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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-11-702160-0European Bank for Reconstruction & DevelopmentInvestors' Guidebook: Russian Federation: For Environment, Health and Safety
2007978-0-11-702168-6Philip Coyne · Police Foundation · Penny MaresRoadcraft: the police driver's handbook: The Essential Police Driver's Handbook
  ''978-0-11-702169-3David Radford · Knight FrankAdding value to your home: a guide to extending your lease or buying your freehold
1997978-0-11-702179-2Gale GroupWhitaker's Almanack: 130th annual edition. Standard edition
1998978-0-11-702204-1Gale GroupWhitaker's Almanack World Heads of State 1998
  ''978-0-11-702205-8   ''Whitaker's Almanack World Heads of Government 1998
  ''978-0-11-702210-2Paul McCallionAchievement for All (Achieving Excellence in Schools)
  ''978-0-11-702227-0Clive RassamInsurance Industry in Europe (International Business Intelligence Reports)
1998978-0-11-702236-2Particle Physics and Astronomy Research CouncilThe Star Almanac for Land Surveyors 1999
  ''978-0-11-702240-9HMSO BooksWhitaker's Almanack 1999: 131st annual edition. Standard edition
2000978-0-11-702243-0Lauren HillWhitaker's London Almanack 2001
1998978-0-11-702245-4Hilary MarsdenWhitaker's Almanack Pocket World 1999
2002978-0-11-702247-8Joseph WhitakerWhitaker's Almanack 1900 (Facsimile edition)
2000978-0-11-702250-8S. GreenbergWhitaker's Olympic Almanack: An Encyclopaedia of the Olympic Games
1999978-0-11-702251-5Hilary Marsden · Mandy MacdonaldWhitaker's Scottish Almanack 2000
  ''978-0-11-702252-2HMSO BooksWhitaker's Almanack: 132nd annual edition. Standard edition
  ''978-0-11-702253-9Whitaker's Almanack: 132nd annual edition. Gift edition
2000978-0-11-702259-1Lauren HillWhitaker's Concise Almanack: 133rd Annual Edition
  ''978-0-11-702261-4   ''Whitaker's Almanack 2001 (133rd Ed.) (Standard Edition)
2002978-0-11-702266-9George BealWhitaker's Obituary Almanack
2002978-0-11-702274-4Gyles Brandreth · Vanessa WhiteWhitaker's London Almanack: 2002
  ''978-0-11-702278-2Whitaker's Concise Almanack: 134th Annual Edition
2001978-0-11-702279-9HMSO BooksWhitaker's Almanack: 134th Annual Edition. Standard Edition
1998978-0-11-702308-6John SheailNature Conservation in Britain: The Formative Years
2000978-0-11-702317-8Paul McCallionThe Competent School Manager (Achieving Excellence in Schools S.)
  ''978-0-11-702319-2G.N. GeorganoThe Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile
1999978-0-11-702324-6UK PerspectivesThe London Professional Collection
2001978-0-11-702339-0PACEGC/Works/11 (2000): General Services
1999978-0-11-702346-8Richard HemmingsEmployment Acts Explained (Point of Law)
1997978-0-11-702356-7John Mawson · Jonathan BradburyBritish Regionalism and Devolution: The Challenges of State Reform and European Integration (Regions and Cities)
  ''978-0-11-702357-4John Bachtler · Ivan TurokThe Coherence of EU Regional Policy: Contrasting Perspectives on the Structural Funds (Regions and Cities)
1996978-0-11-702358-1Mark Hart · Graham Gudgin · Richard Barkham · Eric HanveyThe Determinants of Small Firm Growth: An Inter-Regional Study in the United Kingdom 1986-90: An Inter-regional Study in the UK 1986-90 (Regions and Cities)
1995978-0-11-702359-8Mark Hart · Anastasios Katos · Sally Hardy · Louis AlbrechtsAn Enlarged Europe: Regions in Competition? (Regions and Cities)
1997978-0-11-702360-4James SimmeInnovation Networks and Learning Regions? (Regions and Cities)
1998978-0-11-702361-1Peter Roberts · Kevin Thomas · Gwyndaf WilliamsMetropolitan Planning in Britain: A Comparative Study (Regions and Cities)
1997978-0-11-702362-8Nicholas A. PhelpsMultinationals and European Integration: Trade, Investment and Regional Development (Regions and Cities)
  ''978-0-11-702363-5Martin Jones · Jamie PeckNew Institutional Spaces: TECs and the Remaking of Economic Governance (Regions and Cities)
1998978-0-11-702364-2Charlotte Damborg · Mike Danson · Henrik HalkierRegional Development Agencies in Europe (Regions and Cities)
1992978-0-11-702365-9Peter Townroe · Ron MartinRegional Development in the 1990s: The British Isles in Transition (Regions and Cities)
1996978-0-11-702366-6Philip Boland · Jeremy AldenRegional Development Strategies: A European Perspective (Regions and Cities)
1996978-0-11-702367-3Grzegorz GorzelakThe Regional Dimension of Transformation in Central Europe (Regions and Cities)
1997978-0-11-702370-3S.S ArtobolevskiyRegional Policy in Europe (Regions and Cities)
1998978-0-11-702372-7Goran Cars · Judith Allen · Ali MadanipourSocial Exclusion in European Cities: Processes, Experiences and Responses (Regions and Cities)
1993978-0-11-702373-4Richard T. Harrison · Mark HartSpatial Policy in a Divided Nation (Regions and Cities)
2003978-0-11-702374-1Colin Hunter · Graham HaughtonSustainable Cities (Regions and Cities)
1997978-0-11-702375-8Sally Hardy · Ron Martin · Paul LawlessUnemployment and Social Exclusion: Landscapes of Labour inequality and Social Exclusion (Regions and Cities)
1999978-0-11-702377-2Graham HaughtonCommunity Economic Development (Regions and Cities)
  ''978-0-11-702378-9Jeremy Alden · Nicholas F. PhelpsForeign Direct Investment and the Global Economy: Corporate and Institutional Dynamics of Global-Localisation (Regions and Cities)
2002978-0-11-702379-6Kevin Morgan · Claire NauwelaersRegional Innovation Strategies: The Challenge for Less-Favoured Regions (Regions and Cities)
2000978-0-11-702380-2Anna Giunta · Arnoud Lagendijk · Andy PikeRestructuring Industry and Territory: The Experience of Europe's Regions (Regions and Cities)
1999978-0-11-702381-9Richard GoldThe Education Act Explained (Point of Law)
2000978-0-11-702382-6Colin BourneThe Discrimination Law Explained (Point of Law)
  ''978-0-11-702384-0Michael KingThe Charities Acts Explained (Point of Law)
  ''978-0-11-702385-7Caroline Gibson · Rebecca James · Shona Mulholland · Joanne GriceThe 1989 Children Act Explained (Point of Law)
  ''978-0-11-702388-8David Banister · Stephen MarshallEncouraging transport alternatives: good practice in reducing travel
1999978-0-11-702402-1Tim CoatesJohn Profumo and Christine Keeler, 1963 (Uncovered Editions)
1999978-0-11-702403-8Tim CoatesThe Loss of the Titanic 1912 (Uncovered Editions)
2001978-0-11-702405-2   ''Bloody Sunday, 1972: Lord Widgery's Report of Events in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, on 30 January 1972 (Uncovered Editions)
1999978-0-11-702406-9   ''Judgement of Nuremberg, 1946 (uncovered editions)
1999978-0-11-702407-6Tim CoatesR101: The Airship Disaster, 1930 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702408-3   ''The Boer War, Ladysmith and Mafeking, 1900 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702409-0   ''The British Invasion of Tibet: Colonel Younghusband, 1904 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702410-6   ''War, 1914: Punishing the Serbs (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702411-3   ''War, 1939: Dealing with Adolf Hitler (Uncovered Editions)
2000978-0-11-702412-0Tim CoatesThe Amritsar Massacre, 1919: General Dyer in the Punjab (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702413-7   ''UFOs in the House of Lords, 1979 (Uncovered Editions)
1999978-0-11-702414-4   ''The Strange Story of Adolph Beck (Uncovered Editions)
2000978-0-11-702415-1   ''The Irish Uprising, 1914-21: Papers from the British Parliamentary Archive (Uncovered Editions)
1999978-0-11-702416-8Wilfred BluntEgyptian Garden: Fox-Hunting In Cairo
  ''978-0-11-702417-5Tim CoatesRillington Place, 1949: Report of an Inquiry by the Hon.Mr.Justice Brabin into the Case of Timothy John Evans (Uncovered Editions)
2000978-0-11-702423-6   ''Lord Kitchener and Winston Churchill: 1914-15 Pt. 1: The Dardanelles Commission (Uncovered Editions)
2000978-0-11-702424-3Tim CoatesThe Russian Revolution, 1917 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702425-0   ''Florence Nightingale and the Crimea, 1854-55 (Uncovered Editions)
2001978-0-11-702436-6Carillion ServicesDefects in buildings: symptoms, investigation, diagnosis and cure
2000978-0-11-702447-2Tim CoatesBritish Battles of World War I, 1914-15 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702451-9   ''D Day to VE Day: General Eisenhower's Report, 1944-45 (Uncovered Editions)
2001978-0-11-702453-3Tim Coates · J. S. BrewerLetters of Henry VIII, 1526-29: Extracts from the Calendar of State Papers of Henry VIII
2000978-0-11-702454-0Tim CoatesThe Siege of Kars, 1855: Defence and Capitulation Reported by General Williams (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702455-7   ''Defeat at Gallipoli: The Dardanelles Commission Part II, 1915-16 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702456-4   ''The Siege of the Peking Embassy, 1900: Sir Claude MacDonald's Report on the Boxer Rebellion (Uncovered Editions)
2001978-0-11-702458-8Tim CoatesWar in the Falklands, 1982 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702459-5Tim Coates · Aidan CrawleyEscape from Germany, 1939-45: Methods of Escape Used by RAF Airmen During World War II (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702460-1Tim CoatesKing Guezo of Dahomey, 1850-52: The Abolition of the Slave Trade on the West Coast of Africa (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702463-2   ''The World War II Collection (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702464-9   ''The Siege Collection: The Siege of Kars 1855, The Boer War: Ladysmith and Mafeking 1900, The Siege of the Peking Embassy 1900
2001978-0-11-702465-6Tim CoatesTragic Journeys (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702467-0   ''Mr Hosie's Journey to Tibet 1904 (Uncovered Editions)
2000978-0-11-702524-0Stationery OfficeHealth & Safety: Routine Checks and Records: The Incident Book (Incident Record Books)
2001978-0-11-702535-6James Stevens · Royal Yachting AssociationThe Seaway Code: Seamanship and Safety for All Leisure Craft
  ''978-0-11-702536-3Tim CoatesThe Battle of Britain, August-October 1940: An Air Ministry Account of the Great Days from 8 August-31 October 1940 (Uncovered Editions: War Facsimiles)
  ''978-0-11-702537-0   ''Land at War: The Official Story of British Farming, 1939-1944 (Uncovered Editions: War Facsimiles)
2001978-0-11-702538-7Tim CoatesEast of Malta, West of Suez: The Admiralty Account of the Naval War in the Eastern Mediterranean, September 1939 to March 1941 (Uncovered Editions: War Facsimiles)
  ''978-0-11-702539-4   ''Fleet Air Arm (Uncovered Editions: War Facsimiles)
  ''978-0-11-702540-0   ''Bomber Command (Uncovered Editions: War Facsimiles)
  ''978-0-11-702541-7   ''Roof Over Britain: The Official Story of the Anti Aircraft Defences 1939-1942 (Uncovered Editions: War Facsimiles)
  ''978-0-11-702542-4   ''The Battle of Egypt, 1942: The Official Record in Pictures and Map (Uncovered Editions: War Facsimiles)
2001978-0-11-702543-1Tim CoatesOcean Front: The Story of the War in the Pacific 1941-44 (Uncovered Editions: War Facsimiles)
2002978-0-11-702557-8British Retail ConsortiumRetail Crime Survey 2001
2008978-0-11-702582-0Brc Best Practice Guideline: Complaint Handling - Issue 2
  ''978-0-11-702596-7British Retail ConsortiumGlobal standard for consumer products
  ''978-0-11-702597-4Association of Train Operating CompaniesAvantix traveller fares information CD-ROM: 07 September 2008-01 January 2009 (or until further notice): Effective from 7 September 2008 to 1 January 2009
2000978-0-11-702615-5Dan Jellinek · Paul Lambden · Roy C. LilleyYour Health and the Internet
1999978-0-11-702648-3Elizabeth HolmesHandbook for Newly Qualified Teachers: The Definitive Guide to Your First Year of Teaching (Hmso)
2000978-0-11-702656-8Ewan W. AndersonGlobal Geopolitical Flashpoints: An Atlas of Conflict
1999978-0-11-702657-5Roger East · Catherine JasserPeople of Consequence: Key Personalities of the Modern World (Hmso)
2000978-0-11-702668-1HM TreasuryGovernment Accounting: A Guide on Accounting and Financial Procedures
2001978-0-11-702678-0Lauren HillThe Political Companion 2001
1999978-0-11-702683-4David PickersgillThe Competition Act, 1998 Explained (Point of Law)
1998978-0-11-702687-2Paul McCallionLiteracy Across the Curriculum (Achieving Excellence in Schools S.)
1999978-0-11-702698-8D.B.L. McClellandHandbook of Transfusion Medicine: Republic of Ireland Edition
2001978-0-11-702700-8Declan LyonsEnvironmental Regulation and Your Business (You Need This Book First)
  ''978-0-11-702729-9Chas Critcher · Bella Dicks · David Parry · David WaddingtonOut of the Ashes?: The Social Impact of Industrial Contraction and Regeneration on Britain's Mining Communities (Regions and Cities)
  ''978-0-11-702737-4Tim CoatesThe Trials of Oscar Wilde, 1895: Transcript Excerpts from the Trials at the Old Bailey, London, During April and May 1895 (Uncovered Editions)
2001978-0-11-702738-1Tim CoatesThe Great Train Robbery, 1963 (Uncovered Editions)
2001978-0-11-702744-2Tim CoatesAttack on Pearl Harbor, 1941: Conclusions of the US Congressional Committee, 1946 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702745-9   ''The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962: Selected Foreign Policy Documents from the Administration of John F.Kennedy, January 1961-November 1962 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702746-6   ''UFOs in America, 1947 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702747-3   ''The Watergate Affair, 1972: The Resignation of President Richard M.Nixon (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702748-0   ''The Assassination of John F.Kennedy, 1963: The Report of the Warren Commission, September 1964 (Uncovered Editions)
2001978-0-11-702749-7Tim CoatesThe St Valentine's Day Massacre 1929 (Uncovered Editions)
  ''978-0-11-702750-3Nick GeorganoThe Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile: Coachbuilding (National Motor Museum)
  ''978-0-11-702812-8Roger LortonA-Z of Policing Law (Point of law)
  ''978-0-11-702814-2Rosy BorderDivorce (You Need This Book First S.)
  ''978-0-11-702834-0Johnny RichThe Push Guide to Choosing a University
2002978-0-11-702853-1Colin BentleyPractical PRINCE 2
2001978-0-11-702856-2Carillion ServicesThe PSA Schedule of Rates for Mechanical Services
2002978-0-11-702860-9Disability Rights CommissionCode of Practice 2002: Goods, Facilities, Services and Premises: Rights of Access [Goods Facilities Services Premises]
2003978-0-11-702861-6Marion R. Cooper · Anthony W. Johnson · Elizabeth A. DaunceyPoisonous Plants and Fungi: An Illustrated Guide (Tso)
2002978-0-11-702862-3Kim Burton · Stationery Office · Tim McClune · Gordon WaddellThe Whiplash Book: How You Can Deal with a Whiplash Injury - Based on the Latest Medical Research, (Single Copy)
2002978-0-11-702949-1Martin Roland · Gordon Waddell · Jennifer Klaber Moffett · Kim Burton · Chris MainThe Back Book: the Best Way to Deal with Back Pain; Get Back Active
  ''978-0-11-703056-5Angela CoulterThe Autonomous Patient: Ending Paternalism in Medical Care
2003978-0-11-703125-8Commission for Health ImprovementReport of a Clinical Governance Review at St.George's Healthcare NHS Trust
  ''978-0-11-703164-7Stationery OfficeAccident book
2004978-0-11-703227-9Richard GreenThe Commonwealth Yearbook 2004
  ''978-0-11-703239-2Commonwealth SecretariatCommonwealth Education Partnerships 2004
2002978-0-11-703249-1Richard GreenCommonwealth Public Administration Reform 2004
2004978-0-11-703264-4Raj Bhopal · John M. LastPublic Health,Past,Present and Future,Celebrating Academic Public Health in Edinburgh,1902-2002
  ''978-0-11-703321-4Gordon Waddell · et al.The Neck Book
2005978-0-11-703371-9Guidelines for the Blood Transfusion Services in the United Kingdom 2005
2005978-0-11-703544-7Colin BentleyPractical PRINCE2
  ''978-0-11-703549-2Sowerby Centre for Health Informatics at Newcastle Ltd.PRODIGY Knowledge: Practical, Reliable, Evidence-based Guidance
  ''978-0-11-703602-4Pension CommissionA New Pension Settlement for the Twenty-first Century: Report: The Second Report of the Pensions Commission
2006978-0-11-703653-6Stationery OfficeThe Building Regulations 2000: approved document, P: P1 Design and installation of electrical installations
2007978-0-11-703740-3John Franklin · Stationery OfficeCyclecraft: the complete guide to safe and enjoyable cycling for adults and children
  ''978-0-11-703746-5Department for Constitutional AffairsMental Capacity Act 2005 code of practice: [2007 final edition]: Code of Practice to the Mental Capacity Act 2005
  ''978-0-11-703756-4Great Britain: Department for Constitutional AffairsMental Capacity Act 2005 code of practice: [large print 2007 final edition]
2008978-0-11-703760-1British Retail Consortium · IOP The Packaging SocietyGlobal standard for packaging and packaging materials: Issue 3
2007978-0-11-703783-0Michael Nelson ... [et al.]. Food Standards AgencyLow income diet and nutrition survey: summary of key findings
2009978-0-11-703789-2N.A.S. Kendall · Flags Think-Tank · A.K. Burton · C.J. Main · P.J. WatsonTackling musculoskeletal problems: a guide for clinic and workplace, identifying obstacles using the psychosocial flags framework
2008978-0-11-703798-4British Retail ConsortiumGlobaler Standard fèr Lebensmittelsicherheit: [German print version of Global standard for food safety]: Issue 5
2008978-0-11-703861-5Gordon Waddell · Vocational Rehabilitation Task Group · Industrial Injuries Advisory Council · A. Kim Burton · Nicholas A.S. KendallVocational rehabilitation: what works, for whom, and when?
  ''978-0-11-703862-2Great Britain: Competition CommissionMarket investigation into payment protection insurance: provisional findings
2009978-0-11-703879-0British Retail ConsortiumBRC Global standard for food safety interpretation guideline and best practice guidelines (Print Pack)
2008978-0-11-703894-3Network RailUK rail timetable winter edition 09: excluding Northern Ireland, 14th Dec 2008-16th May 2009: Winter Edition 09 Excluding Northern Ireland 14 December 2008 to 16 May 2009
  ''978-0-11-703926-1British Retail ConsortiumBRC Global Standard for Food Safety: Issue 5
2003978-0-11-705572-8Office for National StatisticsNew Earnings Survey, 2002: Great Britain - Streamlined and Summary Analyses - Description of the Survey Pt. A
  ''978-0-11-705581-0Deborah Lader · Howard Meltzer · Office for National StatisticsSmoking-related Behaviour and Attitudes 2001: A Report on Research Using the ONS Omnibus Survey Produced on Behalf of the Department of Health
2006978-0-11-706020-3Investors in People UKMoving your organisation forward: the Investors in People standard (Business Improvement With Inve)
2003978-0-11-706108-8Investors in People UKWork-Life Balance: The Investors in People Guide to Helping Organisations Manage Work-Life Balance
2006978-0-11-706137-8   ''Leadership and management handbook: business improvement with Investors in People
2007978-0-11-706200-9   ''Equality and diversity handbook: business improvement with investors in people
  ''978-0-11-706201-6   ''Corporate social responsibility handbook: business improvement with Investors in People
  ''978-0-11-706202-3   ''Business Improvement with Investors in People: Health and Wellbeing Handbook
2007978-0-11-706203-0Investors in People UKBusiness Improvement with Investors in People: Recruitment, Selection and Retention Handbook
  ''978-0-11-706204-7   ''Business Improvement with Investors in People: Reward and Recognition Handbook
  ''978-0-11-706205-4   ''Business Improvement with Investors in People: Learning and Development Handbook
  ''978-0-11-706206-1   ''Business Improvement with Investors in People: Evaluation and Continuous Improvement Handbook
  ''978-0-11-706207-8   ''Take your first steps to business success: the Investors in People journey
2010978-0-11-706365-5Hedy Cleaver · Ira Unell · Jane Aldgate · Great Britain: Department for EducationChildren's Needs - Parenting Capacity: Child Abuse, Parental Mental Illness, Learning Disability, Substance Misuse, and Domestic Violence
2010978-0-11-706366-2Network RailGB rail timetable summer edition 10: 23 May 2010 to 11 December 2010
  ''978-0-11-706406-5Great Britain: Office for Criminal Justice ReformCode of practice for youth conditional cautions for 16 & 17 year olds (Joint Youth Justice Unit - Ministry of Justice and Department of Children, Schools and Families)
2010978-0-11-706407-2Great Britain: Office for Criminal Justice ReformRevised code of practice for conditional cautions - adults
2009978-0-11-706484-3Great Britain: Competition CommissionMobile Phone Wholesale Voice Termination Charges: Determination
  ''978-0-11-706723-3Schools and Families Great Britain: Department for ChildrenSchool admission appeals code
  ''978-0-11-706728-8Conciliation and Arbitration Service AdvisoryDisciplinary and grievance procedures (ACAS code of practice)
  ''978-0-11-706729-5Kim Burton · Stationery OfficeThe hip & knee book: helping you cope with osteoarthritis, [English, single copy]
  ''978-0-11-706735-6Network RailGB rail timetable summer edition 09: 17th May 2009-12th December 2009 (17 May 09 to 12 Dec 09)
2009978-0-11-706736-3Great Britain: Competition CommissionMarket investigation into payment protection insurance
  ''978-0-11-706832-2CarillionPSA schedule of rates - a training manual: measurement and pricing guidance with worked examples
2010978-0-11-706864-3British Retail ConsortiumGlobal standard for storage and distribution
  ''978-0-11-706871-1Network RailGB rail timetable winter edition 11: 12 December 2010 - 21 May 2011
978-0-11-706960-2British Retail Consortium · IOP The Packaging SocietyGlobal standard for packaging & packaging materials [GERMAN TRANSLATION PDF]
2011978-0-11-706965-7Network RailGB rail timetable summer edition 11: 22 May 2011 to 10 December 2011
  ''978-0-11-706972-5   ''GB rail timetable winter edition 12: 11 December 2011-13 May 2012 (Dec 2011 - May 2012)
2012978-0-11-708072-0   ''GB rail timetable summer edition 12: 14 May 2012 to 8 December 2012 (14may - 8th December)
  ''978-0-11-708107-9Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory AgencyGood clinical practice guide
2012978-0-11-708163-5Steve Jenner · APMG-InternationalA senior manager's guide to managing benefits: optimizing the return from investments
2013978-0-11-708187-1Police FoundationRoadcraft: The Police Driver's Handbook
  ''978-0-11-708188-8Penny Mares · Police Foundation · Philip CoyneMotorcycle roadcraft: the police rider's handbook
  ''978-0-11-708192-5Association of Train Operating CompaniesAvantix traveller fares information NFM 15: 19 May 2013 - 7 September 2013 or until further notice
  ''978-0-11-708208-3   ''Avantix traveller fares information NFM 16: 8 September 2013-1 January 2014 or until further notice
1972978-0-11-710012-1A F MitchellConifers in the British Isles. A Descriptive Handbook
1968978-0-11-710016-9Great Britain: Forestry CommissionKnow Your Broadleaves (Booklet)
1975978-0-11-710023-7G. J. HamiltonForest Mensuration Handbook (Forestry Commission Booklet no. 39)
  ''978-0-11-710036-7Great Britain: Forestry CommissionDean Forest and Wye Valley (Guides/Great Britain. Forestry Commission)
1984978-0-11-710038-1Alan Mitchell · John JoblingDecorative Trees: For Country, Town and Garden
1985978-0-11-710039-8Great Britain: Forestry CommissionBroadleaves (Forestry Commission booklet)
1985978-0-11-710040-4Great Britain: Forestry CommissionConifers (Forestry Commission booklet)
1969978-0-11-710054-1Charles William Tone YoungLarch canker and dieback (Leaflet/Great Britain. Forestry Commission)
1982978-0-11-710152-4Great Britain: Forestry CommissionSeed Manual for Ornamental Trees and Shrubs (Bulletin)