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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-15-900504-0Richard L. Marcus · Thomas D., Jr. RoweGilbert Law Summaries: Civil Procedure
2000978-0-15-900505-7Lynn FigueroaWomen Shaping Church History
2001978-0-15-900525-5BrestLegalines: Constitutional Law: Adaptable to 4th Edition of the Brest Casebook
  ''978-0-15-900528-6Gloria A. AluiseLegalines: Wills, Trusts, and Estates: Adaptable to Sixth Edition of the Dukeminier Casebook
2002978-0-15-900544-6Barbri Bar Review California
2000978-0-15-900679-5Teresa Le CompteJourney Through the New Testament
2002978-0-15-900691-7Harcourt Religion PublishersJourney Through the Old Testament
  ''978-0-15-900755-6Marc A. FranklinGilbert Law Summaries: Torts
2000978-0-15-900758-7Mary Jo Kaska · Arnel A. BularoroJourney Through the Old Testament (Companion Workbook)
2001978-0-15-900767-9George E. DixGilbert Law Summaries: Criminal Law
2002978-0-15-900773-0Jesse DukeminierGilbert Law Summaries: Property
  ''978-0-15-900776-1Melvin A. EisenbergGilbert Law Summaries on Contracts
  ''978-0-15-900779-2Michael R. AsimowGilbert Law Summaries: Administrative Law
2002978-0-15-900782-2Douglas J. WhaleyGilbert Law Summaries: Secured Transactions
  ''978-0-15-900785-3Richard J. ConviserGilbert Law Summaries: Agency, Partnership, & Limited Liability Companies
2001978-0-15-900997-0Teresa LecompteJourney Through the New Testament
  ''978-0-15-901001-3Charles N. CarnesLegalines: Labor Law: Adaptable to Tenth Edition of the St. Antoine Casebook
2002978-0-15-901007-5James C. Oldham · Robert J. GelhausGilbert Law Summaries on Labor Law
2000978-0-15-901046-4Michael CarottaSometimes We Dance, Sometimes We Wrestle: Embracing the Spiritual Growth of Adolescents
2001978-0-15-901088-4Mary Jo KaskaJourney Through the New Testament
  ''978-0-15-901093-8Robert J. HaterCatholic Evangelization: The Heart of Ministry
  ''978-0-15-901094-5Maurice O'Connell · Joseph StoutzenbergerThe Church Through History
2000978-0-15-901099-0Jane ReehorstGuided Meditations for Children
2001978-0-15-901106-5Joseph MartosSacraments: Celebrations of God's Life
2002978-0-15-901110-2Gilbert Law SummariesFirst Year Program (Law School Legends Series)
2002978-0-15-901128-7Jonathan NevilleLegalines: Remedies: Adaptable to the Fifth Edition of the Re Casebook
2003978-0-15-901286-4Janie GustafsonLight of Faith
2002978-0-15-901406-6NaGrowing in Love: Level 6
  ''978-0-15-901412-7NaGrowing in Love: Level 7
1999978-0-15-901458-5Caroljean WilliePraying all ways
2003978-0-15-901486-8Joseph StoutzenbergerMorality: A Response to Gods Love
  ''978-0-15-901509-4   ''Justice and Peace
2004978-0-15-901525-4   ''Morality: A Response To God's Love; Case Studies
2008978-0-15-901666-4Teresa LecompteJourney Through New Testament: Student Text 9-12
2006978-0-15-901667-1HarcourtJourney Through the New Testament, Teacher Manual
2004978-0-15-901668-8Steven M. LanzaNew Testament: Scripture Study Book
2008978-0-15-901669-5Our Sunday VisitorJourney Through the Old Testament
2005978-0-15-901671-8Jean Marie HiesbergerScripture Study Book: Old Testament
2006978-0-15-901674-9Joseph StoutzenbergerJustice And Peace
2007978-0-15-901870-5Joseph Stoutzenberger · Maurice O'ConnellThe Church Through History
  ''978-0-15-901882-8Rev. Peter KleinThe Scripture Source Book for Catholics
2006978-0-15-901883-5Peter KleinThe Catholic Source Book
2008978-0-15-901884-2Harcourt Religion PublishersSacraments: Celebrating + Living + Believing
2007978-0-15-902053-1Our Sunday VisitorVocation: Our Response to God's Call
2010978-0-15-902281-8STEVEN OLDSCall to Faith Grade 8 Se
2011978-0-15-902414-0Our Sunday Visitor CurriculumThe Word
  ''978-0-15-902418-8   ''Son of the Living God
1996978-0-15-950332-4William A. AndersonThe Hope and the Glory of Catholic History
1999978-0-15-950429-1Michele McCartyDeciding
2000978-0-15-950448-2Stoutzenbe · Joseph StoutzenbergerJustice and Peace
2000978-0-15-950449-9Dwayne Thoman · Michael, Ph.D. SaveleskyCatholics Believe
  ''978-0-15-950450-5Dwayne Thoman · Michael, Ph.D. SaveleskyCatholics Believe
1999978-0-15-950575-5Janie, Ph.D. GustafsonMystery of Suffering and Death
1998978-0-15-950589-2John ForlitiToward the Common Good
2000978-0-15-950644-8Joseph StoutzenbergerMorality: An Invitation to Christian Living
  ''978-0-15-950645-5   ''Morality: An Invitation to Christian Living
1999978-0-15-950653-0Peter KleinThe Catholic Source Book: A Comprehensive Collection of Information about the Catholic Church
2000978-0-15-950668-4Growing In Love: Level 6
1999978-0-15-950712-4Michele M. McCartyChristian Vocations
2000978-0-15-950713-1Michele M. McCartyThe Christian Vocations