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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-0-12-412332-8Vincent P. EijsvoogelLeukocyte Membrane Determinants Regulating Immune Reactivity
  ''978-0-12-412333-5Nathan W. SnyderEnergy Conversion for Space Power
  ''978-0-12-412334-2Eviatar NevoEvolutionary Processes and Theory
  ''978-0-12-412335-9Georg BorgstromFish As Food V2
  ''978-0-12-412336-6George M. HidyAerosols: An Industrial and Environmental Science
2012978-0-12-412337-3Gregory PincusThe Hormones, Volume II: Physiology, Chemistry and Applications
  ''978-0-12-412338-0C. W. WhiteLaser and Electron Beam Processing of Materials
  ''978-0-12-412339-7Amanullah KhanImmune Regulators in Transfer Factor
2013978-0-12-412340-3Hans NeurathThe Proteins Volume II Part B: Chemistry, Biological Activity, and Methods
2012978-0-12-412341-0U. ValdreElectron Microscopy in Material Science
1970978-0-12-412342-7H. N. MunroMammalian Protein Metabolism
2012978-0-12-412344-1Frederick R. EirichRheology, Volume I: Theory and Applications
  ''978-0-12-412345-8R. M. HochsterMetabolic Inhibitors V2: A Comprehensive Treatise
  ''978-0-12-412346-5Ronald T. ActonCell Culture and its Application
2012978-0-12-412347-2Frederick R. RiddellHypersonic Flow Research
  ''978-0-12-412349-6William LockeretzAgriculture and Energy
  ''978-0-12-412350-2William Ward PigmanChemistry of the Carbohydrates
  ''978-0-12-412351-9Albert S. KaplanThe Herpesviruses
  ''978-0-12-412352-6Amanullah KhanHuman Lymphokines: The Biological Immune Response Modifiers
2012978-0-12-412353-3Jacob KlineHandbook of Biomedical Engineering
  ''978-0-12-412354-0Nicholas SperelakisCell Physiology Source Book
  ''978-0-12-412355-7L. Eugene CroninEstuarine Research, Volume I: Chemistry, Biology, and the Estuarine System
  ''978-0-12-412357-1Xu GuangxianNew Frontiers in Rare Earth Science and Applications
  ''978-0-12-412358-8John S. ColterThe Molecular Biology of Viruses: Colter and Paranchych
2012978-0-12-412359-5Winslow S. CaugheyBiochemical and Clinical Aspects of Hemoglobin Abnormalities
  ''978-0-12-412360-1Edward C. CarteretteHandbook of Perception, Hearing, Volume IV
  ''978-0-12-412361-8Hisao P. AraiBiology of the Tapeworm Hymenolepis Diminuta
1963978-0-12-412362-5F. W. McLaffertyMass Spectrometry of Organic Ions
2012978-0-12-412365-6Georg BorgstromFish As Food V1
  ''978-0-12-412367-0J. KillingbeckMathematical Techniques and Physical Applications
  ''978-0-12-412368-7Herbert C. Morse IIIOrigins of Inbred Mice
2012978-0-12-412369-4Fritz H. BachT and B Lymphocytes: Recognition and Function
  ''978-0-12-412370-0Jerry B. MarionPhysical Science in the Modern World
  ''978-0-12-412371-7R. B. DuckworthWater Relations of Foods
  ''978-0-12-412372-4Robert F. DennoVariable Plants and Herbivores in Natural and Managed Systems
  ''978-0-12-412373-1Joseph CernyNuclear Spectroscopy and Reactions 40-B, Part B
2012978-0-12-412374-8A. ZichichiHadrons and their Interactions: Current and Field Algebra, Soft Pions, Supermultiplets, and Related Topics
  ''978-0-12-412375-5Ellen R. DirksenCell Reproduction: In honor of Daniel Mazia
  ''978-0-12-412376-2Harry WalterPartitioning in Aqueous Two-Phase System: Theory, Methods, Uses, And Applications To Biotechnology
  ''978-0-12-412378-6Amulya L. LaskarSuperionic Solids and Solid Electrolytes Recent Trends
  ''978-0-12-412379-3Mitchel WeissbluthAtoms and Molecules
2012978-0-12-412380-9K. VenkataramanThe Chemistry of Synthetic Dyes Vol.5
  ''978-0-12-412381-6John E. HalverFish Nutrition
  ''978-0-12-412382-3Lowell E. HokinMetabolic Transport
  ''978-0-12-412383-0H. H. MitchellComparative Nutrition of Man and Domestic Animals, Volume 1
  ''978-0-12-412384-7Osamu HayaishiAdp-Ribosylation Reactions: Biology and Medicine
2012978-0-12-412386-1L. G. ChristophorouElectron-Molecule Interactions and their Applications, Volume 1
  ''978-0-12-412387-8Dewayne C. TorgesonFungicides Vol.1: Agricultural and Industrial Applications Environmental Interactions: An Advanced Treatise
  ''978-0-12-412388-5Philip M. MorseNuclear, Particle and Many Body Physics
2013978-0-12-412389-2Govindjee GovindjeeBioenergetics of Photosynthesis
2012978-0-12-412390-8Edouard KurstakComparative Diagnosis of Viral Diseases IV: Vertebrate Animal and Related Viruses Part B-RNA Viruses
  ''978-0-12-412391-5G. A. Doyle · R.D. MartinThe Study of Prosimian Behavior
  ''978-0-12-412392-2P. H. LiMechanisms and Crop Implications Vol.2
2012978-0-12-412393-9William H. FishmanMetabolic Conjugation and Metabolic Hydrolysis
  ''978-0-12-412394-6Vernon AhmadjianThe Lichens
2015978-0-12-412395-3George InglettTropical Food: Chemistry and Nutrition V2: Volume 2
2012978-0-12-412396-0Marcel FlorkinChemical Zoology, VIII: Echinnodermata, Nematoda, And Acanthocephala
  ''978-0-12-412397-7Harmann F. J. WenzlThe Chemical Technology of Wood
  ''978-0-12-412398-4Robert L. SmithSperm Competition and the Evolution of Animal Mating Systems
  ''978-0-12-412399-1Mynard C. HammingInterpretation of Mass Spectra of Organic Compounds
2012978-0-12-412400-4S. FedoroffCell, Tissue, and Organ Cultures in Neurobiology
  ''978-0-12-412401-1Marcel FlorkinComparative Biochemistry V2: A Comprehensive Treatise
  ''978-0-12-412402-8Edward A. SteinhausInsect Pathology, Volume 2: An Advanced Treatise
  ''978-0-12-412403-5George T. RadoMagnetism, Volume I: Magnetic Ions in Insulators Their Interactions Resonances and Optical Properties
  ''978-0-12-412405-9Wilfred D. SteinTransport and Diffusion Across Cell Membranes
2012978-0-12-412406-6Gregory PincusThe Hormones, Volume IV: Physiology, Chemistry and Applications
  ''978-0-12-412407-3A. V. LuikovAnalytical Heat Diffusion Theory
  ''978-0-12-412408-0A. D. JohnsonThe Testis, Volume I: Development, Anatomy, and Physiology
  ''978-0-12-412409-7Joseph H. HamiltonInternal Conversion Processes
  ''978-0-12-412410-3David M. PrescottCell Biology: A Comprehensive Treatise, Volume 3: Gene Expression: The Production of RNA's
2012978-0-12-412411-0Osamu HayaishiMolecular Mechanisms of Oxygen Activation
  ''978-0-12-412412-7Edouard KurstakViruses and Environment
  ''978-0-12-412413-4Takayoshi HiguchiBiosynthesis and Biodegradation of Wood Components
  ''978-0-12-412414-1Frederick EirichRheology Vol.3: Theory and Applications
  ''978-0-12-412415-8R. SchnitzerExperimental Chemotherapy V4
2012978-0-12-412416-5A. S. NowickAnelastic Relaxation in Crystalline Solids
  ''978-0-12-412417-2James B. HeneghanGermfree Research: Biological Effect of Gnotobiotic Environments
  ''978-0-12-412418-9Harris BuschThe Cell Nucleus, Volume I
  ''978-0-12-412419-6Claude P. LecheneMicrobeam Analysis in Biology
  ''978-0-12-412420-2Ronald B. HerbermanMechanisms of Cytotoxicity by NK Cells
2012978-0-12-412421-9Jamal T. ManassahAdvances in Food-producing Systems for Arid and Semiarid Lands: Part A
  ''978-0-12-412422-6James G. HorsfallPlant Pathology An Advanced Treatise, Volume III: The Diseased Population Epidemics and Control
2015978-0-12-412423-3R. HochsterMetabolic Inhibitors V1: A Comprehensive Treatise
2012978-0-12-412424-0James G. HorsfallPlant Pathology An Advanced Treatise, Volume I: The Diseased Plant
  ''978-0-12-412425-7Talbot H. WatermanMetabolism and Growth V1
  ''978-0-12-412426-4John BoorZiegler-Natta Catalysts and Polymerizations
  ''978-0-12-412427-1A. AlaouiMicrobial Ecology of Foods Volume 2: Food Commodities
2012978-0-12-412428-8Robert E. RobersonGuidance and Control
  ''978-0-12-412429-5Ernst A. Koerner Von GustorfThe Organic Chemistry of Iron Vol.1
2013978-0-12-412431-8Victory SzebehelyTheory of Orbits: The Restricted Problem of Three Bodies
2012978-0-12-412432-5Wilhelm JostPhysical Chemistry: An Advanced Treatise, Volume I: Thermodynamics
2013978-0-12-412433-2H. Wade PattersonAccelerator Health Physics
2012978-0-12-412434-9Peter A. KrenkelWater Quality Management
  ''978-0-12-412435-6Richard AxelEucaryotic Gene Regulation
1963978-0-12-412437-0Edward A. SteinhausInsect Pathology Vol.1: An Advanced Treatise
2012978-0-12-412438-7C. H. DickinsonMicrobiology of Aerial Plant Surfaces
  ''978-0-12-412439-4Garry T. ColeBiology of Conidial Fungi, Volume 2
1988978-0-12-412440-0Robert F. WhitcombThe Mycoplasmas V: Spiroplasmas, Acholeplasmas, and Mycoplasmas of plants and Arthropods
2012978-0-12-412441-7Arnold E. ReifImmunity to Cancer
  ''978-0-12-412443-1Lloyd M. JackmanDynamic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
2012978-0-12-412444-8Carlos GitlerPerspectives in Membrane Biology
  ''978-0-12-412445-5Prince Rainer IIIPrimate Conservation
  ''978-0-12-412446-2Cyrus M. McKellThe Biology and Utilization of Shrubs
  ''978-0-12-412447-9Hans NeurathThe Proteins, Volume II Part A: Chemistry, Biological Activity, and Methods
  ''978-0-12-412448-6Oscar BodanskyBiochemistry of Human Cancer
2012978-0-12-412449-3George CharalambousAnalysis of Foods and Beverages: Modern Techniques
  ''978-0-12-412450-9G. MourierCrossed-field Microwave Device, Volume 1: Principal Elements of Crossed-Field Devices
  ''978-0-12-412451-6Jack BarchasSerotonin and Behavior
  ''978-0-12-412452-3Elliott F. OssermanLysozyme
  ''978-0-12-412453-0Karl MaramoroschLeafhopper Vectors and Plant Disease Agents
2012978-0-12-412454-7R. J. SchnitzerExperimental Chemotherapy, Volume III
  ''978-0-12-412455-4Thomas R. RussellFrom Gene to Protein: Information Transfer in Normal and Abnormal Cells
  ''978-0-12-412456-1J. R. WhitemanThe Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications: Mafelap 1984
  ''978-0-12-412457-8Morris RocksteinBiochemistry of Insects
  ''978-0-12-412458-5David DolphinThe Porphyrins, Volume I: Structure and Synthesis, Part A
2012978-0-12-412459-2A. D. JohnsonAdvances in Physiology, Biochemistry, and Function
  ''978-0-12-412460-8Marcel FlorkinChemical Zoology, Volume II: Porifera, Coelenterata and Platyhelminthes
  ''978-0-12-412461-5Richard F. ThompsonNeural Mechanisms of Goal-Directed Behavior and Learning
  ''978-0-12-412463-9Marcel FlorkinComparative Biochemistry V5: A Comprehensive Treatise
  ''978-0-12-412465-3David L. WatsonPesticide Management and Insecticide Resistance
2012978-0-12-412466-0Thomas S. BrownPhysiological Psychology
  ''978-0-12-412468-4Park S. NobelPhysicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology
2013978-0-12-412469-1Ronald J. MacGregorNeural and Brain Modeling
2012978-0-12-412470-7Adarsh DeepakRemote Sensing of Atmospheres and Oceans
  ''978-0-12-412471-4Michael S. GazzanigaHandbook of Psychobiology
  ''978-0-12-412473-8Geoffrey H. BourneBiochemistry and Physiology of Nutrition, Volume Two
2015978-0-12-412474-5T. H. Clutton-BrockPrimate Ecology: Studies of Feeding and ranging Behavior in Lemurs, Monkey and apes
2012978-0-12-412475-2David DolphinThe Porphyrins Vol.3: Physical Chemistry, Part A
  ''978-0-12-412476-9Marshal E. MaceFungal Wilt Diseases of Plants
2012978-0-12-412477-6Helen M. StaceThe Biology and Agronomy of Stylosanthes
  ''978-0-12-412478-3J. G. RodriguezRecent Advances in Acarology, Volume I
  ''978-0-12-412479-0Hugh DavsonThe Physiology of the Eye
  ''978-0-12-412480-6Julius VidaAnticonvulsants: Volume 15
  ''978-0-12-412481-3Nathan W. SnyderSpace Power Systems, Volume 4
2012978-0-12-412482-0James C. W. ChienPolyacetylene: Chemistry, Physics, and Material Science
  ''978-0-12-412483-7Geoffrey J. DuttonGlucuronic Acid Free and Combined: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Medicine
  ''978-0-12-412484-4T. P. MacRaeConformation in Fibrous Proteins and Related Synthetic Polypeptides
  ''978-0-12-412485-1Paul O. P. Ts'oBasic Principles in Nucleic Acid Chemistry: Volume I
  ''978-0-12-412489-9Kwang W. JeonThe Biology of Amoeba
2013978-0-12-412490-5Paul HagenmullerInorganic Solid Fluorides: Chemistry And Physics
2012978-0-12-412491-2T. J. PandianBivalvia Through Reptilia: Volume 2
2012978-0-12-412492-9Indra K. VasilCell Culture and Somatic Cell Genetics of Plants, Volume 5: Phytochemicals in Plant Cell Cultures
  ''978-0-12-412493-6Richard T. T. FormanPine Barrens: Ecosystem and Landscape
  ''978-0-12-412494-3Minor J. CoonMicrosomes, Drug Oxidations and Chemical Carcinogenesis, Volume I
  ''978-0-12-412495-0Jay K. KochiOrganometallic Mechanisms and Catalysis: The Role of Reactive Intermediates in Organic Processes
  ''978-0-12-412496-7Carroll N. SmithInsect Colonization and Mass Production
2012978-0-12-412497-4Paul F. AgrisBiomolecular Structure and Function
  ''978-0-12-412498-1T. G. LeightonThe Acoustic Bubble
  ''978-0-12-412499-8Adarsh DeepakInversion Methods in Atmospheric Remote Sounding
  ''978-0-12-412500-1G. F. AzzoneMechanisms in Bioenergetics
  ''978-0-12-412501-8Francis J.C. RoeMetabolic Aspects of Food Safety
2012978-0-12-412503-2M. V. VolkensteinMolecular Biophysics
  ''978-0-12-412504-9Salvatore SolimenoGuiding, Diffraction, and Confinement of Optical Radiation
  ''978-0-12-412505-6C. H. ChenPattern recognition and artificial intelligence
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  ''978-0-12-412509-4Roy WhistlerGeneral Carbohydrate Method V6
2012978-0-12-412511-7F. C. StewardPlant Physiology V9: A Treatise
  ''978-0-12-412512-4Salih J. WakilLipid Metabolism
  ''978-0-12-412513-1Wilhelm EitelGlass Science: Volume VII
  ''978-0-12-412516-2William W. WellsCyclitols and Phosphoinositides
  ''978-0-12-412517-9Shirley A. JohnsonThe Circulating Platelet
2012978-0-12-412519-3Henry KresselSemiconductor Lasers and Heterojunction LEDs
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  ''978-0-12-412521-6Paul HagenmullerPreparative Methods in Solid State Chemistry
1974978-0-12-412522-3Robert J. ReimoldEcology of Halophytes
2012978-0-12-412523-0William E. HornyakNuclear Structure
  ''978-0-12-412524-7Emil SkameneGenetic Control of Natural Resistance to Infection and Malignancy
  ''978-0-12-412525-4Martin P. SchreibmanThe Endocrinology of Growth, Development, and Metabolism in Vertebrates
2012978-0-12-412526-1C. V. HeerStatistical Mechanics, Kinetic Theory, and Stochastic Processes
  ''978-0-12-412527-8Marg G. KarpovskySpectral Techniques and Fault Detection
  ''978-0-12-412528-5Irvin E. LienerThe Lectins: Properties, Functions, and Applications in Biology and Medicine
  ''978-0-12-412529-2Anthony A. AlbaneseProtein and Amino Acid Nutrition
2013978-0-12-412530-8Marcel FlorkinComparative Biochemistry V1: A Comprehensive Treatise
2012978-0-12-412532-2Joseph A. McFalls Jr.Disease and Fertility
  ''978-0-12-412533-9David A. UckoLiving Chemistry
2012978-0-12-412534-6Maurice ShammaThe Isoquinoline Alkaloids Chemistry and Pharmacology
  ''978-0-12-412535-3C. T. HorovitzScandium: Its Occurrence, Chemistry Physics, Metallurgy, Biology and Technology
  ''978-0-12-412536-0Glenn DryhurstElectrochemistry of Biological Molecules
  ''978-0-12-412537-7Henry J. VogelNucleic Acid-Protein Recognition
  ''978-0-12-412538-4Metry BacilaBiochemistry and Genetics of Yeast: Pure and Applied Aspect
2015978-0-12-412539-1Jamal ManassahAdvances in Food-Producing Systems For Arid and Semiarid Lands Part B: Part B
2012978-0-12-412540-7Richard A. WhiteContemporary Problems in Plant Anatomy
2012978-0-12-412541-4A. Nelson WrightActive Nitrogen
  ''978-0-12-412542-1Kumar KrishnaBiology of Termites, Volume I
  ''978-0-12-412543-8P. J. WheatleyPhysical Methods in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Volume V: Handbook of Molecular Dimensions
  ''978-0-12-412544-5Commission on Biochemical Nome Commission on Biochemical NomeEnzyme Nomenclature 1978
  ''978-0-12-412546-9Howard M. LenhoffThe Biology of Nematocysts
2012978-0-12-412547-6Harris BuschThe Cell Nucleus, Volume III
  ''978-0-12-412548-3Ellen S. VitettaB and T Cell Tumors
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1999978-0-12-412650-3Michael Kleerekoper · Ethel S. Siris · Michael McClungThe Bone and Mineral Manual: A Practical Guide
1981978-0-12-413250-4Zev Klein · Yohanan EshelIntegrating Jerusalem Schools (Quantitative studies in social relations)
1973978-0-12-413450-8Erwin KleinMathematical Methods in Theoretical Economics: Topological and Vector Space Foundations of Equilibrium Analysis (Economic Theory and Mathematical Eco)
1976978-0-12-413501-7M. L. Klein · J. A. VenablesRare Gas Solids, Vol. 1
978-0-12-413502-4Rare Gas Solids: v. 2
1979978-0-12-413650-2E.Roseland Klein · Peter D. KleinStable Isotopes: Proceedings of the Third International Conference 3rd
1982978-0-12-413680-9R. KleinNeurotransmitter Vesicles
1983978-0-12-413720-2Flora Klein-AndreuDiscourse Perspectives on Syntax
2001978-0-12-413740-0Murray KleinerHandbook of Polygraph Testing
1969978-0-12-414150-6W. R. KlemmAnimal Electroencephalography.