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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-12-328401-3G.S. Hartley · I.J.Graham- BrycePhysical Principles of Pesticide Behaviour: v. 1
  ''978-0-12-328402-0Gilbert Spencer HartleyPhysical Principles of Pesticide Behaviour: Dynamics of Applied Pesticides in the Local Environment
1984978-0-12-328420-4Roderick P. HartVerbal Style and the Presidency: A Computer-Based Analysis (Human Communication Research Series)
1974978-0-12-328450-1C. W. Hart Jr. · Samuel L. H. FullerPollution Ecology of Freshwater Invertebrates (Water Pollution)
1986978-0-12-328455-6Stephen P. HarterOnline Information Retrieval: Concepts, Principles and Techniques (Library and Information Science)
  ''978-0-12-328456-3   ''Online Information Retrieval: Concepts, Principles and Techniques (Library and Information Science)
1980978-0-12-328460-0R. Hartley · etc.Recent Developments in Markov Decision Processes (The Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications conference series)
1982978-0-12-328480-8Emil M. HartlPhysique and Delinquent Behavior: A Thirty-Year Follow-Up to W.H. Sheldon's Varieties of Delinquent Youth (PERSONALITY, PSYCHOPATHOLOGY, AND PSYCHOTHERAPY (ACADEMIC PR))
1983978-0-12-328520-1John F. HartmannMechanism and Control of Animal Fertilization (Cell biology)
1994978-0-12-328530-0Dennis L. HartmannGlobal Physical Climatology, Volume 56 (International Geophysics)
2016978-0-12-328531-7   ''Global Physical Climatology
1983978-0-12-328540-9R.R.K.HartmannLexicography: Principles and Practices (Applied Language Studies)
1996978-0-12-328545-4HARTWIG ACTIN BINDING PROTEIN: 1:SPECTRIN 2E: Spectrin
1977978-0-12-328550-8James P. HartnettAlternative Energy Sources
1990978-0-12-328552-2Nora Hartsfield · Gerhard RingelPearls in Graph Theory: A Comprehensive Introduction
1994978-0-12-328553-9Nora Hartsfield · Gerhard RingelPearls in Graph Theory: A Comprehensive Introduction
1999978-0-12-328840-0Richard P. Harvey · Nadia RosenthalHeart Development Slide Set
1975978-0-12-328850-9R.Harvard DavisGeneral Practice for Students of Medicine (Monographs for students of medicine)
1982978-0-12-329050-2Albert B. HarveyChemical Applications of Nonlinear Raman Spectroscopy
1992978-0-12-329070-0John W. Kenelly · John G. HarveyExplorations With Texas Instruments TI-85
1963978-0-12-329150-9A. F. HarveyMicrowave Engineering
1990978-0-12-329650-4F. Reese HarveySpinors and Calibrations (Perspectives in Mathematics)
1971978-0-12-329850-8J. A. HarveyExperimental Neutron Resonance Spectroscopy
1998978-0-12-329860-7Richard P. Harvey · Nadia RosenthalHeart Development
1993978-0-12-329870-6Author UnknownNatural and Synthetic Neurotoxins (Neuroscience Perspectives)
1977978-0-12-329950-5W. J. HarveyDiscrete Groups and Automorphic Functions
1985978-0-12-329960-4John H. HarveyAttribution: Basic Issues and Applications
2008978-0-12-330100-0Augusto Trujillo MuñozREVISTA DE LA ACADEMIA COLOMBIANA #336 DE JURISPRUDENCIA
2001978-0-12-330215-1Wanda M. Haschek · Colin G. Rousseaux · Matthew A. Wallig · Brad Bolon · Ricardo OchoaHaschek and Rousseaux's Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology, Second Edition
  ''978-0-12-330216-8Haschek-Hock · et alHandbook of Toxicologic Pathology: Vol 1
  ''978-0-12-330217-5Haschek-Hock · et alHandbook of Toxicologic Pathology: Volume 2
1991978-0-12-330220-5Wanda M. Haschek · Colin G. RousseauxHandbook of Toxicologic Pathology
1997978-0-12-330222-9Colin G. Rousseaux · Wanda M. HaschekFundamentals of Toxicologic Pathology
1963978-0-12-330250-2M. HasekMechanisms of Immunological Tolerance
1971978-0-12-330550-3G. G HaseldenCryogenic fundamentals;
978-0-12-330560-2HasemanIntroduction to Multimedia
1991978-0-12-330585-5Yasushi Hashimoto · Hiroshi Nonami · Paul J. Kramer · Boyd R. StrainMeasurement Techniques in Plant Science
1993978-0-12-330590-9Author UnknownThe Computerized Greenhouse: Automatic Control Application in Plant Production
2000978-0-12-330595-4Robert E. HaskellTransfer of Learning, Volume .: Cognition and Instruction (Educational Psychology)
1966978-0-12-330950-1E. HaslamChemistry of Vegetable Tannins
2011978-0-12-331141-2Donna HahnThe Cancer Waltz
1981978-0-12-331350-8Fekri A. HassanDemographic Archaeology (Studies in Archaeology)
1976978-0-12-331950-0John W. HastieHigh Temperature Vapours: Science and Technology (Materials science and technology)
1933978-0-12-332312-5H. F. RichthofenHardenberg
1964978-0-12-332350-7Theodore F., And Paul Gross HatchPulmonary Deposition and Retention of Inhaled Aerosols
1964978-0-12-332356-9Theodore F. Gross, Paul, · American Industrial Hygiene Association. · U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. HatchPulmonary deposition and retention of inhaled aerosols,
1976978-0-12-332450-4Youssef Hatefi · Lisa Djavadi OhanianceStructural Basis of Membrane Function (Series of IUB-sponsored symposia ; no. 72)
1999978-0-12-332460-3J. Rob HatherillEnvironmental Toxicology
1978978-0-12-332550-1Iowa State University, 1976 International Symposium on Nutrition and Drug Interrelations · Julius Coon · John N. HathcockNutrition and Drug Interrelations (Monograph Series (Nutrition Foundation).)
1982978-0-12-332601-0John N. Hatchcock · John N. HathcockNutritional Toxicology (Nutrition, basic and applied science)
1987978-0-12-332602-7John N. HathcockNutritional Toxicology (Nutrition: Basic and Applied Science)
1989978-0-12-332603-4   ''Nutritional Toxicology (Nutrition: Basic and Applied Science: A Series of Monographs)
1982978-0-12-332850-2Davis) Conference on Biometeorology and Integrated Pest Management (1980 : University of California · Jerry Hatfield · Ivan J. ThomasonBiometeorology in Integrated Pest Management: Proceedings of a Conference on Biometeorology and Integrated Pest Management Held at the University of California, Davis, July 15-17, 1980
1996978-0-12-332905-9Author UnknownMethods in Stream Ecology
1998978-0-12-332906-6Richard Hauer · Gary A. LambertiMethods in Stream Ecology
2006978-0-12-332907-3F. Richard Hauer · Gary LambertiMethods in Stream Ecology, Second Edition
2007978-0-12-332908-0   ''Methods in Stream Ecology
1988978-0-12-332915-8Hartmut HaugOptical Nonlinearities and Instabilities in Semiconductors
1986978-0-12-332920-2Vadim Komkov · Kyung K. Choi · Edward J. HaugDesign Sensitivity Analysis of Structural Systems (MATHEMATICS IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING)
  ''978-0-12-332921-9Edward J. Haug · Kyung K. Choi · Vadim KomkovDesign Sensitivity Analysis of Structural Systems (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
2002978-0-12-332922-6Peter Haughton · P. M. HaughtonAcoustics for Audiologists
1963978-0-12-332956-1Felix HaurowitzChemistry and Function of Proteins
1977978-0-12-333050-5Robert M. Hauser · David L. FeathermanThe Process of Stratification: Trends and Analyses (Studies in Population)
1982978-0-12-333060-4Robert HauserSocial Structure and Behavior: Essays in Honor of William Hamilton Sewell (Studies in Population)
1988978-0-12-333065-9D. HaussingerPh Homeostasis: Mechanisms and Control
1979978-0-12-333150-2J.E. Hawkes · etc.Biology and Taxonomy of the Solanaceae (Linnean Society symposium series ; no. 7)
1981978-0-12-333201-1Robert H. Haveman · Kevin HollenbeckMicroeconomic Simulation Models for Public Policy Analysis: Distributional Impacts v. 1 (Institute for Research on Poverty monograph series)
1980978-0-12-333202-8Robert H. Haveman · Kevin HollenbeckMicroeconomic Simulation Models for Public Policy Analysis: v. 2 Sectoral, Regional and General Equilibrium Models
1977978-0-12-333250-9Robert H. HavemanDecade of Federal Antipoverty Programmes (Poverty policy analysis series)
1977978-0-12-333256-1Robert H. HavemanA Decade of Federal Antipoverty Programs: Achievements, Failures, and Lessons
1992978-0-12-333310-0David HawdonEnergy Demand (Surrey Seminars in Applied Economics)
1982978-0-12-333320-9Susan HawkesExtracellular Matrix
1991978-0-12-333330-8J. G. HawkesGenetic Conservation of World Crop Plants
1996978-0-12-333340-7Peter W. Hawkes · E. KasperPrinciples of Electron Optics, Three Volume Set, Volume 1-3
  ''978-0-12-333341-4Peter W. Hawkes · E. KasperPrinciples of Electron Optics, Three Volume Set: Principles of Electron Optics: Basic Geometrical Optics
978-0-12-333342-1Principles of Electron Optics: Applied Geometrical Optics
1996978-0-12-333343-8Peter W. Hawkes · E. KasperPrinciples of Electron Optics, Volume 3
1968978-0-12-333350-6J. G. HawkesChemotaxonomy and Serotaxonomy
1989978-0-12-333351-3Peter W. Hawkes · E. KasperPrinciples of Electron Optics, Volume 1: Basic Geometrical Optics
  ''978-0-12-333352-0Peter W. Hawkes · Erwin KasperPrinciples of Electron Optics: Applied Geometrical Optics
1994978-0-12-333354-4Peter W. Hawkes · E. KasperPrinciples of Electron Optics, Volume 3, Third Edition: Wave Optics (Principles of Electron Optics, Vol 3)
1991978-0-12-333355-1Peter W. Hawkes · U. ValdreBiophysical Electron Microscopy: Basic Concepts and Modern Techniques
1971978-0-12-333360-5D. A. Cadbury · J. G. Hawkes · R. C. ReadettA Computer-Mapped Flora: A Study of the County of Warwickshire
1973978-0-12-333365-0Peter W. HawkesImage Processing and Computer-Aided Design in Electron Optics
2005978-0-12-333366-7Author UnknownField Guide to the Birds of Madagascar & related islands: Mauritius, Reunion, Rodrigues, Comoros, Seychelles (coralline and granitic) lles Eparses
1984978-0-12-333370-4   ''Word Order Universals (Quantitative analyses of linguistic structure)
1981978-0-12-333380-3Alan D. HawkinsAquarium Systems
2010978-0-12-333445-9Julia E. Richards · R. Scott HawleyThe Human Genome
1988978-0-12-333448-0Coevolution of fungi with plants and animals
1974978-0-12-333450-3D.L. HawksworthChanging Flora and Fauna of Britain (Special volume - Systematics Association)
1998978-0-12-333460-2R. Scott SH Hawley · Catherine A. MoriThe Human Genome: A User's Guide
2004978-0-12-333462-6Julia E. Richards · R. Scott HawleyThe Human Genome: A User's Guide (Elsevier Science in Society)
1982978-0-12-333520-3J. HayAnimal Models of Immunological Processes
1994978-0-12-333530-2Robert K.M. Hay · Jae-Gahb Park · Adi GazdarAtlas of Human Tumor Cell Lines
2000978-0-12-333560-9S.I. Hay · Sarah E. Randolph · David F. Rogers · John R. Baker · Ralph Muller · David RollinsonRemote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems in Epidemiology, Volume 47 (Advances in Parasitology)
1974978-0-12-333640-8Osamu HayaishiMolecular Mechanisms of Oxygen Activation (Molecular Biology)
1997978-0-12-333645-3Author UnknownSleep and Sleep Disorders
1986978-0-12-333655-2Osamu HayaishiBiomedical Imaging
1982978-0-12-333660-6Osamu Hayaishi · Kunihiro UedaAdp-Ribosylation Reactions: Biology and Medicine (Molecular Biology)
1987978-0-12-333922-5M. A. HayatCorrelative Microscopy in Biology: Instrumentation and Methods
  ''978-0-12-333923-2Correlative Microscopy in Biology
1985978-0-12-333925-6M. A. HayatBasic Techniques for Transmission Electron Microscopy
  ''978-0-12-333926-3   ''Basic Techniques for Transmission Electron Microscopy
1989978-0-12-333927-0   ''Colloidal Gold: Principles, Methods, and Applications, Vol. 1 (Colloidal Gold: Principles, Methods & Application)
1989978-0-12-333928-7M. A. HayatColloidal Gold: Principles, Methods, and Applications, Vol. 2
1991978-0-12-333929-4   ''Colloidal Gold: Principles, Methods, and Applications, Vol. 3
1991978-0-12-333930-0M. A. HayatColloidal Gold: Principles, Methods, and Applications (3 Volume Set)
2004978-0-12-333941-6   ''Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas: Molecular Genetics; Lung and Breast Carcinomas (MOLECULAR GENETICS; LUNG & BREAST CARCINOMAS)
2005978-0-12-333942-3   ''Handbook of Immunohistochemistry and in Situ Hybridization of Human Carcinomas: Molecular Pathology, Colorectal Carcinoma, and Prostate Carcinoma
1979978-0-12-333950-8Conference on Lithic Use-Wear Simon Fraser University 1977 1stLithic Use-Wear Analysis (Studies in Archaeology)
2001978-0-12-334151-8Robert M. HayesModels for Library Management, Decision-Making, and Planning (With CD-ROM) (Library and Information Science)
1991978-0-12-334160-0Wayland J. Hayes Jr. · Edward R. Laws Jr.Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology (3-Volume Set)
978-0-12-334161-7Handbook on Pesticides, 3 Volume Set: General Principles, Classes of Pesticides
1998978-0-12-334162-4Handbook of Pest Toxicology: Vol 3
978-0-12-334163-1Wayland J. HayesHandbook of Pesticide Toxicology: Classes of Pesticides: Vol 3
1980978-0-12-334250-8K.C. HayesPrimates in Nutritional Research
1966978-0-12-334361-1Wallace D. · Ronald F. Probstein HayesHYPERSONIC FLOW THEORY Volume 1 Inviscid Flows 2nd Edition
1976978-0-12-334801-2Walter Kurt Hayman · P. B. KennedySubharmonic Functions, Vol. 1 (London Mathematical Society Monographs, No. 9) (v. 1)
1990978-0-12-334802-9W. K. HaymanSubharmonic Functions, Volume 2 (London Mathematical Society Monographs)
1983978-0-12-334880-7Barton F. HaynesMonoclonal Antibodies: Probes for the Study of Autoimmunity and Immunodeficiency
1986978-0-12-334910-1R. J. HaynesMineral Nitrogen in the Plant-Soil System (Physiological Ecology)
1979978-0-12-335050-3Peter J. Hayward · J. S. RylandBritish Ascophoran Bryozoans (Synopses of the British fauna)
1978978-0-12-335150-0Michiel HazewinkelFormal groups and applications, Volume 78 (Pure and Applied Mathematics)
2003978-0-12-335185-2Barrett Hazeltine · Christopher BullField Guide to Appropriate Technology
1998978-0-12-335190-6Barrett Hazeltine · Christopher BullAppropriate Technology: Tools, Choices and Implications (Academic Press Series in Engineering)
1977978-0-12-335250-7Brian A. HazlettQuantitative Methods in the Study of Animal Behavior
1969978-0-12-335650-5J.B. HeadridgeElectrochemical Techniques for Inorganic Chemists
1981978-0-12-335680-2Henry G. HealThe Inorganic Heterocyclic Chemistry of Sulphur, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus
1982978-0-12-335720-5W. P. HealyNon-Relativistic Quantum Electrodynamics
1986978-0-12-335735-9L. R. Heaney · B. D. PattersonIsland Biogeography of Mammals
1978978-0-12-335750-2H. S. HeapsInformation Retrieval, Computational and Theoretical Aspects (Library and information science)
1983978-0-12-335780-9Milton T.W. Hearn · etc.High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Proteins and Peptides: 1st: International Symposium Proceedings
1979978-0-12-335850-9David F. HeathfieldTopics in Applied Macroeconomics
1978978-0-12-335950-6I.Brent HeathNuclear Division in the Fungi
1999978-0-12-335960-5George L. Blackburn · Vay Liang W. Go · David HeberNutritional Oncology
1991978-0-12-336030-4Jeff HechtLaser Pioneers
1983978-0-12-336050-2J. F. C. HeckerThe Sheep As an Experimental Animal
1985978-0-12-336140-0Richard F. HeckPalladium Reagents in Organic Synthesis (Best synthetic methods)
1987978-0-12-336141-7   ''Palladium Reagents in Organic Syntheses (Best Synthetic Methods)
1974978-0-12-336150-9   ''Organotransition Metal Chemistry: A Mechanistic Approach (Organometallic chemistry)
1994978-0-12-336155-4Paul HeckbertGraphics Gems IV (IBM Version) (Graphics Gems - IBM) (No. 4)
  ''978-0-12-336156-1Paul S. HeckbertGraphics Gems Iv/Book and Mac Version Disk (The Graphics Gems Series) (No.4)
  ''978-0-12-336157-8Paul HeckbertGems IV IBM ***Replacement Disk***
  ''978-0-12-336158-5Author UnknownGems IV MAC ***Replacement Disk***
1985978-0-12-336160-8Heinz Heckhausen · Heinz-Dieter Schmalt · Klaus SchneiderAchievement Motivation in Perspective
1995978-0-12-336170-7Gerrit HeckmanHarmonic Analysis and Special Functions on Symmetric Spaces (Perspectives in Mathematics)
1982978-0-12-336180-6John A. HeddleMutagenicity. New Horizons in Genetic Toxicology (Cell biology)
1977978-0-12-336250-6Astri Heen WoldDecoding Oral Language (Social Psychology Monographs)
2008978-0-12-336300-8UnknownREVISTA NOCHE Y NIEBLA #36
1967978-0-12-336350-3Heinz HeckhausenAnatomy of Achievement Motivation
1985978-0-12-336380-0Larry V. Hedges · Ingram OlkinStatistical Methods for Meta-Analysis
2001978-0-12-336381-7HedgesStatistical Methods Meta-analysis
1974978-0-12-336401-2R.H. Hedley · C.G. AdamsForaminifera: v. 1
1977978-0-12-336402-9R.H. Hedley · C.G. AdamsForaminifera: v. 2 Ed. R. H. Hedley & C. G. Adams
1979978-0-12-336403-6R. H. HedleyForaminifera
2004978-0-12-336425-8Hans HedrichThe Laboratory Mouse (Handbook of Experimental Animals)
1975978-0-12-336450-0Peter HedvigExperimental Quantum Chemistry
1981978-0-12-336480-7Paul Heelas · Andrew LockIndigenous Psychologies the Anthropology of the Self (Language, thought, and culture)
1972978-0-12-336550-7C.V. HeerStatistical Mechanics, Kinetic Theory and Stochastic Process
1973978-0-12-336640-5Erich HeftmannModern Methods of Steroid Analysis
1970978-0-12-336650-4Erich HeftmannSteroid Biochemistry
1977978-0-12-336740-2Julian HeicklenAtmospheric Chemistry
1976978-0-12-336750-1   ''Colloid Formation and Growth: Chemical Kinetics Approach
  ''978-0-12-337850-7Milton R. HeinrichExtreme Environments: Mechanisms of Microbial Adaptation
1968978-0-12-337950-4Maurice HeinsComplex Function Theory (Pure & Applied Mathematics)
1991978-0-12-338050-0David L. HeisermanLogic Ic Master Reference
  ''978-0-12-338250-4Albert D. HelfrickElectrical Spectrum and Network Analyzers: A Practical Approach
1984978-0-12-338301-3Author UnknownGroups and geometric analysis: integral geometry, invariant differential operators, and spherical functions
1962978-0-12-338450-8Sigurdur HelgasonDifferential Geometry and Symmetric Spaces (Pure & Applied Mathematics)
1979978-0-12-338460-7Sigurdur HelgasonDifferential Geometry, Lie Groups, and Symmetric Spaces, Volume 80 (Pure and Applied Mathematics)
1984978-0-12-338650-2John P. HelgesonUse of Tissue Culture and Protoplasts in Plant Pathology
1976978-0-12-339050-9Alex Heller · Myles TierneyAlgebra, topology, and category theory: A collection of papers in honor of Samuel Eilenberg
1992978-0-12-339090-5Steve HellerLarge Problems, Small Machines: Transforming Your Programs With Advanced Algorithms
1994978-0-12-339095-0Steve HellerEfficient C/C++ Programming: Smaller, Faster, Better/Book and Disk
1995978-0-12-339096-7   ''Efficient C/C++ Programming: Smaller, Faster, Better/Replacement
1996978-0-12-339097-4   ''Who's Afraid of C++: Programming Primer for the PC
  ''978-0-12-339098-1Author UnknownWho's Afraid ***Replacement*** CD-ROM (Who's Afraid Of?)
1997978-0-12-339099-8Steve HellerIntroduction to C++
  ''978-0-12-339101-8   ''Who's Afraid of Java?
1997978-0-12-339102-5Steve HellerC++ Training Guide, Revised Edition: Revised Printing
  ''978-0-12-339103-2Author UnknownC++ Training Guide ***Replacement*** CD-ROM
1998978-0-12-339104-9Steve HellerWho's Afraid of More C++?
1998978-0-12-339105-6Steve HellerWho's Afraid of More C: Replacment Cd-Rom
1997978-0-12-339106-3   ''Java Training Guide
  ''978-0-12-339107-0   ''Java Training Guide
  ''978-0-12-339108-7Author UnknownWho's Afraid of Java
  ''978-0-12-339109-4   ''C++ Training Guide, Supplement Disk
2000978-0-12-339110-0Steve HellerShining C
1962978-0-12-339156-8H. & R. B. CLARK (eds.) HELLERNeurosecretion
1994978-0-12-339250-3Paul G. Hellewell · Timothy J. Williams · Clive PageImmunopharmacology of Neutrophils (Handbook of Immunopharmacology)
2001978-0-12-339251-0Yves HellegouarchInvitation to the Mathematics of Fermat-Wiles
1975978-0-12-339450-7Walter HellyUrban Systems Models (Operations research and industrial engineering)
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978-0-12-339551-1HemsleyThe Evolution of Plant Physiology: Vol 1
2004978-0-12-339552-8Alan R. Hemsley · Imogen PooleThe Evolution of Plant Physiology (Linnean Society Symposium) (Vol 1)
1983978-0-12-339660-0Elhanan Helpman · etc.Social Policy Evaluation: An Economic Perspective
1987978-0-12-340001-7HEBSpmg Display Stand
1976978-0-12-340050-5HelstromQuantum detection and estimation theory, Volume 123 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1991978-0-12-340223-3Kyoko InoueMacArthur's Japanese Constitution - A Linguistic and Cultural Study of its Making - By Kyoko Inoue
1979978-0-12-340250-9P.W. Henker · J. J. H. MillerNumerical Analysis of Singular Perturbation Problems