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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-0-12-099645-2Graham Bird · Ann HelwegeLatin America's Economic Future (Seminars In Applied Economics)
1971978-0-12-099650-6Alan F. BirdStructure of Nematodes
1991978-0-12-099651-3Alan F. Bird · Jean BirdThe Structure of Nematodes, Second Edition
1989978-0-12-099740-4R. Curtis Bird · J. S. WilliamsIon Beams for Materials Analysis
1992978-0-12-099742-8Graham BirdInternational Aspects of Economic Development (Survey Seminars in Applied Economics)
1990978-0-12-099745-9Author UnknownInternational Financial Regimes
1967978-0-12-099750-3clive birdTransition Metal Intermediates in Organic Synthesis
1981978-0-12-099760-2R. Curtis BirdThe Computer in Experimental Psychology (Computers and people series)
1966978-0-12-099850-0Charles K., & William B. Bridges BirdsallElectron Dynamics of Diode Regions
1975978-0-12-099950-7Julio Bird · Karl MaramoroschTropical Diseases of Legumes
1997978-0-12-099975-0Michael H. BirnbaumMeasurement, Judgment, and Decision Making (Handbook of Perception and Cognition, Second Edition)
2000978-0-12-099980-4Michael H. BirnbaumPsychological Experiments on the Internet
1981978-0-12-100035-6Lewis R. BinfordBones: Ancient Men and Modern Myths
1987978-0-12-100036-3Lewis Roberts BinfordBones: Ancient Men and Modern Myths
1978978-0-12-100040-0Lewis Roberts BinfordNunamiut Ethnoarchaeology (Studies in archeology)
1989978-0-12-100045-5Lewis R. BinfordDebating Archaeology (Studies in Archaeology)
1977978-0-12-100050-9Lewis BinfordFor Theory Building in Archaeology: Essays on Faunal Remains, Aquatic Resources, Spatial Analysis, and Systemic Modeling (Studies in Archeology)
1983978-0-12-100060-8Lewis R. BinfordWorking at Archaeology (Studies in Archaeology)
1984978-0-12-100070-7Lewis Roberts BinfordFaunal Remains from Klasies River Mouth (Studies in Archaeology)
2002978-0-12-100071-4Vladimir N. BinhiMagnetobiology: Underlying Physical Problems
978-0-12-100101-8G tech 4-Port SATA RAID Controller - PCI Express x4 - 300MBps
1996978-0-12-100130-8David M. Bird · Daniel E. Varland · Juan Jose NegroRaptors in Human Landscapes: Adaptation to Built and Cultivated Environments
1971978-0-12-100150-6G.F.B. Birdwood · etc.Parkinson's Disease: A New Approach to Treatment
1996978-0-12-100160-5R. Curtis Bird · Wilfred D. Stein · Jane B. Lian · Janet L. SteinNuclear Structure and Gene Expression: Nuclear Matrix and Chromatin Structure (Cell Biology)
1992978-0-12-100540-5Author UnknownSperm Competition in Birds: Evolutionary Causes and Consequences
  ''978-0-12-100541-2Tim R. Birkhead · Aage R. MollerSperm Competition in Birds: Evolutionary Causes and Consequences
1998978-0-12-100543-6Tim R. Birkhead · Anders Pape MøllerSperm Competition and Sexual Selection
1957978-0-12-100550-4G Zarantonello, E.H. BirkhoffJets, Wakes, and Cavities (North-Holland Series in Applied Mathematics & Mechanics)
1984978-0-12-100560-3Arthur SchoenstadtElliptic Problem Solvers II
1985978-0-12-101250-2Author UnknownNumerical Methods in Quaternary Pollen Analysis
1996978-0-12-101260-1James E. Birren · K. Warner Schaie · Margaret Gatz · Timothy A. SalthouseHandbook of Psychology of Aging, Fourth Edition (Handbooks of Aging)
  ''978-0-12-101261-8James E. Birren · K. Warner SchaieHandbook of Aging and the Social Sciences: Handbook of the Psychology of Aging, Fourth Edition (Handbooks of Aging)
2001978-0-12-101262-5   ''Handbook of the Psychology of Aging, Fifth Edition (Handbooks of Aging)
  ''978-0-12-101263-2James E. Birren · K Warner SchaieHandbook of the Psychology of Aging (Handbooks of Aging)
2005978-0-12-101264-9   ''Handbook of the Psychology of Aging, Sixth Edition (Handbooks of Aging)
  ''978-0-12-101265-6   ''Handbook of the Psychology of Aging (Handbooks of Aging)
1991978-0-12-101275-5James E. Birren · James E. Lubben · Janice Cichowlas Rowe · Donna E. DeutchmanThe Concept and Measurement of Quality of Life in the Frail Elderly
1992978-0-12-101277-9James E. Birren · Gene D. Cohen · R. Bruce Sloane · Barry D. Lebowitz · Donna E. Deutchman · May Wykle · Nancy R. HooymanHandbook of Mental Health and Aging
1990978-0-12-101280-9James E. BirrenHandbook of the Psychology of Aging (Handbooks of Aging Series)
1990978-0-12-101281-6James E. BirrenHandbook of the Psychology of Aging (Handbooks on Aging Series)
1996978-0-12-101285-4Bruce Birren · Eric LaiNonmammalian Genomic Analysis: A Practical Guide
1993978-0-12-101290-8Bruce Birren · Eric LaiPulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis: A Practical Guide
1980978-0-12-101550-3F. A. Bisby · etc.Chemosystematics: Principles and Practice (Systematics Association. Special volume)
2000978-0-12-101610-4Timothy Bishop · P. ShamAnalysis of Multifactorial Diseases (Human Molecular Genetics)
1981978-0-12-101620-3James A. Bishop · Laurence Martin CookGenetic Consequences of Man Made Change
1999978-0-12-101625-8Martin J. BishopGenetic Databases (Biological Techniques Series)
1975978-0-12-101650-0Albert B. BishopIntroduction to Discrete Linear Controls: Theory and Application (Operations research and industrial engineering)
1994978-0-12-102050-7M. J. BishopGuide to Human Genome Computing
1998978-0-12-102051-4Martin J. BishopGuide to Human Genome Computing, Second Edition
1984978-0-12-102480-2David H. Bishop · W. RichardNonsegmented Negative Strand Viruses: Paramyxoviruses and Rhabdoviruses
1978978-0-12-102498-7Michael MetzeltinSigno, O Comunicado, O Codigo, O Introducao A Linguistica Teorica
1982978-0-12-102520-5J. BithellPerspectives in Medical Statistics
1977978-0-12-102550-2Laszlo Z. Bito · etc.Ocular and Cerebrospinal Fluids
1996978-0-12-102570-0Elizabeth Ligon Bjork · Robert A. BjorkMemory (Handbook of Perception and Cognition)
1998978-0-12-102571-7Elizabeth Ligon Bjork · Robert A. BjorkMemory (Handbook of Perception and Cognition, Second Edition)
1992978-0-12-102590-8Kaj Bjorkqvist · Pirkko NiemelaOf Mice and Women: Aspects of Female Aggression
1976978-0-12-102650-9Donald J BlackThe Behavior of Law
  ''978-0-12-102652-3Donald BlackThe Behavior of Law
978-0-12-102701-8Biological Basis of Medicine
1969978-0-12-102702-5E. EDWARD (ed.) BITTARBiological Basis of Medicine. Volume 2.
978-0-12-102705-6Biological Basis of Medicine
978-0-12-102706-3Biological Basis of Medicine
978-0-12-102711-7Schulz Charles MonroCoff Int T4+Cale pour T3
1993978-0-12-102740-7Robert BixTopics in Geometry
1984978-0-12-102750-6Jan BlancherSeverely Handicapped Young Children and Their Families: Research in Review
1993978-0-12-102800-8Donald BlackThe Social Structure of Right and Wrong
1984978-0-12-102801-5Toward a general theory of social control (Studies on law and social control)
  ''978-0-12-102802-2Donald BlackToward a General Theory of Social Control: Selected Problems
1998978-0-12-102803-9   ''The Social Structure of Right and Wrong, Revised Edition
1992978-0-12-102820-6John BlackThe System Engineers Handbook (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design)
2004978-0-12-102821-3Louise Scheuer · Sue BlackThe Juvenile Skeleton
2019978-0-12-102822-0Louise ScheuerHuman Juvenile Osteology: The Laboratory Manual and Wall Chart
1981978-0-12-102880-0Donald BlackManners and Customs of the Police
1981978-0-12-102882-4Donald BlackThe Manners and Customs of the Police
1971978-0-12-102950-0D. A BlackadderA handbook of unit operations
1967978-0-12-103050-6Donald W. BlackettElementary Topology: A Combinatorial and Algebraic Approach
1982978-0-12-103060-5   ''Elementary Topology: A Combinatorial and Algebraic Approach
1971978-0-12-103150-3R.E. Blackith · R.A. ReymentMultivariate Morphometrics
1977978-0-12-103250-0Association of Social Anthropologists of the CommonwealthThe Anthropology of the Body (A.S.A. Monographs, 15.)
1989978-0-12-103300-2J. M. BlackledgeQuantitative Coherent Imaging: Theory, Methods and Some Applications (Techniques of Physics)
1970978-0-12-103350-7L.C.F. BlackmanModern Aspects of Graphite Technology
1981978-0-12-103450-4H. Blackburn · etc.Plasma Lipids: Optimal Levels for Health
1998978-0-12-103455-9Tom Fenchel · Gary M. King · Henry BlackburnBacterial Biogeochemistry: The Ecophysiology of Mineral Cycling
1990978-0-12-103458-0R. B. KnoxMicrospores: Evolution and Ontogeny
1986978-0-12-103460-3S. BlackmorePollen and Spores: Form and Function (LINNEAN SOCIETY SYMPOSIUM SERIES)
1983978-0-12-103480-1Roger D. Blair · David L. KasermanLaw and Economics of Vertical Integration and Control
1986978-0-12-103501-3William K. BlakeMechanics of Flow-Induced Sound and Vibration, Volume 1: General Concepts and Elementary Sources
  ''978-0-12-103502-0William K. BlakeMechanics of Flow-Induced Sound and Vibration, Vol. 2: Complex Flow-Structure Interactions (Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Vol. 17)
978-0-12-103510-5MillarReceptor Gene Expression
1993978-0-12-103515-0Author UnknownPhigs and Phigs+: An Introduction to 3-D Computer Graphics
1995978-0-12-103520-4David Blake · Paul G. Winyard · Clive PageImmunopharmacology of Free Radical Species (Handbook of Immunopharmacology)
1975978-0-12-103550-1Ian F. BlakeThe Mathematical Theory of Coding
1976978-0-12-103560-0Ian F. BlakeAn Introduction to Algebraic and Combinatorial Coding Theory
1967978-0-12-103601-0N (Ed) BlakebroughBiochemical and Biological Engineering Science
1968978-0-12-103602-7N. (Ed.). BlakebroughBiochemical and Biological Engineering Science. Volume 2
1993978-0-12-103610-2B. C. Blake-colemanApproaches to Physical Measurements in Biotechnology
1981978-0-12-103750-5J. P. BlakemanMicrobial Ecology of the Phylloplane
1975978-0-12-103801-4J.M. BlakelySurface Physics of Materials. Volume 1. (Materials science and technology) (v. 1)
  ''978-0-12-103802-1J. M. BlakelySurface Physics of Materials, Vol. 2
  ''978-0-12-103950-9Hubert M. Blalock · etc.Quantitative Sociology: International Perspectives on Mathematical and Statistical Modeling (Quantitative studies in social relations)
1981978-0-12-103980-6Robert O BlanchardField and Laboratory Guide to Tree Pathology
1997978-0-12-103982-0Robert O. Blanchard · Terry A. TattarField and Laboratory Guide to Tree Pathology, Second Edition
1971978-0-12-104050-5B.F. BlandCrop Production: Cereals and Legumes
1973978-0-12-104150-2M.J. BlandamerIntroduction to Chemical Ultrasonics (Physical chemistry, a series of monographs)
1987978-0-12-104230-1J. M.V. Blanshard · P. Lillford · Bernard S. SchweigertFood Structure and Behaviour (Food Science and Technology)
1997978-0-12-104245-5Diane Reiner · Keith BlantonPerson to Person on the Internet
1978978-0-12-104250-9Richard E. BlantonMonte Alban: Settlement Patterns at the Ancient Zapotec Capital (Studies in archeology)
1991978-0-12-104280-6Leroy C. BlakenshipColonization Control of Human Bacterial Enteropathogens in Poultry (Food Science & Technology International)
1966978-0-12-104350-6A. BlaquiereNonlinear System Analysis (Electrical Science)
1969978-0-12-104360-5Austin Blaquière · Françoise GérardQuantitative and Qualitative Games (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1984978-0-12-104365-0A. Blaquiere · George LeitmannDynamical Systems and Microphysics: Control Theory and Mechanics
1994978-0-12-104570-8Michael Greenacre · Jörg BlasiusCorrespondence Analysis in the Social Sciences
1982978-0-12-104650-7W. E. BlassDeconvolution of Absorption Spectra: Deconvolution of Infrared and Other Types of Spectra
2006978-0-12-104800-6UnknownREVISTA DERECHO PENAL Y CRIMINOLOGIA #80
1964978-0-12-104950-8John M. BlattTheory of Superconductivity (Pure & Applied Physics)
1976978-0-12-105050-4Sidney J. Blatt · Cynthia WildSchizophrenia: A Developmental Analysis
1984978-0-12-105250-8Peter Michael BlauCrosscutting Social Circles: Testing a MacRostructural Theory of Intergroup Relations
1983978-0-12-105252-2Peter M. Blau · Joseph E. SchwartzCrosscutting Social Circles: Testing a Macrostructural Theory of Intergroup Relations
1998978-0-12-105545-5John MauchlineThe Biology of Calanoid Copepods, Volume 33 (Advances in Marine Biology)
1965978-0-12-105550-9Kenneth Lyon BlaxterEnergy Metabolism Proceeding of the 3rd held at Troon, Scotland , May 1964
1984978-0-12-105650-6Norman BleisteinMathematical Methods for Wave Phenomena (Computer Science & Applied Mathematics)
1994978-0-12-105760-2Horst Bluethmann · Pamela OhashiTransgenesis and Targeted Mutagenesis in Immunology
1981978-0-12-105850-0Adolph BlicherField-Effect and Bipolar Power Transistor Physics
1992978-0-12-105952-1Robert T. BlickenstaffAntitumor Steroids
1974978-0-12-106050-3S.M. BlinderFoundations of Quantum Dynamics
2004978-0-12-106051-0Sy M. BlinderIntroduction to Quantum Mechanics: in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Biology (Complementary Science)
1977978-0-12-106150-0Alan S., & Philip Friedman (editors) BlinderNatural resources, uncertainty, and general equilibrium systems: Essays in memory of Rafael Lusky (Economic theory and mathematical economics)
1980978-0-12-106160-9Alan S. BlinderEconomic Policy and the Great Stagflation (Economic theory, econometrics, and mathematical economics)
1981978-0-12-106162-3Alan S. BlinderEconomic Policy and the Great Stagflation
1990978-0-12-106355-9Author UnknownInternational Perspectives on Municipal Solid Waste and Sanitary Landfilling (International Solid Waste Professional Library)
1985978-0-12-106400-6Dorothy BlissBiology of the Crustacea
1982978-0-12-106401-3Lawrence G. Abele · Dorothy E. BlissThe Biology of Crustacea, Vol. 1: Systematics, the Fossil Record, and Biogeography
  ''978-0-12-106402-0Lawrence G. Abele · Dorothy E. BlissThe Biology of Crustacea, Vol. 2: Embryology, Morphology and Genetics
1982978-0-12-106403-7Author UnknownThe Biology of Crustacea, Volume 3: Volume 3: Neurobiology, Structure and Function
  ''978-0-12-106404-4David C. Sandeman · Harold L. AtwoodBiology of Crustacea: Neurel Integration and Behavior
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  ''978-0-12-106406-8Dorothy E. BlissThe Biology of Crustacea, Vol. 6: Pathobiology
  ''978-0-12-106407-5   ''Biology of Crustacea: Behavior and Ecology
  ''978-0-12-106408-2F. John VernbergThe Biology of Crustacea: Environmental Adaptations
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1986978-0-12-106410-5Anthony J., Jr. ProvenzanoEconomic Aspects: Fisheries and Culture (The Biology of Crustacea)
2002978-0-12-106411-2Herbert L. Blitzer · Jack JacobiaForensic Digital Imaging and Photography
1975978-0-12-106850-9Maurice BlochPolitical Language and Oratory in Traditional Society
1958978-0-12-106950-6R J & Durrum, E L & Zweig, G BlockA Manual of Paper Chromatography and Paper Electrophoresis
1978978-0-12-107050-2E. BlockReactions of Organosulfur Compounds (Organic Chemistry Monographs)
1987978-0-12-107070-0Andre Blokdijk · Paul BlokdijkPlanning and Design of Information Systems
1991978-0-12-107071-7Author UnknownPlanning and Design of Information Systems
1983978-0-12-107150-9BlombergAlgebraic theory for multivariable linear systems, Volume 166 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
2003978-0-12-107151-6Gary J. Blomquist · Richard G. VogtInsect Pheromone Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: The Biosynthesis and Detection of Pheromones and Plant Volatiles
1984978-0-12-107180-6R. J. BlongVolcanic Hazards: A Sourcebook on the Effects of Eruptions
1980978-0-12-107201-8H.A. Blough · J.M. TiffanyCell Membranes and Viral Envelopes: v. 1
1980978-0-12-107202-5H.A. Blough · J.M. TiffanyCell Membranes and Viral Envelopes: v. 2
1994978-0-12-107240-7Floyd E. BloomBrain Browser: A Spinnaker PlusTM-Based Hypertext Aplication for Microsoft(r) WindowsTM
1995978-0-12-107241-4Author UnknownBrain Browser Disk 1 ***Replacement*** IBM
  ''978-0-12-107242-1   ''Brain Browser Disk 2 ***Replacement*** IBM
  ''978-0-12-107243-8   ''Brain Browser Disk 3 ***Replacement*** IBM
1995978-0-12-107244-5Author UnknownBrain Browser Disk 4 ***Replacement*** IBM
  ''978-0-12-107245-2   ''Brain Browser Disk 5 ***Replacement*** IBM
978-0-12-107250-6Brain Browser
1989978-0-12-107251-3Author UnknownBrain Browser Demo Disk (MAC)
1990978-0-12-107252-0   ''Brain Browser Disk 1 ***Replacement*** MAC
  ''978-0-12-107253-7   ''Brain Browser Disk 2 ***Replacement*** MAC
  ''978-0-12-107254-4   ''Brain Browser Disk 3 ***Replacement*** MAC
1990978-0-12-107255-1Author UnknownBrain Browser Disk 4 ***Replacement*** MAC
  ''978-0-12-107256-8   ''Brain Browser Disk 5 ***Replacement*** MAC
  ''978-0-12-107257-5   ''Brain Browser Disk 6 ***Replacement*** MAC
2002978-0-12-107258-2Barry R. Bloom · Paul-Henri LambertThe Vaccine Book
1994978-0-12-107260-5Floyd E. Bloom · Warren G. YoungBrain Browser: A Spinnaker Plus-based HyperText Application for Microsoft Windows
1995978-0-12-107261-2Author UnknownBrain Browser Intl ***Replacement*** Disk 1
  ''978-0-12-107262-9   ''Brain Browser Intl ***Replacement*** Disk 2
  ''978-0-12-107263-6   ''Brain Browser Intl ***Replacement*** Disk 3
1995978-0-12-107264-3Author UnknownBrain Browser Intl ***Replacement*** Disk 4
1995978-0-12-107265-0Author UnknownBrain Browser Intl ***Replacement*** Disk 5
1978978-0-12-107301-5Jay A. BloomfieldLakes of New York State: Volume I: Ecology of the Finger Lakes
  ''978-0-12-107302-2   ''Lakes of New York State, vol. 2 :Ecology of the Lakes of Western New York
1980978-0-12-107303-9J.A. BloomfieldLakes of New York State, Volume III: Ecology of the lakes of East-Central New York (v. 3)
1996978-0-12-107310-7BLOOM - ENDOW MOTOR PROTEINS 1: KINESINS 2E: Kinesins
1977978-0-12-107450-0Ben G. Blount · Mary SanchesSociocultural Dimensions of Language Change (Language, thought, and culture)
978-0-12-107550-7Marsden S. BloisFree Radicals in Biological Systems: Symposium
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1974978-0-12-107605-4Wayland J. HayesEssays in Toxicology: v. 5
1975978-0-12-107606-1Wayland J. Hayes jr.Essays in Toxicology Volume 6 (v. 6)
1976978-0-12-107607-8   ''Essays in Toxicology Volume 7 (v. 7)
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1970978-0-12-107652-8   ''Essays in Toxicology: Volume 2
1972978-0-12-107653-5Wayland J. HayesEssays in Toxicology: v. 3
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1977978-0-12-107760-0Barry R. Bloom · John R. DavidIn Vitro Methods in Cell-mediated and Tumour Immunity
1988978-0-12-107820-1Ruth BlumbergLiquid-Liquid Extraction
1974978-0-12-107950-5P. Blume · E.F. FreierEnzymology in the Practice of Laboratory Medicine
1972978-0-12-108050-1R. A. Boakes · M. S. HallidayInhibition and learning
1982978-0-12-108080-8F. BoalIntegration and Division
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1975978-0-12-108240-6Author UnknownSome Methods for Microbial Assay (Technical series - Society for Applied Bacteriology ; no. 8)
1973978-0-12-108250-5   ''Sampling: Microbiological Monitoring of Environments (Society for Applied Bacteriology. Technical series)
1999978-0-12-108260-4Scipione BobbioElectrodynamics of Materials: Forces, Stresses, and Energies in Solids and Fluids (Electromagnetism)