Design of Commercial Buildings to Mitigate Terrorist Attacks: Providing Protection to People and Buildings
1993978-0-16-042922-4Productivity and the economy: A chartbook (Bulletin)
  ''978-0-16-042974-3Recommendations of experts for improvements in federal law enforcement after Waco
1996978-0-16-042977-4Edward Dennis · S/N 027-000-01352-0Evaluation of the Handling of the Branch Davidian Stand Off in Waco
1994978-0-16-043187-6Peter O WayThe impact of HIV/AIDS on world population
  ''978-0-16-045041-9Sara K. Blumenthal · S/N 024-005-01138-2Federal Historic Preservation Laws
  ''978-0-16-045166-9Leah Chase · Johnny RiversDown Home Healthy: Family Recipes of Black American Chefs
1996978-0-16-045208-6Glenn W LaFantasieForeign Relations of the United States, 1945-1950: Emergence of the Intelligence Establishment
  ''978-0-16-045351-9Rebecca R. RainesGetting the Message Through: A Branch History of the U.S. Army Signal Corps (Paperback) (Army Historical Series)
1994978-0-16-045382-3Karl · National Center for Education Statistics · Educational Testing Service HaiglerLiteracy behind prison walls: Profiles of the prison population from the National Adult Literacy Survey
1995978-0-16-046819-3United StatesUnfair competition from the public sector and government supported entities, non-profits: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Procurement, Taxation, ... second session, Washington, DC, June 16, 1994
1995978-0-16-047054-7United StatesCholesterol measurement: Error and variability: hearing before the Subcommittee on Technology of the Committee on Science, U.S. House of ... Congress, first session, February 14, 1995
  ''978-0-16-047126-1   ''Immigration and Nationality Act (Reflecting Laws Enacted as of May 1, 1995), With Notes and Related Laws, May 1995 (052-070-07013-7)
  ''978-0-16-047352-4Subcommittee on the Department of Transportation · Related Agencies AppropriationsDepartment of Transportation and related agencies appropriations for 1996: hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session
  ''978-0-16-048023-2James McAndrewThe Roswell Report: Fact Vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert
  ''978-0-16-048032-4Arnold G FischRyukyus (The U.S. Army campaigns of World War II)
1995978-0-16-048062-1Employee rights and remedies under 5 U.S.C., chapters 12 and 23: U.S. Office of Special Counsel training aids for federal agency information program required by Public Law 103-424
  ''978-0-16-048141-3Richard · Carlin, John ClaypooleUnited States Government Manual 1995-96 (Issn 0092-1904)
1996978-0-16-048220-5W. Jacquelyne Kious · Jacqueline W. Kious · Robert I. Tilling · Geological SurveyThis Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics
  ''978-0-16-048535-0Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence CommunityPreparing for the 21st century: An appraisal of U.S. intelligence: report of the Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community
  ''978-0-16-048642-5Mary Ellen Condon-Rall · S/N 008-029-00328-7Disaster on Green Ramp: The Army's Response (CMH pub)
1997978-0-16-048774-3S/N 047-000-00411-0Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 17: Languages
1997978-0-16-048781-1Viacheslav Vsevolodovich IvanovThe Russian Orthodox Church of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands and Its Relation to Native American Traditions: An Attempt at a Multicultural Society, 1794-1912
1998978-0-16-048828-3John P. Finnegan · Romana DanyshMilitary Intelligence (Army Lineage Series)
1997978-0-16-048879-5Robert F. FutrellThe United States Air Force in Korea, 1950-1953
  ''978-0-16-048909-9Roger E. BilsteinStages to Saturn: A Technological History of the Apollo/Saturn Launch Vehicles (NASA SP)
  ''978-0-16-048945-7Curtis PeeblesHigh frontier: The U.S. Air Force and the Military Space Program
  ''978-0-16-049009-5Bernard C. Nalty · S/N 008-070-00717-7Winged Shield, Winged Sword: A History of the United States Air Force (2 Volume Set) 1907-1997
  ''978-0-16-049018-7James McAndrewThe Roswell Report: Case Closed
1997978-0-16-049124-5Roy A. Grossnick · William J. ArmstrongUnited States Naval Aviation, 1910-1995
  ''978-0-16-049125-2Jack ShulimsonU.S. Marines in Vietnam: The defining year, 1968 (Marine Corps Vietnam series)
  ''978-0-16-049166-5Federal Bureau of InvestigationThe FBI Laboratory: An Investigation Into Lab Practices & Alleged Misconduct in Explosives; FBI Lab, An Investigation Into Lab Practices, Response/Reply
1996978-0-16-049267-9Walton S Moody · S/N 008-070-00728-2Building a Strategic Air Force
1997978-0-16-049390-4R. Dale Reed · Darlene Lister · Dale R. ReedWingless Flight: The Lifting Body Story (Nasa Sp, 4220)
1998978-0-16-049514-4Deward E. Walker Jr. · William C. SturtevantHandbook of North American Indians:Plateau 12
  ''978-0-16-049640-0Pamela E. Mack · Pamela Etter MackFrom Engineering Science to Big Science: The Naca and Nasa Collier Trophy Research Project Winners (Nasa Sp, 4219)
  ''978-0-16-049644-8D. Michael ResslerHistorical perspective on the President's Own U.S. Marine Band: 200th anniversary
1998978-0-16-049772-8Giulio DouhetCommand of the Air
  ''978-0-16-049778-0Warren A. TrestAir Force Roles and Missions: A History
  ''978-0-16-049781-0R. Cargill, Editor HallCase studies in strategic bombardment
1999978-0-16-049783-4Department of Defense Dictionary of Military & Associated Terms
  ''978-0-16-049994-4John B. WilsonArmies, Corps, Divisions, and Separate Brigades (Army Lineage)
  ''978-0-16-050010-7James JespersenFrom sundials to atomic clocks: Understanding time and frequency (Monograph)
978-0-16-050140-1Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 1998
1999978-0-16-050174-6United StatesFederal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute: Chapter 71 of Title 5 of the U.S. Code, as amended, and 5 U.S.C. 5596, The Back Pay Act, as amended (FLRA document)
2000978-0-16-050388-7Pamela MaidaFreedom of Information Act Guide and Privacy Act Overview, 2000 (027-000-01391-1)
2001978-0-16-050400-6Government Publications OfficeHandbook of the North American Indians: Plains (Handbook of North American Indians) (Volume 13)
2000978-0-16-050458-7Joint Service CommitteeManual For Courts-Martial United States (2000 Edition)
2000978-0-16-050544-7Robert W RayFinal report of the Independent Counsel (in re: Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan Association): In re: William David Watkins and in re: Hillary Rodham Clinton
2005978-0-16-050607-9National Institutes of HealthMenopause, February 2001: One Woman's Story, Every Woman's Story, A Resource for Making Healthy Choices (NIH publication)
2001978-0-16-050620-8BernanBudget of the U.s.government: Appendix-fiscal Year 2002
  ''978-0-16-050634-5Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968: Arab-Israeli Dispute 1967-1968
2004978-0-16-050638-3Lorna S. Jaffe Ph.DChairmanship of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1949-1999
2001978-0-16-050835-6Deborah LucasFederal subsidies and the housing GSEs (A study)
  ''978-0-16-050890-5Office of Management and BudgetThe President's Management Agenda, Fiscal Year 2002
  ''978-0-16-050921-6Jennifer R. Popovic1999 National Hospital Discharge Survey (September 2001): Annual Summary With Detailed Diagnosis and Procedure Data (Vital and Health Statistics)
  ''978-0-16-050956-8Col. Charles J. Quilter · Cap. John C. ChapinA History of the Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 531
2002978-0-16-051005-2Public Health ServiceThe Surgeon General's Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity
2002978-0-16-051071-7Kent B. Pandoff · Robert E. BurrMedical Aspects of Harsh Environments, Volume 1 (Textbooks of Military Medicine)
  ''978-0-16-051081-6David N SpiresAir power for Patton's Army: The XIX Tactical Air Command in the Second World War
  ''978-0-16-051125-7Nathaniel BowditchAmerican Practical Navigator: An Epitome Of Navigation, 2002 (Pub)
  ''978-0-16-051150-9Office of the Historian State Dept.Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968, Volume V: Vietnam, 1967
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2002978-0-16-051197-4Susan E. Gebhardt · Robin G. ThomasNutritive Value of Foods (Home and garden bulletin)
2003978-0-16-051224-7Michael J. CrawfordThe Naval War of 1812, A Documentary History, V. 3: 1814-1815, Chesapeake Bay, Northern Lakes, and Pacific Ocean
  ''978-0-16-051263-6George W. BushPublic Papers of the Presidents of the United States, George W. Bush, 2001, Bk. 1, January 20 to June 30, 2001
  ''978-0-16-051284-1James L. GilbertThe Most Secret War: Army Signals Intelligence in Vietnam
  ''978-0-16-051354-1Committee on Finance SenateReport of Staff Investigation of Enron Corporation and Related Entities Regarding the Guatemalan Power Project, March 2003
  ''978-0-16-051357-2United States Government PrintingWeapon Systems, United States Army, 2003
2003978-0-16-051400-5E. Gordon Bowen-Hassell · Dennis M. Conrad · · Mark L. HayesSea raiders of the American Revolution: the Continental Navy in European waters
  ''978-0-16-051425-8Committee on House Administration. HouseOur American Government, 2003
2004978-0-16-051445-6George W. BushPublic Papers Of The Presidents Of The United States, 2001: Book, 2, George W. Bush, July 1 to December 31, 2001
2003978-0-16-051476-0White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine PolicyWhite House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy Final Report, March 2002
2004978-0-16-051509-5National Labor Relations BoardNational Labor Relations Board Casehandling Manual, Pt. 1: Unfair Labor Practice Proceedings, September 2003
  ''978-0-16-051595-8Acquisition, Logistics and Technology ArmyUnited States Army Weapon Systems 2004: Our Army at War, Relevant and Ready
1996978-0-16-052230-7United StatesInternational terrorism: Threats and responses: hearings before the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth ... Act of 1995, April 6, June 12 and 13, 1995
  ''978-0-16-052644-2   ''IC21: The Intelligence Community in the 21st century: hearings before the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, House of Representatives, One ... first session, May 22--December 19, 1995
  ''978-0-16-053425-6   ''Activities of federal law enforcement agencies toward the Branch Davidians: Joint hearings before the Subcommittee on Crime of the Committee on the ... One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session
1996978-0-16-053913-8United StatesSecurity in cyberspace: Hearings before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, ... 22, June 5, 25, and July 16, 1996 (S. hrg)
1997978-0-16-054211-4United StatesAdministration's efforts against the influence of organized crime in the Laborer's International Union of North America: Hearings before the ... second session, July 24 and 25, 1996
  ''978-0-16-054401-9   ''What resources should be used to control illegal immigration at the border and within the interior?: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Government ... Fourth Congress, first session, June 12, 1995
  ''978-0-16-054402-6   ''U.S. Treasury Department's fiscal year 1998 budget request: Hearing before the Committee on the Budget, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fifth ... held in Washington, DC, March 11, 1997
  ''978-0-16-054416-3National Five-Digit Zip Code and Post Office Directory 1997 (Serial (2vol Set))
  ''978-0-16-054488-0United States Direct Investment Abroad: 1994 Benchmark Survey
1997978-0-16-054490-3UsgpUnited States Postal Service Purchasing Manual, Issue 1, January 31, 1997
  ''978-0-16-055211-3Materials relating to the investigation into the activities of federal law enforcement agencies toward the Branch Davidians: By the Committee on the ... [sic] Fourth Congress, second session
  ''978-0-16-055747-7United StatesProliferation of child pornography on the Internet: Hearing before a subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, One ... first session, special hearing (S. hrg)
  ''978-0-16-055917-4   ''Judicial activism: Defining the problem and its impact: hearings before the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Federalism, and Property Rights of the ... June 11, July 15, and 29, 1997 (S. hrg)
1998978-0-16-056127-6   ''Threat posed by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to U.S. military systems and civil infrastructure: Hearing before the Military Research and Development ... first session, hearing held July 16, 1997
  ''978-0-16-057719-2United States Congress House Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and ClaimsOversight Investigation of the Death of Esequiel Hernandez, Jr.: A Report of Chairman Lamar Smith to the Subcommittee on Immigration & Claims of the ... House of Representatives, 150th congre
1999978-0-16-057997-4United StatesFederal Reserve's first monetary policy report for 1998: Hearing before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senate, ... Act of 1978, February 25, 1998 (S. hrg)
1999978-0-16-058054-3United StatesGlobal settlement of tobacco litigation: Hearing before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, United States Senate, One Hundred Fifth Congress, first session, July 29, 1997 (S. hrg)
  ''978-0-16-058915-7Flight Standards ServiceAircraft Weight and Balance Handbook, 1999
1984978-0-16-058943-0Ronald ReaganPublic Papers of the Presidents of the United States, Ronald Reagan, 1983, Book 1: January 1 to July 1, 1983
1999978-0-16-058946-1Office of the Federal RegisterPublic Papers of the Presidents of the United States, Ronald Reagan, 1984, Book 2, June 30 to December 31, 1984
  ''978-0-16-058992-8Andrew J. Dunar · Stephen P. WaringPower to Explore: A History of Marshall Space Flight Center, 1960-1990
1995978-0-16-058996-6Robert C. ByrdThe Senate of the Roman Republic: Addresses on the History of Roman Constitutionalism
2000978-0-16-059062-7Michael W. ReedShore and Sea Boundaries; Volume Three
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1989978-0-16-059134-1Col. R. ZajtchukMedical Consequences of Nuclear Warfare (Textbooks of Military Medicine)
1994978-0-16-059135-8William D. JamesMilitary Dermatology (Textbook of Military Medicine - Part 3, Disease and the Environment; Volume One)
2000978-0-16-060501-7United StatesRussian threat perceptions and plans for sabotage against the United States: Hearing before the Military Research and Development Subcommittee of the ... first session, hearing held October 26, 1999
2000978-0-16-060544-4United StatesCompilation of laws and rules relating to the congressional budget process: As amended through March 23, 2000
  ''978-0-16-060620-5   ''Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Hearings before the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate, One Hundred Sixth Congress, first session, October 6 and 7, 1999 (S. hrg)
1995978-0-16-061177-3   ''Medicare's Management: Is Hcfa's Complexity Threatening Patient Access to Quality Care?: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Health and Environment of ... Azerbaijan & Georgia: A Country Study)
1998978-0-16-061212-1Glenn E. Curtis · Federal Research Division Library of CongressRussia: A Country Study (Area Handbook Series)
2000978-0-16-061328-9Jr. David W. HoganCommand Post at War: First Army Headquarters in Europe, 1943-1945
1994978-0-16-061331-9Edward J. MaroldaBy Sea, Air & Land: Illustrated History of the United States Navy & the War in Southeast Asia
1997978-0-16-061372-2Gen. George C. KenneyGeneral Kenney Reports: A Personal History of the Pacific War
1993978-0-16-061623-5Reclamation BureauDrainage Manual: A Guide to Integrating Plant, Soil, and Water Relationships for Drainage of Irrigated Lands (Water Resources Technical Publication)
1998978-0-16-061741-6Frank D. WagnerUnited States Reports, Volume 511: Cases Adjudged in the Supreme Court at October Term, 1993, March 22 Through June 7, 1994
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